Blind Item – December 2015

Today’s blind item comes from Rajeev Masand. It’s a new one, meaning that it’s about something that recently happened in the last two weeks. We don’t know whether the blind item is pathetic or something else considering the fact the lead in this blind item is whinning when he got paid 38 crores for his work in the same movie that he’s complaining about. Read on to see who Rajeev is talking about and who is this undeserving highly paid star.

The Story Behind the Smokescreen

Blind Item - December 2015


The studio and the producers may be putting out self-praising adverts in the papers and throwing success party celebrations, but the leading man of a recent film isn’t particularly pleased by the elaborate smokescreen that has been constructed to give the media and audiences the impression that their film is a hit. Industry insiders are laughing at the extent the studio has gone to in order to pretend like the film is making money, whereas the truth is anything but. Everyone is fully aware of the film’s exorbitant landing cost, and the fact that it simply cannot recover those numbers after its patently underwhelming collections.

The film’s male lead, a bona fide star currently going through a trying patch, met another young up-and-comer in transit at an airport lounge recently and is believed to have confessed his displeasure over the ongoing pretense. The actor is believed to have told his friend that it was clear the film would likely not make as much as they spent making it, and that he was embarrassed about the efforts that were being made to suggest otherwise.

The star, currently filming a sweeping love story with an A-list commercial filmmaker, is said to be utterly confused about what choices to make hereon. His passion projects and brave risks have backfired, leaving him to wonder whether he too will have to take the beaten track.

OSOP Guess
Recent Film: Tamasha
Film’s Male Lead: Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor Tamasha

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