Blind Item – August 2017

A lot of hype was on this superstar’s supposed upcoming film. It was a unique and interesting project, which was also supposed to be a biopic. Coincidentally, another production announced a similar type of film that might not be a biopic. The superstar was so excited and thrill at this opportunity since he enjoys doing different roles. Unfortunately, after months of speculations, he has decided not to continue on this project. Last we heard, a senior actor might just be signed on to replace this superstar. As of now, the other project is already underway, which means that its budget isn’t as big as this one. Check out the blind item from Box Office India.

Bollywood Blind Item


Looks like the plug has finally been pulled on this film, which was anyway in the ICU for quite a while. It was launched with an avalanche of publicity and while we kept hearing PR stories about it thereafter, the ball never really got rolling. And that was not surprising given the production house’s financial woes. However, what kept the film alive was the leading man’s keen interest in it and he even went to the extent of trying to raise funds for it.

However, now it seems that the star has finally lost patience, and who can blame him? After all, ensuring resources is the producers’ job, not the actors’. And with that, any hope the film had of seeing the light of day has finally vanished although an official statement is yet to be made.

All we can say is that while it’s good to aim for the moon, please make sure your spaceship is ready first!


OSOP Guess

Leading Man: Aamir Khan

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