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Today’s blind item is the latest one by Rajeev Masand. It’s a blind item related to an award show that happened months ago. It’s about this out of the spotlight director and this new director. This out of spotlight director has been hoping to get back to the limelight and become famous again. Sadly, his movies look so outdated that even Salman Khan runs away now when he hears this director is coming. Unfortunately, the director still hasn’t got the hint from Sallu as he’s still hoping that Sallu will be in his film. Maybe the failure of ‘Tubelight’ changed everyone’s opinions on Salman’s success at the box office. The old and out of touch director wants to remake one of his famous films. He always does this to stay in the news: announce a film with no intention of making it. Check out who this blind item is about below. By the way, we have noticed how at this particular awards show, this director always gets called upon to deliver the biggest award just like Rekha gets called to present at Filmfare. He must have some connection.


Bollywood Blind Item


Credit On Demand

If you had any doubts left about how fraudulent the whole business of Bollywood awards are, this will give you an idea of the extent of the malaise. A first-time filmmaker who pretty much swept the awards in his category over the past year was already sweating about trying to squeeze in every key collaborator’s name in his acceptance speech when he found himself stumped by a veteran showman who was presenting him the trophy. The earnest recipient had barely made the long walk from his seat to the stage when the senior filmmaker whispered to him under his breath that whoever else he may choose to mention in his speech or not, he absolutely must thank him first.

As it turns out, the veteran filmmaker was not involved in the winner’s film in any way whatsoever. Yet he was asking for credit. Too polite, and frankly stunned by this demand, the director thanked the senior first and then went on to name his key cast and crew, literally racing through the list to mention everyone before he was drowned out by the cue music. The senior filmmaker acted all surprised, behaving like a paragon of humility when he was thanked, but never onceβ€”before or afterβ€” did he so much as mention to the director what he thought of the film. Or whether he’d even seen it at all.


OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Ram Madhvani

Veteran Showman: Subhash Ghai

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