August 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 2

The first blind item for today comes from SuperCinema. It’s about this young actor and the dull spell his movies are going through at the box office. If we are not mistaken last month, he was hit with his second flop in a row. You might think it’s just 2 flops and it means nothing, Well, gone are the days when we had actors giving flops after flops. These days, box office figures speak louder than talent or any other things. He might have started to shoot on the sequel of his hit film, but what about this big action film that was announced with such huge publicity? We are not surprised that it’s him this blind item is speaking of because in another blind item, it was reported that his mother had to fund his last film because it went overbudget. The problem with him is that he is still on the same road that he started on. Usually, actors will try out different roles but for him, he stayed on the same kind of roles. Maybe the audience got tired of that. It’s not helping that the film he’s currently shooting for is on the same kind of theme. Anyways, check out who this blind item is referring to.


Bollywood Blind Item



This actor started off in the industry with some force, but now it seems he is running out of steam. The actor is currently going through a dull patch in his career to put it mildly. Few of his recent movies have tanked at the box-office and now it seems that the makers who have signed him for his next few films are developing cold feet. And he has some big ones lined up in his proverbial kitty. One movie which the actor was really looking forward to the most mainly because it was with the premiere most production company in the industry is looking the most likely to be shelved first and foremost. The head honcho of the company has finally seen through the facade of this actor it seems. But if this were to happen the actor will struggle big time because he has put all his eggs in this one basket anyways. On the other hand, the producers of this actor’s next movie are already facing a difficult time in finding the right funding for his next one. It could be interesting times for this young actor, how will he survive through it all only time will tell.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Tiger Shroff

Movie: Student of the Year 2

Head Honcho: Karan Johar of Dharma Productions

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