Arjun & Mehr was supposed to get divorced 5 years ago. Guess who else got divorced then?

Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia’s divorce was finally finalized today just a year after announcing their separation last year. They have been together for 20 years and have 2 daughters. Arjun has already moved on and became a father for the third time earlier this year.

So, SpotBoye announced the divorce but they decided to put a twist in the story:



Like it or not, SpotBoye(SB) really does know some stuffs especially since they have someone who literally lives in the same building as some celebrities. So they do know what they are talking about and this also explains why they write their blind items in such a way that no one can guess who it’s about.

So, let’s go back in time to 5 years ago. SB claims that the Rampals wanted to call it quits 5 years ago. Well, guess who else did?


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If you remember, around the time that Sussanne separated from Hrithik, there was a rumor going around that another celebrity couple was supposed to split up but backtracked. Many guessed it was Gauri Khan since the PC virus got to her home. It could have been, but then she choose to have another baby at the same time. So either she backtracked or the other couple was not her at all.

It was the Rampals!

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If it was indeed the Rampals, this must mean the rumors between Suzy Q and Arjun were true!2

Back then, it was reported that the Rampals supported Sussanne’s decision of leaving Hrithik, which explained why HR was so pissed off at Arjun. But then Arjun claimed that he learnt about the split from the papers, the same way everyone else did!

HR had his agency fire Arjun at that time because he was so mad at him for some unreported reason. The media kept hinting that there was something brewing, but he continued to deny it. Obviously, he ain’t no dumbo!



Now when Arjun and Mehr announced their separation, the media was not afraid to put it out there on what they thought happened. And, here’s one of the biggest clues:


The Roshans’ divorce changed everything in one of Bollywood‘s closest gang of friends. Technically, it’s not only the divorce, it was a trail of things that just broke the gang. It’s like everyone had a hand in it! But it’s nice how they all managed to stay out of everyone’s business since they broke up. The gang, that is!


So yes, it does seem there was something going on back then. Maybe Suzy Q thought something would come out of her relationship with Arjun. Since it was rumored they were close friends for like 3 years after the separation, their friendship must have meant something to them. Probably, Mehr was pissed when they started hanging out without her hence all hell broke loose and Arjun left their home.

It’s strange, though, how Arjun moved on to someone else so fast and he’s a new daddy now. Not only does he have to pay alimony and look after his 2 girls financially, he also has to keep on supporting his son. Must be hard for someone, who hasn’t had much luck handling his money before.

Related imageThat’s it!

No new blind items today hence this piece of interesting gossip. ✌️
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