Alia Bhatt on her New House, Parineeti Chopra, Govinda, Karishma Kapoor, David Dhawan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan

Alia Bhatt, the adopted daughter of Karan Johar, is currently in the midst of promoting ‘Shaandaar’. Aside from reacting to the fake/made-up relationship between her and Sidharth Malhotra and also aside from answering questions about Shahid Kapur’s wife, Mira, Alia has a couple of new questions that she answered right here. She talked about her new house and moving in there soon. So far, Alia has lived with her small family, which consists of her parents and sister. Now that she’s moving into her own house, imaging the number of rumours that will start swirling around on her personal life, courtesy of papa Karan Johar. She makes a mention of Parineeti Chopra in the interview. Strange that they were head in head last year and now Pari is currently jobless waiting for the next big film.

Alia Bhatt on her New House, Parineeti Chopra, Govinda, Karishma Kapoor, David Dhawan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan


Alia Bhatt on moving into her new house
I will be shifting to my new house soon and now I realise it’s bit of a pain. Suddenly, I got to think about how my house is looking and then to manage paying my own bills. I often think β€˜Oh God, I can’t be doing this’. Then I realise it’s important that I do these things because I need my own space.

Alia on who’s moving in with her
I’m moving in with my sister Shaheen, so I won’t be all by myself. My house help has trained my staff to pack my dabba and I’m sure she will do it in the new house too. So the food has been taken care of.

Alia on sharing ideas with Parineeti Chopra
Pari and I are constantly discussing our new homes and our plans for it over the phone, although I’m still waiting for her to call me over. We have been through the same phase since we bought our house almost at the same time, so that has been a definite connecting factor.

Alia on being a huge Govinda fan
I have grown up watching Govinda’s films. So, me being an actor can be largely attributed to David Dhawan, Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. The Hero No 1s and Coolie No 1s were the movies of my life.

Alia on Karishma Kapoor being her idol
Yes, I told Karishma she has had a huge impact on my life. Her energy is just so raw. The same goes with Kareena too. Both of them are supremely talented and warm. I remember once having had a nice conversation with Lolo at Karan’s (Johar) birthday party. She spoke about how it feels to be an actress and how focus is of utmost importance. I will never forget that chat.

Alia on working with Shah Rukh Khan
Working with Shah Rukh Khan is unbelievable because it happened so quickly. I know how involved SRK is as an actor. He’s such a charismatic man. I can’t wait to be on the sets.

Alia on wanting to work with Amitabh Bachchan
I am dying to work with is Amitji. I still watch Satte Pe Satta repeatedly and I loved him in Piku too.

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