2018 – November – Bollywood Blind Item 8

UPDATE: Guesses updated based on the latest released news item.

Today’s blind item features about three actors and one of them is the same one that was spoken about yesterday. This blind item too is from Mumbai Mirror and is about the manager of these actors. If reports and blind items are to be believed, this lady might have a serious problem on hand or with her hand. It was reported that the star she worked for years ago, whom she worked for quite some time, fired her over allegations that she took a piece of his advertisement earnings. Other reports claimed that she stole from him. Technically, it is both the same but that is not the issue here. But they were very close during their time together, so much so that Rajeev Masand once had this blind item that stated the star’s staff poked fun at how similar the manager and the star looked after they both went for the same procedures at a cosmetic surgeon’s clinic.

Blind Item – August – Bollywood 4

After she was fired by him, she was hired by this actress who had and still is having a very public showdown with the star. She worked for this actress for a short while only until she was sacked. No reason was given, but it was probably because the actress’ sister went back to handling her work after taking a maternity break. As for the starlet mentioned below, it is not clear whether MM is talking about the same manager or some other manager because the same manager has been working for a company since May and not some starlet.

Check out the blind item below to know more.

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 8

SEVERAL of our Bollywood stars are griping about one of their common managers. The said lady worked for a chiselled superstar first, who fired her as soon as he found out she was stealing his personal items. Then, she was hired by his ex-girlfriend, a beautiful and talented leading lady, but was sacked within a month. The latest is a starlet who has just announced on social media that she has sacked her manager of two months.

OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Hrithik Roshan

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

Manager: Anjali Atha

Starlet: Zareen Khan

Atha, who has previously worked for Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, was even accepting money on Zareen’s behalf despite quitting the job as her manager, alleged Khan.

Zareen’s advocate, Rizwan Siddiquee, has confirmed the news stating that the FIR was launched in order to protect the actress’ image and reputation, which was being unfairly maligned by Anjali. He said that the complaint was lodged under Section 509 of Indian Penal Code.

No other details were revealed by Siddiquee, who stated that the matter was confidential and personal. Both Khan and Atha have refused to comment on the matter.

Khan’s last outing at the theatres was Vikram Bhatt’s horror film 1921, which released in January earlier this year.

Her body of work includes films such as Hate Story 3, Veer, Housefull 2 and Aksar 2 among others.

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 8

2018 - November - Bollywood Blind Item 8

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