2014 – July – Blind Item

Today’s blind item comes from Box Office India. We don’t know yet, who these people are and who the blind is referring to. In case you have an idea, drop us a line below. In the meantime, read on to find out more.

Guess Who?

2014 - July - Blind Item


This production house is making another sex comedy and, this time, they’re going to go all out to titillate the audience. The auditions are underway for various itsy-bitsy roles but we’re told that those who have auditioned say the dialogue and roles (especially the names of the character) are disgusting. Naturally, the casting director is facing a huge problem. The casting director believed if he could snare some actors who had done theatre, it would be good for the film.
But when the actors were briefed on their roles and dialogue, they said they wouldn’t touch the film with a bargepole! LOL!!!

2014 – July – Blind Item


There’s another blind item for you this week. This time though, the blind might just not be true at all. If we are spot on on who Mid Day is talking about then there’s a huge chance that the blind is just fake. It’s is fake to us because our guess is not straight, so him having a relationship with a girl is not true at all. Read on to find out more.

2014 - July - Blind Item

2014 – July – Blind Item

This week’s blind item is about this famous filmmaker, who is truly famous because of his films. He is all set to soon release his big project that stars one of today’s biggest stars. Let’s see if you can crack this blind below.




This director,known to have risen from indie roots,has just wrapped up his most ambitious film.And after several internal screening he is now facing a creative block which is understandable given all the reactions hes got.

The rough cut of his magnum opus is clocking over three hours and the filmmaker is aware that he needs to trim it down by at least 30 minutes. Before he decides which scenes will have to be left on the editing table, he has jetted off to a European capital,known to trigger bouts of creative inspiration in artistes since time immemorial. And hes not alone. A pretty lady from his films unit is accompanying him presumably to help him out as he contemplates how to snip his epic.

Says a source, His wife and he are taking a break from each other. Meanwhile, hes taken a strong liking to this assistant much to the awkwardness of the rest of the crew.

The trip is supposed to be a detox vacation.The filmmaker intends to detach himself from his labour of love for a while so that he can come back and look at his baby with the objectivity that it deserves. What can we say except when in doubt,take a break and find a muse!

OSOP Guess

Director: Anurag Kashyap


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