Kareena Kapoor didn’t have anything new to submit to PinkVilla today, so she went with the story below. We have to ask why? Not why with this choice of story, but why?


Is it because Saif Ali Khan is too old and might not know how to get back home?

Is she afraid Saifu will find someone else while out of the house?

Or is she sad that Saifu doesn’t have that much work to do anymore, but he doesn’t know she knows that so she just plays along when he leaves.

Or just maybe, this headline was about Kareena talking about how she feels leaving her son at home.


What do you think? Do fans buy this kind of headline these days?

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18 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    And as part of damage control today their is a new article on Kareena about her education to give and impression that she is educated and not dumb based on statements and answers she gives which are dumb by the way. ” Kareena Kapoor Khan was a Harvard student and had studied Micro computers and Information Technology there” – Bollywod life. I haven’t read the article just the tittle . But the fact is she dropped out within a month or so. So what is their to brag about. Karisma has not even finished 10th std for crying out loud.

  2. Nimi says:

    Bahaha as one poster below mentioned, it is to cover up and get image cleaned up after the raunchy Goa party. PV has turned into a gladiator battle ground for actors’ PR. I mean DP has 6 articles about her today. Alia has 5, Katrina has 5, Shahid and Mira about 10 like wtf?? Kareena and Taimur have like 4 articles. None of these actresses compare to the ones on international levels. These actresses believe their own hype and when their own PR hype them up, they think they are better than Meryl Streep. ROFL.

  3. Samantha says:

    How many of you feel this is a coverup to make the notroious ‘Dick Cake’ of Amrita Arora bday die down a natural death! Where Bebola n all were soooo damn high singing ‘Amuuuuuuuuuuu’ n Malaika ‘Deepthroat Amu, Deepthroat’ 😀

    • Monalisa says:

      Most people on pinkvilla comment section were saying the same thing. An article to divert attention from that viral video. I feel the general public has gotten very smart and can smell pr crap miles away!!

  4. Pav says:

    About Kareena, I don’t really understand whether she’s really talented but lazy or she’s not as good as many praise her. I haven’t yet seen a movie of her where I would totally forget Kareena and see the character and go wow. she’s an okay actress.

    Even about Alia, I have the same feeling minus lazy part ( lot of articles and her co stars say she’s hardworking) she’s better than some but not as great as to call her as the next Meryl Streep

    • Amanda says:

      I liked Kareena in Jab we met… That’s the only movie I felt, nobody else could do that role except her… In other movies, she is replaceable…

      • sweettooth01 says:

        agree with amanda on this..only jab we met..all the movies before that i cudnt stand her over acting and over enthusiasm on screen..movies post jab we met she ws just meh..

        also alia isnt that talented..i saw dear zindagi and her acting ws soo fake and routine and again, fake!!next meryl streep..?? rofl only delusional ppl can come up with such comparisions

        • Amanda says:

          Haha… Karan and Alia’s pr is feeling that illusion that Alia is the next Meryl Streep… Alia is an average actress with powerful support from Karan Johar and all other nepo kids…

  5. goldengirl says:

    Such a stupid statement. PV is biased and never post stars fans comments but always ready to psot cheap and nasty comments by their haters.

  6. Rekha Rai says:

    I kind of believe her, these celebrities are not the brightest bulbs in the garden. Anyway, I watched a video on Instagram the other day and it was of Shahid and Kareena in that super old movie that they did during their break up at the time? Kareena looked so different, she used to have bags under her eyes and they’ve gone now, do you think she’s done the same procedure as Salman Khan?

  7. Hmmm says:

    What is this lady going on about? I doubt she sheds even one tear. Anything to be talked about. Her stupidity just irritates me. She is a living example of why living in a bubble and being poorly educated are terrible life choices.

  8. Monalisa says:

    Admin how have you missed this earth shattering news on pinkvilla about Taimur and Misha attending Kjo’s kids party. Are the kids going to acknowledge each other or give a cold shoulder to each other? Will the twins have to be on a look out for any kind of fights happening between these two? Haha

    Kjo aunty and his gang are so fame hungry now using their kids to create headlines. I mean Shahid or Mira are not even regulars at the so-called elite gang of bollywood (Kjo, SRK, Ambani, Bahchan) parties so why invite Misha to the party unless they wanted to make some news.

    • prvilla says:

      Hahaha ‘earth shattering’ funny!!

    • Pepeas says:

      Yash farted after his duddu, and Roohi laughed at him. Misha looked disturbed, but is she secretly fostering ill-will between the twins?? Meanwhile, Taimur gazed intently at a wall as this sort of farting in public is just not nawabi, I say chaps!

  9. Amanda says:

    These comments are silly,irrelevant,pointless,worthless uff I am running out of adjectives….. Saifu is fit to be a chef at home instead of on-screen… He is the best house-husband one can have….. Probably Kareena cries because Saifu doesnt leave the house at all and that robs all the fun she has while he is away….. She is running out of enough content to put on shitvilla… thats why every move during their Goa visit as well as this…. Jab tak wo maternity leave pe hai,wo aisa phaltu statement dete baithegi… koi usko kaam dedein…

  10. Nars says:

    Thank you admin for calling out Kareena on her BS. She does so much rubbish PR on PV.

  11. Pooja says:

    Pinkvilla is worst Bollywood news website they r biased n promote nonsense y ppl call then shitvilla they define time to time.

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