Why only 7?

Browsing through Twitter today brought us this headline:

Why only 7

Our question is, why only 7? Couldn’t they find more pictures to add on and make it 10? Usually when a list is made, it consists of either 5 or 10.

Alright, you all know we are joking. But, it’s funny how they are being asked to promote Isabelle Kaif and they don’t know how to do it since she has no films or captivating songs that they can talk about. In case you are wondering why they are being asked to talk about the sister of Katrina Kaif, it’s because her film has been announced earlier this week and it is supposed to go on the floors in April 2017.

We don’t know how the movie will start shooting because her co-star in the film, Sooraj Pancholi, still has a case under him that hasn’t been closed yet. Is he allowed to leave the country?

Just get ready for more to come from Isabelle Kaif!

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15 Responses

  1. MiaOh says:

    Why not these women? It’s not like the men they act opposite in their films are in their 20s and 30s… these guys are not good looking, and are old enough to be the fathers of these 30+ heroines.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    At least they are not writing about kareena kapoors chappals… Or that overexposed fat kid of hers.

    • Bollyzone says:

      Did you just call a baby fat?

    • Kiran101 says:

      I would have appreciated you defending Katrina as another woman if only you did not talk of little kids and babies as ‘ugly’ and ‘fat’.
      Katrina has no sympathy/empathy for anyone who is struggling. She looks down on anyone who is not a star kid or successful…she ill treated so many actresses out there.

    • bucketbot says:

      that last part was plain nasty , Shivani. Very unbecoming.

    • fanofblinditems says:

      Hey Shivani,

      I see that we all have something in common which is our love for Bolly gossip and news. That is why we share our thoughts here. Just wanted to let you know that stuff you write on the internet is forever. I can also see your pic from the icon. For you own good, do not make comments that shames kids. This stuff could be used against you and you may have problems getting good employment or you may be trolled in the future etc. In recent times, a lot of stuff that people said in their past has haunted their present. Eg. Trump’s comments on women, Jeffrey Star’s racist comments, Guiliana Rancic comments about Zendaya. See how they all spiraled.

      I only request you to not post anything impulsively. Besides that have a cheerful weekend.

  3. Universal says:

    You mean will go on floor in April 2018

  4. Amanda says:

    Isabelle is already 35yrs or so…. How come sallu thinks of casting her… Warina is also 30+… Isabelle turqotte suddenly becomes Kaif in bw.. Lol..

    No matter how many pics they put of her, she is a plain jane with no hindi speaking skills….. I wouldn’t bother to watch her movie..

    • Shivanisd says:

      So what? Aditi is almost 40 if u believe blind items. And she has Zero screen presence. Keeps doing those same old chhui mui innocent girl roles. from certain angles she looks like a frog lol.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Anushka isnt very pretty either. Only, gets movies cuz she sucks up to yrf and khans.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Nargis was also 32 when she was cast in rockstar.

  5. Pooja says:

    Can’t say like kangana planted 31plant at her 31st bday she already 33yrs if put her 33 pix ppl start calling her aunty.they have puted 10 or something pix like this on her bday too.

    • Shivanisd says:

      😂😂😂😂 the dedication to Katrina bashing is admirable!!!

      • Pooja says:

        Such obsession of pshycopath god😥😷😷😷😷🤒🤒🤒🤒😤😤😤😤

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