Why did Kangana Ranaut hire Hrithik Roshan’s ex-manager?

In a strange twist of event that happened earlier this week, Kangana Ranaut has hired the ex-manager of Hrithik Roshan. Why? First of all, no one came forward to confirm this news, so how did it get out? Someone thought it must be interesting to see what everyone else think of this move. It is very strange, if you think about it. And we have been thinking about it, trust us. So, we have been trying to come up with reasons why Kangana would go ahead and hire Anjali Atha to handle her work, despite everything that went on between Hrithik Roshan and her. Obviously, we are talking about what happened in the media because only they know what truly transpired between them.

Why did Kangana Ranaut hire Hrithik Roshan's ex-manager?


As you know, or not, there have been numerous blind items and gossips about how things soured between Hrithik and Anjali. Apparently, Anjali was taking some money on the side without Hrithik knowing about it. She was charging more for his deals and Hrithik had no idea. This was the rumour. She has worked with him for years and was very close to him.

While this is being written, we got confirmation of Anjali accepting this news and this is what she has to say:

Yes, I will now be working for Kangana. I am extremely happy that Kangana showed full faith in me and has hired me. Mind you, it was not easy to sit at home for such a long time. I made it clear with Kangana that I will never discuss Hrithik.

Isn’t it strange how she said she had to make it clear to Kangana that she will not discuss Hrithik? What if Kangana wants Hrithik’s current working email address? Will Anjali give her?


Kangana too issued a statement via her publicist:

Kangana knew Anjali from before and liked her work. When Anjali approached her for a job, she was hired by Bling (the agency that manages Kangana) as the manager in place of the other girl who is taking a break because of her impending marriage. It is an absolutely professional relationship. Hrithik is also working with Vikas Bahl who got established as a director with Queen. So there are no complications at professional level.


Why do you think Kangana took this step? It is strange, isn’t it?

Speaking of blind items, we can’t help but remember this funny blind item by Rajeev Masand in which he mentioned how both Hrithik and Anjali had something done to their faces and they both looked alike after the procedures because they had the same thing done.

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32 Responses

  1. Alok says:

    Whomever her manager, so long as she keeps getting roles, working hard, and doing good movies that her fans enjoy, I’ll be happy regardless of her personal life. We need good content! Who knows why she hired his manager? It doesn’t matter, but I hope she puts this chapter behind her and keeps working.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    After all this drama you still gone and hire his manager, that says alot, is there such a lack of managers in India? all who siding with Kangana you all are living in a bubble. Hrithik didnt do anything, it is she. She hired his manager. Kangana is one messed up woman. Karma will get her good.

    Hats off to Admin for having the guts to bring this up.

    • Admin says:

      definitely believe that there’s a reason she hired this woman and talent it not it. Also, the lady has worked with HR for so many years, if she had an ounce of loyalty she wouldn’t even touch KR. But maybe it was desperation to get a job from her side.

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      Yeah she is openly messed up but I don’t see y “karma” would have to “get her good”

      Besides Hrithik is the one who is slowly morphing into Lizard looking.

      • goldengirl says:

        lol lizard looking? you need to get your eyes checked. He is looking hot and handsome than ever. Not only his fans but the whole world says this. He is being voted as the most handsome actor in the world. As far as KR, she needs some good advisors and positive people around her. Her staff is negative and giving wrong advice to her thus ruining her talent and let her known as some stalker who cant bear NO from a man instead of most talented and self-made actress.

      • prvilla says:

        @Nar <3 Kangana True that!It's almost like hrithik ki shakal pe laanat hi agayi hai!Heck even salman and akshay,who are alot older than him are wayyyyyy more handsome than whatever this creature is morphing into!

        • nars says:

          Have you seen his costume for super30? LOL

          What is Hrithik and Vikas thinking? Anand Kumar was poor? sure but he was a well kept mathematician not homeless/helpless with disorder.

  3. b52bomber says:

    I don’t understand why there is a big fuss about this. Hrithik is working with Vikas Bahl for Super 30. Vikas is the guy who directed Kangana in Queen. Should we assume that the two are working together because Hrithik is expecting Bahl to spill Kangana’s secrets or personal email etc. to gain leverage? Most likely this is not the case.

    Some reports say Anjali was previously working for Exceed (Hrithik’s previous PR/talent management agency; CAA/Spice is handling Hrithik since 2017). So looks like Anjali Atha has changed employers, as celebrity managers often do. This is really a non-trivial issue because managers can easily move across celebrity management companies and clients. Kangana’s contract is with Bling Entertainment, and not with the individual – Anjali Atha (who is an employee at Bling). Now that Kangana’s manager is away on leave, perhaps Anjali was the next best manager at Bling available to fill the gap, and hence the appointment. This is straight-forward standard practice. Her approach looks professional to me. Kangana could have refused to work with Anjali and demanded to work with someone else at Bling. But that would extend Anjali Atha’s unemployment spell, which would be cruel, right? I can only imagine what the headlines would have looked in that case.

    If anybody investigates, I am sure there are more instances when celebrities have changed mgmt companies and ex-managers end up working for rival stars. (When Reshma Shetty and Salman parted ways in April 2017, Akshay Kumar hired her). Then is why is Kangana being vilified? Because her name grabs headlines, and everybody wants to make a quick buck with lazy reporting and speculation?

  4. lailayaila says:

    I’ve always been on Kangana’s side throughout this whole mess, but this move is downright creepy if you ask me. Makes me think something is not right with Kangana…

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      U r right. If I was in her position I would not have hired her or atleast ask the agency to use someone else. Too bad the lady was without work for 6 months.

  5. leap says:

    Kangana and Hrithik will this mess ever stop?

    • Alok says:

      What should stop is the constant bullying of a woman who regardless of what affair there was or wasn’t being crucified because the Bollywood patriarchy wanted to subdue her and discredit her as crazy. They’re dying for her career to hit the dust but the public is smarter than PR hacks give them credit for. Raveena’s blog post was spot on- she’s been through the same nonsense 20 years ago at the hands of certain star actors.

      • leap says:

        @alok Sorry what part of my statement is meant to mean I am taking hrithik’s side or That I think what he is is right or that i support this bullying ?? NONE. I am glad she in a way spoke the audience’s mind when she talks about nepotism or calls out kjo on his BS more power to her. As a audience member I want to wait for her movies and watch them.

        • Alok says:

          Nothing you said, I wasn’t trying to attack, it’s just generally how I feel about the situation, sorry if it came out accusatory or whatever

      • Goldengirl says:

        Where he bullied a woman? This woman is harassing and bullying him continuesly. Woman can bully too. Its a sick thinking of our society that woman cabt bully or never wrong. Kanagana is destroying herself . She is crazy and her actions are proving it. No one needs to do anything . She fights with everyone. Her tweets were disgusting as well shows her sick mind. Stop defending your stalker idol. Ask her to go to court and provide proofs instead of sitting on tv alleging her PHANTSY during movie promotions. When he proved engagement wrong with evidence and proved there was no relationship, her lawyer came up with stupid video instead of solid proofs. Public is smart that’s why they aren’t fools to trust her just coz she is a woman. She is thankless and disrespect the hand who feeds her. Raveena is not a saint . There are 3 sides of the story. Fyi raveena married a married men this break other woman home. You can’t blame the man alone for it.

  6. goldengirl says:

    Working with the director and hiring a person who is close to your PHANTASY are two different things.kangana is still obsessed with HR. She is stalking and harassing but since she is a woman and knows there are NO laws for stalker women so she can get away with it. I bet she will call her HR ka manager so she can fool herself thinking I am talking to HR. later she and her dumb lawyer will say see his manager is my manager why?because I had an affair. LOL. It’s better to provide proofs of 7 years relationship and Paris engagement. Also, answer why she morphed a pic? instead of doing cheap gimmicks to get close to a man who is NOT interested in you. Then her sister said she is over him but he is stalking her. HAHAHAHAH. Get ready for some awesome script during her next flop movie promotions with superb acting. This woman needs help.

    P.S KR bots can abuse me or HR as much as they can but their idol proving herself desperate and a stalker.

    • Alok says:

      I honestly think if you want to resort to calling some celebrity names like stalker or desperate (I mean, you don’t even know these people, why so pressed to put someone on blast like that?), you should find another venue to do it at. I hope the admin agrees with me that this is the anti-Pinkvilla, this is a place for interesting, mature discussion.. I see people posting trash and it makes me worried that as this site grows, it’ll attract stans/PR machinery and become as toxic and awful as Pinkvilla. ADMIN, please! Don’t let that happen dude! The poster above needs to relax.

      • goldengirl says:

        Didnt she stalked him? this is a height of desperation. You need to accept that KR is still after Hrithik. She could have hired someone else. She must have an evil plan . just wait and watch. Time will prove my point right. What will you call this move of hers? This is stalking and desperation nothing else. Admin here knows stars more than us. They know this move is a clear case of stalking. Anjali too knows about it that’s why she has to made it crystal clear to KR.

        • Nars says:

          Golden go and write an open letter and share it every week. Y waste the time and write the samething over and over again.

          And to let you know;-

          1. She cooperated with the police during the investigations.
          2. The pictures wasnt “morphed”, a drunk Hrithik was hugging/dancing/smelling her neck. Mehr was blurred out. What was funny is that the “original” that shows Mehr in the background was release within hours of the “cropped” picture LOL LOL LOL.
          3. Hrithik’s private forensic report on the devices he gave to the investigation consultant did not hold up during the official police investigation because the case was “looking for impostor”
          4. HR asked many to take his side and initially very few did. He was pissed at Sonam, PC, Vivek.
          5. He got Mahesh Bhatt to give an interview about the situation.
          6. He got Javed & wife to talk some “sense” into her.
          7. He called the media and showed them all the “evidence” even though it was a legal matter.
          8. His publist/pr forced Adyahan to give that bizzare interview and it was evident that Adyahan and his parents were under tremendous stress because it. The looked visibly stressed during the ndtv interview #sad.

          • Alok says:

            The sad fact is, Bollywood has a sad history of protecting their golden boys and destroying the women who speak out. He tried every intimidation tactic in the book and she still didn’t budge. He came across as disingenuous during that Arnab interview. Most of Bollywood refrained to comment because they know how the game is played. . The ones that did come forward only did so after she became a soft target after Rangoon and Simran flopped. In my opinion, they’re both talented actors but Kangana is very clearly in a league of her own when it comes to her talent. I am a Kangana fan, I have respect for her strength and her sheer hard work to make it without a godfather. Bollywood needs to change for the better. Without KR and others like her, it’s a cesspool of mediocre Nepokid filth. That’s a scary thought for film lovers.

          • prvilla says:

            @Alok Absolutely agree with you on this one!

          • b52bomber says:

            @Alok: +1000 You said it. My thoughts exactly!

          • Goldengirl says:

            That’s a sad fact that people think woman can’t be wrong. They are victims not pretators. No one destroy woman. Kangana destroyed herself. He just speak the truth. If the woman is speaking so she should give proves instead of acting in media during promotions. Sadly ppl think men are always a villain. Kanagana came so fake and manipulative in India tv interview. Most of the Bollywood refrained to comment bcoz they know how it’s played. They also know how these actress throw themselves at big rich men to get benefits. She stalked him and did whole drama coz he rejected her. Even in her mails she said if u reject me I will scar u for life. Stop protecting such evil women.

          • Goldengirl says:

            She didn’t submitted her devices. So she didn’t cooperated. The pic was morphed and mis used. They were playing a game. His wife was also there. Kangana has such pics with Manish and karan too. So she had an affair? Were you there when hrithik was asking many to take his side? Prove he did instead of accusing. Who told you he was pissed with sonam pc and vivek? Kuch bi. Prove it. Mahesh gave interview on his own. He didn’t asked him to. Bcoz Mahesh loves to speak about every thing. I can too say kangana asked Mahesh to give an interview. How do you know he asked javed sir to instil some sense into her? This is only KR said. Its not true. Hrithik showed all evidenced coz it’s important. He fine a case and was quiet but kangana made it a media trail. She and her sis abuse his family including kids n ex wife and entire BW. She forced him to to so. Btw kangana fails to give any evidences so far. All she had is a morphed pic. Such pic is so common in BW. It doesn’t proves affair. Again an allegation. Prove his team forced adhyan. Adhyan spoke the truth and exposed her. He just try to get publicity in this situation. He looked upset and tormented because this woman torture him mentally and physically You sounds illogical to say hrithik forced every one lol. So means kangana forced vidya sonam etc to take her side? Stop accusing and assuming.

    • lightsaber says:

      @goldengirl: What Hrithik/his PR team and Nepo kids & co of B-town have done to Kangana is despicable. From systematically characterizing her as mentally unstable to freezing her out of work in the industry, Bollywood mafia’s ugly power-play has been out there for everyone to see. Right to work is universal. And denying someone work is totally unacceptable. Yet, this is not the first time HR & Co has done this. How can one forget the crap HR and his PR pulled on Arjun Rampal’s career when Suzzanne filed for divorce. HR has zero credibility. The public is not stupid and no one buys the pondscum that bollywood PR peddles day after day.

      As for PR bots, the comment section of any PV article on Kangana Ranaut bears clear testimony of how hyper-active Hrithik’s negative PR campaign on Kangana has been, ever since HR changed his PR agency in 2017. Who is hipsdontlie on PV and Dexter@Khandagale on Twitter?

      • goldengirl says:

        @lightsbar plz tell what HR and his PR done to Kangana? Explain. Also what B town or nepo kids done to her? you are hell bent to prove her a victim when she is clearly not. What Kangana and her PR has done to Hrithik and BW is despicable. Its her sister who wrote she is mentally unstable and her actions proving her sister right, No one feezing her out of BW. Her films aren’t working and no one wants to work with flop actors. Its so normal in this industry. People worship the rising sun. Also, madam don’t respect her own profession. (she herself said this) . This thing that BW is freezing her out is by KR PR. Her PR said dino didnt invited he for a party taking place on 28 ot 2017 r coz of HR. But truth is dino didnt hold any party on 28 oct as KR PR said. It was her PR to defame HR. No one wants to work with her because of her bad attitude and her nature. She has issues with everyone. Means problem lies with her. Everyone cant be wrong. May 2 or 3 people can but not 100. Kindly stop this PR thing. This, is not the first time Kangana and her PR has done this. No body can forget the crap her PR team wrote in the name of suzzane and later how her PR and sister abused suzzane. FYI IT wasn’t HR PR . That Rampal thing was by Media. HR condemn it. Prove it was by HR. Stop alleging him. Suzzane supports HR and no one knows better than hi. it as nothing to do wtih money . As she is earning and belong to super rich family. Have you notice how suzzane left Rampal and he is outside by every BW person. Something must be fishy about him. Dont blame HR and PR for this suzaane rampal thing. Then KR and PR only know how to blame. KR has zero credibility.HR has more credibility than KR. He didnt blabber or accuse without proof. The public is not stupid for sure. Thats why questioning KR and asking her for PROOFS which she fails to give till date. The public is not fool to let this woman plays a woman card.
        As for PR BOTS. the comment section of any PV article on HR , suzzane proves of how hyperactive Kangana negative PR campaign on Hrithik and his family. They even dont spare his ex wife. KR is hated by every fandom. DP coz she wronged her and coz of DP, RS fans dislike KR. Shahid fans hate her coz she diss him for no reason. Kjo fan hate her coz of their fight. Salman fans hated her coz she blamed him for KB failure. Kat fans hate her bcoz she tried for Kat then Bf and accused Kat of having an affair with hrithik despite knowing she was with RK. Sumans fans hate her coz she wronged them. rk fans, sunny deol fans hate her. So how can u say it’s HR PR? Forget HR/Suzzane, KR PR drags him on Jeetu sir article as well. How can i know who are these people?These people are not HR PR. They express their opinion on almost everyone. sometimes negative and sometimes positive. They bash Kat /dp/kareena, HR, Rk, as well. i don’t care.Who is this faceless and shakuntala in pv and Twitter? Something is call FANS. if someone fans defend their favs doesn’t means they are HR PR or he is campaigning against anyone. Use brain and stop this PR nonsense.
        KR to has an overactive PR. Hirani sir said it too. So according to your PR logic, every single negative comment on HR/suzzane/rakesh and others are a negative campaign by KR PR.

        • Sona says:

          @goldengirl who said that KR is hated by every fandom? Dp fans usually hate everyone including Kat, kangana, Anushka etc, RS fans including me like Kangana, they have nothing against her,Shahid himself became a joke and many fandoms dislike him now. When he was talking bad about Kangana during Rangoon promotion lots of people were siding with him calling Kangana despo but when he started his crying during Padmavat promotion and has shown his insecurity those who were siding with him understood that the problem was not in kangana but in Shahid’s ” the movie is mine or I’m the only hero of the movie” attitude, Salman fans don’t care about kangana, they have bigger problem in the form of Kat who they believe using their bhai, Kat fans hate Deepika more than anyone else, Sunny Deol fans are not teenagers, they are grown up people who I don’t think will ever comment on PV, I don’t think KJ has any loyal fan, He is one of the most hated celebrities because he promotes nepotism, he is everywhere and he hangs out only with rich and successful people, simple audience can’t connect with him. Sumans fans? ROFL Are you serious? Where are they?

          • goldengirl says:

            See Twitter and PV. Every comment on KR is not by HR or DP fan. KR pissed all fandom by blaming their favs stars. Kat fandom hates everyone including DP , KR, jacky, Mahira. , RK, etc, You may be a RS fan but majority hates KR. Lol shahid becomes a joke. KR wronged him for no reason. He was nice to her. Didn’t KR claim i am the 3rd hero and paid more than Shahid? but makers cleared it she wasn’t paid more than males. He didn’t talk bad about KR but she took digs at him and many took KR side simply because she is a woman and as this common rhetoric is WOMEN CANT LIE AND THEY ARE NEVER WRONG BUT VICTIMS. Don’t bring another stuff. Padamavat promotions and his insecurities with RS has nothing to do with KR dissing Shahid. I have seen many Kat fans hating KR because she accused her. where is feminism? how can she allege other woman having an affair with another man when she is living with her BF? Salman fans dislike her. See on Twitter. i never talk on my own. i have evidence of all what i say. Kat /DP fans hate each other for some reasons. But its not important and unnecessary here on this topic. KJO has many loyal fans. Alia fans love KJO because she is close to him so they take his side. Is KJO a celebrity? lol, he is a self proclaimed celebrity who over promotes himself. i don’t like him at all He spoiled stars and BW movies. He is ruining Alia now. So its a fact every fandom hates KR. She cant get along with a single person in BW. And a person who says i don’t respect my work and profession needs help. There are a lot of issues and bad things in every field. But then you cant hate or disrespect your profession and fight with everyone then play a woman and victim card. See Admin says she hired HR manager for a reason.

          • prvilla says:

            @Sona Don’t generalize here!I’m a Deepika fan amongst many other commentators here and NO we do not hate everyone!Only the one’s who deserve it!Most of the ladies you mentioned ganged up on Deepika not the other way around sweetheart!

          • kiran101 says:

            Not to interfere in Kangana’s topic. DP fans hate everyone ? I thought its other way round…Please pray tell me why DP fans should hate Katrina, Anushka and Sonam ? DP has success what all these 3 actresses combined do not have….even the stardom. DP fans are actually cocky about her stardom ….but hate no.

            In fact Anushka and Sonam have fans ???? Katrina fans are declining…her fandom are so shallow that they are also fading with katrina’ s fading looks.

  7. Nars says:

    This thing will never done. All of Kangana’s managers are either getting married or getting a child. All decide to become home-makers for a while.

    Let us see how long it would take Anjali go go find a husband or a child to take care of.

    So Hrithik fired his PR team and his agency? Dead with laugh!

    Hrithik seem to be doing well again, first schedule of “comman man; which in HR eyes appear to mean poor & ugly man” e.i Super30 is finish, and he is often spotted without his Ex-wife.

    While for Kangana – Manikarnika is suppose to finish in March & she goes into her next #Mental (Yes! Thats the name – I expect much trolling) with Rajkumar Rao. The name is subject to change though because earlier Salman got the rights to use it for Jai Ho.

    Let us see what will come of this new manager switch. Did Kangana agree because Vikas is doing Super30? So she can be “even” with Hrithik or is this just a coincidence?

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