Who asked for this?

It has become the number one trend in Bollywood that most likely takes place in the office of producers when they are trying to figure out what movie should they work on next. After figuring it out for a couple of months, they end up figuring out that it’s easier to just add another film to a successful first film. Seriously, most films that are released as sequels don’t have anything to do with the first film, so why can’t they just released it on its own as a solo film? Are they not confident that it will work so they just choose to ride on the first film’s successful coattails? It is really strange because over the years we have had several sequels to many films and most of them have nothing to do with the original/first film.

Who asked for this

Obviously, ‘Baaghi 3’ will star Tiger Shroff. At this point of time, Tiger has over 5 films announced with him as the lead. Currently, he’s shooting for ‘Baaghi 2’. Are they that confident of this film before its release that they have announced a sequel to it? Or are they playing mindgames with the trade to show that they are confident about their film and want B2 to be purchased at a high price? Hard to say with Sajid Nadidwala because he seems to have forgotten how Tiger has two flops behind him. It is funny considering how he has no problem ousting those, who don’t work out for him anymore. Or maybe, it’s just Farah Khan’s relatives?

Speaking of Tiger and the continous same type of films that he’s doing, we can’t help but feel sorry for that poor chap: Vidyut Jamwal. Poor guy thought that he had a steady thing going on in Bollywood when his ‘Commando’ released. That was his niche: great stunts or fighting skills that weren’t seen in Bollywood yet. And then came the tiger, as in Tiger Shroff. There was a blind item how Vidyut was mad at how Tiger was being promoted in a way as if he didn’t already introduce the audience to that type of fighting skills and all that. Nepotism really hit him hard. Tiger had the backing of his father behind him and Vidyut had no one. It was kind of true that Vidyut’s skills were just erased when Tiger made his debut. Now, Tiger has been doing the same of films that show off his dancing and fighting skills.

Vidyut looks more like a man and Tiger still looks like a young innocent boy. Let’s do a poll and see which one of them is the reader’s choice.


Is it:

Vidyut Jamwal

Who asked for this


Tiger Shroff

Who asked for this

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9 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    Eh. I haven’t watched either of their films. I have only heard a couple of songs from Baaghi, thay were good. But vidyut does look better, like an action star. Like an indian sylvester stallone. Tiger not so much. He still looks like a kid for some reason. There’s a vibe.

  2. prvilla says:

    Karma is slowly but surely catching up to tiger shroff,his recent box office capabilities say it all..heck his bad karma seems to be rubbing on his GF too,even she is badly struggling to keep foot!

  3. Amanda says:

    having a sequel will make sense only if the story is going to pick up from where it stopped… Atleast the theme or essence should be kept intact in the sequel… There is murder 2,murder 3,jism 2 etc coming from bhatt camp which have nothing in common with their predecessors.. Since the first movies clicked,having the same name with a number will not get them success…. Hope the makers of this film realize it too…..

  4. Pav says:

    We all know acting skills are the least concerned fact for some directors or production houses, but Vidyut has the looks to be a Bollywood hero. It’s really really unfortunate how some well deserving people have to fade due to nepokids.
    I read a funny story how Dharma had to audition 800+ girls to cast in SOTY2, and finally found their nepokid whom they had already started promoting. Best part was Tiger was also there together with Karan. I mean what does Tiger know about acting, seriously.. !!!

  5. Sara says:

    vidyut is so hot!

  6. goldengirl says:

    Baaghi 2 is yet to release. TBH this movie is not that successful. Also. Tiger is not a hero material. He looks so girlish.

  7. Venus says:

    Vidyut is definitely the better looking guy. And also acts better. But bollywood is no place for real talent. Its been proved time and again

  8. Amanda says:

    I really liked vidyut in commando… Hope he gets his due..

  9. whatever says:

    But who cares about Audience, these Bollywood Gun-daas just throing their favourites on our faces…

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