When your old self wants to remind people that you still exist

The things that women have to do to keep themselves relevant! This is a 48-year old Jennifer Lopez, who for some reason felt the need to pose this way in a magazine photoshoot.

When your old self wants to remind people that you still exist

Quite a sad state for older performers to keep up with the younger oversexualised performers. Who here is/was a fan of JLo? She was huge when she came out back then, but now she is pretty much lost in the crowd. Rumour has it, she needs to have famous men around her to keep herself relevant, that’s what she thinks.

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5 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    There’s nothing new in this as far as JLo is concerned. . Every time she has a new boyfriend, she goes dreamy-eyed and everything is all roses and sugar candies in her world. She thinks each one is “the one” initially. Got married a few times because of this too. And she always mixes business with pleasure, and then family (even now when she has children with her ex, Marc Anthony). She’s just stupid in love and consistently chooses the worst men to be with. Thinks she’ll change their ways from a cheating douche bag to most ” truest loyal family man ever”. Never happens ’cause these men are old enough to be set in their ways.

    As for the clothes, same thing. She is a dancer and a stage performer, and wearing risque clothes is normal for her. Such photo shoots are also normal. She may be 48 years old but she takes good care of her health, and still looks good. She loves the attention and she’ll keep flaunting it as long as she’s got it. It’s not a Madonna situation, admin, at least not yet.

    And yes her career in mainstream English music is not as hot right now. That may be a reason why she has moved on to Spanish music . She still gets gigs as celebrity judge but she’s no big “get” to producers because she’s uncontroversial and a sweetheart like that, which is boring for regular programming.

    • Admin says:

      Ah, Madonna is one messed up lady but it’s all because of what she went through that really screwed up her brain. But JLo had some of the nicest and warmest films back then when started singing. Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-law were not vulgar or outrageous. And yes, she still looks good and is fit at her age.

      • nefarious says:

        @Admin, why is madonna messed up and what did she go through?

        • Admin says:

          Surprise you don’t know…Here are some of the headlines:
          1 – “Madonna: I was held at knifepoint and raped”

          2 –
          ” SEXY pop star Madonna spent New Year’s Eve trussed up like a turkey after being cruelly battered by her drunken, bully-boy husband Sean Penn. The terrified singer was beaten, gagged, strapped to an armchair with flex and left for nine hours.

          She is said to have been β€œfrothing at the mouth” when horrified staff freed her at 1am on New Year’s Day. β€œThe was the final degradation after three years of hell,” said a secretary at the singer’s Malibu mansion. β€œMadonna was weeping. Her lip was bleeding, her spirit was crushed. She was marked and sore where he had cracked her across the face.””

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