When your face is so frozen that you can’t even fake smile properly

For years, Hema Malini said the secret of her beauty was inner happiness. Her fans believed her because that was way back then when botox or any other cosmetic procedures were known.

Maybe it was happiness back then, who knows? Maybe Dharmendra really has the power to make both of his wives happy, who knows? But in recent times, we all know what is the secret to Hema Malini’s young and fresh looking face. She’s lucky, though, it only looks frozen like Madhuri Dixit’s face. Zeenat Aman too did something to hers, but she does not look good. Probably because she was already beautiful before and further modifications destroyed her natural beauty.

Face aside, she does have really good arms, like young-looking arms. Is it photoshopped? You decide. Why is that one eyebrow higher than the other?

When your face is so frozen that you can't even fake smile properly

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1 Response

  1. Shivanisd says:

    If relatively younger madhuri dixit can do it then why not hema? Good for her. classy woman she has been always. I find south Indian women way more mqture and intelligent than north. North india has airheads like kareena and preity.

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