When your brother has a lot of money,

And you are free to use it for your 2-year old’s destination birthday party!

When your brother has a lot of money,

We are curious about how Arpita Khan gets the money to do all these things. This is not the first destination birthday party she is holding for her son, she held one last year in Maldives and the whole family including extended family and that lady from Romania. How does she manage to do it if neither she nor her husband is earning anything? We remember when one of us had an upcoming birthday, we asked our old lady to buy a three-tier cake, you know like the one they have at weddings, because we like cake and wanted it to last for longer than one week. She said, “Shut up. What nonsense! You can get one when you get married”. Now just imagine Arpita’s situation, how does it work? How much does it cost to bring all these people to another country just to celebrate a 2-year old’s birthday? How does her situation work? Does she ask her brother for the money or does she ask her father?

At this rate, Salman Khan won’t have any money left for his retirement. His family members forget that he is not always going to be a superstar and the money is not always going to be raining in on them like it is now.

When your brother has a lot of money,

A Bandra birdie chirps to say that Arpita Khan Sharma has been sending save the date invites for son Ahil’s birthday party. He turns two on March 30. A mega bash is being planned in Abu Dhabi. The Khandaan and their close pals will be in attendance. – Mid Day

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26 Responses

  1. WellMeaningFan says:

    How Salman decides to spend(read waste) his money should be nobody’s business.

    But having said that, one would expect Arpita to be a little more careful with the spending when everyone in the industry knows that Malaika was unhappy with Arbaaz’s financial situation for years and eventually her patience ran out.

    I mean the fairytale wedding, a penthouse as a wedding gift(which again has been left now for a bigger, better place) and a million rupees investment in husband’s already doomed film.

    Salman’s surely blessed and all but still, it takes hours, weeks and months of working tirelessly to earn his bread.

  2. Monalisa says:

    Never heard of the richie rich stars like SRK, Amir, Akshay, Hrithik throwing destination birthday parties for their kids. Even celebs who are show-off types like Bebo and Kjo had small at home parties for their kids.

    Arpita who is the sister of a super star whose husband never worked a day in his life and waited for Salman to launch him is throwing such lavish parties for a two year old. She must be a spoilt brat.

  3. Alex fake name says:

    There could be only one reason for Salman to go blind over these issues, just because he is emotional vulnerable. I am in my 20’s (late; though I hate it) and I remember how I used to help one of my friend with money, coz he was always available for me, when I was going thru a lot of issues in my life… So may be.. But , yes Salman should STOP giving them their money or even he should not give his mone to his father… Salman is a grown up man, he should handle his finances by himself . I m sure he can afford a Manager to handle his work n other things…

    Indian Parents are really Into controlling their child lives; Stay together and give us your money.. all Bull-Sh.It

  4. Sara says:

    Everybody here is so judgmental . Maybe Salman is earning for his family to enjoy the present. And he makes tones. How many tv shows he is doing and making almost 100cr or more in each show contract. Movie revenue is separate. That is lot of money. Ofcourse he is glad that his family is spending some of his wealth and making use of the money. You either enjoy or pay taxes. Simple maths.

    • prvilla says:

      FYI I’m actually one of the few people who actually like Salman very much here and I’ve said this from day one but I have the ability to call a spade a spade even when it comes to my personal favs..Maybe there is some merit to your theory,I’m no one to discredit it but Arpita has a very rich and perfectly able husband as it is,she has no reason to constantly mooch off of her brother plus all these people have two hands,two legs and all the other stuff which goes with it,why not earn your own coin,like the rest of us!Even I had the fortune of being born in an extremely affluent and privileged background but despite that my parents always put their foot down when it came to hard-work and being self-efficient!Poor Salman is in his fifties now,he’s not a young gun whose forever gonna have his heyday..even superstars have their shelf-life..look at Shahrukh khan,dwindling day by day..It may come off as, per say judgmental but the underline perspective is shared by many users here unanimously on this particular subject.Anyhow as a fan I hope Salman does not end being burdened in any shape or way by these antics in his old age when the stardom fades away and he has 50 people to feed!Just saying

    • Pav says:

      Yeah SK must be having a bigger heart and wouldn’t mind spending on his family. But other leechers in the family should have some dignity and shame. Come on, they all are grown up yet depending on their elder brother. If I have friends as such I would call them shameless losers.

  5. Anisha says:

    We remember when one of us had an upcoming birthday, we asked our old lady to buy a three-tier cake, you know like the one they have at weddings, because we like cake and wanted it to last for longer than one week. She said, β€œShut up. What nonsense! You can get one when you get married”.

    You guys sound adorbs!

  6. prvilla says:

    Oh my gosh these leechers..I swear this reminds me of my ex bf..the fukra would literally hunt down my purse like a vulture and never pay for his shit..and to top it off the guy was a politicians son?!Wonder where in the heck his fathers loot money went when he needed it?Still the thought drives me crazy till this day!I was a naive sixteen year old at the time but Salman is a grown ass man!When will they stop mooching off the poor guy..when he goes completely bankrupt?!God forbid

    • Pooja says:

      Vijay malliya son sid malliya go to date with dp in taj hotel then ask her to pay ppl tell that was became reason of their breakup which laughable.I never believed. Who know what r reality of their wealthy status.

      • prvilla says:

        hahaha no wonder Vijay malliya is broke and on the lose these days..

        • Sara says:

          Vijay mallaya is not broke. He flee away from country with tons of money. Do you see him begging on streets? Or live a affluent lifestyle overseas unbothered about paying back the bank. It’s not funny to have false assumptions and be oblivious of crime and criminal actions.

          • prvilla says:

            Well last I heard he was bankrupt,wasn’t he?Also no need to get so defensive,say your peace but make sure to be polite about it or else don’t bother joining the conversation!I have zero tolerance for unpleasant people!Also,who’s the one being judgmental now?

          • prvilla says:

            Also to be clear I was laughing in context to @Pooja’s comment so next time think before you type!

          • Sara says:

            Filling for bankruptcy and actually going bankrupt are two different things. Mallya fled the country with 9000 crores. In this case the banks went bankrupt. Even Donald trump had filled for bankruptcy twice in his career. He ain’t bankrupt.

          • prvilla says:

            @Sara First of all I’m no business magnate and certainly do not even live in India so yeah you could say I’m not fully aware of his inner most dealings nor do I care!I basically just responded with whatever I knew of the situation based on hearsay at the time!It’s great that you enlightened me on the situation but next time just be more tactful about it,like you just did!

  7. kiran101 says:

    I think salman should make a headcount of his family and assign each of them a few crores transfer those amounts and ask them to manage their lives within that…until he dies and then they can fight out for this money like vultures…he can avoid that by having a rock solid will.
    A lot of them might squander all that money and back to his door step again …i suppose.

  8. Rashmi says:

    I read that Arpita’s husband is very rich in himself, he is the son of ministers, he married Arpita for love. not because of Salman. if he wanted to Bollywood, his parents could have bought him a debut. This I read from fans of Salman. where is the truth?

    • Goldengirl says:

      May be He is from a rich family but then why he can’t afford his wife and kid? Why his family didn’t helped him in his debut? Truth is aayush married arpita not for love .

    • Admin says:

      Just imagine, if your father is rich, you think you can use his money to support your own family? Arpita said that her FIL gives them a monthly allowance and if she needs more, she just asks her father or brother.

      • Rashmi says:

        why not? If Salman supports his family with money, why can not the father of Arpita’s husband support the son with money? if he is rich, of course.

  9. Amanda says:

    Salman should stop being mean to arijit singh… How many songs of arijit does he want to replace… Only for that stupid remark which arijit really didn’t meant, Salman has got his voice changed in sultan and now in welcome to new York… Arijit shouldn’t have written that apology, he wasn’t at fault…. Salman as a award function host should have some humor…. He is really bad at hosting these award shows since he can’t take a joke on himself…. That’s why Jay bhanushali etc are better hosts…

    • b52bomber says:

      I am prolly late to Salman’s party πŸ˜› But what’s behind Salman being a d$#& to Arijit Singh? Arijit is talented af.

  10. goldengirl says:

    Well, why he let her sis married to a jobless guy when he has to bear all her expenses? Arpita is selfish and spending her bro’s money without thinking. Salman needs to sit and think because Admin you are right he will not be on top forever. Every rise has a fall. He is a stupid and emotional fool. When he will be out of money (god forbid) trust me, the same family will leave him all alone. Aayush married Arpita only because of Salman so he can get all the support and big break in BW. He doesn’t love her. He is a shameless and cunning guy.

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