When you want to get in to Bhai’s harem of actors, but you can’t

When you want to get in to Bhai's harem of actors, but you can't

Can you hear Varun call out to Bhai? “Bhai, Bhai, let me in.” And Bhai goes, “Abe ja! Don’t even think about it, I will shoot you like I shot those black bucks!”

Jokes aside. So, apparently Varun Dhawan is making a special appearance in ‘Bharat’. No idea in what capacity, but he was there on the sets. Salman Khan, who is the star of this film, is seen shooting Varun on his camera. He’s quite a good shooter! If you remember, Salman was the one who shot Hrithik Roshan before he made his debut in ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’. He does have an eye for guys with a passion for bodybuilding.




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6 Responses

  1. Fact says:

    FYI, Salman never shot the black buck, he was just watching like all others while Chote Nawab did his thing, Even Senior Nawab Mansoor Ali Pataudi was fond of this and he was sentenced to prison for this. Then Saif even went abroad and did the crime, he is a serial hunter that is why he gets caught a couple of times here and there.

    Salman used to feel like hero those days and was trying to save family man from trouble. Everyone in the industry knows who shot the Black buck.Of course, the bigger case of Salman was true and he was the driver but good lawyers can save you when the case goes too long.

    • Admin says:

      He did. The shooting of black bucks and sliting their throats went on several times, not just once. Refer to: https://www.oneshotoneplace.com/the-headline-thats-not-an-april-fools-joke-salman-khan-found-guilty/

    • Lucy says:

      Actually aishwarya was lucky,she was with him when he went hunting while shooting him dil de chuke sanam.but the case wasn’t registered.


      He did the killing several times,but was caught only when he went deep into bishnoi territory,this time he was in hum sath sath hai sets.they buried all cases and reports,but the bishnoi community who treat animals as children didn’t let it go.even when there was political pressure.brave people.

    • Lucy says:

      Btw fact,I don’t know if you read magazines from that time,all the online reports are gone,I think money has been paid to make them disappear.but apparently he went on a lot many hunting trips,he was shooting hum dil de chuke sanam and hum sath sath hain at the same time.so the entire month of August September October he was in Gujarat Rajasthan he killed.it was in those magazines,at that time I remember he was supposed to marry somy Ali but the police caught him and aishwarya in this particular hunting trip and that’s how the press was sure these guys were involved,somy Ali was angry and left for Florida at that time I think.it was reported she was angry and didn’t attend Arbaaz’s mallaika december 1998 wedding,ash attended.

  2. Lucy says:

    Becahara varun,has to repay back the goodwill that salman showed to his father.i am sure he would run away from salman if he had the choice.wanted to be masala king but can’t become that as well.judwaa was so heavily criticised and acting movies like sui Gaga October flopped.

    Admin do you see varun emerging as a gen next superstar or is he going to fade away with the onslaught of talent

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