When you know you are showing off

Bobby Deol has the perfect ‘I’m hot and you-know-it look’. It can also be the ‘What are you looking at?’ look.

When you know you are showing off

This is the promo image that Bobby sent out to show to Salman Khan he is getting ready for his role in ‘Race 3’. As you know, when you get to have Salman as your mentor or motivator, it’s the muscles you have to build. Not the ones in your brain, but the ones on your arms and chest. No wonder the actors who work with Salman never feel the need to learn more about their craft!

When you know you are showing off

Anyways, Bobby is not a problem since he’s a good actor and an amazing dancer! This used to be our jam back in the day:

It’s not like he has a neck connecting his body to his head, but more like a spring. The time he entered the industry, this spring neck thing was new. And he had that Unisex hairstyle! When you watch a song that has him and his heroine dancing, you don’t notice the heroine because you are trying to figure out WTH moves that Bobby is pulling off. It’s like a child, who’s happy and just dancing about being happy. Think of Drake in ‘Hotline Bling’, but even better. Speaking of better, the songs of his film ‘Gupt’ were epic back then when they were released. The new sounds in that film, the music and background score were all something new at that time.

This is what we are talking about! Bobby Deol in action, or in danceion!


They even did a spoof about him and his spring neck. Yes, that was a thing and we did not imagine it!


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3 Responses

  1. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    OMG! Good to see Bobby looking handsome again. He was so hot back then, my sisters & I had these huge teenage crushes on him…..he needs his own bobble head doll – like its about time.

  2. Tina says:

    3 things come to mind

    1. Race3 is Bollywood’s answer to ‘Expendables’
    2. If you look at GIFs 6,7,8, minus the spring movement it’s just Bhangra
    3. You know that story about Samson and Delilah? Well Bobby cut his hair and lost his Stardom

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