When you just realised your shoulders can’t carry anymore baggage

When you just realised your shoulders can't carry anymore baggage

This is pretty self-explanatory, we don’t need to elaborate more. Those who get it, is going to get it.

When you just realised your shoulders can't carry anymore baggage

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7 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    I do find it odd that the brothers laugh and joke about it. That episode on Koffee. I dont know. Part of me thinks they are shameless. But then again, this only reiterates the fact that simply being born in a film family does not guarantee that you’ll be a successful actor. And they know it. One of them became a big time actor and decided to support and run the family. While the others do other things to support him. On the show, it seemed like Salman does not have a superiority complex and that’s a good thing imo.

    Admin, in case you know, what do the other Khans do in their spare time? If memory serves, i think I once read one of the other brothers owns a security / talent management agency. True?

    Ps. This is the most interest ive taken in Salman Khan in a long time. Pffew!

  2. WellMeaningFan says:

    Isn’t Salman to be blamed here too? Why does he have to babysit the entire clan? His allegiance towards them only earn them hatred and mocking.

    Of late, he’s been looking so unhealthy – bloated, lifeless and all. Wish the “blessed” sister would worry about that too!

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