When you don’t have an impressive film career

This is how the media wishes you for your birthday!

When you don't have an impressive film career


Usually, the press talks about the best films of the birthday actor or actress, but for this time, they went a different way. Anyways, Happy Birthday, Abhishek; Be thankful for what you already have. For the record, our favourite role of yours is the character you played in ‘Main Prem Ki Diwaani Hoon’. That movie might have been insufferable, but you were the only good part in it.

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15 Responses

  1. pooja says:

    No add not every media oullet printing this.its just last 10yrs he hardly have any solo hits so thay have chosen this one but only this media ourlet done this not rest he has same amazing films like yuva,guru,Bunti n babali,dhoom,dostana,kabhi alvida naa kahna,bluffmaster etc etc.

  2. Pav says:

    I think he’s a better actor than Aishwarya. I’m not a fan of Abhishek, but there are atleast 2-3 movies of him that he proved his acting skills upto a certain extend. But his wife in the other hand is yet to show her skills. One can argue about guru or SLB’s movies that she has done. But still it’s a nah for me.

    On a different note, since I was away for sometime can someone shed some light on Kriti, Alia and Kat incident. I’m clueless.

    Admin, it’s great to see so many new articles publishing daily. It’s your honest view and the very entertaining intro, that make us love your page. All the best and keep entertaining us. Much love.. !!

    • pooja says:

      Go watch taal,provoked,hum dil de chuke sanam,raincoat,devdaas,guru ect its lallu who have still have to prove his acting skill at age of 53.

      • Pav says:

        Have watched them all and finally came to the above conclusion.

        • pooja says:

          Then ur fav must be sunny n user Katrina n u searching for something else not acting talent.

          • Pav says:

            Oh my god, why do you need to get angry? I like sunny and kat in their item songs. But when it’s come to acting skills my current favs are Kangana and Rajkumar Rao.

          • Rashmi says:

            Better than Kangana can only be Kangana itself! I now almost do not watch Bollywood, he stopped inspiring me and surprise me, as before, but Kangana in every film excels itself! I’m sometimes even shocked. One hundred percent hit in the role, I see only a new character, but never Kangana – personality, as is the case with other actors. Although … my favorites are also Bebo and Alia, both have talent. Yesterday I finally looked at Tiger 2 and I did not really like it. The first part was better. Salman is not bad in such roles, but Katrina is just an emotionless doll. Salman talked a lot about how hard Katrina was working on the role, but I did not see anything. Emptiness, pshik. Concerning Aishwarya, she is a very mediocre actress, but for example in Devdas or Sarbjit she was good, for my taste, of course.

    • Rad says:

      @Pav I agree with you. If the director is good and knows how to extract good work from her then her ‘acting’ is bearable. Otherwise its embarassing to watch her. She is as fake on screen as she is in real life. Abishek on the other hand is a limited actor who cannot do justice to all types of roles but those that suit him, he does well.

      • Pav says:

        @Rad agree with you. Aishwarya is so lack in facial expressions. She’s very limited.

        • Hmmm says:

          Agree! Aishwarya is one of the worst actresses in Bollywood. The only one as awful as her is Katrina! Aishwarya screams dialogues and over acts while Katrina has a complete blank expression or pouts. To be a good actor you need to be observant but Aishwarya is so self absorbed it reflects in her performances. Another thing I dislike is that she never compliments anyone on their performance, looks , not anything. She even threw shade at PC and DP via PR about being the first in Hollywood. But what did she achieve there accept a small role in pink panther 2. Just a vain over rated actress with over active PR that keeps pushing her on to the public.

      • prvilla says:

        @Rad ‘She is as fake on screen as she is in real life’-So true!!

  3. Amanda says:

    There are rumors that Abhishek will essay the role of poet sahir ludhianvi in SLB produced movie… I don’t know how abhishek keeps getting high profile film offers when he has plenty of flops behind…. He is the only star kid to get so many opportunities despite flops… He still gets high profile costars, big banners and big directors.. But people have already rejected him…. He should thank his stars for being born in a Bachchan family and having Aishwarya rai as his wife… Irrfan Khan and priyanka Chopra were better suited for this biographical film adaptation….

    • prvilla says:

      @Amanda I wouldn’t buy too much into it I think it’s just hoopla created to stay relevant..unless SLB wants his movie to tank?!Which i highly highly doubt!

      • Amanda says:

        There has no much news after that.. I am not sure if the movie will go on floor… SLB is Aishwarya’s friend, so anything can happen..

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