When you are burning inside

Shahid Kapoor has been making statements left, right and center ever since ‘Padmaavat’ came out. Here’s his most recent one published on PinkVilla.

When you are burning inside

Here’s a quote from the same interview, which was conducted by Mid Day:

Did you feel envious?

I am not jealous. I had to focus on my role. If I was bothered [with the attention given to other characters], my energy would have dissipated. There are many who, despite having the best roles, are insecure. No one put a gun to my head. If I am doing the film, I will with dignity. You don’t become stronger when things are served to you on a platter. You have to earn the tag.

We really doubt that’s how he’s feeling considering the number of articles about his role. He has given so many interviews talking about this role and why he decided to do it. It’s like he’s trying to make himself feel better that someone else is getting all the praise in the film.

This was news before the release of the film:

Some reports stated that Shahid Kapoor felt insecure with Ranveer Singh getting all the limelight for โ€˜Padmaavatโ€™. It was even being reported that Shahid went on fire his talent management agency because Ranveer was getting promoted, but not him.

When you are burning inside


Ranveer Singh has been asked to be interviewed by a number of film journalists and critics and among them was Anupama Chopra. In it, he was asked how it felt when one actor takes away all the praise and limelight from a multicast film, how do the other actors feel? He asked, “Who is getting all the praise?’ Anupama said, “You!”

Ranveer said, “Ok, thank you. I won’t take it for granted.” Anupama then asked if this makes things awkward with the other actors? Ranveer said that it doesn’t because they are all part of the same film and he’s not into one upmanship at all. He has worked in ensemble and multicast films before. He said that it’s a collaborative effort, not a work-on-my-own thing. He gives credit to Jim Sarbh for making him look good in this film.

The thing is, everyone and their grandmothers knew that Ranveer Singh was going to get all the praise for this film. We all knew that he got the best role in this film, so it is not surprising at all that he is getting all the praise.

Rajeev Masand commented in his column that the other two actors were pissed off that Ranveer got away with all the praise in the film. They are all mad and it’s why they are busy doing solo interviews, instead of being interviewed together to talk about the film. That would have been so much fun to watch!


Here’s what Rajeev wrote:

Apparently, it hasnโ€™t gone down well with the other two that Ranveer Singh has walked away with all the accolades for his performance in the film. Plans for joint promotions with the three stars that had been originally scheduled after the filmโ€™s release were abruptly cancelled, and all three have been subsequently focusing on their own respective promotions. This is often the case with multi-starrer projects so it comes as no surprise to industrywaalas, but lazy hacks are enjoying the fact that they can rile the stars so easily by asking them to comment on their co-starsโ€™ performances.

It’s high time Shahid grows up. He has been in this industry for so long and yet, he acts so sourly and insecure. He has had the chance to show his worth many times. Sometimes it worked while at other times, it didn’t. Mostly, it’s his attitude that got him! If he didn’t behave in such an I’m-better-than-you act, people would have responded to him better.

Also, we now know that Shahid is so petty that he remembered something Ranveer said years ago on Koffee with Karan. So petty he is that he had to use that reference when he was asked whether he would have played Ranveer’s role in ‘Padmaavat’.

Which actor would not wish to play a character like Khilji in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film? You know, once on ‘Koffee with Karan’, Ranveer said he would have done my role in ‘Kaminey’ better than me… I would have done Khilji differently.

Petty or bitchy? But the problem was when he was asked how was he going to play Khilji, he gave this answer:

Firstly, I do not want to get into those details. Always remember, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the hero of all his films and we actors come second.

It would have been gentlemanly of him if he had answered the first question with the second answer.


As for Ranveer, here’s what he had to say when asked about competition and stars competing with one another:

It shocks me because I can’t be so cut throat. I cannot pull someone down to make myself look better. It happens around me every day and I haven’t come to terms with this.


We feel that actors expecting praises for playing their characters well is like a baby expecting you to applaud every time he/she takes the first steps. You applaud the first time and the second time. Similarly, an actor’s job is to perform their character to the best of his/her abilities; they get paid to do that. So, just do their job and be done with it. Don’t be upset if you are not getting enough compliments, that’s petty!

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60 Responses

  1. Deepstar says:

    I would have liked to see RanBIR as the Raja raten in Padmavati. I think ranbir could have added an extra spark to that character. (Even tho shahid did good). The movie was called Padmavati but basically about Khilji and Raja Raten. Deepika did a fabulous job in looking pretty and walking in the Jauhar scene.

  2. Ananya says:

    Admin, slightly off topic. But since you quoted that Masand article I’d like to know your viewpoint on it.

    Sk- Rs drama aside, where is Deepika figuring in this? Tbh when I went in for the film I thought the film was about Padmavati and mounted on Deepika shoulders. But after seeing it, it’s out and out Khilji or Ranveer show. I think if anyone has to be bitter, it has to be her. Bz she was thrown under the bus for promotions and controversies and her star power used and not even given a fleshed out character or screen time. Plus now when crore club mentions came the film belong only to Rs who made it to the clubs. Plus Masand and Anupama quite cruelly sidelined the titular role heroine who went through shit for the movie.

    If I was in her place I would be going around like Shahid being petty. But I see her very confident and satisfied about the film. Lol in fact she still thinks she is the female protagonist and it’s mounted on female lead. Didn’t she the film belongs to khilji?!

    So what is going on with her. Is she simply happy that the film has released and self assured of her stardom hence no drama or unlike Shahid she’s hiding her anger and pettiness? Is Masand article true, then she is also pissed right. But Rs is her bf, it’s really an awkward situation. What do you think, is she really fine with it and happy for bf or is she simply hiding her insecurity well?!

    One more thing, what’s with Slb, seems like he’s insulting Rs for talking about pprocess etc?! Any idea what went wrong?!

    • Amanda says:

      I heard SLB praising Rs and said he wants to work with him in future…

      Also, I observed that Rs is exaggerating wrt preparation methods during his interviews with masand and anupama … I couldn’t believe what he said… He said he vomited, he just couldn’t stand, he fell flat etc… And these may not be necessarily true… He said he shot for 40days straight without breaks and spent 3 weeks in isolation… If all this was made up story or is an exaggeration, then SLB might not support these claims… SLB gives sufficient break in between the shots for his actors… He kept the set ready for 1 month waiting for dp to join shooting and dp was busy shooting xxx at that time…

      • Monalisa says:

        @amanda @ananya RS claims of shooting for long schedules maybe true because as you know the filming was quite delayed after the first attack. And RS’s portion was shot last and he was the last person to finish shooting. And he finished in November.

        Also he did spent 3 weeks in isolation even for bajirao and he did go to gujrat for learning the accent for Ramleela. I think SLB does give him free reign for prep. But SLB feels he is not effortless because of all of his prep. If SLB was not happy with his process he would not have casted him in 3 back to back movies. I think SLB’s critique have to do with the cormfort level he share with RS and it maybe an inside joke. At the same time he did praise him and said he will work with him again and RS is his favourite along with DP and he is not done with both of them. Even RS himself says he is not effortless actor he had reign himself in for the subtle acting in Lootera and DDD and he likes OTT acting as he loves masala movies.

        The parts about being sick I don’t know. But he do get injured on SLB movies. The shoulder inury in bajirao and he did get his forehead cut with a sword while shooting padmavat. Also he got dengue on Gunday set. He seem very injury/sickness prone on sets.

    • Monalisa says:

      @ananya I donโ€™t think DP and RS are competing with each other or are as competitive with each other as media tries to portray them to be. Even in Bajirao he was praised to the skies and got all the accolades. But she waa fine with it and attended award ceromonies with him. Me and Amanda had a discussion about this topic in the previous ‘when the ultimate god father launch’ post.

      DP and RS seem quite supportive of each others career since they started dating. They do attend each others movie screenings and praise them, like during Piku, Tamasha, RS was at screenings and success parties parties and talked to media praising her performance. Also DP attending DDD screening and praising him and attending befikre screening. Even during XXX premire in India and after party RS was there and even walked with her and her family (if you see the pics of them they were walking together like a couple). (Not to mention that was when Vin Diseal called RS DP’s bf during an interview with Anupama kinda confirming the rumours.) Haha

      Actually up until last year just like most people I thought they were a pr couple. But because of all the Deepveer shippers conviction I one day thought I’ll do some research myself to see what they see and stumbled upon various Deepveer ship fan instagram accounts, twitter accounts with photographic evidence of them hanging out with each others families, non-industry childhood friends, attending weddings and partiess of each others familes and close friends over the years and fan accounts of spotting them together hand in hand (most of the time there were pics taken with fans but not jointly) all over the world. That convinced me they are real couple. I mean they are acting like a couple even media was not around. Still not a shipper though coz I’m a little old to believe celebs are couple goals. Thats the reason for my great general knowledge everything RSDP.. lol

      • Ananya says:

        Yeah true. I don’t think they’re jealous of each other. Plis like you pointed out they’ve beenough supportive of each other. I mean she started dating him when he was a nobody and boy that guy takes her name with each breathe, pr or not. Lol.

        What I wanted to know from Admin is since Masand said Shahid and Deepika are pissed. She is not showing it tho like Shahid. So just wanted to know inside scoop if admin is aware.

        • Devil says:

          I discovered this site last year and I thought its a great site and seem Admin does a little research when putting its own i read a lot of shahid bashing in other sites and thought it was true.But then I thought I do my own search and see esp video interviews .i noticed what shahid says is taken out from here and there to create a wrong title and ppl read only the title and comment. So when ever any negative comes out I search the video and make my own conclusion.and I noticed shahid is not jealous type. In his Padmaavat interviews he said โ€œour moviesโ€ and all other interviews abt author backed role, felt like outsider were nothing negative he said it in a genuine way. When we start new school or work we donโ€™t fit in ,in the beginning n we have to break that circle .i hope I make sense .

          • Sara says:

            You are right Devil. Every article on shahid has flood of negative comments. And now a days even when the article is on ranveer, still the comment session is busy bashing shahid. Obviously fans are not writing these comments. Its industry insiders and their PR games. I am too surprise the OSOP has posted this unnecessary fake article. I listen to interviews and come to my own concussion than what is written. Besides we all on some level are Intuitive beings. & Shahid appears to be the nicest guy in Bollywood. He is respectful & considerate to others, especially seniors and females Period!

          • Missreader90 says:

            Sorry Sara. I read what you wrote and agreed with most but a lot of this is NOT PR. For eg, I wrote under some PV articles myself because I saw the video interviews and did think Shahid was taking a direct jibe at RS. Again. I think ppl dont get how popular this film has made Khilji’s character- people really loved it!! but you are of course entitled to your opinion and I respect that. Shahid is good too but he is a sourpuss with all his co-stars except maybe Alia and Kareena (then) and all of this outrage is a reaction to that,

    • kiran101 says:

      Ananya… It looks like DP knows and realize she got the best deal an actress can ever get in BW along with being a HIT movie. DP ‘s stardom was showcased like entire 200 cr was running on her. which is partially True…there is no actress currently with as much fan following as DP.

      All the characters are one dimensional…. its induvidual style and charm that brought out the performances. If you read the script it may not have anything more than how honorable Ratan is , how intelligent , fierce and beautiful Padmavati is and how Evil khilji is.

      Just watch all 3 of their interviews , how is more engaging ? whose has most views ? I was not feeling anything for Ratan- padmavati….in contrast Khilji- Kafur you feel . Everyone thought ‘Jhonny Depp’ was ruining pirates movie while shooting … its a Hit or Miss. Same with Khilji , Ranveer portrayal would have fired the whole thing or steal the whole…Ranveer hired an amazing actor for Kafur…a man without inhibitions. Please refer to me an angle like Ranveer- JIm in the entire of BW.

  3. Nitzu says:

    Oh dearrr, Shahid you are flying waaay too high. Needs a reality check. His pettiness is unbelieavable!

  4. Alok says:

    Off topic but do yโ€™all see how insane posters are going for Deepika on Pinkvilla? Theyโ€™re so extra itโ€™s hysterical. One comment wished he could clone her beauty or some such nonsense. PR going nuts or am I missing something everyone else seems to be seeing? I find her a limited, mediocre actress at best and average looking to boot.

  5. Rekha Rai says:

    Pettiest actor in the industry, I feel bad for Mira but I guess she’s getting what she signed up for…. she gets fame, he gets a baby wife!

  6. Sara says:

    Well if Shahid says he is the hero of Padmavaat. Then that is right. As ranveer is the villain in the movie.

    • Monalisa says:

      I”m not saying RS is the hero of the movie. Rs never claimed he was the hero of the movie nor was it promoted as such.
      This is what Shahid said “I am the hero of a Bhansali film, the numbers are going nuts, all is good. Rest is history.” This statement of his implies the film is making money because of him. But the movie was promoted as DP movie. She was the face of the movie. DP is the titular character and central character of the movie. she is the hero/heroine. (I don’t want to use the term heroine centric (coz not a fan of the term) but the movie was promoted in that way). So basically I feel like Shahid is saying it’s not because of DP but because of him the movie is making money. Also it is DP who is talking about her box office pull in her interviews and the movie is lauded as a movie which is showing DP’s star power. I feel like Shahid is undermining these statements.
      Fyi even RS has praised Shahid in his interviews and said he had a blast working with him. Nor has he taken a dig at Shahid once in any of his interviews.

      • Amanda says:

        @monalisa, are you Kiran by any chance… I am not seeing her much in comment section โ˜บ๏ธ

        • Monalisa says:

          @Amanda nope. Not her..
          FYI disclaimer before I get accused as somebody’s pr: I’m not anybody’s pr. not even from India nor do I have any Indian ancestary. Just an avid bollywood fan from another country!!

          • Amanda says:

            Hey… I am not accusing of being a pr.. I had great discussion with another fellow visitor over here named Kiran … Just wondering where is she since I am not finding her here much๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜

            I am glad to know you taking interest in bollywood โ˜บ๏ธ

          • Monalisa says:

            @amanda Thanks.. the pr disclaimer not directed at you. I have been a bit efusive with my praise to certain star there were some accusation of that being the work of his pr hence the disclaimer!!

        • kiran101 says:

          me here…. my daughter has been sick. Also, i am more active during weekdays than weekends. I have more free time at work than at home …hehe. Since my daughter has been sick and I took a day off followed by weekend i was kinda away from this place, but hey…i have been reading some stuff while i was rocking my babe to sleep on my phone.

          I took a few hours off the friday before last to watch Padmavati…. The movie is not without its flaws….the biggest is I did not feel much when so much is happening. There is only one reason the movie is getting repeat views and thats Ranveer Singh. I am hoping to catch the movie again on US long weekend in the next week. All the PR accusations are baseless , everyone is watching it for Ranveer. Period.

          DP seems to have imbibed Rani role, she is stunning, Shahid always a good actor. he acted well. But Ranveer his style and flamboyance saved the movie from being a flop. A cold hard fact. It does not matter what people like @ Anisha , @Steffi say …. This guy is getting super successful.Stardom is a gift from audience… i noticed ranveer in BBB and i was like this guy has raw talent to make it big. I hope he makes good choices… who am i ? just a regular person living in US and going on with my life….not someone’s PR. So i do not think everyone is PR since I am not. Ranveer got me interested in BW again. It was nice to see him on screen for first time…Special mention of Jim and Aditi.

          Also, one thing I noticed a lot of people in these gossip sites are NRI’s . Living far away from india … this is how one can indulge in BW gossip. There is no Zoom TV buzzing every single rumor and gossip once we switch on the TV. NRi life is not really conducive for keeping up with BW news unless and until one seeks it. I bet a lot of us are not PR just like me.

          • Admin says:

            Hope your baby is feeling better. Our love to her… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Admin says:

            It is true about Ranveer, what you said. He might not be the best looking guy around, he is the best actors around. He is able to get under the skin of his character and what you are watching onscreen is his character.

          • kiran101 says:

            Best looking is so subjective. Do Ranbir kapoor from any angle look attarctive nowadays to anyone ? When SRK was ruling BW salman was in his best looking phase.

            Ranbir is just fair….give him a normal complexion and u will see how he will be discarded. When success is yours and you talk like you are making love to ur audience … everyone will find you attractive.I always felt Abhishek Bachchan was attractive…but unlike BW hero. Frankly there are very few good looking stars in BW.

            Btw thanks….my lil one is slowly recovering.

  7. Monalisa says:

    @admin Looks like Shahid has gone mad!! He finally came out and said what he has been hinting at with all his passive agressive comments and digs at Ranveer. Getting a 100 crore++ movie after 15 years of working (courtsey of his co-actors imo) has gone to his head!!

  8. Sara says:

    Seems like this article was written to get a platform on comment session to bash shahid and quote all his statements in negative light. Go on…. if that makes you all happy. Fact is Shahid had a equal role in padmavat and his acting was solid. And the movie is a supper success and all the credit goes equally to all the cast and director of course. But you guys want to leave shahid out of the collective success?? Sounds very jealous.

    • Pepeas says:

      Sara, I think itโ€™s just the opposite. Most people here are saying that he is in fact a good actor, part of the success, and should be happy and secure to be part of this film – not make petty and snide remarks about other actors, be petulant and so on.

      • Sara says:

        Opposite. If he is all good they why the criticism here? He is not making any remarks. Infact Deepika & SLB Praised him. No one has any issues with him. Its just that the journalist are penning the negative articles. Maybe some one is bribing them to do so.

    • steffi says:

      don’t worry…this is RS PR and yes some of the statements Shahid made make him look insecure…but who isn’t…all of the Statements that RS makes are glossed over…about him having dated “chicks” with lesser IQ, dating 3 girls at a time etc…imagine if RK or Shahid would done so…..RS PR is very good…..he is indeed a very good actor, but the PR takes care of building a myth around him which seems dubious….please go ahead and downvote this comment if it ever gets posted on this site..thanks

      • Anisha says:

        @steffi, couldnโ€™t agree with you more!

        • Missreader90 says:

          I strongly disagree. I am not RS PR but even I have noticed how badly Shahid behaves with everyone around him. There was no reason to be so nasty and stinky in his statements..all this “subtle vs loud overacting” “i am the hero” “there was a lot of noise around me” what was the need?? have you seen jim sarbh or aditi rao hydari trying to upstage anyone? Aditi’s role was so small but look at the impact she created and even ppl in the hall were saying she was more beautiful than DP..

          • steffi says:

            I am not condoning what Shahid is saying…..but the fact of the matter is he was part of the movie…and hence deserves every bit of the success which seems like people are trying to not give him credit for…there were articles saying RS wanted his role to be identified as a guest appearance etc., so What I am saying is why bash only one side and gloss over everything the other side is doing…also just the inequity in “Opinion” for the misnomers of other stars and RS is huge on these sites….which begs the question of PR…I am not saying you are but cant say others are not…anyways these are my 2 bits on this…. I for one enjoyed all the 3 actors in the movie ((-;

          • Missreader90 says:

            thank you for making your point so civilly, Steffi, unlike the trolls on Shitvilla. But I have to say literally every single person I’ve spoken to in my daily life about the film raved about Ranveer’s performance. It has literally become the talking point. So perhaps it’s possible that a lot of them are actual fans or viewers? of course 5-10% are also PR paid comments- they always are – but I really feel that Shahid has misread the extent of how much ppl have loved Khilji.

        • kiran101 says:

          why dont you say anything about Ranbir… smitten are we by the great great kapoor Scion ??? The next super duper star of Bollywood.

        • kiran101 says:

          I dont know. Ranbir PR is doing everything to make him look Hot. who spread ” gareebon ka Ranbir kapoor ” about Ranveer ?

  9. Nimi says:

    Alright so I am back haha
    From what I have heard, Shahid was touted to be the next best thing with great dancing skills and moderate acting skills for that time (Hrithik was the lovable actor back then with great dancing skills). Shahid’s first rumoured affair was with Amrita Rao but that didn’t do much for his career. He obviously then went on to Kareena and he obviously was very well recognised after that. Buzz is that Shahid was very jealous of Kareena’s achievements and was being very possesive even to the point of turning her vegetarian by trying to control her. Kareena obviously had enough, got rid of him and moved on to Saif (a much more successful actor at that time with a blue blood lineage).
    Shahid gets insecure of everyone who is better than him. Shahid latches on to the current IT actress (PC, Kareena, Vidya) etc and then tries to control them and whip out PR articles at their expenses (remember the Kareena kisisng him video that went viral)? Now if it does remind you of some one else, yep its a similar pattern to RK but with considerably less time with relationships and actually a better actor than RK also minus Ayaan LOL.
    Shahid marrying Mira is also a part of a strategy. Since no actress gf of his was able being controlled by him, he decided to find an ambitious 21 year old who is gullible enough to listen to him and be moulded in his own ways.
    Shahid has been insecure of Kangana, Deepika, Ranveer, Tabu (google Haider articles on how he avoided Tabu getting limelight), or anyone that is a better actor/more popular than him. Obviously he isn’t worried about Saif or KK menon because they don’t really match up to that calibre (even though menon is an eccellent actor).
    Now he wants Ms Rajput to get the limelight and she loves it and craves it too and push her into the industry somehow so they pay paparazzi to photograph them everywhere. How good of a mother Mira is, How amazing of a father/husband Shahid is, How Shahid is a great performer (which he actually is).
    Shahid sympathising and siding with Ranbir is not even remotely surprising. Because in a way it reminds him of his past and wants him to get ahead of RS (who is an outsider compared to RK, SK).
    The irony is Shahid is a great actor but extremely arrogant. I mentioned in another post here how he asked a reporter to come back to ask him questions after he learns to speak proper English. How rude is that? RS wins hands down because you could ask a question to him in a broken hindi, sign language, martian, alien language, as long as you are a genuine person he’ll respond with equal warmth. My step sister took a selfie woth him in London once and he had a good 15 min chat with her. Shahid not so much.
    Shahid can tone down his PR, his wife, his arroagnce and he can be re accepted by the audience and save his image because I genuinely liked him in Kaminey, haider, Udta Punjab but right now as soon as PV has an article about Mira and him, I just want to puke in disgust

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i like that about ranveer singh..hes too down to earth for bollywood, no starry airs and he takes time out for his fans instead of avoiding them most of the times whenever he can..makes him seem more approachable and likeable..
      i feel ever since dp started seeing rs, she too started being more humble n down to earth..

      but i want RS to be a little rude towards fellow actors especially on talk shows like kwk..i find arjun kapoor and ranbir kapoors body language kind of rude towards RS while he seems to be extra nice..its too evident on those shows..he shud stop being that nice when the other person is not reciprocating

      • Amanda says:

        I think RS’s down to earth is what makes him popular… I think he should continue to be nice to people,because only then people will know how rude others are…If there is no good how can one identify with evil…. You need evil’s presence to appreciate goodness.. So you need an arrogant RK to understand RS’s sweetness… It’s his USP… He shouldn’t let go of it….

        btw,I just watched KWK with Ranveer and Arjun again yesterday and I never felt Arjun was rude to Ranveer… I think they get along well… Yeah,Ranbir,Karan etc are one arrogant ones…

        • Monalisa says:

          Ranveer may not be a star kid but he also comes from a rich, privileged background just like most star kids yet he is so humble and does not act like an entitled brat. And unlike other stars you can feel he is genuine and not putting on a show. As I always say Ranveer’s biggest assets are his great personality, charm and people skills. Not to mention his great (self deprecating most of the time) sense of humour. (He kinda remind me of a younger SRK but now I feel like SRK is not genuine and he puts on a show).
          I just never saw the charm of the Kapoor lad. I can barely watch his interviews he is so blah. Just don’t see any charm or personality what so ever in him. The less said about Arjun, Sid, Varun the better. But I love watching SRK and Ranveer’s interviews as they are so efortlessly charming, affable and personable.
          Even Deepika also comes from a privileged background with a famous sports father yet she is also very humble. She may not have Ranveer’s people’s skill or charm as she is quite shy and reseved IRL (she is self admitedly socially awkward) but people are drawn to her because she has an aura of genuinity and warmth around her. I like Deepika but she gives the most boring interviews.I only watch her interviews with Ranveer.

  10. Shanaya says:

    Shahid was asked by a journo why is he cribbing about his role in padmaavat since he too is getting praised if not as much as ranveer. He said I will send the script home to you u read it. I felt like an outsider during the shoot. Urgh!! He has stopped to his wife’s age group

  11. Nimi says:

    I have so much goss to write here but I am running late to go on a coffee date and need to get my 2 yo ready hahaha will write once I am back. ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. sweettooth01 says:

    ah the drama..!! wish all 3 of them gave interviews atleast ranveer and deepika together..theyr cute together in interviews when hes busy admiring her and all that pda..

    lately the comments section of the website is soo much more fun than the blind item itself..

    • Monalisa says:

      Dp and RS will not give an interview alone without Shahid because they will be asked about their personal equation upfront. Even now when they do individual interviews they get asked wheather they both will work with each other again, how it was working on the same film without having scenes together, did their personal equation help them go through such a heavy movie,. the type of movie they want to do with each other next.. etc…

  13. Amanda says:

    OMG, has Shahid stooped so low to give out such statement – https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/news/shahid-kapoor-rangoonvishal-sir-and-i-didn-t-make-great-film-not-easy-filmmaker-hear-criticism-397201

    He blames the failure of rangoon on vishal bharadwaj.. Vishal gave him two of memorable movies for Shahid, kaminey and Haider… Btw, Shahid hardly promoted rangoon… All I read was his comments bitching kangana… When a film becomes hit, he takes all the credit and when it flops blame the director… Why Shahid keeps complaining about everything I don’t know…

    • Monalisa says:

      Haha.. what did you expect from such an insecure, petty man. Now bashing the man who gave him such great roles and movies. Looks like finally getting a 100 crore++ movie after 15 years of working has tripled his already inflated ego. (Btw the movie would have made that much money even if a newcomer was casted in his role).
      SLB in his interview praised Shahid, RS and DP and said he is still not done with DP and RS and will work with them again, but when asked about Shahid he only praised him and didnot mention about wanting to work with him again. And we had all those articles released by Shahid pr last year stating SLB is angry with RS and has replaced him with Shahid in his next movie.
      I think after a while Shahid pr will claim the movie was such a success only because of him.

      • Amanda says:

        lol,,, So true of Shahid…
        Some more complaints from Shahid ” Have had to wait longer to get career milestones “, “It was a tiring journey and Mira Rajput was like a wall for me” ,”โ€œIn Padmaavat, it was the sheer fact that I found myself scouting for my lines while reading the script. I had a line or two, here and there. But thereโ€™s a kick in being able to pull that off.โ€

  14. Pooja says:

    In kjo kwk Mira said he burbs lot shahid reply “now I can say she farts too “look at childness n foolishness.Mira is just 22then n shahid was 36.that person who can’t even spare own babywife what u can expect from that guy.he showing himself desperate nothing else.he was flop actor hardly have any good film he should thankful to slb giving him film with such heavy paycheck even when character was small role both ranveer n shahid was paid same ammount even when rs role way more bigger.stop showing that he does favor to slb for signing film.

  15. Deepu says:

    He was nasty and super petty during Rangoon shooting and promotions too. At that time it was Kangy who faced his wrath. He was in fact unpleasant to her. Btw: Deepika was the weakest link in the film. Her โ€˜actingโ€™ was just staring with red moist eyes! Oops

    • Nimi says:

      Yes I wholeheartedly agree, she looked beautiful but had the deer stuck in a head light stare goingon the whole time and no expressions. She should also work on her dialogue delivery. Her fans do hype her up a lot but she needs a lot of acting work to study and learn. But she is one of the best we have today. I do prefer Tabu, Radhika, Richa, Kalki, Kangana than her though. <3

      • Pepeas says:

        Agree. There are also many regional cinema and other actresses who are marvellous, but donโ€™t get the money or stardom that even poor actors of Hindi films get. E.g., Seema Biswas and Aneeta Kanwar have given world class performances in the past. Seema continued to work sporadically in poorly paid art films and Aneeta tried TV serials, then gave up acting all together. Yet the Shraddha Kapoors of their days and today get good offers and money!

  16. Monalisa says:

    Shahid conviniently forgot to mention the response he gave back to Ranveer after his comment about doing Kaminey better. His response was more insulting than Ranveer’s original comment IMO.
    Karan on KWK asked Shahid on rapid fire, “Ranveer on last season of KWK said he could do your role in Kaminey better do you agree?” and Shahid said “Ranbir… yeah, Ranbir could maybe. It is possibe.” and Sonakshi who was the other guest agreed with him and Karan said RanVEER not RanBIR, Shahid smugly replied “Ranveer, no I don’t agree with him.”
    How petty and insecure can one be that one is still holding grudge against someone over something they said ages ago on a show where you say exaggarated stuff to win a hamper. I think Ranveer has more reason to be upset with Shahid’s response because Shahid’s response implied Ranveer’s acting is worse than Ranbir and Shahid’s acting.
    Now I’m damn sure Shahid agreed to do the film thinking he will get all the praises (critical as well as audience) and show Ranveer once and for all who is the better actor. It must have hurt his inflated ego a lot that, since the release of first poster, trailer and movie everyone went gaga over Ranveer.
    I have always been indifferent towards Shahid, not a fan nor a hater but after the way he acted with Kangana and Ranveer really don’t like him.

    • Admin says:

      It’s like he didn’t think too much of Ranveer, but said Yes for Ranbir because of the obvious reason! Everyone at that time thought Kapoor chirag was the best thing and that Ranveer was just a dancing monkey!

      • Monalisa says:

        Also after Shahid said no Ranveer could not, the three of them burst out laughing condescendingly. Look how the mighty has fallen, and who is laughing at whom right now!!

        • pooja says:

          I read it when vidya balan’s dirty film trailer n song oolala what launch he makinng fun of vidya weight to her colorful clothes to song to her way of dancing he poking fun of everything look how things changed whole career of vidya balan in 180 degree 2nd actress only after ash to have padmashree member of cbfc n national award winner.shahid is one jealous soul.

  17. Amanda says:

    Shahid and Mira are giving statements to media left and right… Every single day since its release,Shahid and Mira keep praising each other and also drag the movie name along… Shahid knew he didnt had that much big role here…He should have acted humble and let the media praise him for accepting this role ..

    Speaking about Deepika,she was supposed to be the main protagonist,but I think after Shahid was signed on,her role was reduced whereas Khilji’s stayed intact… Now despite playing a titular role,Ranveer is getting all praises… She must have felt uneasy about this…

  18. Rad says:

    So, just do their job and be done with it. Donโ€™t be upset if you are not getting enough compliments, thatโ€™s petty!

    Wanting praise and compliments is not petty. We all look for praise for a job well done. That is our motivation. And actors thrive on attention. But pulling down others to project yourself as better than them. That’s of course petty.

    • Admin says:

      No, no. You are better off not expecting anything when you do your job. Just be honest and do your best. If you get praised, in your head, you will want to get praise every time you do your job. If you don’t, then you end up being disappointed that you did your best and no one cared.

      • Rad says:

        Fully agree. Like Lord Krishna said, do your duty without expectation. But we are human beings. That desire to be appreciated will always be there ๐Ÿ˜€

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