When things get too real!

This was published by a legit Bollywood channel!

When things get too real!

Everyone can see, but to actually say it and that too in public! And some more with that picture and also picture of the guy in the picture’s wife! And they even tagged the Ultimate Godfather to let him know that in case he doesn’t already know! Damn!


Hah! Like if he even knows how to check his Twitter mentions, most likely his family does it for him!

Poor Ultimate Godfather is even dropping hints that he no longer has money, like he did yesterday:

I can’t afford it. That’s the reason I’m single.

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15 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    So shocking. I liked her a lot but the shock of her death is too much, cant stop the tears. Her scenes from chalbaaz, applying makeup to rohini hattiangadi, or the charlie chaplin act of mr india always make me laugh. Such an extremely talented actress. Really feel bad for her daughters, they are too young

    • Shivanisd says:

      Yes, i hope boney takes proper care of them. I hope they don’t get caught up in the fame game like their mother did.

  2. prvilla says:

    Oh my gosh..I happen to be online and was watching the news..Sri devi just passed away..like I’m in shock guys..May her soul RIP!

    • Nefarious says:

      Huge shock. It all seems mysterious.why did she stay back in dubai alone when her kids and boney went back. Was it for some surgery?!. I cant get over the fact that both boney’s wives passed awau before their kids releases 😮

      • Amanda says:

        This was shocking….May her soul rest in peace… She looked so happy during Mohit’s wedding…Iife is so unpredictable… Strength to her family…

        • Nimi says:

          Yes SriDevi has passed away last night in Dubai at 11;30 pm (1:00 am IST). She suffered a massive cardiac arrest.

          One day a boy asked God – “Why do all the legends and good people die early?”
          God asked – “If you were a gardener, which flowers would you pick first?”
          The boy replied – “Ofcourse, the very best ones!”
          God replied – “exactly”.

          RIP lovely Sri devi, your talent is unmatchable and you were an icon for me and my family while growing up! Tragic!
          Chandni, o meri Chandni, 🙁

          • Tina says:

            It’s a beautiful thought Nimi, but sometimes I feel like asking the gods and goddesses…if you love and care for us so, how can you can leave us so bereft? Please come back…abhi dil nahi bhara

    • b52bomber says:

      OMG!! This is sad, and may her soul RIP. Sridevi was only 55 and no one ever heard of her health issues before. I wonder if drug overdose (OD) could be a plausible cause of this untimely death? She has been known to be addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs, according to very old blinds I read long ago. OD can lead to cardiac arrest. We might never know for sure, ofc. But very shocking and untimely loss of a talented actress. 🙁 🙁

    • Hmmm says:

      Just shocked. One of my all time favourites in acting. Kamal Hassan and her were the best acting pair with a host of brilliant films.

    • Pav says:

      I just woke up and checked my phone for the news alert. Oh my god, is that true? I’m shocked.

  3. prvilla says:

    Ufff..this is too much!

  4. Monalisa says:

    Instead of a picture of Aayush and his son Bollywood now should have posted a picture of the whole Khaandhaan with their respective spouses and their kids along with Iulia. That would be more appropiate.

    Did you read the article admin. Any new info we are not aware of?

  5. goldengirl says:

    hahah wish to have a bro like him 😛 he is an atm machine for all.

  6. Amanda says:

    Haha,,, it’s an open secret 😁

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