When a headline is written by a baby,

It looks something like this:

When a headline is written by a baby,

Frankly speaking, the word to describe what we circled above would be “mischievously”. We are wondering why they had to describe what Sonakshi Sinha did while saying the above headline. Is it for blind people? We can’t really think why, just that it’s immature! Maybe KJo has also taken over PV by instructing them how to write their headlines. It must have gone something like this, “OMG, my babies did this today and it was the cutest thing. Let’s put it in the title so that this headline can be cute!”.

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19 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    Admin,who is that Warina Hussain who is cast opposite Aayush.. She looks like iulia vantur lookalike with no acting skills… I dont know how much Salman will keep pushing these dead fish eyes into our face…

  2. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Its so funny how the stars r deluded with the idea that pv articles and comment sections is credible. They push absolute nonsense stories, pv never post genuine comments but post the same nonsense by trolls – sometimes pv even steal tweets and post them as comments if an articles isnt getting the attention they hoped far.

    I know for sure KKK, Arora sisters, DP, RS, Hrithik, Kjo & crew are all doing it.

    • leap says:

      @nars really they actually think those comments are credible and based on sound reasoning ?? lol as far as i have observed the sensible comments never make it through pv moderators only those which suit their story or trolling are allowed

      • Nars says:

        i know right. It so stupid. Bollywood is such a small world and all their “tricks” are perfectly exposed.

        PV comment section and twitter trends does not equate to popularity and does nothing for these stars at the BO

    • prvilla says:

      @Nars <3 Kangana You forgot Kangana,Aishwarya,Shahrukh and now even Abhishek lol!Oh and of-course Anushka/Virat!Before you jump my bones regarding the Kangana hate band-wagon,let me clarify that I actually like her very much and have expressed this several times before..just calling a spade a spade!Heck even Mira kapoor is all up in there with her toddler,so yeah..

      • Nars says:

        Sometimes Kanagan submits articles or gives them a story, esply during movie promotion times, but she isnt controlling the comment section. Many of her post are not getting the attention they use to, her fans are thoroughly fed up with the bias and stop visiting/commenting.

        And they were unless PV articles about Kangana that did not come from her, with manipulated headlines and even wrong quotes to portray her as the angry-jealous-negative young woman.

        • prvilla says:

          Well I do agree and have observed myself that there are alot of negative paid trolls posting ridiculous and downright nasty comments under kangana’s posts!True that!

    • Lovelylibran says:

      Speaking of KKK and the Arora sisters, have any of you seen the birthday video?? Where amu is cutting the adult theme cake and her sister is screaming her to go ‘deep throat’!!🤣🤣😉😉

  3. leap says:

    @admin https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/news/not-ranbir-kapoor-alia-bhatt-has-found-love-person-397692#comment-6107521 so what is kjo trying to do with this stunt. would I be wrong to say PR stunt and kjo gets to finance SOTY2 ?

  4. Manisha says:

    Pinkvilla is written by moronic girls stuck in the HS mean girls days. It should be called trollvilla – trolls in their comments and trolls who work there smh

  5. Amanda says:

    Nowadays all vain articles on shitvilla… The star prs keep feeding senseless news and self praising articles..😥

    . Regarding padmavaat, Ranveer has 5,shahid has 5,deepika has 5, aditi 2 articles approximately per day…. Kareena is pushing her own articles which make no sense… Sridevi shows up everywhere with daughter in line.. In recent fashion show, she looked like a vampire with those cheek and lip fillers… And shitvilla doesn’t allow comments to be posted.. I keep wondering whose comments get posted..

    • Monalisa says:

      My comments also mostly never get posted on certain articles on pv. Maybe because they are not rude enough like most comments that get posted.

      • Rekha Rai says:

        I agree I’ve moved on here because at least my comments get posted (and I like how the Admin responds to people and tells it like it is). This site reminds me a bit of Bollywood Basket case, whatever happened to that one? Did someone force her to take down the site?

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