What was that?

So, we managed to catch about 24 minutes of the nation wants to know interview.ย At first we heard Kangana Ranaut will be interviewed by Arnab Goswami and thought, “He switched sides, huh!” because if you remember Arnab showed his support to HR when he invited him on his platform to share his truth. Nothing but his truth!

It’s headache to go through the interview in writing so we are going to use gifs, memes and pics, courtesy of Anu, along with words! Here goes…

When announcement came Kangana will appear on Arnab’s show:

We thought, it’s cool so why not?


A few minutes in the show:

Whaat???! Are you being serious right now? ‘Date, Kill, Marry’ is a game not a bunch threats!








Why do they all want to kill Sushant? Whatttt? They don’t and that’s not what it means!

A GIF of Anushka Sharma Smiling | Skin Stories

After hearing what she said about Sushant:

Everything she got about SSR was from online only! Lies, theories and conspiracies all were from the internet. Nothing was new, of course not, since she doesn’t even know him! This interview was supposed to be about him and what he supposedly went through but she still managed to make it about her.

So…Why was she invited if she knew nothing?

Credit: Creative Twitter user (thanks)
Credit: Being_Vinni

While trying to make her point about nepotism and KJo’s minions, she ends up calling Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee “B-Grade” actresses. Not B-List but B-Grade which means cheap actresses or actresses who act in cheap films!

No, it’s not right. Whether she’s trying to defend (it’s not the case here), she shouldn’t have done that to these ladies who also happen to be outsiders. It’s not fair since Taapsee has been headlining her own films and Swara works as a lead actress and as part of the supporting cast. Kangu is just angry that these women don’t hail her or praise her for her achievements. From what we are understanding here, that is! She seems to be so upset that not enough people or the people that matters to her don’t praise her to the skies. Whether it’s the mafia gang or the critics, she’s upset because they are not praising her for her achievements. Why does she need their validation matter when she has come this far? Why does it matter?


Outsider or insider, no lady deserves to be disrespected like that by a colleague of theirs.

1k my gifs interview feminism bollywood anushka sharma bollywood2 ...

Their friends and families might be watching and hearing all this. It’s good that both Swara and Taapsee came out and defended themselves. Kangana does have something against Taapsee because this is not the first time she has spoken or tried to humiliate her. Why? For reasons best known to her, but in this interview-bit today Anurag cleared the reason why.

In that interview with Arnab, Kangana took the chance to name and shame everyone who has done her wrong. She tried to make her experience and situation sound like what Sushant was going through. They didn’t have the same journey, most definitely not!

Kangana was used and abused, that’s true. In her own words, she was treated like a dog. But to use her experience and make it sound that Sushant went through the same thing is not right, especially when she didn’t even know him and had to source the internet to pick up the most controversial stuffs. For the record, he was never called a “rapist”. That’s a serious accusation, not something that can be simply said. No journalist would write something like that, it’s ridiculous!


The only person who openly called a star a “rapist” was this self-proclaim critic (you know who).

Kangana fights her own battles, she clearly doesn’t care when and where but that is all she does. She clearly has her own agenda and wants to settle personal scores. Sure, she’s allowed to do that but don’t use someone’s death as the reason for that and don’t try to put other people down just because they don’t agree with you. That’s all wrong.



Here’s the thing. Kangana went through a lot, fair enough. She didn’t have the backing and support of her family when she went through all that. So if she wants to settle scores today and if she is more rebellious than the other outsiders, she shouldn’t expect them to also be like her; holding so much angst and bitterness inside.

Imagine if all of the leading ladies had the same attitude as her? Bollywood will look like Gangs of Wasseypur! But no, Taapsee and Swara or even Vidya Balan have their family’s support and this is why they are the way they are. Of course, there’s also the logic thought that if someone didn’t do anything to you, why should you join in the attack or protest that’s happening against them? It doesn’t sound fair.

Taapsee has spoken out when she was wronged and that’s about it. So it’s not as if they keep quiet just to butter-up these Bollywood biggies. They are happy in their own space so why start a fire when there’s no need to.

But for once, Kangana praised Deepika!

Shocked GIF - Shocked Glass Break - Discover & Share GIFs

The discussion or argument didn’t end on that day itself. Kangana is on Twitter lashing out and further trying to make a point, all this while using Sushant’s name. Anyone who doesn’t agree with her or try to prove her wrong gets blasted! Journalists, industry people, and all that.




There’s a time and place for everything, but this is not it. Imagine how his family must feel every morning when they open up the newspaper and see some other news trying to attach Sushant’s name to it.

This has become a circus, don’t be fooled by anyone saying they want to help or want justice. They are using this to settle their own personal scores.

  • From the writer who has once stolen another writer’s credit only to cry wolf when an actress wanted him to share the writing credit.
  • To the actor who seems to be craving for awards.
  • To the actress, who’s not actively acting, looking to increase the views on her videos.
  • To the legendary talk show host trying to settle a personal score.
  • To the actor who was craving for awards and is now looking to settle his own personal score with the same family being blamed right now.
  • To that interview anchor who wants to get back to this director who got him in trouble.
  • To the father-son duo who now agrees with everything this actress says when they were the one to tell the world what she mixes in her food.
  • To the same father-son duo who think the son’s career was sabotaged, for some reason.
  • To the once-famous comedy legend who thinks the biggies tried to shut down his productions.
  • To the talented actor who thought SSR had the same issues he had until he realized that was not the case and backed down.
  • To this late actress’s family who has now resurfaced to make their own point.
  • To this unhinged supporting actor who keeps blabbering on one theory after another.
  • To the director who procrastinates and is the first one to jump on any latest happening by attaching himself to it.
  • To the young actress whose first film is going to set the direction of her career.

They are all doing it for their own agendas, there’s no real concern involved. It’s all outbursts after outbursts. All Me, Myself & I, a bunch of narcissists. Sadly, none of them bother to see that SSR’s family is quiet on this because they know the truth.

Community Summit Aims To Break The Stigma Of Mental Illness ...

And no, all mental health illness cases are not the same. There are many kinds of depression. Trying to take your own life because you were stressed or had a bad time or were not getting work is not the same as being diagnosed with a kind of depression where you are not in control. Clearly, many people don’t know the difference and so want to prove that he was pushed instead of it just happened. Most cases of manic depression don’t have a reason, it just happens and in most cases too, the ones that we have seen, are genetic. Once it hits, that person is not the same anymore. There’s an up phase and there’s a down phase. It happens but denying that such a thing just so they can settle their own scores is not right. It’s a new low!

This situation could have opened up a lot of information about mental health and how it does not discriminate. But no! Everyone is busy promoting their own agenda. What else do you expect from a world where people would step on another just to get forward?

By the way things are going, production houses and the biggies are going to be wary and scared of signing outsiders now.

At a time when there are real problems happening, the attention is being taken away from these situations to things like the above. What is going on? Is this deliberate? On purpose?

Lastly, the world is a hard place. None of us have it easy. Whether you are born rich or poor, we all have our struggles. We can’t all be rich, we can’t all have the same opportunities. There’s favoritism everywhere, in every sector but there’s always someone who’s willing to give you a chance if you keep on trying and not give up so soon. Life is not fair, that’s the harsh truth. Still, it’s not so bad. That’s why it’s a roller-coaster ride.

When you are going through a rough time, always think there’s someone somewhere going through an even harder time so be grateful for what you have and not what you don’t have.

If you still want to follow the circus and support these people, think well. There are so many people who have lost their loved ones and many of whom might have never gotten justice. Imagine how they must feel when they see all this noise being made for someone only because he was a famous star? Imagine how that girl’s family must have felt when sick stories of her being pregnant with someone else’s child were being spread around.

Let them rest in peace now, at least.

Thank you for reading. Have a goodnight!

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50 Responses

  1. Joy says:

    not Mahesh but Mukesh. i think he said it out open too soon and got black lash and others who probably noticed kept quiet. Even Saif said he was edgy.

  2. Anamika says:

    Even the maestro Oscar winner AR Rahman is also not spared. In his own words how powerful Bollywood gangs prevent him from getting quality work. Must read:


    • Nefarious says:

      Heard someones filed a PIL in court agst KJO and mahesh not being questioned. Some say Kjo has left india and changed his number. Not sure how true all this is though.

      But so much filth in this industry…it needs purging fo sho!

  3. Anamika says:

    Admin I agree with what you say that it is us who make or break these so called stars. But thats not the point. Point is a star kid or filmy industry favourite etc will get multiple opportunities till he/she is cast in a role which is accepted by the audience and a movie which is finally a hit. Those multiple opportunities are not given to outsiders and thats the entire issue. An outsider gets that one or two paltry chances in some poorly written roles in even worse storyline of a movie. Obviously he/she will not be accepted by the audience. I as an audience watch movies which have interesting storylines has decent performances or the โ€œitโ€ factor. Like Kick was a really bad movie but it had that โ€œitโ€ factor to keep me entertained. Now if you say thats Salman Khanโ€™s star power I digress. Salman today is who he is after releatedly failing scores of times in the 90s, yet kept getting another scores of opportunities to finally get the right presentation and content to be accepted by us. And coz heโ€™s smart and knows this he sticks to that presentation and doesnโ€™t experiments with his roles which are more or less the same. Ditto with Hrithik who fails if he tries to experiment from his standard star image of a super hero. And he too got multiple failures for 3 years 2000 to 20003, till he finally got it right in Koi Mil Gaya. If you keep pushing a star kid, industry favourite etc on my face repeatedly in fancy movies with great scripts I am bound to accept that star kid sooner or later. People say Alia is a decent actress but I say she got the right roles and movies. I mean if someone like Karishma Kapoor can get a National Award for a 20 minutes role in Dil Toh Pagal Hai, just goes to show acting is no rocket science. Its all about the right script and presentation. Anybody can act and be a star provided they get those opportunities and the luxury to fail multiple times. I mean even Jaccky Bhagnani (producer Vashi Bhagnaniโ€™s son) is a star as is Harman Baweja. They maynot be successful stars but they are stars nevertheless because the audience knows their names and recognises them. This is something which will never happen to an outsider who is either successful (in a couple of chances max) or a failure who nobody knows.

  4. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Now who cares about how many times a trailer has been viewed if the movie doesn’t bring in the money ?!!!! Anyone notice how her Twitter handle (which she and her spiteful sister spoke against as being a tool of USA ) uses language remarkably like Rangoli’s & Kangana herself ? Looks pretty much like she’s assiduously courting the BJP for a career there ( like Smriti Irani) not realizing that the murky world of Indian politics is a minefield . It makes Bollywood seem like a playground for innocent babes ! If there’s anything to hide ,they will put it out to destroy her.

  5. Well put admin.totally agree with you.also put the video where kangu is talking about quota. Hypocrite

    • Nefarious says:

      aairah, ppl do change over the course of a decade, No point pulling old videos and proving anything. humans evolve through experiences and gain perspective.

      • Shefu says:

        A simple question? If Kangana can evolve, why canโ€™t Alia and Karan?

        • Nefarious says:

          I dont know about Alia, but over the years if you have seen the kind of questions KWK has, it doesnt seem like any evolution to me..but hope he does

  6. LondonThumakda says:

    thanks @Admin, good to have you back! KR has a very bright future in Indian politics for sureโ€ฆher language is also straight out of the playbook – using words like “urban naxal” “anti national” towards tapsee & swaraโ€ฆshe knows how to play the game, she will go very far.

    @Admin whats the scoop on these talent agency contracts? do they really have the power to stop an actor from working for another studio?
    Irony is both yrf and dharma have lost the plot when it comes to actually making good movies. besides maybe raazi and War they’ve had a pretty poor streak of late. all the exciting stuff has been made with “outsiders”. irony of ironies is the kind of movies sara, ananya, jhanvi etc have been seen in of late can be called b-grade ๐Ÿ˜€

    And your Anu memes reminded me, did you watch Bulbbul, I really liked it a bit predictable but beautifully executed. I feel like Anushka is really finding her voice as a producer, good for her.

    • Admin says:

      โค๏ธ Nice to see you back too.

      See, people think talent agency cares that much to stop someone from working with someone else. They are happy as long as they are getting their cut from these deals. Other than YRF, none of the production houses have the same clause such as a 3-film deal. If you ask any aspiring actor, that 3-film from YRF is a big deal to them so they don’t see it as a bad thing. Strangely not all YRF new entries who went on to become stars stuck to that 3-film deal. Meaning they HAVE to work with YRF for 3 films then they can move on to other production houses. Anu, Pari, Ayushmann and Arjun followed it but RS and SSR were given an exemption. The industry biggies are driven by money in the past few years, it’s all about crossing 300 crore now. Good content is reserved for small-budget films.

      No haven’t had time to see Bulbbul yet. Just got our internet line back so will probably catch it later this week. Apparently, singing “Can you pay my bills?” by Destiny’s Child doesn’t make genies or B show up and do just that! ๐Ÿ˜„ But we saw Paatal Lok, it’s that big of a deal but it does have a few shocking elements especially involving the kids. So far the best Indian show OTT is still Delhi Crime! But yes, Anu is doing great. At least she is supporting new talent and giving them work. ๐Ÿ’ช

      • Nefarious says:

        Anushkas brother is dating the lead actress of Bulbul. I am glad we got to see so many new talents in her web series, but from what little we know of Anushka, shes is driven by saving costs of hiring bigwigs, and isnt exactly driven by giving chances to new talents.

        • Purely PR says:

          swara is already in politics, Taapsee is openly political . I dont see anyone saying they are already affiliated to a party …swara even campainged for congress. Yet, some comment on Kangana having great future in politics.

          Deepika , Akhtars , Bhatts , preachy Khans , anurag kashyap, anubhav sinha etc (all those dinners and private shows with gandhis) all have political affiliations with political parties using secularism- communalism – kashmiriyat …. as straight out of playbook.

          Kangana is beating them at their own game. People are rattled she is doing a better job than them even though they have been doing since decades.

          Ofcourse she is also politically motivated , but so are the other bollywood gang.

          • Nefarious says:

            I think no denying she is aiming for politics..but what gives her edge over others is how her oratory skills tend to mobilise ppl towards a cause which others lack..

            They may be affluent and eloquent but cant drive the masses…IMO

  7. Anamika says:

    Awesome read Admin. Nobody puts it so clean and precise as you do. Missed you! And by the way in case you guys didnโ€™t realise, India has now got its very own Marilyn Monroe in a gender reversal of sorts. Seriously guys, Sushant Singh Rajput was a talented actor with a decent star status. But after his death he has become the ultimate super star of all times and mark my words he will go down in history and be remembered for generations the way Marilyn Monroe is toasted in the West. Thanks or no thanks but a lot of SSRโ€™s superstardom has to be credited to Kangana Ranaut. And right now I donโ€™t think Kangana is doing this for her career advancement. As I see it she knows her best days as an actor are over. And this truly sad because an actor of her calibre could have reached even greater heights of cinematic excellence. But her own decision of putting open revenge before diplomacy she has cut her cinematic journey short. However I donโ€™t think that bothers her coz probably from her point of view she has achieved the impossible which is also true if you look at her journey. I donโ€™t know any female outsider who has achieved as much as Kangana and that too on her own terms. Moving ahead she definitely has political goals and mark my words she will be there in the next decade or so.

    • Admin says:

      Yep, at least be honest in your compliments when praising the dead but no. Haven’t heard such exaggerated words spoken. And we thought Irrfan Khan was our chance at the Oscars?! At least they were those who praised him while he was alive but now, what’s the point?

  8. Hmm says:

    So proud of you Admin!!! I’m not in support of the nepogang but it’s good to know I’m not the only one who sees thru Kangana. Insulting fellow outsiders who are working hard like you? Shame!!!

    Poor SSR!!! I wish he could come back from the dead and see the nonsense going on. I wish the audience can also open their eyes and see thru the people using SSR’s death to gain supporters.

  9. jayalakshmi desai says:

    First , admin how dare u say tht u caught only 24 minutes of her ‘show’ on tv? You definitely belong to nepo gang!! Lol.
    Second, taapsee is a dignified, intelligent , straightforward actress who has done good films. Kangu’s acting nowadays is nothing to rave about.
    Lastly, as far justice for SSR is concerned, let the police and other legal teams do their job. The rest is all PR and TP(time pass)

  10. P says:

    Don’t agree one bit.. who can take authority over depression and be cocksure about it ? I don’t think so coz we ourselves have seen it up clsoe and front ..plus narcisisitd plus disordered malignant people .

    While it’s good to point that everyone has a s agenda ..but trying to confer suicide whereas all evidences point at murder is prepostrous .

    Nopes ..I don’t agree.

    Depression is a huge term .. battling with demons etc is fine but how u can ignore evidences ? 10000 loopholes ..for a) public is not a duffer .. they may be supporting oit of the way ..but there are way too many dark lids and people feel cheated that’s all.
    They want the answers to those lloopholes..and those answers ought to be provided ..not by keeping silent.

    If it is suicide . provide the answers to the loopholes

    Proveit .

    Don’t needto reiterate every eevidenxe and loophole

    It’s all over ..

    As for kangana etc using a small agenda ..that’s fine I don’t think anyine is a saint ..nor me nor u.
    We have our monkeys and demons ..
    But she spoke .
    Junta loves knowing filth and she spoke

    Junta is angry not a person in bolly asking or supporting .. everythinf unequivocally unnaturally quiet .

    Come on ..no smoke without fire .let’s not argue and let’s agree to disagree.

    Didn’t like this post one bit.

    It fully defies my intelligence and logic .

    Sorry admin .. don’t want to say anything negative .
    But blinds are exactly this …

    Those who read and wish to beleieve whether or not it is true .
    So acc to me

    Kangana displayed guts noone else has ..she may be a rascal too
    .doesn’t matter . She spoke of her life coz that’s her authority..she doesn’t bave authority to talk on ssr life coz their journeys are different .by talking of her angst..for a spectators like me – I felt more compassionate to understand how ssr was being choked and sidelined which also resulted in some kind of mind unsettling .

    Sorry ..cannot and won’t call it depression ..nopes..I have studied this field very wel..to counter it ..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • Nefarious says:

      I also believe that KR is staking her career for this, she knows it damn well, and giving SSR the limelight and farewell, he could only have dreamt of.

      At least, she isnt like the other BW stars who wont utter a word on either mental health or SSR , but their daggers are only out to counter attack KR..

      Look at Anurag Kashyap.. how did this become about him trying to play mediator between her and Taapsee.. how the hell is this relevant and respectful to SSR?

      Now Shatrugan Sinha is supporting KR.. they may all have vested interests.. but the only one to lose in all this KR

  11. abcd says:

    Kjo has sold many of his upcoming movies to online platforms at jaw dropping prices. Hence, hatred from public forums he seems to be getting now doesn’t matter.

    Alia is super desperate to marry rk. Rk and his family are eager to get babies from Alia. Bhatt family will financially exploit kapoor family for sure. This is because no parents in their right mind would like to see their daughter get married to Casanova rk. As a result, when alia’s movies fail through her production house or as an actress, it doesn’t matter anymore.

    Other nepo gang/ outsiders will wait for lockdown to end, so that public forgets all of this; they would be busy with job and managing money. Backlash and comments wouldn’t matter in long run.

    But it’s kangana who looses the most, fading career as nobody would work with her in future. Family members will think a lot before getting their kids in movies, exception would be extreme poverty.

    So now who says what, writes what doesn’t matter. These rich people have loads of money and clout to escape unscathed from all of this…

    • Admin says:

      Kangu burned these bridges way back. She has nothing to fear as she is on her own path. She is not interested to work with the biggies and neither are they. This must explain why she takes on big projects since she considers small films not that big of a deal. The only sad part is she is also destroying the friendships of those who once supported her.

    • SQ says:

      she wants to get BJP ticket for sure she wants to enter in politics her family members were also politicians so she is using this to secure a ticket

  12. Joy says:

    and ask KJo and mahesh bhatt what?? KJo hosted a show where he took Sushants name so he shld be caller for questioning for that? Mahesh bhatt gave advice to Rhea when she asked so hr should be called for that? police investigation should not be based on popular opinion.

    • Nefarious says:

      Agreed, but neither should the bhatts pass judgments and say he was on the edge, he looked like a parveen babi.. Gaslighting is serious.. Even if Rhea asked him to counsel, he should have declined and asked him to consult a psychologist to Talk to him’.

      For crying out loud, Mahesh;s own daughter has undergone depression, and he wasnt able to help her,.. reason enough he shouldnt have gone to help Sushant. he isnt trained.

      • Admin says:

        Rhea went to them for help as they are her closest people in the industry. Even Rumi Jaffery was aware of his condition. We try to help those suffering all the time but 95% of the time, they don’t want help because they don’t think they have a problem. There is the other issue of becoming too dependent on the person helping you which can make the person suffer a breakdown. This whole thing is not easy to go through, which is why it would have benefitted many if this was more about mental health than about the circus it has become now. So many have been triggered by this incident and have taken their own lives. The media should be more responsible in reporting these things as it can become a trigger for some people. But no one cares because what sells is what they will talk about.

        • Nefarious says:

          I am saying that Mahesh isnt trained and if he can say he found him edgy and going the praveen babi way..i shudder to think what he may have said to SSR..and someone with mental health issues, i dont want to hear certain things, i can feel hopeless…

          All i am saying is, Mahesh isnt trained to help and he should have used his wisdom or asked Rhea to get a psychologist home.. But passing judgments on national television isnt something his family would want either. Hence, they have kept mum. Lets at least respect his family’s decision. There is no need to announce things on TV to show you knew it all!

      • Nefarious says:

        @Admin, also tbh, no one knew for the longest time that Mahesh;s own daugher had been undergoing depression for the longest time.. but with SSR the Bhatts screamed to the media about SSR, being edgy, nervous, hearing voices etc.totally predicting his doom and asking Rhea to leave him. Totally unacceptable behavior!

  13. Nefarious says:

    @Admin.for once, i dont agree with you entirely. You overlooked some moot points.Why isnt the police questioning the big wigs, Mahesh, Kio etc. Your post makes it seem that you are 100% sure his depression was genetic and NOT triggered by anyone or any event. His dad has openly stated he was stressed due to tension in the industry.Why is it that the only information that gets leaked during the investigation is about his mental health.. But we have no clue about what others said.

    I dont deny Kangana is out to name and shame, but if that can expose and purge the injustices happening in the industry, whats the harm? She isnt gonna gain from this for sure, career-wise that is.
    Lets not forget, no matter how intellectual you are, to be called a sexual offender, truck driver, skirt chaser, being mocked on national television is not something everyone can handle.

    I wouldnt out Taapsee and Swara like that, but Swara is a total bootlicker.. so is Taapsee..And why is she attacking Taapsee, i think because Taapsee started it by saying she needs a double filter…and had Anurag joining in with smirks.

    • Admin says:

      Because we have seen it! Manic depression is no joke that’s why we reiterated that it’s not the same as suffering from a depression. It’s not the same as feeling depressed because you lost out on work or don’t have money. MD comes from within and when it hits, the person suffering from it most likely has no idea. Their behavior starts to change and it’s the people around that notice and help them out. We can go on and on but it is what it is. We have seen it in families where a few members are affected, in different generations and all that. Look at what Kanye is going through right now. It’s his up phase and when he will be in a low phase, you won’t hear about him. In MD, medications help greatly to stabilize and in most cases, we have seen the person doesn’t remain the same but they are better. It is horrible what they go through because they are not in control anymore, which is why he was restless and consulted different doctors, not just one. His mental health condition has been out from the beginning and not now.

      As for his dad saying that, come on, everyone is stressed during this time, especially the industry people. Their livelihoods have been put on hold as for him, working would probably make him focus on something else.

      The harm KR is doing is, she is wrongly accusing people. These people have hurt her but not SSR. She is targetting them and that’s wrong. Who is she to talk now? She clearly has her own agenda to see KJo and Gang either fall apart or even succumb to these accusations in a bad way.

      SSR went from a television actor and made it big as an actor in the movies. He had thick skin, most of them do that’s why they get where they are. Every film personality goes through the same thing, it’s not a hidden agenda or something else. They know and they don’t bother. Look at Karthik, he is aware of what is written but doesn’t give a damn because it comes with the territory. They are not children here, they are grown adults!

      At the time of his death, SSR had everything he dreamt of having. He’s had it for a while. He lived in a swanky place and wanted another one, he had his dream cars and bikes. He had his farmhouse and wanted another one. He went for foreign holidays with his girlfriend. He had tons of film offers that he refused but wanted bigger projects to work on. He planned his end when he did it. It wasn’t an impulse, he knew what he wanted. If his family can respect that, why can’t others?

      • Nefarious says:

        With all due respect Admin, and as someone undergoing mental health issues, i am not denying that it can be genetic , manic, triggered etc. But are we sure and qualified enough to dissect his mental health online and say, it was manic depression or something else? Like Kangana, you and I know it was manic depression because we hear about leaks from investigations. How much do you take that investigation as 100% true is also a factor that needs to be considered. Whether he is thick skinned or not, can we know? do we know our celebrities that well?

        Why is it OK to only talk about Manic Depression, and not depression caused by triggers? Why is the talking about the other aspects that of mental health sacrilege…

        Everyone in the industry knew, and yet we read blind after blind about him but not no blind about his mental health..Now everyone is claiming to know!

        Kangana’s claims may not be founded on facts, and i agree there…but if she can open a discourse about other facts about the reason for his depression and suicide.. and in the process get the powers that be to introspect their evil and draconian contracts and their shitty attitude towards outsiders, whats the harm,,at least, if nothing, outsiders can be given some more respects

        • Admin says:

          You asked why we thought what we did and we told you. This is what was said that he was going through. Not depression caused by triggers but manic depression. Manic depression came from Rhea from the beginning and then from those who knew him. The leak just happened after the doctors were interviewed. Since we have seen both cases happened, we understand the difference which is why we are sharing it here. Had we not been aware, we would not have known too.

          As for KR, she is a narcissist and everything is about her. One day she will support you and the next she will blast you when you don’t agree with her. She is not here for him but for her. She has bitterness and angst and is here to settle scores. That’s about it.

          • Nefarious says:

            Exactly, its all what you and I have heard or read, from bipolar to stress, being edgy and restless, ive read it all and ive also read doctors refute the stories that they shared his medical history, so if we want to have discourse on mental health, let i be holistic.

            As much as it could be Manic as stated by Rhea, it could also be a trigger, There has been no police statement so far disclosing their conclusion. And if it so far the investigations have been pointing to manic depression, why have the police not closed the case? Why is it just dragging endlessly and interrogating all and sundry..they even sought copies of his contracts from YRF. Honestly, i have no idea why SLB was even interrogated.

            Seriously, Rumi Jaffery is being summoned, but not Mahesh..Fat lot that makes sense.

            Like i said, KR is not clean, her source of info is no better than ours, it was obvious from her interview on Arnab’s show. But our versions of the truth are as questionable as hers. However, if in whatever she is trying to accomplish she can save others from being harassed by BW biggies, i think its worth it

            I have seen both sides of depression too, i know someone who had manic depression and jumped from the building during a party.. I hear you.

            I am just saying lets not say it was one type or the other, till there is an official announcement. We cant be sure..but lets not shut off either side of the debate or possibility.

          • Admin says:

            To be fair, the lockdown has not been easy on most people, especially those diagnosed with a mental illness. Being alone with your thoughts and your vulnerable state of mind is not easy.

        • Admin says:

          She is allowed to! After all, this girl always had his back. But “Kangana says”? ๐Ÿ™„ Where was Kangana when Jiah Khan suffered so much at the hands of a Pancholi? Did she bother to call up the late girl’s mother then?

          • Nefarious says:

            But i would trust Ankita’s version of SSR over others. If she said he isnt thick skinned, he probably wasnt. Which is why i have been saying lets not just go by hearsay as to the kind of depression he was undergoing

            Jiah khan left a suicide note..i dont think it was left to assumptions,..she clearly stated Sooraj had pushed her and she was broken.

          • Admin says:

            SSR has not met Ankita for ages since he left her! She is nice enough to be kind because that’s what most humans would do for someone who has passed.

            JK didn’t leave a note, it was a letter she had written.

          • Nefarious says:

            @Admin, need some clarifications
            1- Ankita is being kind to him if she says he wasnt thick skinned and was humiliated? What according to you would she have said that could be considered unkind ?

            2- are you saying that when they broke up in 2016 – 4 yrs ago..as of 2018/19..he was no longer affected by what people said or thought of him?

            3- the contents of what JK left behind only show she was depressed and absolves Pancholi Junior from her death?

          • Admin says:

            Well, it’s in our nature to not badmouth the dead. Also just imagine, she is reading and watching all the crap and venom being spewed out. She is already in an emotional state and on top of that, she has to bear witness to whatever is going on. What do you think her emotional state would be like? To think that KR only reached out so she can get a few quotes to tell the press is not right. She is also comparing herself to him now. It’s all wrong.

            JK was sharing what happened to her. She has been wronged many times and that episode with Pancholi was so messed up. Why was she alone in Mumbai? How could a mother let her daughter so young come to Mumbai from London to become an actress? Unless she ran away but JK was here all alone. She has been diagnosed with depression since she was a teen and what happened to her is not right too. Then again, so many young people go through the same thing and they leave behind loved ones who get traumatized. At a time like this, it’s not right for whatever is happening. This circus!

          • Nefarious says:

            @Admin, again lets not assume what Ankita is going through. She wouldnt bad mouth him about reason for break up and all, but she probably knows KR , shes worked with her and probably knew that KR would take her bytes to the press. And yet she said what she said.

            JK was alone and depressed, and you believe thats what made her kill her self- the depression? and the fact that she was left alone ? I think by that logic, SSR shouldnt have been left alone by Rhea, but when i say that, you say, he had planned his suicide.

            Sooraj had pushed her to a point of no return. Theres a reason he went to jail. I think, all of us here are pushing our own theories of what was the truth. And we accuse KR for doing the same.
            Its seems that its natural to do so.

            You believe manic depression killed SSR, i believe it could be manic, but it could also be a trigger from external events that pushed him to take his life, of course the pandemic didnt help. About his mental health i have heard so many diagnosis floating around: bipolar, PTSD, depression, Schizo

            Only the investigations can reveal what really transpired. Till then its all conjecture.

          • Admin says:

            Baba, are you alright? Maybe take a step back and don’t focus too much on all this. At the end of the day, none of us is God. Please don’t stress yourself out. What happened already happened and there’s no point in digging further now. Just take a break from all of this, we understand it can get a little too heavy so just try to relax. โค๏ธ

          • Nefarious says:

            @Admin, thanks for checking, i am better than ever,, i just feel you are being dismissive and side stepping stuff to show just one side of the whole thing.. which isnt true.

            I havent seen you so unreasonable ever, and i hope this quality of yours doesnt change, because if your posts are gonna be skewed towards one side, your site will lose its charm and be another shitvilla which is clearly run by nepos.

            throughout our exchanges, you dint once say sooraj was a trigger for Jiah and you said stuff about SSR which are not founded on any concrete evidence. Its not fair to say all celebs are thick skinned, or he dint meet Ankita for ages..and why dint KR talk to JK’smom..this doesnt sound rationale to me at all..and not something you are known for. Unless, you are on someones payroll, then thats a diff story, which you have said you are not.

            I get it you have seen cases of manic depression.. but doesnt mean the same applies to SSR , JK etc..
            Lets not jump the gun and echo only what the bigwigs want to hear because it gives them a clean chit.

            Having said the best part of your post, where in i saw the old Admin was this, and i fully agree:
            There are so many people who have lost their loved ones and many of whom might have never gotten justice. Imagine how they must feel when they see all this noise being made for someone only because he was a famous star? Imagine how that girlโ€™s family must have felt when sick stories of her being pregnant with someone elseโ€™s child were being spread around.

          • Admin says:

            We have told you all we know, that’s about it. If we are forgetting, which could be possible, then it’s not there right now in our mind. As for JK, we don’t really know. We have had the change to thoroughly analyze her situation. Honestly, after we read her letter, we were so broken that she had to go through this that we didn’t read it again after that. Her case is an amalgamation of so many things. She has not had an easy life, growing up without a father, being sexually abused, getting depression as a teenager, and being used in the industry. It appeared that she came to Mumbai to escape it all. It is truly heartbreaking as she was a talented soul and we are surprised her mother let her stay alone in this city despite her once being an actress herself and knowing how creepy this industry is. But it is what it is, she is gone and hopefully wherever she is, she is at peace now. ๐Ÿ’”

    • Nefarious says:

      @Admin, and hence i think the Bhatts asking Rhea to break up, (if this story is true) could be so detrimental to him. Like you said, if he was dependent on her fully, her leaving him with his thoughts during lockdown is just harsh, knowning well how delicate his condition was. But you say, it was planned, then its all so weird.

    • P says:

      Yesu got it

      Forgot that it was Taapsee who made comments nationally on ka gana..people conveniently forget that

      So kangana was ridiculed on national TV too
      . correct? And she has remebered it coz it does hurt .. if Taapsee and all others think they have the lincense
      To ridicule , mock ,denigrate ..pass deorgstory statements and then giggle- dude! It’s not happening

      There is a responbility in public ..it’s best to shut up . When the tables are turned- aunty Taapsee has felt mightily pinched . Well
      Things always come.arounnd. what j do unto others ,will.come back to u in same coin

      Ditto for kjo aunty . Power and lobby has a limit
      If one assumes a gargantuan proportion position , and birthright to ridicule everyome else on name of entertainment and joking ; honey it’s a matter of time – u gonna be razed down
      .sorry coffee with karan was not funny nor fun..what started innocouly; it assumed insidious insinuations in a very sly hurtful manner

      Sorry that content was pathetic and only a vehicle for bolly denizens to have feathers plumepd and important for being callled on show. And peoppe only curious to appease their star craze
      I am.guilru too.for absorbing all.that crap when sonam,alia

      Kjo all together are contemptpus even jocularly

      Sorry .u cannot ..the day ur being trolled ur having a serious issue and ready to take legal action .. ssr didn’t . Kangana didtn but they were targetted . I myself.cpuld feel that some questions are too personal and joke ke naam pe kuchh jyada hi majjak udaa raha bai

      .but that’s where our guilt is
      We kept quiet .but let’s admit it – it didn’t feel correct in your heart and mind

      Small.eg- if I write here -” admin is maha chalu..badmash . Sab bollywood walo keliye slyly unke taraf se likhta hai to brainwash readers quietlu .. ..but he is so cute haaaaa!”
      Tell. me – above statement irritated admin ?!
      Doesn’t he want to throttle me ? And has pinched me and waiting to give it back to me when he can ?

      Bas same way .

      Sab log ke upar padti hai toh sab awaz karte hain ..jab tak shaant hai…hawww aise kaise ..how dare ..oh man . Wtf etc wali awazein aati hai

      As simple

  14. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Agree , almost everyone is jumping on the SSR bandwagon . That man must be looking down and thinking ” I never knew that I had so many friends and supporters ! Where was everyone when I was alive ?”
    Kangana has always been vicious ,takes any opportunity to make it about herself . She never said a word about Vikas Bahl until the misbehaving story came out . PV had a video of her giggling at a rape joke with Jim Sarbh which disappeared after an hour and PV pulled it . If she was such a great friend of SSR ,why did she not say anything when he was alive ? When has she ever said anything about his struggles or all those negative stories about him ?
    Kangana is jealous of Tapsee whom she sees as an arch rival for the same roles and same curls . Kangana is a better actress ,but the insecurity remains ,thus the backlash . In the past 3 years Tapsee had 5 reasonable hits where she had good roles . Its been ages since Kangana had the box office ringing .Manikarnika didn’t make enough to cover its budget after the lavish sets ,shooting and reshooting with different stars . For the superstar actress she’s supposed to be ,she’s just not bringing in the money ….Tapsee is.

    • Kit says:

      Not to mention the embarrassing figures her last movie got despite the PR that it was the highest viewed trailer. Both Chaapaak and Thappad earned more than Panga according to Bollywood Hungama figures.


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