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So, we managed to catch about 24 minutes of the nation wants to know interview.Β At first we heard Kangana Ranaut will be interviewed by Arnab Goswami and thought, “He switched sides, huh!” because if you remember Arnab showed his support to HR when he invited him on his platform to share his truth. Nothing but his truth!

It’s headache to go through the interview in writing so we are going to use gifs, memes and pics, courtesy of Anu, along with words! Here goes…

When announcement came Kangana will appear on Arnab’s show:

We thought, it’s cool so why not?


A few minutes in the show:

Whaat???! Are you being serious right now? ‘Date, Kill, Marry’ is a game not a bunch threats!








Why do they all want to kill Sushant? Whatttt? They don’t and that’s not what it means!

A GIF of Anushka Sharma Smiling | Skin Stories

After hearing what she said about Sushant:

Everything she got about SSR was from online only! Lies, theories and conspiracies all were from the internet. Nothing was new, of course not, since she doesn’t even know him! This interview was supposed to be about him and what he supposedly went through but she still managed to make it about her.

So…Why was she invited if she knew nothing?

Credit: Creative Twitter user (thanks)
Credit: Being_Vinni

While trying to make her point about nepotism and KJo’s minions, she ends up calling Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee “B-Grade” actresses. Not B-List but B-Grade which means cheap actresses or actresses who act in cheap films!

No, it’s not right. Whether she’s trying to defend (it’s not the case here), she shouldn’t have done that to these ladies who also happen to be outsiders. It’s not fair since Taapsee has been headlining her own films and Swara works as a lead actress and as part of the supporting cast. Kangu is just angry that these women don’t hail her or praise her for her achievements. From what we are understanding here, that is! She seems to be so upset that not enough people or the people that matters to her don’t praise her to the skies. Whether it’s the mafia gang or the critics, she’s upset because they are not praising her for her achievements. Why does she need their validation matter when she has come this far? Why does it matter?


Outsider or insider, no lady deserves to be disrespected like that by a colleague of theirs.

1k my gifs interview feminism bollywood anushka sharma bollywood2 ...

Their friends and families might be watching and hearing all this. It’s good that both Swara and Taapsee came out and defended themselves. Kangana does have something against Taapsee because this is not the first time she has spoken or tried to humiliate her. Why? For reasons best known to her, but in this interview-bit today Anurag cleared the reason why.

In that interview with Arnab, Kangana took the chance to name and shame everyone who has done her wrong. She tried to make her experience and situation sound like what Sushant was going through. They didn’t have the same journey, most definitely not!

Kangana was used and abused, that’s true. In her own words, she was treated like a dog. But to use her experience and make it sound that Sushant went through the same thing is not right, especially when she didn’t even know him and had to source the internet to pick up the most controversial stuffs. For the record, he was never called a “rapist”. That’s a serious accusation, not something that can be simply said. No journalist would write something like that, it’s ridiculous!


The only person who openly called a star a “rapist” was this self-proclaim critic (you know who).

Kangana fights her own battles, she clearly doesn’t care when and where but that is all she does. She clearly has her own agenda and wants to settle personal scores. Sure, she’s allowed to do that but don’t use someone’s death as the reason for that and don’t try to put other people down just because they don’t agree with you. That’s all wrong.



Here’s the thing. Kangana went through a lot, fair enough. She didn’t have the backing and support of her family when she went through all that. So if she wants to settle scores today and if she is more rebellious than the other outsiders, she shouldn’t expect them to also be like her.

Imagine if all of the leading ladies had the same attitude as her? Bollywood will look like Gangs of Wasseypur! But no, Taapsee and Swara or even Vidya Balan have their family’s support and this is why they are the way they are. Of course, there’s also the logic thought that if someone didn’t do anything to you, why should you join in the attack or protest that’s happening against them? It doesn’t sound fair.

Taapsee has spoken out when she was wronged and that’s about it. So it’s not as if they keep quiet just to butter-up these Bollywood biggies. They are happy in their own space so why start a fire when there’s no need to.

But for once, Kangana praised Deepika!

Shocked GIF - Shocked Glass Break - Discover & Share GIFs

The discussion or argument didn’t end on that day itself. Kangana is on Twitter lashing out and further trying to make a point, all this while using Sushant’s name. Anyone who doesn’t agree with her or try to prove her wrong gets blasted! Journalists, industry people and all that.




There’s a time and place for everything, but this is not it. Imagine how his family must feel every morning when they open up the newspaper and see some other news trying to attach Sushant’s name to it.

This has become a circus, don’t be fooled by anyone saying they want to help or want justice. They are using this to settle their own personal scores.

From the writer who has once stolen another writer’s credit only to cry wolf when an actress wanted him to share the writing credit.

To the actor who seems to be craving for awards.

To the actress, who’s not actively acting, looking to increase the views on her videos.

To the legendary talk show host trying to settle a personal score.

To the actor who was craving for awards and is now looking to settle his own personal score with the same family being blamed right now.

To that interview anchor who wants to get back to this director who got him in trouble.

To the father-son duo who now agree with everything this actress says when they were the one to tell the world what she mixes in her food.

To the same father-son duo who think the son’s career was sabotaged, for some reason.

To the once-famous comedy legend who thinks the biggies tried to shut down his productions.

To the talented actor who thought SSR had the same issues he had until he realized that was not the case and backed down.

To this late actress’s family who have now resurfaced to make their own point.

To this unhinged supporting actor who keeps blabbering on one theory after another.

To the young actress whose first film is going to set the direction of her career.

They are all doing it for their own agendas, there’s no real concern involved. It’s all outbursts after outbursts. Me, Myself & I, a bunch of narcissists. Sadly, none of them bother to see that SSR’s family are quiet on this because they know the truth.

Community Summit Aims To Break The Stigma Of Mental Illness ...

And no, all mental health illness cases are not the same. There are many kinds of depression. Trying to take your own life because you were stressed or had a bad time or were not getting work is not the same as being diagnosed with a kind of depression where you are not in control. Clearly, many people don’t know the difference and so want to prove that he was pushed instead of it just happened. Most cases of manic depression don’t have a reason, it just happens and in most cases too, the ones that we have seen, are genetic. Once it hits, that person is not the same anymore. There’s an up phase and there’s a down phase. It happens but denying that such a thing just so they can settle their own scores is not right. It’s a new low!

This situation could have opened up a lot of information about mental health and how it does not discriminate. But no! Everyone is busy promoting their own agenda. What else do you expect from a world where people would step on another just to get forward?

By the way things are going, production houses and the biggies are going to be wary and scared of signing outsiders now.

At a time when there are real problems happening, the attention is being taken away from these situations to things like the above. What is going on? Is this deliberate? On purpose?

Lastly, the world is a hard place. None of us have it easy. Whether you are born rich or poor, we all have our struggles. We can’t all be rich, we can’t all have the same opportunities. Life is not fair, that’s the harsh truth. Still, it’s not so bad. That’s why it’s a roller-coaster ride.

When you are going through a rough time, always think there’s someone somewhere going through an even harder time so be grateful for what you have and not what you don’t have.

If you still want to follow the circus and support these people, think well. There are so many people who have lost their loved ones and many of whom might have never gotten justice. Imagine how they must feel when they see all this noise being made for someone only because he was a famous star? Imagine how that girl’s family must have felt when sick stories of her being pregnant with someone else’s child were being spread around.

Let them rest in peace now, at least.

Thank you for reading. Have a goodnight!

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  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Agree , almost everyone is jumping on the SSR bandwagon . That man must be looking down and thinking ” I never knew that I had so many friends and supporters ! Where was everyone when I was alive ?”
    Kangana has always been vicious ,takes any opportunity to make it about herself . She never said a word about Vikas Bahl until the misbehaving story came out . PV had a video of her giggling at a rape joke with Jim Sarbh which disappeared after an hour and PV pulled it . If she was such a great friend of SSR ,why did she not say anything when he was alive ? When has she ever said anything about his struggles or all those negative stories about him ?
    Kangana is jealous of Tapsee whom she sees as an arch rival for the same roles and same curls . Kangana is a better actress ,but the insecurity remains ,thus the backlash . In the past 3 years Tapsee had 5 reasonable hits where she had good roles . Its been ages since Kangana had the box office ringing .Manikarnika didn’t make enough to cover its budget after the lavish sets ,shooting and reshooting with different stars . For the superstar actress she’s supposed to be ,she’s just not bringing in the money ….Tapsee is.

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