What Sanjay Khan and his wife Zarine Khan did to Zeenat Aman

Many of you might know Zeenat Aman. For those, who do know her are well-aware of the fact that she’s one of the prettiest actresses in India. For those, who know her then also know that today Zeenat Aman has a wounded eye, a permanent scar on her eye and vision problems on her right eye. Many wonder what has happened to her while a lot of people are aware of what had happened, but a lot more still don’t know. We have the story here for you and it’s coming straight from a magazine that was posted when the incident happened. It migth be hard to believe, but it all did happen. And while it did happen, no one did anything to stop it from happening. We won’t go on much more, but here’s below the true tragic story of Zeenat Aman and Sanjay Khan.

The Scandal of what Sanjay Khan and his wife did to Zeenat Aman

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3 Responses

  1. Sheena says:

    Feel like weeping after reading the article… Sanjay and his wife are sick peep

    • Vedu says:

      What happened to sanjay during tipusultan was karma. Why do men forget that they too have daughters..sorry to say ..but it is true that sins done by parents.. visit theur children

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