What is going on: The ‘Hook Up Song’

First, let us or better yet, let Dharma show you the ‘Hook Up Song’ staring Tiger and Alia.

What in the world?! Why is Aloo coming down from the pole? Is she a firefighter? Did she think Tiger was on fire? What is going on? It’s so weird and confusing.

Also, why does Alia keep on pressuring herself to be what she is not? You can see she is trying hard to be all that, sexy and all but it’s not working. She’s not tall so they are resorting to putting short dresses on her to make her legs look long. Some of you have been mentioning the neck thing and now, it’s time for the legs!

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You can see Tiger is still trying to be Hrithik (only if HR was a dolphin+octopus+rubber band all at one time), but what is Aloo trying to be? We are getting Deepika, Katrina and Kareena vibes. See, even she is confused on who she has to copy. Maybe that memo from KebabJo wasn’t clear!


Man, KebabJo really hit the ball out of the park this time – not in a good way. Not a single good song, he is really losing touch with what works. Who thought a song titled ‘Hook Up Song’ would work? On top of that, he sends out his lil’ lamb to do something that is so out of her reach.

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Does he not realize that he is making a fool of himself and all the others around him?

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It’s like they live in their bubble so much that they don’t know the difference between what works and what doesn’t. Maybe this is what goes on in their world, but not with the rest of the world.

P.S. They are using bots now to help them generate some positive comments after most of the comments made fun of them!

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By the way, Ananya Panday said in an interview that she was planning to go study overseas but gave it all up to “act” in SOTY 2.

I was planning to go to NYU or USE, and I gave it up because I wanted to become an actor. But I think education is very subjective. I am being educated in my field by being an actor. I learn so much every day on set that I feel this is my education. I donโ€™t plan to formally study, but I donโ€™t mind doing some short courses on acting abroad.

It’s still not too late…

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Check out Anandya and Tara on the cover of Hello Magazine. The power of KJo – the baap of nepotism. You get your own cover before your film hits theatres!

What is going on: The 'Hook Up Song'

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41 Responses

  1. meeraj davda says:

    Instead of Alia ,shraddha Kapoor would have been better choice.She got looks,sex appeal and a very feminine body.Idk why but Karan seems to ignore shraddha ,maybe a threat to Alia ? Yes shraddha may have not succeed to Alias level of acting but see the kind of movies shraddha got?mostly with b centre production houses and still she managed to put herself in top 5 today..She has huge fan following among boys and her social media accounts has over 28M followers.In compare to Alia she got everything dished out by Karan and his group of friends.Feels bad for Alia may be deep down she is not enjoying this as she is made to look complete older and diff than her age .Shraddha Kapoor in that retrospect has made the career out of her own choices and will and now you see she has interesting films lined up.Shraddha can be term as self made star ,as her father being shared Kapoor it only would have been a curse than a boon..Hats off to shraddha and her efforts..

  2. Universal says:

    Really don’t know what is wrong with Alia. First they make her fairer than snow in Kalank and try to match Deepika. Now they try and make her look sexy to match Katrina. She has lost her usp. No matter what she wears or does, she looks like a teen lost in jungle.
    And Tiger is more of an acrobat than dancer. Hrithik is a dancer.

    • Mila says:

      This. I’ve got actual idiot friends saying Tiger > HR. Like, was your eyes.

    • sharuna says:

      so so true, he is an acrobat a gymnast and a person who would be apt for a circus but a dancer no no no and with that kind of puffed up body, how can he even be called a student.

  3. Mage of Anjou says:

    Instead of latching Alia onto RK, Kebab Uncle really missed a trick by not pairing her up with Tiger. Contemporaries with many years left in the industry. Their acting capabilities are miles apart but Tiger has the mass appeal/reach that RK can only dream about. Only thing is, Tiger probably wouldn’t listen to KJo at all, he seems like he’s got his own stubborn mind.

    That said, the song isn’t bad but everything else is awful. Alia needs to take a break and just GO AWAY for like 6 months. She is everywhere and that is not a good thing. Plus, she is not sexy now and she never will be. That’s not anything to be ashamed of, that is simply not where her appeal lies. Although the more this goes on, one begins to wonder exactly what her appeal actually is.

  4. Kiran101 says:

    I am noticing that in every Dharma movie there is a some allotment to further THE Alia agenda. This time she is doing a Kareena , the golden outfit to make her look like sex symbol. Remember how Neal and Nikki was nothing but crass…this movie and item song by Alia appears to as trashy

    • Deep says:

      ‘Gave it up’?? Gave what up exactly?? Bol toh aise rahi hai jaise those foreign universities were dying to have her..lolly…why do these KJo finds have a vacuum in their heads? Somebody teach her the meaning of ‘Gave it up’. When an individual has achieved something professionally but then they leave it all behind to follow another passion. For e.g. an actor giving it all up to do farming, or a busy doctor giving it all up to become an actor..yeh KJo ke camo wale Ghar baithe baithe sab kuch give up karte acting ke liye…

      P.s.dear admin, I am on a posting spree as I couldn’t access your latest articles due to some issues until today..kindly bear with me..

    • Deep says:

      @kiran..hi, my comment was a standalone one..dont d know why it is showing as a reply to your comment…sorry for the confusion…

    • Kiran101 says:

      @ Deep its okay. ! these things happen quite often.

  5. Say what now says:

    The โ€˜songโ€™ is just noise. Itโ€™s so tacky. Alia isnโ€™t suited to the song either – the outfits donโ€™t do anything for her and vice versa, plus she canโ€™t dance. Tiger is doing his usual acrobatics as dancing routine. The standard of Bollywood has dropped to new lows thanks to KJo.

  6. Two cents says:

    This is what happens if you don’t have a brain of your own. After her Kalank fiasco, comes this…another attempt to project her as something she is not! She has zero sex appeal and looks silly in the song. I would not say its coz of her height though. I remember Riya Sen from ages ago…she was a petite thing but dam sexy! Also, what’s up with her makeup…she looks pale. Tiger looks like a robot doing its mechanical moves. Boring song as well! KJo is losing it for sure.

    • Tina says:

      Holy …yes! Riya Sen, and Alisha Chinoi too. FYI Kareena isn’t that tall, her height is listed as 5’4″ and from what I hear from peeps who met her, she’s more like 5’3″. You can see this when she stands with Deepika or Anushka. Rani Mukherjee is like 5’1″ (see her in heels in ‘Mere sapnon ka woh raja’), and Kajol is a little over 5’3″. Malaika is also around 5’3″. All qualify as great examples of sexy petite women.

      Salman is also on the shorter side, but wears platforms that are always concealed/covered in real life, and is always cut out of the camera shot in his movies, especially around taller actresses. Like his feet are never on screen if anyone else around is taller ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mila says:

        Rani is seriously underrated as a looker. Those eyes. Her shiny white costume in Nach baliye. Ooff. She was (is) a complete package. Looker. Actor. Dancer. Should’ve not mixed business and love. YRF killed her career.

  7. TRS says:

    I would expect C grade babes like Salmans Entourage or Sunny to be gyrating to such lyrics in a Bhatt Movie. Never would i have imagined such lyrics in a Dharma/YRF etc type of production house movie. Imagine this song playing on radios (coz KJo has the pull) and your 7-8 year old child asking you what is hook-up. Or a 14-15 year old who knows Hook-up is slang way of referring to one night stand being awkward when it plays in the car.
    I dislike Kjo but this is just tasteless even by his standards.
    We seriously now need a sensor board for songs and lyrics.

  8. Monalisa says:

    Alia should accept that she does not have what it takes to do period roles (where the actresses are supposed to have a certain old world charm, elegance, grace). Also she does not have the oomph factor or looks to do sexy hot seductress type roles or glam beauty roles. She should stick to doing the urbane roles or deglam roles.

    Alia has this habit of emulating and aping others. Since her debut she has been copying Bebola’s mannerisms and tries to act and be like her. Since she started dating RK she started copying DP and Kat’s styling (especially DP’s styling). Alia clearly hass issues with her looks. Hanging out with vanity obsessed Kjo and fake dating/hooking up with the serial womanizer RK who has a thing for tall, sexy, beautiful, hot women is not helping her one bit. Alia please stop trying to ape RK’s tall beautiful model exes. Their styling suit them perfectly you don’t have the height, body, face, oomph factor, elegance to pull off their styling. The way she talked about how DP looked so effortless and beautiful with her big smile and hair flying around even in airport pics on kwk showed that she stalk DP’s pics on social media.

    Ps: Bebo may not be model tall but she is not short either. Bebo, PC, Ash all are around 5.5 to 5.6 feet. Alia is around 5 feet. Alia is shorter than Varun, Aamir. Also tall women like Sonam, Anushka knows they don’t have the sex appeal to do the sexy roles so they avoided doing such roles.

  9. Sheena says:

    Ooook this is some seriously bad stuff. Puppet should really grow a spine…

  10. NewGirl says:

    KJo wants to mould Alia into the next Sridevi, doing them all.

    @crazyworld – Rani refused Namesake for some Dharma/Yash Raj movie. She was doing only YRF movies at some point. She wasted a lot of time doing movies like Dil Bole Hadippa, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic.

    Marrying Adi Chopra isnโ€™t a professional achievement. She has access to scripts/directors now because YRF malkin but she would have done better than Ash/Preity anyway. She is a much better actress than these two.

  11. Aura says:

    My comment was in response to Ana’s comment. This site is acting weird again.

  12. Aura says:

    You are correct. Tiger has short legs. Also, his upper body is exaggeratedly beefed up that enhances the fact that is legs are short, making his overall body look disproportionate.
    Hrithik also has disproportionately beefed-up arms and a small head (for a guy). His face is narrower and more feminine (jaw line) than most of his heroines (Kareena, Katrina etc.). Possibly due to the size of his head, his upper-lower body proportion looks okay, and he looks taller than he actually is.

  13. Kala says:

    The golden onsie….. lmfao

  14. Just thinking!!! Jacqueline would have been so apt for this song.

  15. Rami says:

    Agree ,with most comments, this song will not be on my list . If school, or college, where students behaved like this should be closed ! Plus,what is with kjo, why he is trying to make aloo look tall, and sexy! She will never be tall, she is not classically beautiful, she is not educated , so her conversations are limited! There is a lack of aura! She with good directer and good script can act as told! Kjo, and Alia break up will happened,after the film with RK does not delivered ! Why is she with RK ,again ?

  16. Ana says:

    Aside from song being really bad and dance steps also very uncreative, Neither Tiger nor has bAlia is looking great at this point in their lives(it doesn’t mean they wont look great in future)
    Tiger just looks weird with that very low fat muscular body, for some reason he doesn’t look proportional(may be its just me) or clothes he wears. Alia surely put on some pounds, she has that starved look on her face Malaika has sometimes. Then she also cant dance well, don’t think she danced well in Radha either
    I am hopeful they will look better in future.

  17. kiran101 says:

    Tina wat u said is right . But in new age bollywood Tall girls are considered sexy …although not exclusvely tall girls but it happened so since last 6-7 years . Kareena is around 5.5 but Alia is definetly visibily shorter than kareena …alia is around 5.2 with a childish image plus her insecurity with her height and comparison with Ranbir’s ex’s . That lady has lot going on in her mind and she is trying to prove she can do a Deepika, Katrina and even Malaika-Kareeena.

    But in terms of raw sex appeal …i cannot think of any1 other than kareena.

  18. guest says:

    @Tina whether it was rani or it was urmila those women had a style evolution they experimented and created their own looks they were not trying too hard. Alia rather thn coming up with own style is literally coping dp/kat/bebo/sonam everyone can see that why copy those tall girls there are enough celebs of her height in the world she can take inspiration from

    btw in Haye Rama ye kya hua urmila didnot look like she was starving herself

  19. leaps says:

    KJo obsession with vanity will be be the undoing of alia. Rather thn playing to her strengths kjo is pushing her to copy bebo/dp/kat/ which she is not. This song is cringe with tiger and the too freaky body is getting eww now and alia can fire her stylist because the shorts are too short and how those madona cone bra inspired shoulders are making her lack of height extremely obvious

    Am I the only one to notice that hook step is too inspired from “give your mobile number” filmed on karshima/govinda. fun fct karimsha also wore a neon silver jacket in that song too Also alia btw alia can take notes from karishma on how to look sexy.

  20. Lucy says:

    She had such a great run till raazi,but nepo babyโ€™s greed and delusion knows no bounds.she forgot that her success wasnโ€™t a result of people going Gaga over her but rather her contemporaries having bad years or people like deepika,priyanka aiming for Hollywood.now she wants to be everything,deepika in kalank,katrina kareena in hookup song,and what not.this looks like a cheap version of the bang bang title track ,wannabe hrithik and wannabe katrina.and whatโ€™s with the Beyoncรฉ look and dance…I have never cringed so hard.the gold onesie looked like a two year olds onesie.tiger looked more voluptuous and curvier than alia.I mean does no one in a 200 strong crew point it out to her that she looks so bad.rishi neetu has such a big problem with katrinas item girl image,wonder what they think of their sanskari baby bride sliding down a pole.but at the same time itโ€™s nice to know that this is what ranbir is gonna end up with,serves him right.

  21. mia says:

    Bebo is the same height as Alia? Even if she is then still she looks more mature than Alia its all in the behaviour she acted her age even in her 20s.

  22. Shinyobject says:

    ROFL. This is what happens when KJO overthinks stuff. Weren’t there lyrics calling Alia a “Wannabe Kareena” in a Kapoor and Sons song? She is living up to it.

  23. Tina says:

    Admin, can we please stop attributing Alia’s lack of sexiness to her height? Lots of short women are drop dead sexy.

    Urmila in ‘Haye Rama ye kya hua ‘(from Rangeela) and Kareena in ‘Bebo main Bebo’, come to mind. Truth is, some actresses abilities are limited and they just cannot pull it off. Alia maybe short, but even the uber tall Sonam cannot pull it off, and admitted as such.

    • Admin says:

      Of course not, that’s not something that’s set in stone but it’s what the makers of this song are aiming for. Give her short clothes to make her legs look long. You can see how uncomfortable she looks. ๐Ÿค” Confidence is what makes sexy, whether it’s a man or woman.

  24. Crazyworld says:

    Alia just looks weird in the song. She should just go for films that suit her.

  25. Crazyworld says:

    Did Rani make a mistake? Not a Rani fan but last i checked, she achieved her goal of being the wife of the producer of Yash Raj, hence has access to good stories. Her last film Hichki was a hit in India and made over 100 crore in China and the audience seem interested in Mardaani 2. So no, i don’t think she made a mistake as she’s doing way better than her contemporaries Aish and Preity right now.

  26. Samantha says:

    why the hell is this film called “student” of the year!

    I m pretty sure even in US, no schools r like the ones shown by KJo; leave alone India!

    N Alia is looking CHEAP, wearing swim suit like dresses.. PS: im not being biased, i like her as an ACTRESS in Raazi, Gully Boy! But pls dont shove her down our throats which is clearly not her comfort zone!

  27. NightGlory says:

    Nora Fatehi would have been GREAT! And seeing Alia in the video gave me the wannabe-Kareena vibes, except she’s miserably failing to do it successfully

  28. payal says:

    I really like alia as an actress…but too much of her is not good. and that too with roles/songs she is unsuited for. For some actors…they reach their saturation point in versatility. Alia should continue impressing the audience with her performance based films. not be something she Is not. instead people who are really suited for songs like this should get chances to be in it. couldn’t get through the song.

  29. P says:

    Boring song and one gets a deja vu feeling as tho it’s a rehash of All earlier hit songs . they tried to replicate instead of creating melody and stand out .
    What’s with tiger? He is like the female version of Katrina in earlier days or say malaika arora . sign him on and showcase his expertise to the hilt throughout the movie . naked torso. Mechanical factory dancing, make sexy faces and pouts. Kick and jump..show abs and flex muscles. But hello! Throughout the flick? All songs I saw ,he is showcasing himself in vigorous dance moves of same kind . not acting but showcasing.

    Alia has lost it
    Kangana proves it when she says she is a puppet. No brain bimbo.

    God knows what she wants to prove by appearing a femme fatale who is thrust onto us. She doesn’t have the oomphy sex doll face nor body language.
    Its like giving popular pankaj tripathi a role of salman khan in dabangg or making him suddenly dance like prabhuseva becos he got popular.

    And imagine if he would do that. We as audience will lose respect. Do what you got famous for and what suits u . stop aping to be someone else to fit someone else’s vision . she looks like an idiot from Timbuktu .

    Bimbo for sure and a bimbo as bf too..

  30. NewGirl says:

    Well, Aliaโ€™s dream run was too good to be true anyway.

    agree with the person who said Aliaโ€™s making the same mistake as Rani did with Yash Raj.

  31. HateKjo says:

    What an apt analysis Admin.
    The song sucks and Alia looks bad. She is cute and looks pretty In the song but not hot and sexy at all.

    She is trying hard to prove herself a sexy siren. No idea why she did this in first place?
    Deepika/Katrina/jacky or Nora Fathi would have been the best choice for the song.

    KJO is mad and needs to be kick out asap.

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