What did Rakhi Sawant do? And Other News!

UPDATED: See Below!

As mentioned below in this post, someone is having fun with this whole situation by peddling fake news and fake stories which are being picked up by media outlets and confirm fake after a day or two. So be careful of what you read and believe!


As you probably know by now, Rhea Chakraborty has hired the services of a big-shot lawyer called Satish Maneshinde. Since he is a popular criminal lawyer who has fought  many big cases in court, his fees per day is reportedly INR 10 lakhs! That’s not even what Rhea probably charges for one film! We are all thinking what everyone else is, how in the world can she afford his fees? Or does she pay a deposit first then settle the rest of the amount later? Or maybe her family is really loaded and they have that much money.

That aside, when news outlets reported that Rhea has signed Satish Maneshinde, they gave a short summary of his work as a lawyer. This is what caught us the most:


Representing Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan seems logical since they are both convicted criminals but what about Rakhi Sawant? Why did she hire him? Anyone has any idea? For the life of us, we can’t think of anything.  Was it because of the wrestling match or her outrageous comments during the MeToo movement?

By the way, is he the same lawyer that Hrithik hired for his fight against Kangana?


UPDATE: Rhea not missing, the cops didn’t even go to her house. #FakeNews


Rhea gone MIA!

Back to the lady of the hour, Rhea Chakraborty. BollywoodHungama alleges that she has run away or rather is MIA (missing in action). The online media outlet has a friend of theirs (Sushant and Rhea) saying that he or she has been trying to reach Rhea but can’t get through. Most likely that person is Rumi Jaffery, we are just saying. And that person is also saying that if Rhea goes into hiding, this will make her look like she’s guilty! True enough!

What must have happened was, since yesterday there were reports that the Bihar Police has asked for a lady constable from the Mumbai Police. This might mean two things, they want the lady constable with them to talk to Rhea and they might arrest her hence the presence of the lady constable. We think it’s the latter and it’s why Rhea is missing, they are saying it’s most likely her lawyer took her away or more like, whisked her away, until she can get bail. Her family is also MIA, at the moment.

Oh and the same friend who spoke to BH alleged that Rhea does not have the support of Bollywood people, she is going to fight this on her own. If Rhea gets arrested, she will most likely spend a couple of days in jail until her lawyer can get her bail approved. If she is MIA and it has been reported that the lawyer is trying to get her anticipatory bail, it means they ARE expecting her to be arrested. This can also mean that she is guilty! Or her lawyer just happened to predict what the Bihar Police will do next and took action before they could.

Can they arrest her just like that or do they need a warrant to do that? In BP’s case, they need the support of MP to do that. They can talk to her but not arrest her just like that.


Kangana Ranaut’s Alleged Team

It’s funny how an official team, which was previously just a fan club, has now resorted to publicly attacking everyone, who does not agree with them, in the name of seeking justice for Sushant. Obviously, we all know who is behind that team but the most annoying thing, other than the making-fun-of and name-calling, is how they keep misspelling Sushant’s name!


If this is an official staff team, why are media outlets reporting every tweet from this account? Why are they giving coverage to those tweets when it’s not stated that it’s an official statement from Kangana Ranaut? The more the media gives that account the spotlight, the more tweets they be making. At this point, most of their tweets sound absurd and childish, at times. After making fun of Taapsee and Swara for days and accusing them of attacking a great woman like her, the account is now focusing on Deepika, KJo, the Bhatts, and Rhea!


If only she could travel down to Mumbai and give her statement, as requested by the Mumbai Police. If the Bihar Police can come to Mumbai then Kangana also can come if she cares that much about Sushant getting justice. At this point, she is just sitting in her house so far away and passing her comments. We are surprised the internet connection is that good over there! Great job to the internet provider because even in Mumbai, it’s not stable.

If anyone thinks Bollywood is filled with powerful people, Kangana is proving them wrong because she has been saying what she want against them freely for the past few days. It’s not the first time, she has done it before but this time, there’s silence!

#ArrestKanganaRanaut is suddenly trending on Twitter and it’s higher than the allegations of Deepika and Sushant-Rhea’s news. What is happening? Kangu team is not too happy about this. But where is this coming from? Did someone say something?


For those asking, what’s wrong with Kangana speaking out about the wrongdoings of this industry. This is why:


So Taapsee is a worthless outsider because she has never given a hit in her life and is a pest, according to Kangana?

Like Wow GIFs | Tenor

She is doing the very same thing she is accusing the nepotism mafia gang of doing, but she is doing it to an outsider and in a very disgraceful manner. It’s sad that it has come to this.


Mahesh Bhatt denies asking Rhea to leave Sushant


Speaking of the Bhatts, specifically papa Bhatt aka chappal-wearing Mahesh Bhatt who was asked to come to the police station and record his statement. He was asked about the rumours about him asking Rhea to leave Sushant and about Sushant meeting him for ‘Sadak 2’.

Here are his words from his statement to the police about nepotism and Rhea:

I don’t support nepotism. I have given so many newcomers their first chance. I have met Sushant Singh in person only twice — once in 2018 about my book and again in 2020. I have never said anything to Rhea about leaving Sushant or anything like that. Rumours about this are baseless. – Mahesh Bhatt

This is what he had to say about not casting Sushant from ‘Sadak 2’:

Casting Sushant in “Sadak 2” did not work out for some reason but it’s not true that Sushant had asked to cast Rhea opposite him and that is why he was dropped from Sadak 2. It not true. – Mahesh Bhatt

Did Mahesh lie to the cops or was that piece of information fabricated? Or was he reciting a quote when he was talking to Rhea and this is what she understood? Besides she didn’t leave Sushant straight away but this was revealed by a writer working with Mahesh and who was also close to Rhea. Mahesh mentions meeting Sushant only twice in 2018 and in this year, 2020. This could be when he was at their place, as revealed by that writer, Suhitra Das. Based on her words, which were “Cant forget the evening in Sushant’s terrace when it almost felt like everything was normal in the world while deep within he was slipping away. Sir saw that, that’s why he shared the very words his Master UG told him warning him about Parveen Babi, “walk away or this will take you down under along with.”, a journalist reported the same thing and when the story was picked out some time back, other outlets picked it too.

And now, Mahesh is denying he told her to leave him or anything close to that. Who’s lying here? And who’s Master UG? Is he a master of quotes? Did he give out that “walk away” quote?

By the way, the writer made her post private so we are not sure whether her post can still be shared or not. That’s why we are not putting it here again but it’s in the earlier post from a couple of weeks ago titled According to the Bhatts.

Also, what’s the deal with the Bhatt seniors always running to the press about something personal? Whether it was Mahesh telling the media about his nephew’s son getting cancer or Mukesh talking to the press about Sushant’s illness? How do they think it’s alright to share personal details like these to the media?

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CBI will not be handling Sushant’s case


After weeks of asking for a CBI investigation for Sushant, today the Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has stated that Mumbai Police is handling the case well so there is no need for CBI to take over the case. This decision was taken after he had a meeting with senior officials regarding Sushant’s case.


The Mafia King

Aloo’s other dad will also be called for questioning later this week. Now with the recent updates, it remains to be seen whether his presence will still be needed or not.


Bihar Police met Ankita Lokhande



We don’t know whether this is true or not, but apparently the Bihar Police met Ankita today to ask her about Sushant. As shared by a reader, this news made its way online first on DNA and the other media outlets picked it up from there.

It might have been true except for this minor detail:




Sushant and Rhea were not together in January 2019. ‘Manikarnika’ was being made in 2018 and was released in January 2019. He did comment on her picture, though, and she replied to him. She even spoke to the media afterward about that so it’s on public record.


Rhea and Sushant must have gotten together in May or June because August 2019, this news came out:


Sushant on the cover of Man’s World


To promote his upcoming release, Sushant appeared on the cover of Man’s World magazine. He was asked about dating anyone and here’s his answer:

So, are you seeing someone right now?

I’m seeing many. Oh, you mean it as a metaphor? I’m not allowed to say.

You’re not allowed to say it?

It’s not that someone else is disallowing me to speak. I cannot allow myself to say anything.

So, no comments?

Right now, it’s not right to say. People shouldn’t start talking about things in a nascent stage as if they are very sure of it. Why to do that?

But there is something in a nascent stage?

Till the time you ask me what you think about yourself, do I go around and think about it? Of course not. When you ask me general questions, I give you general answers.

Okay, but if I asked you that I need an answer, what would your answer be?

If you ask me any question that has to do with me, I can say it. If I was seeing somebody, I’d have to ask that somebody. Probably your question, if well founded, will help me insinuate it to the other person to know what to say next time. And probably when you put me on the cover next time, I’ll say it! – Man’s World Magazine Interview

So in January 2019, Rhea and Sushant were not together which makes the news about Ankita false. Had it been in January 2020, it would have made sense but then ‘Manikarnika’ didn’t release this year, it was last year.

Besides, if you think about it, wouldn’t have Kangana known about this since she reportedly spoke to Ankita earlier this week or was it last week? She would have told this to the media already if that was really the case.

Someone obviously is having fun generating fake theories and stories surrounding this case. But who? And why?


Not related to the case (or maybe it is) but here’s something we were wondering. If a couple lives together in a live-in relationship and when they break up, the woman leaves with her things including the things the man gave her and bought for her. Is that step counted as theft or does she have a right to take those things? We heard in the west, engagement rings are given back and sometimes the men ask for the expensive gifts back to, which might be usually out of anger. But in India, we have not heard of anything like this about unmarried couples. What do you think?


That’s it for today. Thank you for reading and have a good night!

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20 Responses

  1. Anand Fedane says:

    UG krishnamurthy is Mahesh’s mentor from the 70s and 80s obviously admin you don’t know the half of it ….. along with UG’s wise ass words Mahesh with his bohemian clique single handedly pushed parveen to doomsdom. What people don’t realise is Mahesh is a free spirited man who is insane in the membrane and is obsessed with mental issues as he himself has some issues ….. also he is dirty dog himself who did not have any issues about kissing his firstborn …if you are late to the party won’t know how crazy he was in his earlier days

  2. Adira says:

    How is SSR and Kangana not invited to Deepika’s wedding relate to this? Were they the only ones who were not invited? I didn’t see Kajol or Ajay Devgn in that wedding which may possibly mean they were not invited either, and Ajay even did a cameo of Ranveer’s Simmba. Priyanka (maybe for honeymoon reasons), Taapse, Swara and Richa wasn’t there either and others i can’t recall now. This is the 21st century for crying out loud. Who still carries grudges over not being invited for a wedding?

    Did she really expect Deepika to invite her after all the way she has been insulting her? Even when SSR was alive, considering the issues between he and Aditya Chopra, it’s possible he and Ranveer were not buddies. Deepika and Ranveer had every right to choose who was invited to their wedding or not.

  3. Hmm says:

    You want Admin to spread lies just because you’re comfortable hearing them? Please, you’re not a true fan of SSR. I was. I believed he would be the next SRK. That’s how much of a fan i was.

    Many people online claim to be fans whereas they just see this as an avenue to hit against those they are not fans of aka KJO and his proteges. Where were they when SSR was alive?!

    As for me, I WANT JUSTICE. If KJO has nothing to do with his death, i won’t go attacking him just because i don’t like him or Alia. Hearing that the mumbai police were pressuring SSR’s family to mention Bollywood big names made me mad. If they were responsible, would the family need to be pressured to mention names? If SSR was murdered or pushed to commit suicide, i want his murderers punished.

  4. shefu says:

    @bollyrandom – I am against Kangana since the day she went after DP 4 years ago. By this time, I find her as hilarious as Rakhi. I like Rakhi better because she is more dramatic than Kangu. Rakhi knows she is dramatic. Kangu thinks she is Jhansi ki rani. At least Rakhi has reality check

  5. Pooja says:

    I find u,fraud now.so sad u defending mafia and nepopapa knowing how they ruin his imaw by blind items that y sushant wanted to leave film Industry, shame on you.

  6. Anamika says:

    I think Kangana has lost it completely now. SSR’s family lawyer clearly said all Kangana’s allegations are not feasible for SSR’s case and neither did she ever bother contacting the family. As an erstwhile fan of Kangana’s acting and guts I feel bad to see her where she is today. She actually overdosed on the entire SSR situation! And why did she bring Tapsee and Swara into it. Why is she behaving like a school kid who needs to even out each and every slight she has received?! Anyways coming to the topic, nothing makes sense anymore regarding SSR. Some say it was politically motivated as a major politician’s son is involved and SSR’s death was accidental but was covered up to look like suicide. And there’s Rhea who though I think looks pretty and bitchy and mean and conniving doesn’t look that invested to have actually administered wrong medicines to SSR unless he knew about it as in the way some guys just blindly take medicines from their gfs/wives/mothers etc without even bothering to check what that medicine is. The reason why things don’t add up is because SSR never seemed to be such a weak and yes baby kinda guy. He seemed pretty stubborn and did his own stuff as he pleased. Whatever lets see how things unfold now. And Admin this Master UG Krishnamurthy was a writer and spiritual kinda man on the lines of Isho but never got that famous. He has two claims to fame, coaching Mahesh Bhatt into becoming what he is today and guiding Parveen Babi into further darkness. Apparently when Bhatt broke up with Babi he felt guilty and requested his Mater UG to become Babi’s new bf which Master UG agreed to and then he and Babi lived together in a few countries like US for a few years till Parveen decided she couldn’t stand him any longer and returned to India in 1989.

    • Admin says:

      Oh, it’s an Indian man? Ok, thanks for letting us know. There are no details about him except his quotes! Maybe that’s where MB gets it from. 😂

    • Admin says:

      You guys see it now? That’s why we could never support KR in this, it’s all about her. We knew this was going to come to this and she won’t stop. Supporting her at the beginning would mean being responsible for the venom she is spewing out now and the hate she is spreading using this tragedy. Putting out accusations this serious on national television is wrong, she can be sued or charged by the people involved!

    • Nefarious says:

      Anamika,hello.My 2 cents since you asked in a different post and thread:

      I think this case is just personal battles being played out
      1-Cong Vs BJP
      2-KR Vs Nepo ( in fact most of BW)
      3- Rajputs Vs Rhea

      I dont know why, but i suspect, that the Rajouts are filing the case to take back all the benefits Rhea got from SSR- Money, atm cards etc.The other two battles are legendary, so no point discussing it.

      Murder by minister son, i dont know, I mean, was SSR friends with any top notch politcal biggies, i doubt it. If it is true, than SSR was offed at night, and the house staff is lying ( or being paid to lie) about him waking up having his juice etc.there are calls to his sis , friend and rhea,,,so who made those?

      Amkita’s version is also contradictory, she told KR that SSR was humiliated sidelined and now it seems she is siding with SSR familyi. I have to see her full interview to know exactly what she is saying. to implicate RHEA the rajputs will dismiss the depression theory. I also dont think that if while SSR was with Ankita he dint have depression, doesnt mean he can not have it later. Did SSR speak to Ankita about Rhea? lets wait for the reveals.. but bigger point, if he was being harassed, why dint he leave the house Ranbir style?
      What was she blackmailing him with? The medical reports or something else?

      KR as we know was making her point based on publically available info, basically what you and I know. Shes is losing the plot, i just hope this doesnt change the course of debate for the horrid treatment outsiders get, I still hope people reject shitty films of insiders. And if Mumbai police is saving some biggie and trapping BW, then KR is ready to give her version, why isnt her statement being recorded? it will only help mumbai police present the case as per their agenda.

      of course its a stroke of luck or suspicious that all of this happened before Kjo went to record his statement.?

      • Anamika says:

        Hey hi Nefarious! Ok so what I have been hearing is:
        (1) SSR’s family had really good connections in Bihar including with politicians in Bihar. Apparently SSR was really good friends with a Bihar politician’s son. This Bihari politician is btw holding a very important designation in the current government.
        (2) On 13 March this politician’s son and SSR were hanging out at SSR’s place along with few other friends. They got drunk and a fight ensued in which SSR got hurt. Now nobody was sure if he was actually dead but the entire group set about rearranging the crime scene to make it look like suicide.
        I have no clue how much of it and if at all this is true 👆🏼
        But if you think about it everything adds up if this is what happened. Maharashtra police and government’s reluctance in getting the CBI in, taking the investigation in a different direction and currently not co-operating with the Bihar police.

        Either this or O have another theiry:
        SSR was happy with Rhea but he was actually suffering from depression. For some reason Rhea broke up with him and he was so mad at her for using him while he was alive and wanted to teach her a lesson for life due to which he actually planned his own death, and making the situation look in a way where he knew sooner or later she would be questioned. I don’t know but this is just something I thought about. Plus SSR was an extremely intelligent man. I know this sounds crazy but stranger things have happened.
        Because honestly nothing else really adds up!

      • Anamika says:

        It is coming out that Aditya Thackeray was present on 13 June at SSR’s place to celebrate his birthday. For details Google him. Pinkvilla had also posted an article on this. This is crazy!!

        • Nefarious says:

          Yes, i have been hearing about it a lot. .maybe it was an accidental death, and they covered it up to show it as suicide. its so weird.. My heads spinning, every week there is a new culprit
          1- Depression
          2- Nepo Gang
          3- Rhea
          4- AThakrey

          We havent got any closure on Disha Salain. i dont thnk this can be sorted out without CBI. its getting murkier and murkier by the minute,

          Also was AT planning to murder SSR or did the argument break out suddenly? If yes, why were the CCTV cameras turned off for that day?

          • Anamika says:

            Ok so I heard something more now. Apparently a few days before Disha Salian’s death there was this huge party attended by Aditya Thackeray, Sooraj Pancholi, Sandip Singh and Showik Chakraborty (Rhea’s brother). Seems like they all got dead drunk including Disha and it got into something of a group orgy kinda thing. Only problem was that when Disha was normal she considered it as a gang rape and threatened to take those guys to police. She had spoken about this with SSR and although not presiat that party he knew what happened anc confronted Rhea about it as her brother was involved. She didn’t want to support Disha as that would mean putting her brother at stake and that’s when she broke up with Sushant as he wanted to take this up with the authorities. On 13 June, apparently SSR confronted these guys about Disha and there was an altercation in which SSR got hurt accidentally, so the group decided to change the crime scene and show it as suicide. The biggest problem was that Aditya Thackeray was involved and if the story got out and proved it could mean the total disaster of Shiv Sena, even though Aditya didn’t actually murder SSR. Still the other political parties would make sure the Shiv Sena gets finished.

  7. Joy says:

    they can sell property etc to get Rhea out of trouble. I know that is what we would probably do as a family. Also even not so popular celebrities make most of the earnings through appearances.
    On the matter of money, I wonder what SSRs networth was as he has not acted in that many movies out of which 2 were for YRF for which he was not paid much. Also for someone smart like him why would he have 15crores kept in bank account and not invested anywhere? Interest rates are crap in India.

  8. ggv says:


    I really like Kangana and admire her but she needs to calm down. This is really getting disgraceful. By maintaining silence, the nepos are actually trying to get her even more worked up till she loses all credibility. Even with the Rhea news – it is clear she is still trying to keep the nepo angle alive.

    And no I dont think it sounds okay to leave with all the things that your bf paid for. May not be illegal but does not throw a good light on her character. And setting up 3 companies etc, 15 cr missing – are all big question marks. This might be a bit of a stretch but I know a close friend who grew up with Rhea and she sounds like quite a chaalu bitchy girl even when she was in school

  9. bollyrandom says:

    @Shefu it’s not funny to me. She put out a tweet calling nepo actors virus and herself sanitizer. I am sorry that is just so insensitive. Imagine if someone who lost a loved one sees that.

    She threatened physical violence in another tweet. She took it down after backlash. How much ever you think the other person is wrong, this is pathetic.

  10. Shefu says:

    Actually as Kangana is attacking everyone, Karan is having the last laugh. Media covers her tweets because we click the links. I click as I find her tweets entertaining. Before it used to make me think. Now I just want to have some laugh. Just like what we did with Rakhi. She used to be funny.

  11. Sara says:

    Also common for high profile lawyers to take cases like this for reduced fees. The whole country’s eyes are on it, the publicity alone is worth more than fees. He’ll fight her case for less and take in the money from all industrialists and others with deep pockets who now count him as the new “go-to” whenever they’re in trouble.

  12. bollyrandom says:

    My 2 cents..You can’t have a bully as a face of a movement against bullying.The narrative she has been pushing has broken with Sushant’s father filing a case. She needs a new target to stay in the news. She is going after DP becoz most ppl consider her a bigger star and with the current political env, she is an easy target. Tapsee fits perfectly the slot she is aiming for. Tapsee has been doing good work. Kangana’s last clean hit was TWM2.

    Regarding the trend, its possible to an extent it’s a paid trend but all FCs are pissed at her. So that could be the reason for the volume. She has been spewing absolute nonsense today. Also if you insult me publicly, you are not getting a fucking invitation to my wedding. How does it matter in the first place. It’s a wedding. It’s just so petty.

    She got a lot of goodwill initially, she should have quit while she was ahead. If she continues down this road,ppl will actually start feeling sympathy for Alia.🤦🤦

    Also Admin, in such cases it’s common practice to file for anticipatory bail. Her lawyer could have hid her till the bail comes through. But it is really curious how Rhea can afford him.

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