What are the Treatments for Bedbugs?

What exactly are bedbugs? Although everyone has heard of them, let’s get to know what they are. They are essentially small bugs that are desperate for human blood. It grows by feeding human blood to itself. Moreover, they usually live under the mattress and will suck your blood and you will never feel that.Β Although these bugs are not dangerous, still when they bite our skin we will feel skin irritation and can get some skin diseases. This is why it’s better to take some precautions by exterminating these bugs. Β 


If you ever encounter any biting at nights, it is definitely bedbug. So, all you need to do is keep your house clean and sweep the bugs away from your home. You need to look over at your luggage, unused clothes and bedding because these are the places that bedbug lives. However, these bugs are small so it is very hard to kill them. Other than that, if you are traveling around regularly make sure you always check the beds and the mattress. Moreover, you should never take old furniture into your house because bedbugs usually hides and lives in unused things. Β 

Insecticides To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Furthermore, you could use insecticides to get rid of these bedbugs. Actually, insecticides have a very good and fast effect towards killing of insects, such as bedbugs. But, you should make sure that you use the spray in a very little amount on your bed, furniture and carpets. This treatment will, for sure, exterminate the bedbugs forever from your house.

Vacuum To Kill Bedbugs

Other than that, you can make use of your vacuum to kill these bedbugs. It is all because sometimes when there are kids in your house and you intend to use insecticides and it may not good for your kids, so vacuumming will be the other option. When you vacuum the entire house, you are not only killing the bedbugs, but also their eggs. So, this will ensure a better home without the annoying disturbance of bedbugs.

What If Nothing Works?

Sometimes the methods above might not work and you might significantly be irritated by these bedbugs, it is all because the infestation is much larger than what you expected. So, it will be a must for you to hire a professional bug exterminator. Professional exterminators could easily identify the source of the problem and could use the most effective way to exterminate the bedbugs. However, there is also treatment for yourself if you are bitten by any bedbug. Try to use some ointment or some herbs, such as aloe vera, because it will effectively reduce the irritation.Β Β 


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