What a very scary intro to a song promo

Alright, the ‘Tareefan’ song from ‘Veere Di Wedding‘ came out today and we watched it without sound because of work. Bear in mind that it was a pretty big screen and the first shot of the song scared the hell out of us. For a second we thought that maybe it was a wrong video, but no. Upon checking, it wasn’t! It actually looked like a scene straight out of a scary film. Think we are exaggerating? Check it for yourself here.

You know what? We think that Sonam Kapoor wanted to get back at Kareena Kapoor for the way she made fun on her when they both appeared on ‘Koffee with Karan’ last season.

The reason we are saying this is because Bebola looks so bad in whatever we have seen when it comes to this film so far. As far as Sonam herself goes, she looks like she is not interested anymore. Not interested in acting and not interested in the singing dancing that goes on in films. It’s like she is ready to go. Not just Sonam, even Swara Bhaskar looks out of place. Again, maybe it’s because she has not been seen in these types of roles before. Who knows?!

Another out of place thing with this song is that too much focused time is on Sonam and Kareena. Both of them don’t suit the look that they were going for in this song. When Bebola tries to be sexy, it looks overdone. When Sonam tries to look sexy, it looks forced and she looks very uncomfortable. Like she said, you need to have a certain level of shamelessness to be able to be all out and sexy.

Take a look at the chorus dance, it’s almost looks as if they want you to give them money, like the usual “Bhagwan ke naam par….” We don’t want to say begging, but it’s along those lines.

We can’t help, but think that this song would have been way better if Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif were in it. If that was the case, then we would have gone one step further and make it a video about how they took revenge after their stressed-out relationships with Ranbir Kapoor. Quite an image, right?

Here’s the song promo:


We get it. They wanted to make a different type of film. Their pitching probably included, “If the men can do it, so can we”. But there’s a difference here, what looks great on paper might not be easy to execute. We know we are talking as if we could have done it better. It’s not that, it’s just that it could have been better. They had a great theme, the money, choreographer, hot dudes and the song.

First of all, you want to do what the men do as women, do it with a female singer singing your song. Do you think actors would have lip-synched a female singer singing their song?

So why should actresses do it? There are so many great female singers, it could have been any one of them. You know what else we would have done? Take some of the hottest male actors and put them in this song.

For decades now, actresses have been the so-called item girls or special appearances girls, why not take the hottest actors for this song? Surely, Sonam and Kareena could have called their male colleagues and asked them for a small favour. The minute they would have done that, you know these guys would be in the gym getting their bods hot up!

For fun, we have searched the potential actors who would have been perfect. What do you think?


The only single hottie/bachelor in Bollywood!

What a very scary intro to a song promo

Kangu’s most favourite emailing recipient.

What a very scary intro to a song promo

KJo’s once upon a time bestie

What a very scary intro to a song promo


What a very scary intro to a song promo

Sonam’s bestie, can skype the scene from over there.

What a very scary intro to a song promo

Sonam’s so-called enemy’s best friend.

What a very scary intro to a song promo

Katrina’s best friend, but should be exactly around the time this picture was taken. Probably was when Kat was 5 years old. And let’s hope that this wasn’t where he shot the chinkaras.

What a very scary intro to a song promo

Sonam’s once upon a time bestie turned foe once he said she should do less magazine covers and more films! He’s free these days, anyway.

What a very scary intro to a song promo


A special appearance from the producer of the film, Sonam’s daddy dearest. Some women (Sonam’s mom) find him hot. Plus, the chest hair is not there anymore. He’s a freaking good actor, though. Would have nailed the scene.

What a very scary intro to a song promo

Are we missing out on any other hot male colleagues of Bebola and Sonam?

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29 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    i wonder Karan johar and his gang bitched about it so much that they all had a sore throat

  2. Tina says:

    The first half of the movie has what appears to be, a threesome. The second half what appears to be sexual harassment (unsolicited butt groping?).

    Seriously, ‘we can do what men can do’ doesn’t mean we women need to do all the cr@ppy stuff they do. There’s a fine, very fine line, between flirting and molestation. Likewise between seducing and taking undue advantage.

    • Amanda says:

      Looks like Sonam and Co have wrong understanding of feminism… Somebody needs to remind them that, feminism is about gender equality and not sexually harassing and objectifying the other gender….

  3. GeekyGal says:

    Horrible video and wrong selection of vocalist. Neha Kakkar or Sunidhi Chauhan would have been better option. What did I watch, my eyes my eyes!!

  4. naughtytrini says:

    Good post. I love it. Why is Kareena looking like a man dress as a woman? and why is that dance step looking so much like a dance step of Kat’s, although Kat does it way way better. The only thing I dont agree with you though is your selection of hotties. I would have chosen Amitabh, Rishi Kapoor, and just in case these two forgot their dancing moves, Mithun to guide them through. I would have even given the top dancer of them all Sunny Deol a few clips, he could stomp the cockroaches of the set. The movie is a failure, the only thing that could save it is making it into a comedy.

  5. Samantha says:

    OMG… what a hoot of an article! So so mean…lol!!
    The first GIF of Kareena…BANG ON! She s looking sooo overdone trying to be this sex bomb!
    U missed one GIF of Kareena though! She lying wt semi naked men, who have bedsheets just covering their genitals! Ekta/Sonam s so going to regret this movie! This movie has (Katrina debut) BOOM written all over it!

    Icing on the cake in the article! The men, ok.. only Aditya Roy Kapoor! Rest all r meh! lol!

  6. sara says:

    This site is already my favorite but after these trailer and song reviews this has become the first site i open everyday πŸ˜€
    after the idea of using a hot guy in the video i cant stop imagining those guys in it specially aditya roy kapoor!

  7. Priya says:

    Admin I usually like your posts and most of them are well written but I think you are always on this mission to propagate negativity about Kareena .

  8. Sonpaapdi says:

    Your observations are spot on. I too saw this without sound on KJo’s insta and it just made me feel icky. I just watched with sound and its not that bad, but it is pretty bad. No one told Sonam’s makeup person to blend. And especially when I first saw it – something just felt really really off with Kareena trying to pull these sexy moves after making a big deal about being a mom. I don’t know why – because I never felt that way about Malaika Arora.

  9. Faouzia says:

    Hahahaha ! You guys are hilarious ! First time commenting, coz’ I couldn’t not to.

    Your remarks were spot on! Sonam and Kareena have two left feet, zero sexiness and overall, vulgar styling. No grace, no charm whatsoever : /
    For two self-proclaimed good actresses, they’ve really behaved like raunchy hip-hop MV props. Is that ART? Is that STORYTELLING?

  10. MotherofDragons says:

    “First of all, you want to do what the men do as women, do it with a female singer singing your song. Do you think actors would have lip-synched a female singer singing their song?”

    SO APT!!!!

    Admin I honestly think if they had shot this video with your suggestions i.e female singer, having lead actors like the khans, hritikh, Ranveer etc play item boys for a change it would have broken the internet!!

    Meanwhile, Aditya Roy Kapoor is the hottest thing honestly, he is just…

  11. leaps says:

    lol enjoyed it

  12. NewGirl says:

    They shot the song recently.

    Kareena looks so bad. She looks like a man in a dress. The fact that she’s lip synching to a male voice is not helping. At all.

    Sonam looks like she needs a shower. I dont mind the skin show but they are trying so, so, so so hard. Swara and the other girl is barely there.

    Kareena looked way hotter in her Asoka songs. She is totally miscast in this movie. They should have gone for Priyanka Chopra.

    • Hmmm says:

      ROFL! Kareena does look like a man in a dress. If she wasn’t fair skinned she would not be thought of as attractive.

  13. Hmmm says:

    Yikes what a train wreck of a video clip. Sonam and Kareena are horrible dancers and neither are sexy (no Kareena pouting is not being sexy). Their makeup and styling is horrible especially Kareena. She seems hellbent on proving how sexy she is. Sonam should just retire from films and run a clothing business.

    • Rashmi says:

      When Bebo does not demonstrate his sexuality, she is very sexy. Really sexy. She does not need these cheap tricks to be sexy, she overacts (

  14. Lovely libran says:

    Don’t mean to body Shame or anything.. But wasn’t Sonam quite flat?? Now suddenly in this song, she’s well endowed and jiggling away!

  15. Venus says:

    Kareenas makeup is extremely bad. Did they do this on purpose ?

  16. pooja says:

    Hey admin this article is dope. Especially the introduction to all the men.
    Swaraa looks out of place—-guess she’s not used to doing hot & sexy kinda roles. Anyway’s swara is such a hypocrite—now dosen’t she feel reduced to vagina, cause the song clearly sexualises and objectifies men and women.

    • Rashmi says:

      Quoting PΠΎΠΎja Swara is so hypocritical – to the point! she only says what she is allowed to do. She says to please her powerful friends. I’m so disappointed in her. usually the actors of no commercial cinema are more sincere, like Kangana Nimrat or others, but not Swara.

  17. Anon says:

    The intro looks like a Lakme x L’oreal collaboration. They made a big deal about Farah Khan’s choreography but the dancing was non existent. And the so called hook step is just bizzare. The song had so much potential but by resorting to male objectification they are just over doing it now. Wonder how Swara agreed to be part of it.

    • Amanda says:

      Swara is a close pal of Sonam… She usually gets work when Sonam recommends…. Sonam’s family is producing his movie.. I don’t think Swara would say NO…

  18. Amanda says:

    The makeup looks gaudy especially Kareena,followed by sonam…. The clothes look garish and overdone… Lip-sync horribly gone wrong….

    I think Bebo shot this song while she was pregnant because she looks tired and uninterested… Sonam is just posing for the camera and she looks uncomfortable in those clothes… The makers don’t feel the need to give more time for Swara and the other lady in the song.. I think everyone has shot this movie out of obligation rather than interest..

    Sonam should marry and quickly settled down in London instead of spending time in acting since she takes acting as a hobby instead of main career… Usually Sonam Kapoor’s costumes are aesthetically pleasing,but this one is a disappointment…

    The whole look of β€˜Tareefan’ song looks like that of a KPOP Girls band,something which I have started to hate..;

    • truthordare says:

      Please don’t insult KPOP. Kareena and Sonam look hilarious dancing especially while doing that slap- on-the-hip step. Kareena looks awful and Sonam doesn’t look what she’s supposed to be looking- hot. Don’t get me started on Kareena’s kick towards the end….

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