Varun is like a mixture of Salman and Shah Rukh in Kalank

One of the details that we forgot to mention back then when we shared the teaser of Kalank was, how similar Varun looked to Shah Rukh in the film. His movements, his way of walking and talking kind of looks like Shah Rukh. Why not? Since his character was originally written for Shah Rukh in mind. You know, back then when KJo had a spare room in Mannat?! 😈

Today, we were reminded again of that when First Class was released. Yes, that’s the second song from the film. It’s called First Class. We initially thought the song was first class, like great, but no…

So first, isn’t this film set soooo long ago? Back then, First Class wasn’t really the term used to describe something amazing? This movie is set in the 1940’s, for some reason we cannot imagine people back then using these words to describe something they feel great about. Did Mahatma Gandhi ever use these words?

Anyways, they should have had a better manual on how to copy SLB. Don’t think SLB would have ever done something like this. When he goes traditional, he goes full on.


Varun acts so much like a mixture of Shah Rukh and Salman in the song. He got the Shah Rukh acting right at the beginning and then, he lost it thinking he was Salman in Judwaa.

Check out Varun, non-nepotism actress Kiara Advani and the great Madhuri (seen at the ending opening a giant door – she probably locked Aloo in so that she doesn’t come and ruin this one too)

Something else made news today…

Speaking of Shah Rukh…

This happened:

Varun is like a mixture of Salman and Shah Rukh in Kalank

Image result for kajol gifs

What is wrong with him?

Jokes aside, it must have been a honest mistake.

Because no one is that stupid to dug a hole for them to die in right after.

Image result for kajol gifs

He seemed to be in a hurry retweeting all the good reviews about this film since today is very important as opening day. And by accident, he tweeted this one also.

But then again, the message is quite long so he couldn’t have quickly ‘liked’ it without reading it first.


This was not done by him, it was by either a bot or someone working with him.

You must have heard about the internet bot farm? Where people just sit there and like/comment/share tweets or other social media postings?

This is what it looks like:

Varun is like a mixture of Salman and Shah Rukh in Kalank

So naturally, this embarrassing ‘like’ of his got sooo much attention that even Shah Rukh had to respond to this:

Varun is like a mixture of Salman and Shah Rukh in Kalank


Was he squirming when he wrote this? Did Gauri ask him to write this? Or did KebabJo ask him for help since Kalank is being promoted but instead this first class tweet of his got more promotion!

Karan, like others, denied he ‘liked’ this tweet and went on to say the usual “we are just friends” statement:

Varun is like a mixture of Salman and Shah Rukh in Kalank


Now, you decide whether he actually did ‘like’ that tweet or he was hacked?

Whoever hacked him, though, should have also posted a nice tweet about Kangana Ranaut. That would have been wayyy more embarrassing.

Image result for Kangana gifs

But then again, nothing can be more embarrassing than publicly humiliating a man you once called family! Kalank, he has become – I tell you!

Image result for kajol gifs

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26 Responses

  1. Leaps says:

    Oh kjo definitely liked that tweet intentionally. The man is an opportunist he has used it to promote kesari by appeasing Akshay fans , he has the cop movie with him too.

    Also honestly the biggest problem with kalank is it doesn’t look 1940. For Varun who is likely playing a poor man he’s wearing e xpensiv clothes and styled hair which is so off period.

  2. whiskermole says:

    β€˜First class’ was around in the 1940s. I’m thinking of trains the Brits made in India with first, second, etc. class. The education system they introduced in India also had first, second, etc. class for grading exams.

  3. Tina says:

    Kalank is a KJo family drama with a Hindu-Muslim love story as a backdrop which in turn will have (in your face) story of Ramayana as a backdrop which in turn will have partition as backdrop, which in turn will have the tapori-giri of the 90s as a backdrop. Nothing will be subtle, because this is a KJo film. He will drop all the backdrops on the audience like a tonne of bricks.

    Most of the audience will hate it because they think it’s atrocious. 10% will hate it because they don’t want a Hindu-Muslim love story. The movie will flop. Karan will blame the ENTIRE audience for being religious fanatics.

    Audience will lash back and remind him of his recent pictures with Modi. Opposition parties will have a whale of a time poking fun at them. Trolls will take their gloves off. And the great spectacle of Indian Elections will unfold as the backdrop to this Naatak.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please get your popcorn and seat yourself for the greatest β€˜tamasha’ of 2019.

  4. Harshavardhini R says:

    I love you OSOP. Your articles cheer me during my bad days. Have a blessed life.

  5. Two cents says:

    Yes, the tapori ‘first-class’ song was so out of place with the theme and feel of the movie. So idiotic!

    SRK’s reply was savage….I will hereon be addressing KJo as fat fingers! LOL! BTW, did you guys see the hilarious meme about KJO? It says ‘Karan Johar saamp hai…baaki sab first class hai”. The song had some use!

  6. Jon snow says:

    Admin you are awesome. Just love your posts. After reading this I saw the song again and could not stop laughing. It is so true. I wish you would tell ur followers a little bit more about yourself. Please keep posting such awesome stuff.

    • Admin says:

      Well, hello there…😎 There’s nothing much to tell. We had rather remain anonymous to leave the focus on the site and content. The only thing we share is part of our personal experience and stories.

      So let’s share another one. Our 9 years cat passed away 2 days ago of kidney failure. She had been diagnosed two weeks ago and subsequently, hospitalized. Blood tests showed that it was too late to save her as her kidney was already fully not functioning. It was heartbreaking, but knowing that she was going to pass away soon was just something else. It’s like knowing your exam’s results are coming up and you can’t escape it. We choose not to put her down because we couldn’t do it. She was first abandoned by her first owners, who changed house and left her there so we took her in as we lived nearby. Then, we moved and she refused to come so every day we would go and feed her for 5 years. Sometimes we would chase her down the road just to catch her and bring her back home. But she liked it there since there were people feeding her. Only when the people moved did she make an effort to come back home, but she would go back every day after eating and resting. Sometimes we think we should have been more proactive in getting her a checkup, but…She has lived for 9 years and we tried to make her happy by feeding her whatever she wanted. She was very fussy when it came to food, would prefer to starve if she doesn’t get her fave wet food. Ah, well… May she rest in peace…

      Now back to your question…😎 Action speaks louder, this is how we would like to be known: through our contribution. Nothing else matters.

      A lot of boys and girls go on Bollywood sites with dreams of becoming actors. We decided to tell things like it is so they don’t get conned into thinking this is a glamorous place where you get fame and money as soon as you land.

      Other than that…It’s just a way to break that bubble that most people think Bollywood is about.

      Enough about us now…

      Why don’t you tell everyone here something about you?

    • Two cents says:

      Hey admin, sorry to hear about your cat. People who love animals are the best among men (or women) πŸ™‚

  7. Aura says:

    Poor Varun! He wishes he was Shahrukh!… But I can’t look past his tapori face. It’s the curse of Govinda.

    Varun and Alia set up to fill some very big shoes. (Reminds me of Hrithik’s early years constantly pitted against the Khans). TOO SOON! These are still wet behind the ears.

  8. Roma Kashyap says:

    Hi Admin, clearly you only post stuff that’s in favour of you and censor things that are not. I recently called you out on your deep-veer bias in the SSR blind item and my comment never got posted. Now it is much more clear where your alligiences are.

    • Admin says:

      Hello…Do you see your comment? See how your comment became visible soon after you posted it? This is because you already have an approved account here so when you comment on the same username and email address, it gets posted automatically because the plugin recognizes your comment is not spam. If you post your comment from a different username, IP address, and email, it automatically is labeled as spam because it can detect the same user is trying to comment under a different pseudo. This is written in our Comment Policy, you can go read it. You want to comment on anyone, vent out your frustrations, take out your anger – you can do so under the same account. It’s ironic how you say this when clearly this comment of yours got approved, clearly logic and common sense don’t work here if you have so much venom to spew against two individuals you don’t know personally!

      • Roma Kashyap says:

        Oh how convinient!
        Just for your information – not that it matters since you hold all the cards here, I posted using the same credentials.
        As for spewing venom, my comment here and even earlier is much more respectful than all the insensitive bios that you write before a blind item. Further, your pattern is clear for people to see putting Ranveer on a pedestal while dragging everyone else through mud.
        Big thanks for posting my comment though. It was truly unexpected.

        • GeekyGal says:

          You don’t understand technology, do you? This comment got posted automatically because you used the same credentials as earlier. Happy posting!

  9. NewGirl says:

    #ShameonKaranJohar πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Apparently he has a picture of Shah Gauri framed in his office. It gives him power lol. Wonder if he still has that.

    How bad must it have been that he got even SRK to tweet about this?! l loved SRK’s reply lol!

    @Monalisa – naah, i think it was a mistake.

  10. Monalisa says:

    Instead of appeasing his fans and putting out the fire SRK trolled Kjo in his tweet. He took digs at Kjo’s dressing sense, called him fat indirectly by saying that he has fat fingers, called him technologically challenged. The best part he did not ask his fans to stop but asked them to go slow on Kjo. πŸ˜‚ Kjo must have begged SRK to tweet in his defence because SRK never clarify anything on twitter. And what a lame exuse that snake Kjo came up for liking the tweet. he could have just said that he mistakenly liked the tweet while he was drunk or half asleep while going through kesari related tweets instead of coming up with the lame technological glitch exuse. I think kjo most probably was taking the screenshot of the tweet to whatsapp it to his gossip gang and have a mocking session at SRK’s expense and he mistakenly liked the tweet.

    • Aura says:

      Lol… Plausible, especially the Whatsapp thing – that’s so KJo!

    • Anon says:

      ITA, I freaking loved Srk’s reply..savage as f*ck but subtle shading at its finest. Nobody shades better than Srk actually.
      Re : the tweet- this is actually the thought that came to me as well ..Karan possibly took a screen shot to share on his juvenile teenage whatsapp groups to bitch about SRK and suck up to Akshay. Hateful man. And no I dont think this is only about PC. It’s Karan, do you think he wouldve wasted a minute in jumping ship the moment SRK had his first big flop? He will maintain they are bhais to his dying day but lots has changed

    • Two cents says:

      Yup…he is quite the jerk. I think he was a nicer person back in the day! Now he is all twisted!.

  11. GeekyGal says:

    Kiara Advani got accepted into Karen’s nepo camp once her association with Saeed Jeffrey, Ashok Kumar and Juhi Chawla came into fore. Not non nepo, just like Ranveer Singh.

  12. Crazyworld says:

    So fitting to use Kajol gifs as they (SRK, Kajol & Karan) were once the Awesome Trio of Bollywood.

    The way I see it, SRK and KJo’s issues started when Karan started his hate campaign on PC.

    I think KJo made a mistake or a bot did it though. Don’t think he’s that stupid to go against SRK in public like that, especially when he has a lot of big budget films on the pipeline. SRK may be having a bad phase now but he’s still very powerful and has a huge fan following.

    However, I think SRK doesn’t trust KJo.

    • Mahendra Agarwal says:

      But the funny part is that relationship with PC is still there though maybe a little bit but the one with Srk is completely finished

  13. Aura says:

    Is it really set in 1940s? With the colosseum-like bull-fighting arenas and all? Teaser feels like a khichri of 1900s nawabs, Mujras, Gladiators, fairies and gnomes. So anything is possible.
    What went wrong between KJo and Shahrukh???

    • Alok says:

      It’s like the period was an afterthought for Karan. This feels too contemporary. My expectations are slowly plummeting. And here I thought the incredibly overwrought SLB was anachronistic. Karan makes him look like a stickler for period detail.

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