Varun Dhawan kissing Rani Mukherji’s hand while Deepika Padukone looks on

And this is how you greet the queen when you meet her! Despite what you might say about her true character (homewrecker and all the other titles that might describe her true character, Rani is very much talented. This picture was taken at the HT Stylish award, where Rani finally made an appearance in public to accept an award about her style. Rani’s birthday was last week and to celebrate with her fans (and also to start the hype on her upcoming film), Rani had a live chat video with her fans through Yash Raj Films official account. She talked about a lot of things, including why she’s not on social media and why she didn’t share the picture of her daughter. She said her husband is a very private(invisible) man and would like to remain this way. So, she has to respect his wishes and be invisible as well.


Isn’t it strange how this picture of Varun Dhawan kissing her hand reminds us of a picture that had Vivek Oberoi kissing her hand back then when they were rumoured to be together?

Varun Dhawan kissing Ranu Mukherji's hand while Deepika Padukone looks on

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  1. Smitha says:

    She’s such a talented person. wondered why she had to marry that scumbag husband.

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