Varun Dhawan in an old picture

It can be both funny and shocking when you see pictures of your favourite stars before they became stars. Most likely because they appear to look so different than us. They look normal and geeky (some of them). There are lots of pictures of Varun Dhawan before he became a star. The picture taken below was during Varun’s Hrithik Roshan phase. There was a photoshoot that Varun did that pretty much aped Hrithik’s style. As you know, every young actor has been inspired by Hrithik Roshan. Imran Khan once said it and he said that if an actor of his generation denies it, then he’s lying. Makes sense because they all grew up to Hrithik Roshan‘s evolution in acting and style. Here’s one with his friends when he was studying in the U.K.

Varun Dhawan in an old picture

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  1. Smitha says:

    He looks just the same apart from the hair style. Haha.

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