Updates on Comment Submission

Hello all,

We have decided to go ahead and make your comments approved and visible as soon as you submit them, though this only applies to readers who have commented many times before. This is to help with the conversation that readers are having with each other on this platform to allow them to fight, talk and discuss in real time.

Updates on Comments


The reason we are letting this update known is to ask anyone, who comments, to not use words that shouldn’t be used because uncles, aunties, mommies, daddies, grandmas and grandpas read this website as well; not ours, but others. We don’t want anyone having a heart attack right here. Jokes aside, keep every word civilised and try not to offend the other party no matter how dear the topic or subject might be to you.

Since comments are already being approved and visible, we don’t get to review every single one of them. In case, you have addressed something in your comment specifically to us, please notify us if you don’t see a reply after 3 days. We are not Hrithik Roshan, we will definitely reply to your comment.

Thank you all for taking the time out and using your mobile data to comment on the posts here.

Have fun commenting,


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9 Responses

  1. ghkj says:

    The comment limiter that’s been set since the security features have been in place was active for me last week. I can comment only up to four or five comments, after which it locks me out.

    • Admin says:

      Sorry about that. We don’t see any setting for the problem that you have mentioned. Perhaps, the comments are being submitted too fast, one after the other, and this might just be mistaken for Spam. Let us know if there’s still the same problem.

      • bucketbot says:

        admin, last week or so i was locked out for commenting too fast, which i certainly wasn’t. It was only my second comment of the day. The site didn’t let me comment for two days after that.

  2. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Sense of humor is hilarious lol

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