Every season, new shows get started on TV. This is an exciting moment for the audience as these shows’ survival depend on how much the audience like them. In the end, the winners will only be the audience’s favorite. I have watched these shows and I fully enjoyed them. They had new storylines, fresh casts and deserve an audience (not that they don’t have one).


So, here we go; a variety of new shows to watch:




Make no mistake about this show; it is really ‘Shameless’. With William H Macy playing a drunken dad who basically doesn’t care about his kids including a baby and leaves his young eldest daughter, played by Emmy Rossum, to look after these kids. This show has a line up of fresh faces, not all, but it also has some of the best actors such as William H Macy, also known as Felicity Huffman’s husband, who plays the worst father in history. If you thought your dad couldn’t care less then you have to see William H Macy’s as the father of these kids. Emmy Rossum, who played in the ‘Phantom of the Opera’, will totally surprise you here. She wears the minimal makeup and you still find her beautiful as she struggles through life taking care of her siblings. This is a well-cast show and a great great show. Though this show is full of kids and teenagers, ‘Shameless’ is not a show that kids below 18 years of age can watch. I repeat: this is not a children’s show. So watch it alone!




I had my doubts about ‘The Borgias’. I saw it’s a new show and I thought “what the heck! Since all my fave shows are nearing their end soon, why not get its replacements ready” so I watched the first episode, not knowing what to expect. As the opening credits rolled, the name Jeremy Irons appeared and I thought, “this must be really good”. For those who know Jeremy Irons line of work would know he’s a damn profitable and excellent actor. ‘The Borgias’ has a different setting altogether. It’s a damn good show set in ancient Roman times. It gets you interested in history, especially the history of Roman Popes. Plus, really good-looking actors in there especially the one playing Jeremy Iron’s eldest son. ‘The Borgias’ is another show that is not meant for those below 18, so stay clear of this one if you have not hit 18 yet. For those above 18 can look forward to some great acting and interesting storylines in ‘The Borgias’.





Thanks to one of my favourite shows ‘Desperate Housewives’; I came to know about ‘Body of Proof’. This is because on the last season of ‘Desperate Housewives’, one of its stars Dana Delany has announced that she will not be appearing in the next season of ‘Desperate Housewives’ as she was offered the lead role in an upcoming show. Dana was originally meant to play Marcia Cross’ role in the hit TV series and if you know Dana and Marcia, you will see the similar features of these two red-hair ladies. Hence, we have ‘Body of Proof’ that stars Dana Delany. Now, I’m not a big fan of this crime and investigation type of shows, but ‘Body of Proof’ is the first one that I found interesting. It’s not a full on crime and investigation, it has more. Dana plays neurosurgeon turned medical examiner in ‘Body of Proof’ and she has her share of troubles like any other human being. Since she’s the lead in ‘Body of Proof’, Dana looks really good with a nice hairstyle and a nice color of hair. The lady looks good at 55 and yes, she’s single. ‘Body of Proof’ is a great show to watch if you love science and the mysteries that surround it. If you are a fan of Dana Delany then you won’t be disappointed.




“Chaos” is another show I discovered at my trials of a ‘Two & a Half Men’ replacement. I was ecstatic to find out that it stars none other than the romantic and funny Gio from ‘Ugly Betty’. Yes, I was a fan of that show before it got cancelled and left America Ferrera with no job. Gio, or Freddy Rodriguez as he’s really known, stars in this new show about FBI officers. Or let’s just say it’s about the losers in FBI. You know all these FBI officers who are not respected and all. So, Freddy stars his new job, his dream job, as an FBI agent. The first episode was pretty exciting, but overall it’s a man’s show. Unless you find Freddy really cute and he is in this show, wearing suits and all. Let’s see how long ‘Chaos’ holds on.




I didn’t know what to expect when the first episode of ‘Fairly Legal’ started. It has new faces, none of whom I recognized and the storyline was new with something that I’m unfamiliar with. It stars Sarah Shahi in the lead role as a mediator, who hates lawyers and believes in mediation more than anything else. Meaning, instead of going to court you can settle out of court by having both sides agreeing or coming to a decent conclusion. As I watched the episodes, I began to really connect and understood the characters of this show hence this is why this show is on this list. ‘Fairly Legal’ is a nice drama-romantic-comedy show that is not to be missed if you have nothing better to watch. I have never heard of Sarah Shahi before, but I am now a fan.




Ok, I will be brutally honest here: I watched the pilot of ‘Mr Sunshine’ because my favourite charater from ‘FRIENDS’ was Chandler Bing. Chandler Bing aka Mathew Perry stars in this comedy show that he’s co-produced titled ‘Mr Sunshine’. It’s a nice and light show; something to end a hard day. Mathew didn’t disappoint at all in this show. If you are a fan of Chandler Bing then you will love Mathew’s Benjamin in ‘Mr Sunshine’.



A bit similar to ‘The Borgias’, ‘Camelot’ is the story about how Arthur became King Arthur. This show has a couple of cute guys and stars James Bond’s Eva Green. Like ‘The Borgias’, it’s not a show for those below 18 years old. I mean, when a film or show has Eva Green, you should know it’s not proper for kids. ‘Camelot’ has just started and is so far interesting to watch and learn about the British history. If you enjoy these types of show then ‘Camelot’ will not bore you. Once again, not for kids.




‘Perfect Couples’ is a light and comedy show; much like ‘Mr Sunshine’. So far, I find this show and its characters, 6 leads, very entertaining. It’s not ‘FRIENDS’, but it’s close. It’s about these six friends/3 couples who are close and very close to each other. The actors do a great job and it’s definitely a watch for me.





I had my doubts about this show, but when it started and Kathy Bates came on the screen, all my doubts turned into respect. Why? Because it’s a show that stars Kathy Bathes, a renowned actress. The woman is so good at what she does that she doesn’t disappoint. She stars in ‘Harry’s Law’ as Harriet, a parent lawyer who simply got fed up of what she was doing for most of her life and decides to take on a new way at being a lawyer. She creates an office in an old shoe store accompanied by her assistant; the lady helps those who really need justice. ‘Harry’s Law’ is a really nice show with amazing performances that make you connect with the characters on screen. It is created by the same person who created the ‘Ally McBeal’ show, a very popular show when I was growing up. Though the show moves quite slow, ‘Harry’s Law’ does not disappoint at all.



‘Mad Love’ is a simple and light romantic comedy that stars ‘American Pie’ actor, Jason Biggs. It also stars the actress who played Ted Mosby’s love interest for quite some time in ‘How I Met your Mother’. ‘Mad Love’ is perfect for those looking for something really light to watch. It has some nice comedy in it as well. Overall, it’s a cute show.





‘Traffic Light’ falls along the lines of ‘Perfect Couples’. With a fresh line of faces, ‘Traffic Light’ is about three couples and their each stage of relationships hence the title ‘Traffic Light’. It’s nice and simple; great if you have nothing better to watch. Between ‘Perfect Couples’ and ‘Traffic Light’, ‘Perfect Couples’ is better, in terms of the writing and the comedy.

So there you have it; the replacements of ‘Two and a Half Men’. No word on when this show is going to be back, but in the meantime why waste time to sulk in despair. Take a look and these show and decide your picks among them. It’s better than nothing.

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