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We are among the very few people who are not fans of ‘The Crown’, Netflix’s superhit show. Almost everyone raves about ‘The Crown’, online. We tried to watch the first season but ended up finding out it’s not our cup of tea. Besides, Queen Elizabeth II has been queen for a long time and she is still alive, for the record. Her story never interested us, for some reason. If there was anything scandalous she did, it would have been known. Sadly for her, her kids and grand-kids did all the ‘scandalin’ (not a real word), much to the UK tabloids’ delight!


Season 4 of ‘The Crown’ is going to be very interesting…at least, for us…Because of two reasons. One is, they are introducing Gillian Anderson as then UK’s first PM Margaret Thatcher and Emma Corrin as Lady/Princess Diana.

Trailer of The Crown – Season 4:

The actor playing Prince Charles is much better looking than the real-life prince but the actress playing Lady Diana cannot, of course, be compared to her.












Other than Meghan Markle, the whole world knew Lady Diana. She was the most popular member of the royal family and even so more popular after her divorce. The public sided with her instead of the royal family after the divorce. Camilla, who is also featured in this series, was probably not the most well-liked person together with Prince Charles then. She was, after all, the mistress back then who was half responsible for breaking up this marriage. We, along with millions of others, remember where we were when news of her Lady Diana’s passing came out. It is impossible to forget something as tragic as that fatal accident in 1997. So for this season since they are introducing her character, we are interested to see how they will be portraying her. Whether it will be the truth or fiction or a bit of both? The palace was short of drama so doubt they will have to dramatize things, especially in the Diana-Charles chapter.


Gillian Anderson is the one who stands out in the trailer with her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, UK’s first Prime Minister also known as the Iron Lady. In fact, her portrayal seems more accurate than Merly Streep’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Iron Lady’. Gillian is pretty amazing as an actress. She was famous for her role in ‘X-Files’, a show that we have not really watched when it was at its peak. But for us, it’s ‘The Fall’! She’s brilliant in that along with Jamie Dornan (introduced for the first time on TV), who plays a great father, a good husband, and a serial killer (Ya!). You can also catch her in Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ in which she plays the mother of the young lead actor. ‘Sex Education’, despite its title, is not as dark and shocking as ‘Euphoria’, it’s a fun adult show with some nice moments.


Everyone raves about Olivia Colman but we have seen her in three TV shows (Fleabag, The Night Manager, Run (2013)) to date, and her way of acting looks like the same – the same stern, non-smiling, no-nonsense and straight-to-the-point kind of characters. From the trailer of ‘The Crown’, Queen Elizabeth II comes across as someone who’s cold and arrogant, especially in her scenes with Gillian. Maybe that’s the way the Queen really is, but who knows how she behaves away from the public’s eyes. She’s been queen for so long, she has mastered the art of acting and faking by now!

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It would be interesting if ‘The Crown’ carries on until the Prince Harry meeting Meghan’s story happens but doubt they will manage to make it this far. The show is going to end with Season 6 and by Season 5, other actors will be portraying the leads, including Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Diana.

We’ll be watching until Lady Diana’s chapter is over because it’s not really worth it after that. Let’s see how it goes.

‘The Crown’ will be out on Netflix on November 15, 2020.

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    U r fraud so stop showing whole world know what you know.I never heard of royal family before William’s marriage and not heard of daina till 2019 so western and you now that not mean whole world know.just wait karma catch rhea drug peddler and hijade ki sena jaayegi jaldi Maharashtra se.

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