Trailer: Tanhaji – Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan & Kajol

The trailer of Ajay Devgan’s next ‘Tanhaji’ is out now. If you check the comments under the trailer on YouTube, you will see how most viewers commented how this trailer is way much better than Arjun Kapoor’s ‘Panipat’. True! It really is!


Check out trailer of Tanhaji: 

Luckily, this film will be out next year so Ashutosh Gowariker has nothing to worry about. It will also be released in 3D so….Who wants to see Ajay Devgan this close? Kajol, yeah we know but who else?

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So, this movie is based on the life of the legendary Tanaji Malusare and the surgical strike that he was part of, which changed the history of the Mughal Empire.

First question is, how many biopic films Ajay has his hand in? He is producing this one as well and since the VFX looks OK-ish, it does look like they spent $$$ in the making of this film. If you remember, he has his hand in another biopic, which has ran out of money to shoot.

For ‘Tanhaji’ since he cast his wife Kajol, he must think that will attract her and their fans to the theaters to watch the film. Sadly, their pairing does nothing in the trailer. It’s just….

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He does need a lot of support because this looks like a huge project, meaning a lot of money needs to be recovered.

This trailer, like ‘Panipat’s, proves that not all actors can be in period films. Ajay doesn’t really suit this one, but maybe it’s because he hasn’t acted in one for ages. Not that we remember, only ‘Bhagat Singh’ seems to come to mind! Saif looked good, but why is it that every period film’s negative character bears similarities with ‘Padmaavat’s Khilji?

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Speaking of Saifu, y’all know that in ‘Talaash’ Nawazuddin’s character was called ‘Taimur’? #nojoke #notrelevanttothistrailer #justwantedtoshare #funfact

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Bollywood has been banking a lot of patriotic, period and biopic films more than ever! Is it easier for them to just rewrite something instead of writing something new?

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So, as tradition…



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