Trailer: Sooryavanshi – Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Ranveer Singh & Katrina Kaif

The trailer of Rohit Shetty’s ‘Sooryavanshi’ finally dropped yesterday! Prior to that, a couple of critics got their first look at the trailer a day before and everyone was praising it to the skies!

That’s how we knew it was not that good!

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Here’s the trailer of Sooryavanshi:

As you can see in the description of the trailer, there’s Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Ranveer Singh and Katrina Kaif. Katrina’s name comes after Ajay and Ranveer who both have a special appearance aka cameo in the film. Why? Maybe because her time on screen is shorter than theirs!


Sooryavanshi Trailer Review

Overall, ‘Sooryavanshi’ is not the same as Rohit’s other cop films like ‘Singham’ and ‘Simmba’. It does not have the same excitement and hype. It looks like a sleeper film. Even Akshay’s acting in it looks like he thought he sleept-walk in this film. There’s no emotion when he speaks, especially when he’s telling Katrina, “I have been shot”. That was his Sara Ali Khan, “Tum mujhe tang karne lage ho” acting moment!

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Katrina’s role is obviously a flower pot role, she plays Akshay’s wife and they even have a kid together. Remember how much she fought to be in this film? Also, this is the same film where they are recreating Raveena Tandon’s hit ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’, right? Funny, it’s not in the trailer!


Since Akshay’s presence is so lackluster and dull, Rohit HAD to add Ajay and Ranveer in it itself. From what was supposed to be a surprise appearance has turned into visible appearance just to boost the trailer.

Now the blind item makes sense, it’s not surprising Rohit was not happy with Akshay’s work. The fact that he mentioned Akshay was more interested in having his relatives travel on the producer’s budget shows Rohit’s displeasure in Akshay’s dedication.

But what to do? Akshay does so many films in a year, it’s bound to get exhausting. This film, he’s not even trying. Plus, it doesn’t help that he suddenly looks his age. Ajay is around the same age but doesn’t look that old. Akshay has started to look old and tired. It can’t be because he doesn’t indulge in cosmetic surgery since most actors don’t really fix their neck. Maybe that’s why these older actors stop shaving and start keeping a beard, it helps cover the neck area!

Never thought we would one day say this, Ajay does look better than Akshay now!


Between Ajay and Ranveer’s appearance in the trailer, Ajay made the most impact. It’s like he came out to clean this sh!t up since Akshay has been sleep-walking throughout the trailer. Ajay was like, “I don’t like to waste time. Let me clean this sh!t up!”.

Sooryavanshi Trailer Launch

At the trailer launch, Ranveer was out and out selling the film in his style like a fanboy of Devgan and Kumar. Akshay also told everyone on stage that Ranveer came 40 minutes late and kept mentioning it, even called him “late lateef”. If you know Akshay, he’s always on time and sometimes before time.

The reason why Ajay and Akshay don’t get along

At the launch, Akshay out of nowhere claimed that Ajay kicked him out of his debut film and many other films. So their hatred towards each other comes from that and not from anything else. It’s ironic how when that happened, Ajay was an industry kid and Akshay was a nobody. If this happened now, then you know: Nepotism!

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By the way, Akshay holding Katrina by the waist looks creepy. He did the same with Kareena, even had her sitting on his lap!


Can they not see it makes the ladies uncomfortable? Especially Akshay, who gets touchy-feely with his leading ladies. Remember how there was that blind item that said this was a habit of his and some women misunderstand his friendliness!


Over these past few days, since it was announced that Ranveer and Ajay were making an appearance in ‘Sooryavanshi’, there have been reports on how Rani Mukerji will also be making an appearance at the end of the film. Rani, as you know it, plays a cop in the ‘Mardaani’ series. No confirmation on these speculations so let’s just wait and see. Of course, getting Rani is not the same as getting Ajay and Ranveer. She is, after all, the malkin and Rohit’s people will have to go through YRF’s people who then will calculate whether this move will benefit Rani or not. Besides, Ajay is producing ‘Sooryavanshi’ and if you remember, Malkin’s hubby and Ajay had this fight on paper years ago over their respective films’ release.


Since almost everything was shown in the trailer itself, including the surprising cameos, are you willing to contribute to Rohit Shetty’s cop universe so that he can make more movies about cars and gravity?

Time to vote:

Oh, KebabJo was also at the trailer launch wearing a loose jacket with ribbons on each arms accompanied with a one-side torn pants! See, that’s how you know KebabJo has no cats at home because you can’t walk around with ribbons hanging from your clothes!

Rohit said the best entry in this film will be from Karan! Then Ranveer made fun of how Karan will be wearing Louis Vuitton police uniform!

Isn’t it smart how KJo attaches himself to successful directors or directors with guaranteed success? It’s a great way to make people forget about the solo flops his production has been churning out on its own.

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15 Responses

  1. dsang says:

    wait…whaaaaaaaat????? when ?? how???

  2. abcd says:

    Waiting itself implies taking advantage of the situation for own personal selfish agenda. Exes and past have already been mentioned several times. Real fun will be life post babies.

    Anyways, moving to the topic, Kat isn’t a star kid. Sallu doesn’t help anymore. Kat said no to suri’s movie as she doesn’t want to lose whatever little help she might get in future from sallu. VK any way wouldn’t marry her, so she has to take whatever comes her way. Kat desperately wants marriage, web series involves plenty of intimate scenes and skin show, so she’s isn’t there.

  3. guest says:

    sorry to bust your alia waited bubble ranbir alia was said to have hooked up in 2014

  4. whiskermole says:

    Shivani Roy in the climax of this movie will work well for the Mardaani series. Hope they get her in there!

  5. abcd says:

    Short or long role in the movie sooryavanshi does not matter to kat. Kat kept distance from kjo during release of trailer launch of sooryavanshi. She did not speak too much with Kjo. Kjo ensured that nobody questioned kat about uglia’s backstabbing. Kat was more concerned about promoting her makeup business. Kat wants female cop’s role in singham cop series, which kjo certainly won’t give her as he hates kat. Kat is doing an item number in uglia’s movie. Kat has chosen pc’s way to get in Slb’s camp.First an item song in ram leela, then 2 movies. Kat hopes to get at least 1 movie as actress from slb camp. Ak is bothered about taking maximum money from the movie. Ad came as he did the mistake of selling singham movie rights to Kjo.Rs wants to be in good books of kjo, so he had to come and do cameo.

    • N says:

      Please can you people stop talking about Alia’s β€œbackstabbing”. Atleast she waited until they had broken up to start dating Ranbir unlike Kat. She’s no saint so please stop portraying her as some victim. She’s smart and calculating.
      Also, I don’t know why she’s even doing this film, she knows Kjo and his gang don’t like her and yet. I guess it’s the only thing she’s got working for her

  6. Thoughts says:

    Hey Admin, have you seen the short film “Devi” featuring Kajol, Neha and Shruti Hassan on YouTube?

    Would like if you could write your review on it especially in light of the Nirbhaya case

  7. Mahendra Agarwal says:

    The heroine of Phool aur Kante was Madhoo , a relative of Hemamalini and not Raveena Tandon

  8. Vivek says:

    To define star kids , until recently only lead actor actress kids used to considered as star kids. Not even children of side actor villain or directors and to some extend producers were considered as star kids forget about a stuntmen’s kid. Anupama even asked this in an FC interview with Rohit and Ajay , “Is there a class system within Bollywood n do u ever face that??” So I don’t thing when Ajay was launched n for many years after that he was ever considered a industry kid per se though connections do matters but then money speaks. @admin waiting for background story of Ranveer coming late for the launch.Plz take us through that.

    • Admin says:

      Ranveer was sulking at home cause of what he was wearing! After all, how can he step out in normal and simple clothes? Even KJo added ribbons on his πŸ˜‚

  9. N says:

    Katrina is back to doing what she knows best

  10. Hmm says:

    Sorry, but i’ve never viewed Ajay as a star kid. His father worked in the industry as a stuntsman but that doesn’t mean he had access to the riches and opportunities the children of producers and top actors/actresses had.

    I also know Ajay lost good roles in the past that went to the Khans and even Akshay that he had to do some silly films in the 90s. He was even written off by Yash Chopra. But he worked hard and look at him today.

    Rumours of his creepiness aside, Ajay D is very good at his job and minds his business. No unnecessary cliques and parties which has earned him the respect across the industry. Even former/ coded enemies like KJo have to kiss up now.

  11. Kit says:

    Industry kid or not, Ajay Devgn is a far better actor than Akshay in this cop series thing. As you said, Admin, Ajay came to clean up the mess. Ajay Devgn’s presence in Simbaa also helped Ranveer.

    In my opinion, Ranveer was brought in to bring in comic relief and youthfulness.

    Have to admire Rohit for one thing though. He is loyal to Ajay D in good times and bad unlike KJo (the snake).

    Also admire Ajay D’s professionalism. Another actor (cough cough SRK) would have been pissed if the director he brought to the limelight gave a lead role to his rival. Not Ajay D. He’s a very secure actor.

    Kat has never been a good actress. She’s just there to appear in a big budget film. Sadly, her typical roles have been taken by younger actresses e.g. Nora (dancing cameos). And the changes on her face are frankly killing her career. She had a beautiful face. Now she looks older than Kareena.

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