Trailer: Panga – Kangana Ranaut, Neena Gupta & Jassie Gill

Ashwiny Iyer’s ‘Panga’ will be released next month on January 24. Ashwini and her husband Nitish Tiwari must have some special connection with Kabaddi since they each made a film about Kabaddi! Nitish did the very famous ‘Dangal’, which coincidentally celebrates 3 years of release this month, and now Ashwini has ‘Panga’ up for release. Based on this trailer, it does seem they are both good at it so there’s no reason to stop!

First, check out the trailer of ‘Panga’ below:

Just like ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ was a nice and sweet film, ‘Panga’ too seems to be along the same lines. As far as the star cast goes, ‘Panga’ has strong actors leading the film so that part is set. On top of that, the storyline looks very interesting so it looks like a win for now.


Kangana, by now, can really take on any role and turn it into something. In this one too, she looks simple and beautiful so hopefully she gets the appreciation she deserves in this film. Or else we all won’t get to hear the end of it! Speaking of Kangu, we saw Mental Hai Kya again. Wait! We watched ‘Mental Hai Kya’ again and the film was really good. Like some parts, we understood better and both Rajkummar and Kangu were amazing in their roles! It’s a different kind of film that definitely deserved an audience worthy of it! Honestly, it’s nice to see films with good and valuable content.

Had to IMDBed Jassi Gill because he looked like we have seen him before! Turned out, he was in the sequel of ‘Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi’. No wonder he looked familiar in this one!

As for Neena Gupta, she’s great in this one. It’s nice that she’s getting good roles to play. The mother-daughter banter scene is different and funny too, something that many daughters and mothers can relate to.

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So, as tradition goes…

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15 Responses

  1. Justice Lover says:

    Nope, Kangana has made a place for herself amongst the useless and untalented nepo kids. They don’t get more fame than her, opportunities yes because of their parents’ connections. Kangana is at a point in her career where she doesn’t need to seek attention. She’s pretty, talented and continuously works on her craft which reflects in her performance. A lot goes on behind the scenes so please don’t only go by what is posted on social media.

    The sisters have been called names and what not by the nepo kids’ PR. The kind of personal attacks Kangana has endured can put any sane person on the brink of a nervous breakdown. And talking about mistakes, everybody makes them. I never said she was God, nor are the nepo kids but when I spend my hard earned money to watch a film, I would rather watch her than ………gosh so many names come to my mind!

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Agree with Hate KJo , the basic plot of Panga does resemble Mary Kom which could also be because these ladies had the same trajectory. A lot of these sporty biopics are now beginning to look the same. Nepotism can be a double edged sword ,it’s understandable that parents will help their own children . This year’s National Award for Best Actress was won by a star kid ,Keerthy Suresh ,(Menaka’s daughter) and she was superb in it. What is not understandable is why a Karan Johar simply enjoys collecting useless star kids (who aren’t related to him) with no screen presence like a sort of hobby.I imagine they flatter him with their subservient attention and keep him happy. Back to Kangana , she & her sister have managed to cheese off Bollywood (which is fine) as long as they continued to enjoy the goodwill of the people .But now the general public has slowly started getting bored of their constant fights which is beginning to get repeatedly childish now. She should reserve her guns for important battles ,not waste it on each and every dog who barks . There are outsiders like DP ,PC , Anushka ,Vidya Balan who aren’t industry kids yet have still made it big .

  3. HateKJo says:

    Trailer is good but reminds me of Marry Kom. Seems interesting though . Let see what is store in for the movie. Kangana’s last movies are disasters including her 2 big releases this year.

    Hope this time she promotes her film positively trusting her talent and fans and not by badmouthing other superstars . People don’t like negativity and its a fact that whenever her film is about to release , she starts a negative campaign which make people annoyed so much to skip her movies. JHK and Manikarnika are the examples of it.

    Kangana is a good actress but not bankable and a negative person.

    Review here shows ADMIN is a big Kangana Supporter and always support her.

  4. Jeeia says:

    we all have choice of not watching nepo movies…i dont knw y we make a big fuss of it… nepo exists in each and every field…ofcourse if i am a doctor, i will help my kids to become 1 and its upto others they want to visit or not

  5. abcd says:

    There’s nothing wrong in being a star kid, but when it’s used to harm others, then it’s a concern. If kjo was active about nepotism many years ago, then ab jr would have now been superstar. Nepotism is more rampant now and will grow in future.. Let’s take examples, rk released video of kangana’s horse stunt with duplicate one, there was lot of mockery. But when uglia bhatt and rk left horse training midway as they found it tiring, it was ignored. No level playing field and biases over surname makes matters worse. Being good human being is more important than being good at work. Even if human aspect is ignored, this means somewhere indirectly bad deeds are encouraged. Rs-dp are now given small roles now in FLOPASTRa because kjo gets then an excuse to throw outsiders couple under the bus. When chappal was thrown on kangana, she’s called mad person who has no evidence. But when uglia bhatt is now working with slb, scenes are done as per her comfort/ preference, not because of stardom or script need, just because she’s got kjo who gives her all that she wants. Slb is extra lenient with her. Her never ending bad deeds continue.

    • HateKjo says:

      RK didn’t leaked kangana’s horse video. How can he? He wasn’t there on the sets . It was done by someone on the sets. May be kangana wronged that person or may be by the director whom she had an ugly spat and steal credit from.

      Don’t accuse Rk for it. Do you have any proof of your claim? I am not supporting anyone here but use some brain.
      To top it all, Kangana’s lies and PR was exposed through that video. Obviously if you claim to learn horse riding, and falling sick while shooting that particular scene with the real horse etc ,get exposed by someone from the movie crew ,do make others to mock at you and call you out.
      She deserves that.

      • abcd says:

        Please check kangana’s interviews done for Manikarnika. Anyways, they have all started getting their karma. Forcefully trapped for life with evil hearted uglia, negative vibes for ruining lives of many females, and so on. Kangana’s flaws do exist, but she’s not into backstabbing but talks in face, though she and her sister don’t sugar coat words. Anyway, merry Christmas, bye! !

        • Hate Kjo says:

          Kangana lies a lot and she is well known for making false claims and accusations. She said it and you trust her. Tomorrow if anyone accuse Kangana for leaking something from the sets will you trust him or her?

          Kangana in an interview said I was the first choice of Beyond the clouds not Deepika but the director clear the air and expose her lies. She lied about riding the horse and deserve the backlash when exposed.

          Please its Alia not Uglia. What she has done will get it back for sure. For Kangana, she will hit by karma for lying , abusing women and hurting so many people. Kangana is into hallucinations , lying and imagining things. She is too into backstabbing and stealing credits. She and her sister (nepo product) are moral less and has no manners.

          Merry Christmas.

          • abcd says:

            Kangana has gone through lot of rough phase and that has affected her badly,so she is like that..What goes against ranaut sisters is that both are impulsive, but kangana seems to have slightly mellowed down. As far as uglia bhatt is concerned, her bad deeds go against her and so she has rightfully earned the title. She and rk together look like bad version of Indian classic vikram betaal. She’s a classic case of how much can someone stoop for fulfillment of personal agendas. Getting something through effort is far better than getting everything on platter, so she appears sidelined with only kjo. Kat at least has one movie with excel entertainment, that too as friends support. Agree kat /kangana have tons of mistakes piled up against them, but they are less as compared to uglia bhatt who only wants pampering, one negative feedback affects her ego. It’s good that she has to deal with neetu kapoor post babies, then she might understand what does it means to wrong others, but then some people never learn.

  6. abcd says:

    Kjo didn’t get national award for uglia bhatt. Rk is back to his bedhopping deeds. Uglia bhatt can’t create ruckus this time like the way she did with Sid. All that makeover went waste. Panga’s trailer must be adding insult to injury. No wonder, none of the nepotism gang appreciated the trailer. Kjovilla didn’t give enough attention to this trailer as they do for other trailers of star kids. Hope the movie panga’s does well so that at least outsiders feel that it’s not their mistake if they don’t have star family surname.

    • Matsya says:

      Dharmendra, dilip kumar, rajesh khanna, mumtaz, kriti sanon and many others have all been outsiders who have been succesful here. Kangna is not the first outsider. Also, this constant shaming of alia by calling her uglia is distastefu. She is a fine avtress. She is a nepo kid, ok who can choose ones birth.

    • HateKjo says:

      I don’t think nepo gang and kjo cares about Kangana the way she cares about these nepo kids and desperate for them to appreciate her trailer.

      Don’t forget when Varun and Tapsee (an outsider ,and a woman) lauded Jhk trailer, Kangana and her nepo sister trolled them and had issues with it . Her sister took digs at Tapsee and abused her. In addition to that, Rangoli trolled Tapsee and her movie. So why would anyone appreciate kangana and her movie? They know these sisters will find negativity in every thing and abuse them.

      No body likes negativity and hatred. Why her sister didn’t appreciate Tapsee and her movie? Instead find flaws and tweeted bad about it.
      Tbh kangana cares way too much about these nepo kids and seek their approval and appreciation.

      • Justice Lover says:

        That is because people pretend to be nice to their faces and also in public but attack them/make fun of them/snub and humiliate them when nobody’s watching. The sisters respond to it publically. Nepo kids are definitely jealous of Kangana and the good work she’s doing, plus the public support that she has.

        • HateKjo says:

          Tbh , no nepo kid is jealous of Kangana but she is because they get more opportunities and fame than her. These sisters are negative and attack everyone no matter what. Because that’s how they get attention.

          Tapsee, Bhumi, Dp, Kiara ,Katrina never say anything bad about these sisters and they are outsiders as well, still these sisters abuse them and used PR to spread lies about them. Why?,

          Kangana has no public support after her lies and drama get exposed. What good work? Her movies are tanking badly, they are inflating numbers and decreasing budget everyday after seeing the collections. Hurling abuses on trade people ,calling them paid when they give honest reviews and collections. Same people who supported these sisters every time. How any other star is responsible for her flop film? Its public. Does any star blame Kangana for their flop?No. Stop supporting her mistakes.

          These women need help

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