Trailer: Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff in War

Finally, Yash Raj has released the trailer of ‘War’ after the numerous blind items released about the film. Well, that is in the past now so let’s move ahead.

First off, it looks expensive! Second, it looks like something you should watch on screen because when it comes to Siddharth Anand’s films, the more money you give him, the most beautiful locations he brings to you. But, this is an out and out action film so if that ain’t your film then.

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This brings up to Tiger Shroff. What can he not do? Wait, that’s wrong! Other than action and dancing, which is now looking like a mixture of ballet and action, what can he do? His facial expressions are the same, it’s there but not showing on his face.

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As for Hrithik, he looks really good! Nice skin tone too even though he is also bronzed in this film, but it’s probably because of the nature of his job. And guess what, he is not shirtless in the film – as per the trailer – so the blind item on him being insecure about his dad bod is true. It is strange, though, they have two actors with the best bodies in Bollywood and only one goes shirtless. That said, HR wasn’t really fit during that time, a fact he only released about 2 or 3 months ago when he said he was going back to the gym to get fit.

Yeah, seriously Tiger! Like you taking your vest off would give you more strength to hit HR! Just a reason to show off his tic-tac-toe chest! At this point, all action movies Tiger does looks like another ‘Baaghi’!

Oh and there’s Vaani, in bits and pieces. That’s about it!

And, so good to see Ashutosh Rana back again.

Check out the trailer below:

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8 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Hrithik has a certain screen presence like say Aishwarya had. They don’t need do much to grab attention. He looks slick in this trailer. As for Tiger, I keep saying just because of his surname, he is getting everything Vidyut Jamwal deserved.

  2. Bollyfangurl says:

    Why is Vani in all YRF projects these days? Hrithik and Vani urrgghhh ugly!

  3. Shefu says:

    I did not even realize Hrithik was not shirtless. He is so good looking that he does not even need to do anything extra to get attention. His presence itself is enough. Tiger… hmm… he is Hrithik ka Duplicate. Well whenever Hrithik came, that’s itβ€” that’s all I needed to see

    It’s so nice to see this man back with such a bang. He faced so many problems in life lately and for him to remain calm and get back like this is an inspiring story ..

  4. Sheena says:

    Same old same old. Sorry not excited

  5. Rekha Rai says:

    I was really hoping to like this but I’m not a fan guys! I like action, and yes the trailer looks nice. But it also seems really boring to me! I mean with Hollywood action films you get some comedy, some chemistry between the actors, some buddy buddy male banter or at least some dialogue from the glamorous femme fatale. This is just stylized shot after stylized shot and looks like it’s taking itself way too seriously. Wish Bollywood would stop imitating Hollywood and just do their own thing. There’s no chemistry between any of the actors not even Tiger and Hrithik. They had the opportunity to have Tiger have some banter and pull Hrithik’s leg and be the younger cute kid, nothing they’re both just like staring intensely at each other or the camera and mouthing dialogues.

  6. HateKjo says:

    I find the trailer outstanding and intriguing. Hrithik is at his best. His looks, body, swag and handsomeness are unmatchable.Tiger looks good and vaani is hot.

    Yes, I too find many action scenes are copied from Hollywood movies but again the action director is hired from Hollywood who has given some jaw dropping action in Hollywood big movies.

    One can’t expect anything good or positive about Hrithik and his movie from you ADMIN.
    How can you say the blind about him being insecure about his dad bod is true?just because he has no bare chest scene in 2 mins
    trailer. Are you sure he doesnt have a shirtless scene in the movie? It’s not there in the trailer, but chances are high he might have one in the movie?

    You are so biased towards Hrithik as always

    Tiger is good at his job. What he can do ,you and I can’t not even 1% of it.

    • Hmm says:

      Don’t mind Admin. She’s Kangana or her fangirl.

      BTW, Hrithik doesn’t even need a shirtless scene. He’s 100 times hotter than Tiger.

      Why do you think Kangana is obsessed with him? She has till date not mentioned Ajay Devgn probably cos she’s embarrassed she even slept for him (if the rumours are true).

      Tiger should focus on action. He’s very very good at it. Look at John Abraham. His films are hits in the box office once he accepted focusing on what he’s good at despite clashing with current box office favorite Akshay Kumar twice.

      Vaani hot? Considering all the current and previous heroines from Yash Raj including Kajol, nah!

      • Kit says:

        What do you mean by “including Kajol”? Kajol may not look like the typical Bollywood heroine but she’s beautiful. I’ll take her any day over Vaani

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