Trailer: Drive – Jacqueline Fernandez & Sushant Singh Rajput

After being stalled for so long, Dharma Productions has finally let go of ‘Drive’ by selling its rights to Netflix. Now finally again after months of waiting, Netflix is ready to release the film.


Now we don’t know if Netflix edited the film or something to make it look better since all the blind items claimed the producer of the film himself wasn’t too pleased about the film.

As you know, the film was shot and when the producer saw the film, he asked the director, Tarun Mansukhani, to reshoot bits that he was unhappy about. Then after the reshooting was done, the producer still wasn’t happy. After months of analyzing on what to do with this film, the producer finally decided to release it on a streaming platform.

The trailer looks fine, it’s an action film. But then again, don’t know how the film looks. As of now, the trailer itself is getting blasted left, right and center on youtube for its bad CGI!


Based on the songs, it seems the cast got a nice holiday over there in Israel! Now we are wondering whether they managed to cover their investment by selling it to Netflix!

Will the stars promote it the same way they promote movies released in theaters? Surely, KebabJo will have them sell this film right even though it’s on a streaming platform.

By the way, what is going on with Tarun? KJo had him reworked multiple times on the ‘Dostana 2’ script then he asked him to drop that and work on ‘Drive’. Still, ‘Drive’ didn’t turn out the way they thought it would. So, what gives? After giving such a big hit with ‘Dostana’, what happened to him?

Check out the trailer of ‘Drive’ below:

Out of curiosity, we will probably see it just to see why they thought it didn’t deserve a theater release.

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What about you?

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2 Responses

  1. Vinsha says:

    Baakwaas movie!! I rather watch Tom and Jerry!

  2. leaps says:

    @admin you guys should definitely watch baby drive way way better this just seems like if dhoom had cars instead of bikes

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