Trailer: Chhapaak – Deepika Padukone & Vikrant Massey

The trailer of ‘Chhapaak’ has finally been released! Starring Deepika Padukone, ‘Chapaak’ is based on the story of Laxmi Agarwal. This is not just her story, but the story of other women and girls, who have been attacked in such a horrific manner by cowards.


Check out the trailer of ‘Chhapaak’:

This is Laxmi’s story and how this incident in 2005 changed and affected her life in every way. If you think about it, it is so horrible that after so many cases, so many lives taken and affected, it is still very easy for anyone to buy acid in India.

Clearly, we still have a long way to go! And it’s really really sad, with all these political agendas, Beti Bachao and all that, there’s still a long way to go. Acid attacks don’t just happen in small towns, it’s happening today with city women and worst, incidents have spiked.


The first time we read about acid attack incidents was years back when social media didn’t exist and when the internet was not really a thing. It was in Time magazine, an issue that had a feature on acid attack victims in Bangladesh. That was such an eye-opener on how this cowardly action was happening to more than 12 girls a day there.

Time magazine interviewed both the survivors and got some of these cowards to talk to them. The common thing most of these victims said these boys liked them but they didn’t reciprocate the feelings so they threw acid on them because they were jealous.

Defending their actions and not feeling sorry at all, the cowards said “since she doesn’t like me, I don’t want anyone else to have her!”

This is why most of these acid attacks happen, because these men want to stop the victims from doing something as if they are their propriety. But where did this idea come from? How did this become a ‘thing’? Throwing acid on a woman just because you don’t like what she said or did!

Looking at the trailer, it represents what these acid attack survivors went through. With Deepika not looking like Deepika in the film, this will be where her acting will be thoroughly scanned and judged. But she is a popular actress, who has chosen to take on a real-life story like this, so that’s a plus for her. If this one works, she can be on her way to do more meaningful films like ‘The Malkin’ is doing.

Deepika is not the only actress, who has played an acid attack victim though. ‘Uyare’, a Malayalam film, starring Parvathy is also about an acid attack incident. The film is available on Netflix, if you are interested. Parvathy did such a great job and on the whole, the film got great reviews.

‘Chhapaak’ is directed Meghna Gulzar and also stars Vikrant Massey. To be released on 10th January 2020, ‘Chhapaak’ also happens to be Deepika’s first outing as a co-producer.

So…let’s go:

Out of everyone appreciating the trailer, all the celeb-related people, Kangana’s sister has gone out of her way since this project was announced to show her appreciation. As an acid attack survivor herself, this story resonates with her and you can sense it in her own words. She was attacked because of the same cowardly reasons and had to undergo more than 50 surgeries in the span of 5 years. Her husband today was actually just a friend then, who supported her during that painful time.


Hopefully, this movie does something good so horrific incidents like these don’t happen anymore!

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3 Responses

  1. HateKjo says:

    The trailer is good and powerful. This is the most important issue which was need to be highlighted. Deepika’s look and acting is on point. Hope it work wonders at the box office.

    Can’t imagine such incidents still happening in our society even in this era.

    Love the dialogue “kash acid milta hi ni, Na bikta na hi phekta.”

  2. Sheena says:

    Tbh and don’t kill me for it – it didn’t work for me. It is a very important topic but the trailer and DP’s acting and meg’s Direction didn’t seem genuine

  3. yuri says:

    The trailer worked for me, moving but hopeful and unfortunately something we need in today’s times. Glad to see Meghna and Deepika take the charge and bringing this movie to the big screen, can’t wait to see more!

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