This is how Shah Rukh’s dwarf character in Zero was made

In a very not-so-common event, Shah Rukh Khan has decided to release the behind-the-scenes footage of ‘Zero’ to show everyone what they have been wondering about, which is how the dwarf was created with the use of VFX. The last time, VFX was this big in a Shah Rukh film was in ‘Fan’ and that was justified because the character required it. It was also the last film that we thoroughly enjoyed with SRK in it. Even if it plays on TV, we still watch it.

This is how Shah Rukh's dwarf character was made

Check out how ‘Zero’s VFX was done:

Sure, it’s great work and they went to all these great lengths to make this happen. But for what? Most people, who saw the teaser itself, knew that this would not work out. Then, the trailer came and it looked like a normal SRK love story. Now that the film has been released, we had a little hope that at least all these efforts would not go to waste. But, man! Like ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ and ‘Race 3’, ‘Zero’ was heavily criticised and panned by film critics. The box office so far has also proved how the audience was disappointed.

If only, SRK invested that much time and money into the script as much he did for the VFX! You know this was not the original script? It was tweaked a bit to adapt to SRK’s vision. It went a bit like ‘Dilwale’ did. It was also called ‘Katrina Meri Jaan’. We are guessing that was the case when Kat was hot property in Bollywood. Because she was signed all along and then the other heroine came in. Shah Rukh was still looking for the other lead actress and Deepika was also considered for the part, which later went to Anushka. She refused the role and then had to do a cameo to make SRK happy. No matter how big of a star you might be, you still cannot bruise a male superstar’s ego!

The only good thing that came out of ‘Zero’ is Katrina Kaif! Seriously! In a film that has Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan, Kat is the one who finally stood out. Hopefully, this makes up for the time everyone criticised her acting in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and praised Anushka to the skies. Rightly so, but Kat was pissed that people were criticising her because she’s pretty. Well, in this one, she looks great and was alright too.

Also, people were saying how Katrina’s role is similar to her in real life and what she went through with Ranbir Kapoor. We think that was done on purpose to drive you off. They even named her ex in the film as something Kapoor. When we saw it, the only actress that came to mind was Priyanka Chopra. Kat has always been disciplined and was not reported to be drunk on the sets or calling pack-up whenever she was in a bad mood. PC did that! She used to report drunk on the sets, but to be fair that was when her dad passed away and she ended her relationship with you-know-who soon after. You can say she was drinking her sorrows away and heck, she kept drinking all the way to Hollywood. That’s how we all pretty much confirmation on her affair, right? If she wasn’t drunk that day, it wouldn’t have happened. So, the character was her but the other things was borrowed from what other actresses went through.

Did you manage to see ‘Zero’ yet?

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21 Responses

  1. Taraa says:

    WaS HoT PrOpERtY, the hate jumped out, the film was written in early 2016 when kat was in her worst phase (professionally) aanand wrote just because he knows kat is still very popular in the interiors of India (i.e. his core audience), the admins can’t even prasie her without shading her and that’s just SAD.

  2. Mahendra Agarwal says:

    Sorry never heard PC drinking heavily and saying pickup infact how much you hate her there is no denying that she is extremely professional , she landed on the sets within 3 days of her father’s death there was only news of her unhappy on the sets of Mary Kom and that was because of Omung kr and we knew how good director he is if she would have been unprofessional did you really think Slb would have taken her in BM

    • Melvin says:

      If this is for me, then no I don’t hate PC – really. I’m just tired of the pedestal that a woman needs to stand on for even a modicum of respect to come her way. I mean we have a Salman Khan who has actually killed people, perpetuated abuse but the most abuse he gets is that his movies are masala movies and do not make sense. Yes, Kat relies on Salman for roles etc, but what other choice does she have? She has no filmy family to prop her up, and she is not the only one to use her influence – look at his family – but she is user-Kat, Why, because she is actually successful because of it? And it’s not like Salman can’t say ‘no’ to her, if he doesn’t mind being used then why should we? We don’t want her on screen? Then we should stop watching her movies.

      As far as PC is concerned, yes she is professional and she is a great actress. So why not prop her up on her own merits instead of using her to disrespect another actress? She’s not perfect, and to think of her as such is to ignore her essential humanity. We want to compare actresses? Lets compare their acting. Let’s not look to them to be our role models or to fill the void in our lives. That’s what our families and friends are for.

      That’s all I meant. Sorry if I have not expressed myself clearly. Peace out.

  3. Nefarious says:

    Y’all, i know how DP is famous for putting a dent on RKs image
    But i have been following katrinas image
    She aint leaving any stone unturned to paint him a villian. Her pointed confession about wanting to be married, how it dint go as planned how she never dreamt at 16 that she would be single at her currrent age is really damaging his image and getting her sympathy votes
    Not that he deserves any better

    • Guest says:

      So you expect her to keep silent when Ranbir sends out blinds about her past, article on how dp/Kat weren’t dal chawal enough for raymond noodle so neetu has to settle for aloo paratha. Rk warning Alia to stay away from Kat bcoz of her past, it was Ranbir who sent out a blind on how cold ex is in bed, kjo on kwk Totally skipped Kat existencein rk’s life in dp/Kat episode. In the episode with Varun and Kat he kept putting her on spot and it was Varun who jumped in and said with respect to everybody screw everybody and that they are here to promote their film. How Alia will marry to live with someone one . Ranbir is a f**kboy world knows his image lies in a pit did you miss how pathetic he was towards Kat during jj promotions while she tolerated his behavior. Why don’t you ask why Rajeev, anupama and jitesh all kjo favs
      Why they continue to ask how does she feel about ppl around her getting married world knew by 2014 she wanted to settle down when Ranbir ghosted her packed his bags and left. Can we stop blaming the women for his image he can hire a PR and clean it yet he and Mrs Raymond like to use ppl in who ever/are in their life for PR. E.g Alia PR constant attempt to paint Sid as the one who cheated on her and how Ranbir saved her yeah sure

    • nefarious says:

      I dont expect her to sit silent. am glad she is hitting back at him very subtly.
      all i am saying is thar she her statments are doing more harm to him than DP did with her condom comment. But i am totally on team Kat. Biru deserves much worse.

    • Guest says:

      Ranbir doesn’t care the fifth gen Kapoor knows ppl remember films not how they treat their women. Look at ab, dilip. Isn’t silsilay Abt ab/ Rekha.even after the world knows ab treats jaya like crap in public at times ppl hail him as a legend . Feroz beat the hell out of zeenat ppl don’t remember that.rishi is crap to neetu yet rishi is a legend. There is no harm being done to Ranbir/alia in the long run they will become dilip saira ppl don’t remember how badly he treated madhubala do they. The only difference both Mr and Mrs Alo paratha Raymond will continue to use Varun,Sid,Kevin,Ali, srk,Shahid,Kat,dp all those in who were/are in their lives for PR and wait for Alia to parade her kids more than bebo in front of paps. Ranbir Alia are truly made for each other in bw. It’s poetic justice that these two marry.

    • Guest says:

      As far Kat’s statement goes didn’t Ranbir do this to sell adhm. Was his interview with Rajeev in Aug 2016 not well planned to get him sympathy where he was going Gaga Abt Kat.

      It’s Abt time ppl stop blaming these women for his image and his PR saying neetu believe they are panuti for his career he’s an adult responsible for his choices, leaking pics/videos of women he dates.
      All the women do well before and after dating him. He’s the panuti for them

  4. kala says:

    Chak de was the last watchable movie SRK made…he is too full of himself to self criticise his own choices and change them……Anushka n Katrina look super boring with him…no chemistry…n his hamming up in every single role ….he is too caught up with larger than life characterisations of his so called regular man characters….Meerut to mars ..really! the audacity… respect for education , intelligence or science….

  5. Leaps says:

    I do think the character of babita is generic sum of female actress who goes through some of these experiences. E g waiting for boyfriend to pick up the call while babita sat in bath tub would be Kat because Ranbir did just ghost her was known to not ans her calls when outdoors shooting was taking place. The boyfriends do cheat on them . Ranbir Kat did break up in 2014 and than news did rounds of rk asking Kat to marry her in London kind of same happens in the movie. But the indifference and how fast the character of abhay doel moves on and heer badnaam do point to Ranbir mostlt and all the cheating men in bw

  6. Trinity says:

    His character in the movie is obnoxious. Dont know why he takes up such roles. Why cant he do roles that connect with people ? Even if its anti hero he should realize that as long as people think its reasonable they will watch it.

  7. Rami says:

    Every one is a critic! Some of the other films, has faults and made on low budget!,the film is a directer’s medium!,BW masala meets new technology, it is worth the watch for me! Srk ,and kat performance were great,it is really worth seeing on the big screen!,people’s needs to reviews some of top BW critics reviews, and see how wrong they were!,plus , it is funny ,they have people’s reviewing movies,talking about shaving 20 min off about any movies , is beyond rediculious, because these peopl’ videos are so bad,so what are they talking about! Film did great in international market!,so, srk should make films for this market!

  8. Anonymous says:

    SRK, Aamir and Salman are at cross roads. People are not going to watch a movie and put up with bad content just because they are stars. The fact that films like Andhadhun and Badhai Ho are hits and south movies like KGF are outshining Hindi movies like zero indicates content is king. SRK needs to do a Chak de orDear Zindagi. It’s sad seeing A man who started his career doing antagonist roles and breaking the good hero formula stuck in the lover boy rut.

    • Lucy says:

      All the three khans need to take time off to figure out a way to transition into the next phase.this is what happened to amitabh and Sanjay dutt.sanjay is now going to the biggest baddest villain in the bigger movies.for now ajay and akshay have figured things out for themselves,aamir will survive because he can pull off a dangal.srk is suffering the most as is stuck in his wide arms was cute in 90s and hot and sexy in 2000 but now he is old and it’s cringy.same with salman he doesn’t look fit enough to do action anymore which was his forte.

  9. Pooja says:

    Add But PC never rude to her fan or children unlike user Katrina who in reallife behave like this plus their was news(blinds) how she taking drugs to get over rk n its biggest lost of her life(badly wanted to became kapoor bahu).user Katrina played herself in film that y she so accurate excluding drama in front of media bcz no Indian actress have done such behavior.not even manisha koirala.

    • Melvin says:

      PC in real life had affairs with married men. There was a time when she was drinking heavily too. She too had trouble moving on from her affair with SRK. And no, I am not a Katrina stan. I’m just tired of the whole user-Katrina narrative. Like no one else in Bollywood uses their connections to get ahead. Like no one else has ever had a relationship gone sour and has trouble getting over it. Mock her for her acting if you must (though she has had her moments) but to keep pushing her as the epitome of all that is wrong with Bollywood is idiotic.

      • Neep says:

        Kat is the penultimate success who so does not deserve it. You don’t have to latch on to a superstar or two. Vidya Balan and Kangana didn’t. But you do if you’re a talentless foreigner who still can’t speak Hindi! The worst thing is Kat’s superiority complex. White woman among servile browns. But she’s prepared to rejoin Salman’s harem when the career goes down the tubes. Will cheer the day she goes.

    • Pooja says:

      U r kat fan don’t try to fool ppl in whole Bollywood n India everybody know how user kat get success by using lallu khan then cheated him with rk for kapoor surname then get dump by rk n her Career was finished too because of sunny Leone ,Jacky join Bollywood then go back again to lallu for sake of career spread romour how close that came again having affair better knowing that lulia still living lallu’s house as his gf.this is highest of opportunistic even industry have shut up.PC is very professional never seen news of her crying like ur idol in mount marry church even before rk dump her.

  10. LondonThumakda says:

    i wouldnt watch Zero if someone paid me to, however this review really cracked me up! πŸ˜€

  11. Amanda says:

    My friend who is a fan of SRK went to see zero despite being warned. She said it was a snooze fest.

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