The truth about the truth

We don’t know what else to call this post, so just bear with us. The media claims this is the truth and she claims that is her truth! This morning, Twitter was busy trending the name ‘Mallika Sherawat’. You remember her, don’t you? As it turned out, she was trending because news came from all the way in Paris that Mallika and her husband were being evicted and this was a decision that was made by the court.


The truth about the truth

So, today is a very slow news day and only this news was happening, which was quite interesting. It was interesting because back then last year when the media reported it, Mallika went to her Twitter and refuted the news. She even gave an interview to Mumbai Mirror and claimed that the news was made up.

The truth about the truth

So now, after more than a month, something similar comes up and this time, many media houses are reporting that this news came straight from the courtroom in Paris. We are thinking that there must be some truth to it since no paper sits around and dreams up this kind of news. As it is, we were also waiting for Mallika to either accept or deny the news. As a matter of fact, she denied it a couple of hours after every Indian, Dubai and Pakistani media reported the news.

The truth about the truth


She said the same thing she tweeted last year. But come on now, it can’t not NOT be true, right? Again, it’s not like the media has nothing better to do than to pick on an actress, who has been out of the radar for years. It simply can’t be and we decided to dig to figure out what’s really going on.

The truth about the truth

There are two things that are confusing about her case. One is, is she married? Did she get married to Cyrille Auxenfans? Or were/are they just boyfriend-girlfriend? Mallika claims they are not married. If that is the case, why does the French media addresses them as husband and wife? This is not the Arab media that are ashamed to write about living-in partners, these are the French people so it’s very unlikely they made this up.

The truth about the truth

As it is, this whole not-paying-the-rent and eviction case was reported by the French media before the Asian media picked the story up. In court, it was stated that Mallika and her husband owned 78,787 euros ($94,000) in rent. They started renting the place located in the 16th district in the first month of 2017 at the agreed price of 6,054 euros. For some reason, they only managed to pay 2,715 euros the whole time they have stayed there. Their lawyer argued that they couldn’t settle the payment because they were in financial problem. He mentioned how Mallika didn’t really earn anything as an actress because she wasn’t getting any work.

On the other side, the owner’s lawyer argued that Mallika was lying and that she earned tens of millions during the time she stayed in that apartment. The judge has ordered Mallika and Cyrille to pay up and have given permission for their furniture in the apartment to be seized. While the Asian media pretty much reported the same story, the French media published the real story, which was far more interesting.

We are guessing Mallika probably bragged that she was a big deal actress in India to the property owners. It explains why their lawyer gave a quote saying that Mallika was the highest paid actress in 2016 by earning 45 million euros with a fortune of 140 million.

Madame Sherawat aurait été l’actrice la mieux payée en 2016. On parle de 46 millions d’euros de revenus et d’une fortune de 140 millions. On est loin du locataire en difficulté – Olivier Mayrand, avocat du propriétaire de l’appartement à franceinfo

Someone should tell Kangana Ranaut that the French media is calling Mallika Sherawat, the “Queen of Bollywood” (La reine de Bollywood).

La reine de Bollywood, 41 ans, fervente militante des droits de la femme, a joué dans plus d’une trentaine de films. Son rôle dans Dirty Politics, un thriller politique indien, lui a valu de monter les marches du palais des festivals de Cannes en 2015. – Le Parisien


Here’s the interesting scoop that their lawyer gave in court on their whole situation:

Mes clients sont dans une situation financière difficile mais pas irrémédiable. Elle est actrice. Il n’a plus d’emploi. Il y a des enfants à charge. Il vit grâce à une avance sur succession. Il paye des pensions alimentaires pour ses deux enfants et verse une prestation compensatoire à son ex-épouse. Il attend l’héritage de ses parents.

What he’s trying to explain is that the only working salary they get comes from Mallika’s job, but times are difficult for her at the moment. As for Cyrille, he does not have a job and has to depend on his allowance that comes from his inheritance. He has two kids to support and an ex-wife to pay alimony to. He is currently awaiting for more inheritance money from his parents.

Wow! Who would have thought! So, Mallika grabbed herself some inheritance piggy bank. Or what is it that you can call this guy? Sugar daddy who needed his daddy to give him some sugar? Just joking! It seems that Mallika thought she secured a good deal back then when she met this guy.

Little did she know, he’s the male version of her. What kind of grown man gets an allowance from his parents? And on top of that, he gets himself a woman, whose lifestyle he has to support. Rich people’s lives!

The truth about the truth

We are guessing that when Mallika realised that the guy isn’t what she thought or when she realised he wasn’t getting money or something, she bailed. As per her, she has been living in LA and Mumbai in the last 6 months or so. Since she’s saying that this whole rental mess has nothing to do with her, she probably wants him to take the blame and left him to take care of the situation. But in court, both of their situations were being discussed. So, it’s very strange how she claims she does not know where this news is coming from and she also has no idea who the guy claiming to be her lawyer is.

Funny how Mallika went from being so love by publicly acknowledging Cyrille:

The truth about the truth

To claiming that he ain’t her husband of hers and that he should be referred to as her “friend”:

The truth about the truth

Poor guy!


We wonder whether that sponsor, who was sponsoring her trips to Cannes is still in the picture? We’ll know this year. It can’t be she has a sponsor and went around proclaiming her love for Cyrille? If she married him, she must have done so thinking he was loaded. He might be loaded, just not with cash!

This is not the first time the French media has reported on Mallika. Back then in 2016, the media reported that Mallika and her partner were beaten up right outside their apartment. They filed a police case, but refused to see a doctor for their injuries. Wonder why that was the case! The media reported the incident because it came right after the time Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. These two locations were pretty near each other. Unlike Kim’s case, Mallika and her boyfriend weren’t robbed, they were just punched and had an attack of tear-gas launched at them.

The truth about the truth

The truth about the truth

Honestly, we sort of forgot about her existence. It was not until that show that Chelsea Handler did where suddenly Mallika popped on the screen that we remembered about her again, but then wondered how in the world did she pop up in India when she was supposedly living in Paris. She was there in the sequence where Chelsea attends a class teaching girls how to defend themselves against attackers. For some reason, we thought Mallika was there because she knew karate from working with Jackie Chan!

The truth about the truth

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8 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    I honestly don’t care what her personal situation is. Will forever respect her for her passionate, impassioned speech about the girl child and putting that female journalist in her place. She’s smart and passionate, money of course obviously complicates matters…. but that’s not a reflection of your personality it’s just a fact of your circumstances.

  2. shivanisd says:

    If cyrille is unemployed why is he being referred to as a french magnate? Did the definition of magnate change.

  3. shivanisd says:

    Hes not her husband. Maybe theyre saying it bcuz hes her common law husband? (common law partner means live in partner of many years.
    Her cannes sponsor in case ur wondering is Lakshmi mittal. She was his keep fr many years.
    She definitely rents/ owns an apartment in Paris.
    I also read she has two kids from her arranged marriage.

  4. Amanda says:

    Mallika is a habitual liar… I can’t believe anything she says… Poor landlord got trapped..

  5. Lisa says:

    This is so weird and strange :/ Btw Admin, I wanted to ask you do you actually know these bw celebrities personally because you know so much about them. I can understand if u dont want to tell though 🙂

  6. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    What a terrible mess. She should’ve stuck to India and continue being independent but instead, she found herself a sugar daddy with all sugar and no daddy.

    • bucketbot says:

      You mean, she found herself a daddy without the sugga?

    • shivanisd says:

      Being independent? Lol. And do shit movies like dirty politics and be the mistress of an industrialist. Her career was over ten years back. She knew it. She was doing pathetic reality shows like mallika ka swayamvar for money.

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