The Mystery and Theories Surrounding Sridevi’s Death

Today is the day that most people found out about the death of Sridevi, Bollywood legend, superstar and icon. Naturally, most people are shocked by the untimely demise of one of their favourite actresses. When we are shock, we take what is given. It’s only after some time later that we start analysing things. Sridevi might be gone, but what she has left behind during her last moments on planet earth is a mystery storyline, a who-dun-it storyline or a what-really-happened storyline.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death


We are not writing this to cash in on the sound surrounding Sridevi‘s death, it’s to answer all of your questions and invite you to share your thoughts as well. We don’t think that people are being disrespectful, it’s just that Sri was a huge part of their lives and no one is satisfied with the way she died; at least with the explanations about the way she died. It’s not about people liking the speculation or enjoying the drama that surrounds her death. It’s not about that. It’s about people, fans and well-wishers being concerned and wanting justice, which is not going to happen. But don’t worry, if justice was not served, we have nothing to worry about as people can’t run away from the wrong things they did or the sins they committed.

And no, we are taking about Boney Kapoor being guilty or anything like that. But, it’s funny how people’s reactions and feelings about Boney changed overnight the minute he decided to share what really happened to Sri. People were all “aww” while reading his letter or note to the media about losing Sridevi and since he shared what happened on her last day on earth, everyone is like, “He’s lying!”, “He thinks we are idiots” and so much more.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

The truth will come out, it will. If Amar Singh is still around, it will definitely come out! And if someone from the Kapoor family pisses him off, it will come out sooner. Anyways, joke aside. Let’s get started on all the questions that should be answered. This post is in no way initiating or hinting at things. It’s just a collective report of all the news that went around regarding Sridevi‘s death: the theories and the mystery surrounding her death!

We have updated the article because when it was published last night, it was way to late to add more. We just published it as it was, so please bear with us. Thanks!

At this very moment that we are updating this post, the Oscars is currently ongoing and the awards ceremoney had two Indian actors honoured in their In Memoriam segment: Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor.




Where is Sridevi‘s sister, Srilatha?

Sridevi‘s sister, Srilatha, was there at the funeral with her family. You didn’t see her, but she was in the picture taken at the sports club.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

She was also in the lorry that carried Sridevi‘s body. Her husband was right beside Boney in the lorry. Her sister doesn’t have a PR, so there was no one to tell the media that she was there and what she did and how much of a support she was to Janhvi and Khushi. Quietly, she stayed in the shadows not overtaking anyone or showing off. Just like she was when it came to Sridevi‘s career, she did everything for her behind the scenes.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

We don’t know what all the talk about Sri staying over in Dubai to spend time with her sister because Boney didn’t make any reference to that event happening when he recollected what happened to Komal Nahta.

All stories surrounding how Sri is not close anymore to her sister because they had a fight years before and are not on good terms anymore are all not true. Sri has been hanging out with her sister for a long time now. They even celebrate Boney’s birthdays together even when the other Kapoors were not invited.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

In fact, her sister with her husband and daughter were there at the wedding in Dubai. Coincidentally, it was also the last picture that Sri posted on her Instagram.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

Online news outlets have reported that Srilatha will come out and speak when she’s ready. They said she has a lot to say:

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

Sridevi’s sister Srilatha has not spoken up either. Sources say SriLatha is in a state of shock.


Why was Sridevi left alone for two days?

It seems her family knows that she cannot manage on her own. They were always concerned, which is why they always had someone with her. So, why did they leave her alone on international soil for two days? If Boney said she left her phone elsewhere, that must be worrying for them right? Why did her second daughter Khushi left as well?

Boney said he left to attend a summit in Lucknow, but he landed in Mumbai and was there until he took a flight back. Sources say that when he took that flight back, Sanjay Dutt and his kids were also on the plane. Speaking of Sanju, his wife apparently works in Dubai, which was why she was not with them on the flight.

We forgot to share this story of an aunt meeting Sri at a party. She took a picture with her so we know it really did happen and that auntie was not imagining things. That aunt said that Sri needed help doing everything. Her husband was by her side helping her. She said it’s most likely because Sri wore those really high-heel shoes that she couldn’t even walk without assistance from her husband. That auntie also mentioned that it was right after Sri had a nose job! She knows because it’s not the first time she met Sri. This auntie has no children of her own, so in her spare time she likes to hobnob around Bollywood stars.

It’s clear that she can’t manage on her own. It’s not really her fault because she has always had someone with her at all times. You know, when there was that blind item last week, we had to look for pictures as proof. The latest pictures were the ones of the family coming back from the wedding, but there was no Sri in these pictures, only Boney and Janhvi. We thought it was very very strange, like very very strange.

This is not new to us so we know what we are talking about. Sri is never without her family, so we had to make do with a picture from the wedding. Maybe that’s why it hit us hard when news of her death came. So if we knew it, how come her family didn’t realise that leaving her alone is not something that they usually do.

Funny, we used to remember how people were talking about Boney. They said since he married her, he sort of became her personal assistant and secretary. He is a producer, so that’s a bit strange how he goes everywhere with her. It’s good that he was the type of husband, who had no problem taking a step back. Funny how he didn’t allow his first wife to work and wanted her to be a housewife and stay-at-home mom. Then, his priorities changed when he met Sri and married her. Saif Ali Khan was the same. He didn’t want Amrita Singh to work and was mad that she had to go out and work after they got divorce. Who knew years later, he would get himself a working wife and then end up being dependant on her. Life works in funny ways!


Boney’s recollection of events leading up to Sridevi‘s death

There’s a huge chance that Boney didn’t want to tarnish Sridevi‘s legacy, which is why he may have covered up her death if she did indeed mix alcohol with antibiotics. The cardiac arrest story was fine because it’s possible, but then the other details started coming in and the media went crazy. His letter after the funeral made everyone feel for him and then, all that was gone as soon as he shared to Komal Nahta about what happened that day.

Everyone’s brains started working overtime. We bet people didn’t work their brains hard during their exams the way they are doing it now. We don’t know whether it’s what Boney told to Komal or how Komal wrote the article. Either way, it has made people suspicious. Boney truly knows what happened because he didn’t want them to do further investigations, he just wanted to get the body home as soon as possible. He and his immediate family members were not suspicious of the way Sri died. They didn’t ask the Indian police to investigate, they wanted the matter to be done and over with.

The foreign media is sharing the story that Boney told to Komal Nahta. They are focusing on how he didn’t call the ambulance or police straightaway after he found her motionless in the tub. Their headlines are these:

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death

We cannot find where in Komal’s article Boney mentioned who he contacted first. It’s strange! Even there, people are commenting how his story doesn’t add up and how something fishy must have happened. Most of these commenters don’t even know who Sri is. So we assume that they are not being bias.

According to his story, Sri went to the bathroom at around 5.45 pm and he called her out at 6 pm or around that. Found her motionless, tried to revive her and called a friend. Then, he called the police at 9 pm.

Like we mentioned before, it could be that he was trying to figure out what to do. He must have panicked and just sat there. But surely, it mustn’t have taken long for him to try to think straight. A childhood friend of Boney said that Boney was the perfect event organiser, he knew how to plan well. It’s also why he’s a producer. So, it is hard to believe that it took him this long to make a decision on what to do.

Like we also mentioned before, he probably took time because he was trying to think what is he going to tell the world. And, the family decided that they are going to go with the Cardiac Arrest story. That said, even Sanjay Kapoor didn’t have any idea what was going on and he actually believed that cardiac arrest story, which means that this idea was spread to the media by the family itself because Sanjay is the one who told the media that.

Due to the fact that she was already dead when the police came, they decided to bring her straight to the General Department of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy.

We are thinking, just thinking, that perhaps there’s some sort of person who’s like Ray Donovan. You guys know that show? He’s the guy you call when things go wrong. Whatever it is, famous and rich people call him when they want something taken care of. Obviously, that’s a show but guys like Ray exist everywhere. For Bollywood, we know they like to call rich people whenever they get in trouble. It’s why you see these Bollywood actors hanging out with the Ambanis. Can you imagine the no-nonsense Aamir Khan attending the birthday party of that Ambani kid? Yeah, that’s right! They hang out with them because they know that there will come a time when these people will come in handy. Like Raymond did when he was caught with drugs in his car, he called up some influential Mumbai builder and the cops let him go.

If a husband discovers his loving wife motionless in a bathtub, he would want to get out her and try to revive her. Then, quickly call the front desk to ask for help. This is a pretty expensive hotel and the hotel staff said themselves that they have oncall doctors there. By his own words, it does look like Boney was trying to figure out what to do next.  After all, he is the last person to see Sri alive.


The Lost Phone

According to Boney, Sri lost her phone or left her phone at the old hotel that they stayed at while attending the wedding. When she moved to the new place right before they left, she didn’t have her phone with her. So, how does that explain the retweetings that Sri did? On Instagram, her last post was 22nd of Feb. It’s understandable because you need to post pictures on Instagram while on Twitter, you can just retweet or tweet and that’s it.


Why did Dubai suddenly release the body and close the case?

A journalist friend said that his source in Dubai claimed that the police has been thoroughly investigating the case. They were not happy after the postmordem results and after interrogating Boney. They went to the hotel to interview the staff and to get hold of the CCTV. The same journalist said that Dubai Police was looking thoroughly because of how India reacted to her death. They wanted to make sure that no foul play was involved.

When everyone was expecting that the police would ask for a second autopsy to be done and things would get more complicated, things suddenly took a U-Turn and the police realised that nothing else can be done and released the body.

Indeed, the chain of events leading to that is very strange.




Underworld Rumour

The foreign media also got hold of Dr Subramanian Swamy, who is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He claimed that Sridevi was murdered by the underworld. It wasn’t something that people thought but it certainly set the ball rolling. Dailymail, a famous newspaper from the UK, contacted Dr Swamy and here’s what he said:

The Indian MP Dr Swamy admitted his claims of murder were based on ‘inference’ and information from sources within Dubai who he refused to identify. He said a ‘variety of facts’ had been given to him such as her time of death and the time she had gone into the bathroom and the circumstances she had been found in which had led him to speak out.

So, he wasn’t just saying it out of thin air? He was asked if he had any evidence of the claims he made and he said no. He was asked by the paper why he didn’t do something about it. Here’s what he said:

The problem is that the murder took place in Dubai and there is nothing I can do, than just give an opinion about what I heard from my friends there. I don’t think there is very much I can add. I am an Indian citizen. I cannot be able to devote my time to finding out what happened in Dubai. In India I can do it because I have a network.


He was asked if he cared that his comments must have hurt the family.

My remarks were for public consumption not for the family. But I don’t know whether they are too frightened to speak or not. This is what I felt. The Dubai police have concluded and they are no paragons of virtue and I do not have to believe what they say.

Whoever he is, he is still asking questions. Here’s the tweet he posted 18 hours ago:

Many of the readers here have also commented about the underworld theory. Dr Swamy is the only person, who said it out loud. We thought the thing between underworld people and Bollywood people were done and dusted. According to his theory, it’s between underworld and actresses while some of the readers have pointed out that it’s due to Boney Kapoor.

The local media didn’t really dug further into his claims. It’s strange because they were ready to find a bathtub and wine to show you how she did, but they didn’t do any reportage regarding the underworld and Bollywood connection. It’s very strange indeed! And to think that Amar Singh quickly came out to refute these rumours by pleading Dr Swamy with folded hands while he didn’t bother at all with the other rumours. In fact, he went on to add his own theory that Sri could have killed herself!

Killed Herself Rumour

Amar Singh

Amar Singh has not only let out some light on this whole matter, he made things worst. He actually hinted that Sridevi killed herself because Boney left her to go to Lucknow for that business summit. The thing is, Amar Singh’s story has so many loopholes. One thing he did say, he showed off his connections to the media when he said some Dubai Sheikh has been in contact with and has assured him that there have been no problems and that they are releasing the body soon.

He must be someone really close to them and really powerful because he messed up and was still allowed to be close to Boney throughout the funeral procedures, including being in the lorry. He must have had a hand in making sure that the body gets released quickly. Otherwise, we can’t really think of reasons why the family would want Amar Singh by their side. It’s clear that he can’t keep his mouth shut. He has changed his story so many times. It looks like he was trying to cover up for Boney. Not that Boney did anything wrong, but when Amar Singh is trying to do that, people are going to think Boney did do something wrong.


The Divya Bharti Connection

Many people have remarked how Sridevi‘s death and Divya Bharti’s death are the same. It’s not the same thing. Divya’s death is not a mystery. There were three witnesses the night she literally fell to her death. It’s hard for people to believe or understand because she was so young. It’s not easy being an actress and it’s even worst if you are a happening actress, as in someone who is becoming successful and famous. At only 19, Divya has been feeling the pressures of being an actress. She had so many films to do and the pressure took to her, which was why she took to alcohol to make her feel better. She wasn’t an alcoholic, per say, it just made her feel better and less tired. Most actresses do drink and smoke, so this isn’t a surprise.

Those days, the working schedule was even worst. It was all less sleep and more work routines. She was in high-spirits that night and climbed out the window to feel the breeze. Then, she lost her balance and fell. One of the rumours floating around back then was that the underworld was involved in her death. That wasn’t true at all. She just died in an unfortunate accident.


Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Let’s just say this before jumping into what RGV wrote. The ways to supposedly fix your face has gotten easier. Now, you don’t need to go under the knife unless you are going for something drastic, such as a nose job or something else that cannot be done with injections. These days, there are injections that can do the job. It is promoted as a simple in and out, it takes less than five minutes to administer it. It might sound really appealing, right? Wrong!

There’s a lot that doctors don’t tell you. People just get attracted to the before and after images that they see. They don’t think of the consequences, they think it’s easy. It could be easy, but not for everyone! There are still side effects involved and the longevity of the injection itself wears off after 2 to 6 months. The ones that can last for a longer time require anesthetic before being administered. The area where the injection was done is not going to be the same once the effect wears off. There’s a huge chance that you will have to keep going through the injections to keep the skin from sagging.

Aside from side effects, you have to know that the ingredients of the injections are not dangerous for you and that you are not allergic to it. You need to make sure you have a normal and healthy heart rate. Many young girls never bothered to check and ended up at the ICU when they started feeling the side effects.

If you are young, it’s fine. Still, it doesn’t mean that the side effects won’t show. Below is an example of freshly recovering from injections:

Side effects usually wear off after a couple of days or maybe two weeks. But in Sridevi‘s case of her recent lip injection, the side effects were still being seen more than a month after the injection has been administered. This can be a sign that her body is taking too long to recover from the injection, it’s slow to process it. This is alarming itself and because it was still swollen, it must have been painful as well. It’s also a sign that this injection is not gelling well with your body. Anyways, the text below is real from a lip filler’s product:

Side-effects can occur after treatment, or a bit later after the procedure. The patient may experience swelling or redness. The patient may also feel pain around the area of the injection, but it usually lasts only a week or less. In the case side-effects last more than a few days, contact your doctor immediately.

If any of you want to make your skin look better, stop sagging or get rid of blemishes, you can use creams. Most of these injections, the main or only ingredient, is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can also be found in creams. When it is injected, it helps the collagen from deep inside the skin grow and multiply. It’s why these injections are promoted to get rid of forehead lines and wrinkles. And yes, it’s freaking painful.

Disclaimer: We worked a couple of months in the cosmetic products’ industry, that’s why we know.

If you are interested, these are the creams that can work just like the injections. They have great reviews from customers, as well.


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Ram Gopal Varma

No one has dared to say anything publicly about her cosmetic surgeries, at least no one famous. But Ramu Kaka doesn’t really care and he let it all out.

For years she was doing occasional cosmetic surgeries the effects of which can be clearly seen” adding that she had to apply make-up not just in front of the camera but also on her “psychological self” to hide her real self. Sridevi was a very unhappy woman and never at peace.

We wished that someone would actually tell her that when she was alive. She married her husband and stayed with him and accepted him for the way he looked. He should have done the same for her. He should have gone out of his way and assure her that she is still beautiful. This reminds us of Pierce Brosnan and his wife. You know, Pierce Brosnan, as in the most handsome Bond ever (to us). His wife has been battling weight issues since she gave birth to their two kids. She wanted to have liposuction and ran it by Pierce. Pierce refused and told her she was beautiful the way she looked. She kept on persisting and he ended up telling her that he would leave her if she ever did go and have liposuction. He did, after all, lose his first wife to cancer so he truly is grateful for what he has with his second wife. Actually, she gave birth two kids and the rest were from his first wife, from which only one was Pierce’s and he adopted the other two when she passed.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death


It is true that women feel the pressure more than men. The pressure of looking pretty and perfect the whole time. Not everyone is strong minded and it was clear that Sridevi was someone weak on the inside. She was a great and talented actress and yet, she was not happy. It is also wise to remember not to comment or criticise a little girl on her looks. If the girl is weak-minded, she will grow up wanting to look perfect. These days, the ways to achieve perfection might just also be the way that can end your life.

Back on Ramu, he mentioned in his letter about Sridevi that Mona Kapoor’s mother beat her or hit her in the stomach. It’s not true, she tried to hit her but was stopped by people at the coffee shop back then. It’s understandable because she was mad that her daughter was humiliated but she was attacking the wrong person. She should have targetted Boney. Perhaps, the family didn’t know how Boney chased Sri and just assumed that it was Sri who seduced Boney.


Other Questions

Isn’t it strange how no one relevant in Bollywood questioned the way she died? Saroj Khan publicly said she does not believe that Sri could go this way. She is not working anymore, so Bollywood probably doesn’t care what she has to say. But what about the relevant actors? The ones who worked with her. It’s almost as if they know the real reason and yet, don’t want to speak out.



Sridevi‘s death has made us learn a new word: Drawning. Like idiots, we actually researched on that word in case we didn’t pay attention in English class back then in school. As it turned, it’s an Arabic word that is a mixture of drawing and drowning. No, we are just messing with you. It is really appalling how a medical officer, who has conducted an autopsy on a foreign body does not know how to spell “drowning”. Very strange and so strange it was that people online thought it was a fake certificate.

The Mystery Surrounding Sridevi's Death



As per several websites, Sridevi‘s body was found in a bloated stated by the police. This was first reported by Republic and then, several other websites followed suit. Many of the readers are wondering why her body didn’t look bloated at the funeral. As far as we know, the people who get a deceased’s body ready for his/her funeral, everything has to be pushed out.

We are not going to elaborate on this because we think you are getting an idea of what we are talking about. Sri’s body went through the forensic people and several tests were done from the inside organs, so it won’t remain the same once they handed it over to the other team to do their job. They must have found water in her lungs, which is why they came to the “Accidental Drawning” conclusion.


Why take the time to soak or relax in the bathtub?

According to Boney, he asked her out for a “dinner date”. When someone tells you, “Let’s go have dinner, I’m hungry”, you won’t go and soak in a bathtub full of water. You take an in-out shower because the other person is hungry and wants to go out. So, why did she get in the bathtub and turn on the tap? Or maybe that is the way she is used to taking a bath, who knows!


Why Boney Rushed to Dubai?

Someone from the inside let it out that Boney had to rush back because Sri was supposed to show up for dinner with some friends and she did not. When he called the hotel, they told him that she has remained in her room for the last 2 days. It’s why he rushed over there to check on her. We all have to go by his account that he was the last person to see her. Why then was there news of the hotel staff finding her on the bathroom floor? Why was there news of her fainting in the bathroom? There was also news that she was alive but died before reaching the hospital.


How did Sridevi afford a lavish lifestyle?

This question was asked by people even when she was alive. Even we were wondering how do they manage to travel so often and go on holidays when she hasn’t been working that often and when her husband filed for bankruptcy. Alright, so filing for bankruptcy doesn’t actually mean you don’t have any money. Doing that makes the person who filed avoid paying the people that his company owes money to.

Sridevi herself was quite well-off because she has been working for a very long time before she tied the knot to Boney. She won a court case, which saw her being awarded with 7 crore. She also had properties worth 120 crore. At the time of her death, she was charging over 2 crore as her acting fee. She is the only actress, who at her age, was still being hired in lead roles in commercial films.

Of course, let’s not forget the many events that actors get invited to. These are all paid events unless it’s a charity and the actors don’t take money for it. Sri has been regularly making public appearances even before she made her comeback in ‘English Vinglish’.

Years ago, like all of you, we too have wondered how in the world does Boney afford his lifestyle? If you remember, we shared how someone mentioned that Boney knows that he is married to a superstar hence he does everything in his power to make sure she lives like a queen. They travel first class, book big suites, stay in first class hotels and many more. How is it possible when he ran out of money to pay his people years ago?

It’s puzzling to us because we know the films that he produces don’t make that much money at the box office. His last big hit was probably ‘Wanted’ and that was in 2009. Back then in the 90’s, it was much more difficult to finance a film. Producers back then had to mortage their house or other assets to make a film. He made a lot of films and most of them were not big earners at the box office, so how did he survive and how did he get the money to make more films?

It’s why the underworld theory comes in because at that time, producers used to take money from the underworld to make their films. No idea whether Boney ever did this, but we do remember how Anil Kapoor said that after ‘Roop Ki Rani’ flipped big time, they lost a lot of money. As a result, Anil had to sign many films, many of which he didn’t want to do, so that he can get back the money they lost.

Here’s what we found on this:

And Boney’s financial condition–in the words of a close friend– is”critical”. Apparenty the producer owes crores of rupees to the market for his unbroken string of flops, from Raj Santoshi’s Pukar in 1999 to Dharamesh Darshan’s super-thud Bewafaa in 2005. Everyone in the film industry knows, producer Boney Kapoor is on the verge of bankruptcy.

It is said that in a bid to pay back all debtors and to maintain a very fancy lifestyle, Boney has decided to head the television division of an entertainment giant. His remuneration is obviously on par with the best corporate honchos . The source indicates that one of the areas in which Boney reportedly spends heavily is his star wife’s lifestyle.

An insider says, The Kapoors run a fleet of cars, take five-star holidays to Europe/ America each year and also dine out very often. Sri, who ruled Bollywood for a decade, is a very high-maintenance wife. She will not compromise on her lifestyle.


Why are Bollywood People so quiet about how she died?

We have mentioned before how everyone in Bollywood, people who supposedly love her, are quiet about all this. The only ones, who spoke, are the ones that are not relevant in Bollywood today. They too, like her fans, want to know what happened to her. They don’t believe that she really did die the way they said she did.

There are two things here that come to mind. One is, this is really the way she died so they all accepted it and are not questioning what Boney said. Second is, there is something else that is far bigger and scarier in a way that they feel threaten so they have to keep quiet and not question things. It is really strange how fans of Sridevi are not happy and are questioning everything. It’s understandable because they want justice for her.


Movie Promotions using Sridevi‘s name

Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee was really close to Sridevi. So close that she reached out to help get Sri ready for the funeral and assisted in doing her makeup together with the makeup man. She wasn’t really trying to promote her upcoming film when she said this:

Interestingly, Sridevi’s makeup artist got help from Rani Mukerji while doing her ‘last’ makeup. Rani Mukerji shared a very special bond with Sridevi.

Rani is also close to other senior actors, like Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. She values them a lot and even goes to visit them on their birthdays. She still goes to see Dilip even though he doesn’t recognise her anymore. It’s not a surprise at all what she has shared about Sridevi to the media.

In today’s day and age, no one goes to watch a film because a particular superstar showed interest in it. At the end of the day, if the film is good and has reached out to the right audience, people will go to the theatres.

As we are writing this, Kangana Ranaut, Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli all went over to Sridevi‘s house to pay their respect.


Hopefully, we have managed to cover everything that is related to her death.

Thank you all for reading and taking the time out to comment.

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46 Responses

  1. Mr India says:

    What I can’t understand (and nobody seems to be questioning) is why Sridevi could never be left alone? This is a grown woman who has raised children. Were there mental health or substance abuse issues? Otherwise, why can’t a healthy, normal adult woman be on her own in a luxury hotel in a pretty normal place like Dubai?

  2. Kuldeep says:

    Boney Kapoor’s story doesn’t add up, smell a fish here.
    Why wait 1 hour to call police and emergency. If someone drowns in the bath, sooner you get help the better chance of survival. You don’t call your friend.

    I think it could be he accidentally killed her.
    He panicked and called his friend.
    Sridevi phone has gone missing too, very convenient so no record of chats or call history.
    Sridevi dies at 8pm
    He calls police/hospital at 9pm
    Sanjay Kapoor mentions he receives call at 11pm?
    5 Star hotels have a doctor on call, it would make sense to call doctor ASAP.
    He waited to get this story straight.
    He had to mention I wanted to surprise her after 22 years and go out for a romantic meal.
    We kissed and cuddled after I met her in the hotel. Please Sridevi is dead, we don’t want to know. This is not relevant.
    Why is he trying to portray his love for Sridevi, was still going strong and he’s all romantic? Smell a fish here.
    Suspicious circumstances, the way Sridevi died.
    Also Boney mentioned he arrived at the hotel at 5.30. What was he doing for 2 and half hours before Sridevi died. How do we know she died at 8pm.
    She could of died earlier?
    The timeline doesn’t sound right.
    If you’re going out for a meal, you would go out pretty quick, get ready. Not wait around for 2 and half hours.

  3. Ananya says:

    Okay things have heated up here. We all just want to know the truth but I don’t think we’ll ever, if it’s a real accident or not.

    First of all thank you Admin for dissecting every bit of this. It gives a perspective though I’m still confused.

    And unlike popular opinion, I kind of agree to Rekha comment here to an extent. It’s not right to assume worse of someone without concrete proof. But I myself doubt Boney, at least 50 percent. So I don’t fault others too. Just be humane in your comments and intelligent enough in assumptions. That’s all.

    Giving a surprise dinner and all such things is not a big deal, even if she had a freak accident. But yes there’s definitely a cover up, most probably to keep her dignity. Also the insurance motive is a good point. But will he kill her for money when he loves her so much? I’m wary of underworld story, too big a stretch but then it’s bw.

    Admin, was her body bloated? I never read that nor did she look at her funeral. I didn’t get your explanation on it.

    Do you have any more info from your Dubai sources? To substantiate any of these claims?

    I have the following doubts, if I get satisfactory answers for it then I believe hers is an accidental death.

    1. Why did she die the very first time when she’s left alone? Is it just a coincidence or?

    2. Was she doing some surgery and it back fired which caused her depression that she took her life? Boney saw her dead body lost his sense in, shock, hence took time to react. Called up his friend for support and he later called ambulance. And they’re trying to hide the suicide fact?

    3. If it was suicide or murder evidence should be there in autopsy. Traces of alochol doesn’t mean she was heavily drunk to lose consciousness in tub. If there was any antibiotic found in her body Dubai police will report it and not play with autopsy report. So if were to buy their stand then she drowned. But what are the possibilities of drowning without someone forcing, or any sleeping pills or drugs or over consumption of alcohol or any injury found on her body? That’s the ONLY mystery.

    Like Admin said I think Boney, Jhanvi an all know the real reason hence don’t want to drag this. And they’ll do it only to save her dignity. At least Jhanvi. Bonney can have insurance or other motives. But Jhanvi, if she accepts her mother’s death without question then she know the real answer and if it had anything to do with her dad she won’t let him anywhere near her.

    I find all thisthe suspicious, mainly b.s. of some recent events that happened in mollywood. Two actors died and one was clearly murder which even a senior actor said aloud, the whole industry knows and there was clear evidence of someone trying to erase of vital evidence. Another death is still shrouded in mystery and case with cbi. Then the recent attack on that actress for personail vengeance and mafia links that’s being pronounced of that actor who organised that abuse on the girl. So if in a small industry like that can have such unnatural events, bw is much more vast.

    In sunandha pushkar case also there was clear evidence of someone trying to kill her. There was struggle, injuries etc. Here nothing which makes us believe it’s an accident but Boney uneven response and some loopholes raise doubt as well.

    Will we ever get an answer Admin?

  4. Tina says:

    “Everyone’s brains started working overtime. We bet people didn’t work their brains hard during their exams the way they are doing it now.” You guys are funny in a snide way. You actually took a swipe at all your readers too. 😁

    I wasn’t sure if I should post this link a friend sent me, but I am sure her sister Srilatha wouldn’t want her family’s dirty laundry aired out. Maybe a reason to keep quiet? But it’s also unfair to the family to bring this up now. So I will leave it up to you whether you want to use it.

    • Fan speaks says:

      There is hardly anything new or controversial in this link….nothing that the family should hide…..around 1997 Cine Blitz did an article called Sridevi’s Mysterious Past which contained the gist of details shared Ayyappan was her step father, Satish her brother was actually Ayappan’s son from his first wife… that time Sridevi’s biological father was still alive….wonder if he is still there….the link with Maheshwari is new to me…thanks for sharing…

      • Amanda says:

        But maheshwari is nowadays referred to as Sridevi’s cousin… Maybe sridevi never wanted to look old for fans and didn’t wanted to reveal her another sister identity

    • GeekyGal says:

      Sridevi was made to star as a leading lady at the age of 10.5 years. No proper schooling also. Entire childhood and youth robbed. Probably that’s why she waited for Jahnvi to turn 21 before her debut. Watch this (2:22 min) –

  5. Yellow Lemons says:

    Also I am reading a lot of “Oh! but Boney LOVED Sridevi” “His marriage to Mona was arranged so its OK if he cheated on her, he fell in love with Sri and love is such a beautiful thing” “He FELL IN LOVE with Sridevi” “Theirs was a true love story” “Sri and Boney were so much in love”

    Mona deserved to be cheated on?

    Men like Dharmendra and Boney Kapoor and Aditya Panscholi are criminals. Sridevi chose to live with him despite knowing he had cheated on his wife and made her pregnant.

    Yes she was a fine actor, but in her personal life she had no moral compass.
    And for people to say “Cast a stone only when you have not sinned” is BS. 99.99% of the world does not cheat on their spouses and go on to live a life of lies.Her appearance, her style, her fashion sense were all propping up a woman that was empty on the inside.

    Yes, she was a fine actor.

  6. naughtytrini says:

    After reading all that, I once thought that a mixture of pills and alco made her unconscious and she drowned while taking a bath. Now I am feeling that she did commit suicide. Watching shridevi’s movies she have always come off as skittish and in real life she is said to be an introvert. You have to be a certain way in real life to portray certain roles in reel life. I think she stayed back in Dubai to get some surgery done and had to remain until it healed. Boney must have had commitments which he couldn’t break and I think they both had a fight over it. If she didnt like being alone and Boney had to go, and he did, that must have traumatized her. Introverts over think and over think and over worry. All these issues that are now coming out with Boney being bankrupt, her daughters growing up and might leave her soon, she having to look a certain way to please Boney…even that seems too much for an extremely introvert person like shridevi to take. Is it that she must be was going through menopause? I think Boney left and as he do know his wife he must be was worried for her and tried calling her but wasnt getting no answer, since the no phone comment, he would have to prove that wouldnt he? and then he must have gone back and tried knocking on her door but she was already long dead, the bloated body, and then he went downstairs in the pretense of getting a duplicate key to surprise her. I think he knew all along that something terrible had happened to her since she didnt answer his calls. I think this mafia connection is just a cover up to hide the fact that she did commit suicide with an overdose of alco and pills.

  7. nefarious says:

    @Admin: on a totally unrelated note, Any news on Nushrat and Karthik Aryan. Are these two dating? this is like their zillionth movie together, if not, any idea about their personal lives?

    • Admin says:

      No, nothing suspicious. It’s nothing surprising if they are a hit trio and the director wants them to be in the film. If they had problems, they wouldn’t even think of shooting together.

  8. sweettooth01 says:

    it is suspicious bcos of how everything added up..
    misplaced phone so half the conversations and information is lost, not stepping out of the hotel room for 2 days,surprise visit that was done 20 yrs back and now suddenly, explanations given out to media, most importantly not calling the cops or the doctors (even when u dont feel the pulse or when u know the person is no more, people still call the hospital with the hope that some last minute resuscitations can help, but, here so much time was simply wasted and we wont know if she cudve been revived if help ws sought sooner) , the credibility of the autopsy report , the death happening in a foreign land..

    individual explanations to all these makes sense but when u put these together its either a planned cover up for something (or) life is just brutally unfair sometimes..

  9. aishu says:

    thank you so much for writing this post, it must have been a hardwork for you guys to research well before writing this post

  10. Deepak says:

    Guys, please stop bashing Shilpa Shetty…. All of us have different ways of grieving….I am crazy fan of Sri….but when I got to know about her demise, I watched her songs and hummed along and even danced a bit.. but was totally empty from within… To an outsider it might seem like I am having a great time….and it is perfectly ok if Shilpa did not feel bad.. what is important is how you treat a person when he/she was alive….We all know she loved Sri and that should be enough….even I want to remember Sri the way she was in English-Vinglish, Chaalbaaz, Mr. India and so many more…… Stop this argument about who attended the funeral and who did not….We are just over-doing it….

    • Maki says:

      Nope, we’re saying what we feel. And about Shilpa Shetty, I remember the time she went to Hrishikesh with her sister to immerse her father’s ashes and took a smiling selfie there! Who does that?! So it’s all hypochrisy, the whole drama about how they were so close, etc.

  11. Samantha says:

    1. No1 gives a surprise visit after 22 freaking years of marriage! Pls be rational; no need to romanticise everything! In 1994, Boney gave a surprise visit while Sri filmed wt Anil..EXACTLY! I agree to it! They were clandestinely dating each other! All th hormones, the novelty of dating most beautiful Sridevi! Understandable! AFTER WHOLE 24 years, Boney gives a surprise visit! Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE!

    2. No1 in today’s world can live without their mobile phones for 2 whole goddamn days! Specially no1 who is a public figure; with always concerned husband n daughters!

    3. No1 gets in bath full of water and doesnt spill a single drop! We all have been in bathtubs in some part of our lives! Water DOES spill even if bathtub is not fully filled!

    4. No1 calls police/authorities AFTER 3 hours of death/accident! Its goddamn 3 hours; not 30minutes or an hour! Agreed, Boney was in shock/tried his best to save Sri/called all possible contacts! But 3 hours later, he calls police! Unbelievable!

    Boney DID not have a hand in Sri’s death! But he s also covering up something sinister! Many call S Swamy fool/irrational/shoots from th hip; but he may have a point here!

    • Samantha says:

      and lastly No 5 star hotel can give a duplicate key to open the door of an already staying roommate! Even if u submit ur I card! Try doing this! U ll be looked upon suspiciously by hotel authorities/u ll be politely told ‘pls call ur relative; we cant give duplicate key’

  12. Nam3less says:

    I somehow believe with what @rekha has said. Tragic deaths do happen as unfortunate as this is, it could have been the way Boney described. I dont know what happened but we are speculating more here because of Sri being a massive celebrity. I wont at lengths in explaining why i feel that way but Rekha has clearly explained all plausible reasons on why it could be a tragic incident too.
    Also to those who are trying to say that even Divya Bharti’s death was cover up should actually read a report on bollywoodjournalist on how he actually explained what happened was really a tragic death. Death can happen anytime and in anyways and somehow sometimes logic just fails. My colleague husband had a heart attack at 37 years age and few days back his cousin all of 40 died too suddenly. Life is unpredicatable and as much as we all want to know what really happened in Sri’s case lets time go by and wait for the truth to unveil 1 day. I really hope there is nothing more to it than whats speculated but just hope she is in peace now and her family has all the strength to grieve over her and move on with life.

  13. Sara says:

    hi admin you may delete my comment. I don’t was to take names.

    • Admin says:

      No problem, it wasn’t approved anyways.

      • aishu says:

        admin, I would like to know did SSR even for once,really raised hands on Kriti sanon, if it is true then there is no point of being in an unhappy relationship, its better to be single and be very happy with family.

  14. Shilpa says:

    Where did the bloated body story come from? Her face didn’t look bloated in the final pictures. Don’t mean to sound rude but only her nose looked a little weird .

  15. Trinity says:

    Why was her body bloated although he found in 15 mins? Why was the hotel management claiming it was their people who found her first?

  16. kiran101 says:

    ok, everyone Boney- Sridevi surprise visits sounds more like a couple in early stages of romance. They are st a stage in life where their reality is like ‘bankrupt’, boney’s lot of movies flopped, sridevi lost a lot of wealth to scammers -mismanagement and court case. They are surrounded by chaos yet they spend money on surprise visit at hotel door step…mind you they travel first class….just when boney landed a day before in Mumbai…postponing tickets ….i see atleast 20k USD worth money here….are they that delusional as teenagers or its a cooked up story ? And please by no means this couple are as wealthy as SRK- Akshay etc. I dont know what to say….it looks like a love story that we all would like to have except the 2nd marriage and 2 other kids scandal.

  17. Rekha Rai says:

    This is really rude, I’m sorry a woman’s self worth is not tied to her husband. Are you seriously trying to tell me that you think Boney could have been more loving and attentive to his wife? He idolized her, loved her, adored her. Even my partner does the same to me but still I am considering getting botox in my forehead because I have a frown line that’s starting to appear and I’m not even 30 yet. So PLEASE don’t bring Pierce Brosnan into this, it’s Sridevi’s choice to get treatments and do whatever she felt like doing to her body. She said herself that it was Jahnvi that told her to lose weight in the first place, not her husband. Jahnvi came up to her after Khushi’s birth a few months later and said Mamma lose some weight na please? And Sridevi was like ok. There are pressures to being in the film industry and I doubt Sridevi was telling him every cosmetic procedure she was doing. Not like most hollywood wives tell their spouse everytime they do a touch up. Of course he knows that she is getting some injections and all but it’s not surgery for gods sake, they are temporary fillers that can be dissolved.

    I don’t think anyone that is guilty would come out with a story that didn’t explain everything. For example on a normal day I don’t remember what I had for breakfast the day before or what time that was or whatever, but if something had happened and I was guilty I would tell everyone “Oh I woke up at 10am and then had black coffee and made myself some sunny side up eggs with toast”. It’s more believable in fact that his story has some things that are unexplained because that’s real life! Also this is in relation to what Boney said to Komal Nahta on the phone, not some interview he’s giving to the media or something. This is still second hand information! He probably also didn’t know that Komal was going to go blab to reporters.

    Also Amar Singh never hinted that Sridevi killed herself, he just hinted that Boney shouldn’t have left his wife alone. Probably because Amar is a typical Indian male that can’t understand the concept of an independent woman or a couple that has a real partnership versus his probable arranged marriage where he looks at his wife like a piece of property that he owns.

    Guys I don’t think we should allow so much room for speculation. Of course there are factors that we will never know the true story of, but at the end of the day it is just a tragic accident. People always point the finger at the spouse but this is not one of those cases, you can see how much they loved each other and how much Boney cared for his wife, how in shock he is right now, how he’s been inconsolable ever since. This kind of gross speculation will only bring bad karma to your life. Let her rest in peace, and let his family grieve. Truth is often stranger than fiction and no one could have predicted that this would have happened but it did and we all need to deal with it and move on.

    The only thing that I find gross and disgusting about this whole mess is Shilpa Shetty, supposed friend of Sridevi who went to one event then jetted off to Singapore for a family vacation and instagrammed her breakfast and after getting so much hate on her instagram she posted a sunday binge about Sridevi again. Now she’s back and visiting Boney’s house and rolled down her window and smiling to the cameras to show that look she’s back and visiting. What a fake dirty garden rake.

    • Anony says:

      Amar Singh did say,she wouldn’t have done what she did.

    • Yellow Lemons says:

      OK Let me get this straight Rekha Rai…. Its only OK for YOU to sanctimoniously judge Shilpa for not going to Dubai to bring Sridevi’s body home (she could NOT have had other valid reasons because you think its not OK)

      But the rest of us have to read your sanctimonious sermons about how EVERYONE in this suspicious tragedy is innocent because Sridevi was a good actor? And so we should all shut up and look the other way?


      Are you Boney’s PR?

      • Rekha Rai says:

        Oh god, another “it’s the person’s pr” style comment did you also come from pinkvilla? Lol so original! Who said anything about going to Dubai??? A lot of people found her posts and Ig story the day of the funeral to be in bad taste. No one else that claimed to be a friend posted breakfast pics the day of. Go read her Ig comments if she hasn’t deleted them all already. No one needs to shut up no one needs to look the other way if you have an opinion or view then post it! I’m just posting my view you can say what you like sweetie. I also never posted anything about her being a good actor (although I think she is) but don’t remember mentioning that in my two comments. suggest you read comprehensively instead of angrily starting comment wars – pls do that on pinkvilla not here. You can respectfully post ur own thoughts without hating on mine!

        • Yellow Lemons says:

          You were the one that posted a five page rambling response about a husband wife relationship, and equal rights for women and all that jazz to describe why this case is not a murder or a overdose coverup

          Just like you shared your thoughts everyone else is too
          You should restrict your gushing to PV. This site is a site for speculation and theories. You should take your comments there, since you seem to know more about that site
          I dont go there, you must be an expert/veteeran there

          • Rekha Rai says:

            Yes I shared my thoughts but I never attacked you for your thoughts. I’m replying to the Admin’s comment that mentioned that Boney impacts Sridevi’s self esteem and is somehow responsible. I said that was rude, I never said YOU are rude, I’m also not hating on the Admin it’s just my thoughts nd response. I also never even said anything about equal rights. My comment on the other page was me breaking down the common reasons people seem to think that there is something else going on other than a tragic accident ie. “MY SPECULATIONS AND THEORIES” which is what you literally just said this site was for lol. If you don’t like it please feel free to ignore it, if you have your OWN speculation and theory please feel free to post it! God bless you.

    • kiran101 says:

      yours is the most defensive post …even the same in other article.People just have questions…unable to buy the narrative blindly since its sounds more cheesy that Bollywood flick(as though mere questioning somehow insults her memory, this person could however a long shot could have been murdered and some people only care about having a good memory).

      Her body was bloated … she wanted to go out for a dinner and boney was as he said expecting her in few minutes …u sited how you would have been with ur husband…if i was heading out for a dinner with my husband i would take a quick shower and get dressed up. I wont take a relaxing bath in bath tub….which would take atleast 10 mins to fill up….wonder how big the presidential suite ones are.

      There may not be a foul play…but there are so many holes in here. Why was the body bloated in such short time , who gave initial information of cardiac arrest to media…even sanjay kapoor said her family has no history of heart disease. Why did he give out such a information ? How does Autopsy decide if the drowning was accidental… is it not the forensic team that decides it ? Why did Boney not inform police ASAP…. for any normal person….” u find some one in bath tun….immediately call hotel lobby for emergency responders to see if a person can be brought back to consciousness …hotel staff will take care of informing authorities )

      There are statistics where a freak accident that caused death ….but when a high profile celeb dies with so many loopholes in narrative where there are several crores of insurance money is involved questions to arise. None of us are sure ….but tell me how is it that you are so sure ?

      There may not be foul play in her death…but there is definite cover up of the truth aftermath ….it could be due to insurance reasons or to preserve her dignity.
      I mean we all knew she did surgeries…we saw her interviews of her view on what beauty is … Yes, sridevi may have done some procedures without telling boney…but the best friend, soul mate, teenage lovers, what is good for him is good for me narrative sounds more like they tell each other everything.

      People will stop caring after a few days…everyone moves on with their lives . i truly hope there is no foul play .

      • Yellow Lemons says:

        WELL SAID!

        She appears as if its OK for HER to complain about Shilpa but no one else should dare say anything about Boney and the suspicious way they killed Sri

      • Rekha Rai says:

        I’m not defensive, I’ve written my statements on what I think has happened here:

        It should take a lot for someone to accuse a husband of murder, especially considering there is no real motive. But people are coming out with all sorts of accusations “why did he leave her alone, why did he surprise her, why did she have a bath in the first place” as if they can’t believe or understand a woman wanting alone time or to chill out by herself, or a husband loving his wife and coming back to get her, or a woman having a bath before she leisurely goes out for dinner later with her husband. Like that’s the part that I think makes no sense. If you want to suspect foul play then the only question is why did Boney take so long to call the police, the other questions are not good questions! I can see why a husband would surprise his wife, I can see why a woman would want alone time, I can see why a woman would take a bath vs a shower when getting ready to go out. Like these are all just normal things.

        As for the other 2 points of bloated and cardiac arrest – the cardiac arrest story came from First Post, could just be misinformation that no one checked. It was Sanjay that was asked at the airport and all Sanjay responded saying was that she had no history of heart issues. They asked him about the cardiac arrest, he never stated that she had had a cardiac arrest. That was the theory they must have thought when seeing your wife dead in the tub you think something must have happened to make her lose consciousness considering you didn’t hear her – did she have a sudden heart attack or something. The bloated story – you saw her face at the funeral, there are other multiple reports saying that she looked like a sleeping princess and didn’t look injured or bloated. You can’t just unbloat someone. The bloating body story is false.

        • Kiran101 says:

          A woman can have alone time , a husband can surprise his wife , shower/bath watever. All are fine but in this context …she never had an alone time in foreign country, she never traveled alone without atleast some friend escort her. The last time Boney surprised like this was 22 years ago…Boney’s surprise visit came after she locked herself up in hotel without even venturing out once…and she specifically stayed back for shopping. And wat else she decides to have a bath in a tub after 2 days of being alone in hotel at the time when they had plans to check out for dinner quickly so much that Boney was expecting her in 15-20 mins.

          So, she never was alone in foreign country or anywhere else, the kids and husband were worried that she would misplace her passport, lost her phone,never got out of hotel….only time alone without her family and she meets with death.

          Boney and kids themselves say its out of character for SRI to want to be alone or travel or stay alone. When his narrative did not add up then everyone made stories to fill in the gaps. Why did Boney not call for help from Hotel emergency res-ponders when he sees his wife lay motionless in a tub. He surely is not someone with medical knowledge or someone who can pronounce her death that too when there are no visible injuries…he might have wondered if she can be brought to life right !

          It might as well be a freak accident but its not fantastic to ask these questions… the story does not add up the reason may not be malice.
          At the end of the day if Jhanvi-Khushi are satisfied with the events that unfolded who are we to question. My heart goes out to any child who loses a parent…at this point i wont miss Sridevi as an artist….but i feel for her kids who will forever miss their mom …especially during the most important events of their life.

    • Admin says:

      You are not even 30, but Sri is over 50 and still regularly having cosmetic procedures. It’s not safe, especially when she started looking all thin for the last 2 years. She was going under the knife for her procedures because injections cannot change the shape of your nose or boobs. You are comparing going for botox before you hit 30 to a woman who is over 50 going for cosmetic surgery. It’s why Bond and his wife are relevant because she is the same age of Sri and it’s risky at their age to go under the knife. Sure, it is her choice to do what she wants to her body. But for us, if we have friends, family members or even our old lady obsessed with going through cosmetic procedures, we are going to sit them down and have a talk. It doesn’t matter what they do, at least we had the talk and they know we care. And no, it’s not rude to care because we know why we kept saying over and over again that cosmetic procedures are not safe.

      • kats says:

        Agree…even a simple procedure like doing laser to your skin to clear acne scars hurts like f…k..i had laser sittings done and my skin continued to burn or feel prickly for days after was horrible…when you marry the right person they accept you for what you are and who you are and don’t encourage you to undertake these cosmetic procedures just for the sake of vanity.

        • sweettooth01 says:

          @kats– uhmm laser for acne/hair removal involves a patch test before u go ahead and its not supposed to hurt that much usually if the patch test is ok..definitely not as much as waxing for sure..its side effects is quite less too..
          i dont think we can compare it with the invasive surgeries and injections..

        • Yellow Lemons says:

          Well said! Her mother used her. She thought she was escaping it by marrying Boney. He committed adultery on Mona. Now suddenly he is the epitome of love and Maryada Purushottam Ram, sounds absolutely absurd to me. This man made Sri pregnant before he divorced a terminally ill Mona. He is no Ram.

          This man is a amoral cheater. He went bankrupt years ago, Sridevi just like any celebrity was self absorbed and vain about her looks and appearance. The last three years she was quite ridiculous to look at.

          I dont think she spent a day at home in the last three years, going to Dubai almost everyday.
          Who does that? I believe her death is a combination of money woes for Boney, Sridevi’s emotional issue, drug abuse etc..

          Stories of Boney-Sri hugging and kissing like teenagers sounds gross. “Going back to surprise Sri” because “he loves her so much” is a bunch of bull ka-ka

      • Rekha Rai says:

        Good point Admin, age does have a factor there when it comes to the effect on the body. I am not sure what happened, as everyone I am also confused but somehow I feel man should not be fully blamed for a woman’s insecurity – even if lets say she committed suicide or something, we can’t blame the man for not making her feel good. She herself has claimed him to be a good and devoted husband. Pierce Brosnan is surely a good husband, but not all wives listen to their husbands either.

      • Fan Speaks says:

        Admin…have you noticed other news items that say Srilatha will not speak as the properties of Sridevi in chennai will now be transferred to her…if there is nothing to hide, then why her silence is being bought…..the story with Komal Nahta, the fact that Sridevi is never left alone otherwise raises some questions….I was willing to accept that it was a freak accident…but then they are willing to let go of properties of substantial wealth just to ensure the sister remains silent….what is that the sister knows that is so damning….also, the sister does she have a conscience or not…

    • Rad says:

      No one is outright accusing Boney. Only saying it all looks very suspicious and the truth must come out. If the death is by accident then its tragic enough. But if its foul play, don’t we owe it to Sri that the truth comes out? Does she not deserve justice in death? Why should the family try to cover up. Everyone knows how people in Bollywood live. By withholding the truth they are just encouraging more speculation which might be even more outrageous then actually what happened. So many people in Hollywood also have ODed and died. It does not diminish their talent or our love for them. If only we are told the truth which accounts for all the facts. And we deserve the truth, We have given her our adulation and she is what she is because of us.

      • Pooja says:

        I have no respect for Michel Jackson after knowing he is serial child u don’t know how Indian ppl think campare to American.

    • GeekyGal says:

      Hold on, 3 year old Jahnvi asked her mother to lose weight!

      • Rekha Rai says:

        Hmm not sure what age she was.. you never know kids are smart. Sri mentioned that in an interview it was Jahnvi – it’s available on Youtube.

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