The headline that’s not an April Fool’s joke: Salman Khan found guilty!

Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather must be wishing right now that this all is an April Fool’s joke. These headlines are from all around the world, as he’s a much bigger star now than he was in 1998.

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke

Such a creative way to write a headline from the same news breaking story; all these came out within minutes of the court announcing its decision.

Due to the happenings of this case and the curiosity of it, we went back to the time when this incident first made news. What happened then? How and when this made news? Read on if you are interested to know.

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke!

WHEN the entire nation was celebrating Wildlife Protection Week, film stars from Bollywood were busy indiscriminately killing innocent animals in Rajasthan. For days together, after a hectic shooting schedule at the sets of Rajshri Pictures film Hum Saath Saath Hain at Jodhpur, these top heroes and heroines used to whisk away in the jungles near the town in the dark everyday with guns and kill black bucks, chinkaras and peacocks. The prey were then brought to a local hotel which cooked tasty dishes with their meat for the stars. All this went on for several days, but the fun came to an abrupt halt on Gandhi Jayanti, October 2.

Encouraged with the poaching of chinkaras and peacocks for several days, the hunters decided to savour black bucks, too. On October 1, with the assistance of the manager of the travel agency run by Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, the film stars went to Gudha Bishnoian and shot two black bucks. As the black bucks fell on the ground writhing in pain, Salman got out of his Gypsy to halal the animals with the help of the big knife he had brought along with him. Hearing the gunshots villagers came running out of their houses only to find the helpless black bucks dying. Seeing the villagers the film stars fled from the village in their Gypsy leaving the bucks behind. But the villagers recognised Salman and after a chase on a motor cycle noted the number of their Gypsy.

The interrogation of the driver confirmed that on the night the bucks were killed Salman was not alone. He was accompanied in the Gypsy by, besides a local guide, film stars Saif Ali, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam Kothari. On inspection of the vehicle the forest officials came to the conclusion that it was earlier used to ferry dead chinkaras. A subsequent enquiry revealed that Salman Khan had hunted chinkaras, too, on September 26 and 28 in Mathania. Satish Shah was also with Salman on the night of October 2.

Whatever turned out after the grilling of the stars for about seven hours led the forest officials to believe that Salman Khan was the main accused. Just as the officials were to formally arrest the stars, Salman Khan and Saif Ali obtained interim bail till October 12 from the court. They were released but the film actresses were arrested and produced before a magistrate in the night itself. They were released on bail.

After the surrender of arms by Salman, the court released him on bail on October 15, only to be arrested again, this time by the police, on the charge of killing chinkaras and peacocks in Mathania on September 26 and 28. After remaining in police lock-up for 24 hours, Salman was remanded in judicial custody by the court till October 26.

Salman Khan, Saif Ali, Satish Shah, Tabu, Sonali and Neelam used to remain saath saath and enjoy hunting of innocent animals and savouring their meat. They were also saath saath when forest officials arrested them from the sets of โ€˜Hum Saath Saath Hainโ€™, barring Satish Shah, who escaped the dragnet of the law. All the filmstars were kept and interrogated Saath Saath at the forest office. Till then each of them was saath saath, but soon they fell apart.

While the interrogation was half way at the forest office, counsel for Salman Khan and Saif Ali produced court orders granting them interim bail. The bewildered actresses were taken aback when they were informed that no one had approached the court for bail on their behalf. Soon the forest officials told them they were under arrest. The unnerved actresses started weeping as they were left alone. But the forest officials were kind enough to produce them the same evening before a magistrate who, granting them bail, ordered their release.


The headline that's not an April Fool's joke!

This is how it happened. Till the local media picked it up, Jodhpur was abuzz with stories about the stars, who had arrived for the shooting of Rajashri Productions’ feelgood film Hum Sath Sath Hain, and that they had ventured out on shikar 14 times. But till October 1, no one was caught. That night, Salman, Saif Ali Khan, actresses Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre set off, as per the court records, in a white gypsy (number: RJ 191C 2201), accompanied by Harish Sindhi, who had driven them on earlier forays as well.

When they reached a particular stretch of forestโ€”five km off the Jodhpur-Mumbai highway and 30 km from Jodhpurโ€”they spotted a herd of the endangered black-bucks. Salman, who was driving, with Saif beside him, stopped, took aim and managed to shoot one blackbuck on the leg.

As soon as the first shot was fired, Salman was in trouble. Animal-loving Bishnois, living close by, rushed out of their houses. The stars sped from the scene but stopped some paces away when they spotted another herd. Apparently egged on by the actresses seated at the back, Salman was handed the gun and he took another shot, injuring the blackbuck on the neck.

The Bishnois gave chaseโ€”seven of them on three motorcycles. Salman rushed towards Looni, a village close by where the unit had been filming, then turned around and sped to the safety of Jodhpur. Recalls the strapping 68-year-old Bhenpa Ram, who chased the Gypsy: “I was sleeping when I heard the gunshot. I had a stick with me and I chased them for 6.4 km. They saw me chasing and hit my motorcycle. I fell down but I noted down the Gypsy number.”

If anyone is wondering why Salman’s co-stars were acquitted of all charges, it’s because they didn’t shoot any endangered animals. They might have been with him in the jeep, but they didn’t pick up a gun to shoot these animals. This is why Salman is the only one, who has been sentenced:

Section 51 of the Protection of Wildlife Act of 1972 says that any body found guilty of killing rare and endangered species of wildlife enlisted in Schedule I and II, will be liable to imprisonment up to six years but not less than one year. The punishment may also attract a fine up to Rs 25,000 but not less than Rs 50,000.

If the blackbuck case has got maximum mileage, there are two other cases pending against the stars. As early as September 26 and September 28, Salman and the others, including comedian Satish Shah, had gone hunting and killed two chinkaras near Mathania village.

On October 13, after one night in custody, Salman’s swagger and arrogance were gone. Only a day before, Sal-man and his colleagues had been at their rudest best with the investigating authorities, almost coming to blows with them. Now, in an Oscar-winning performance in humility, Salman looked shaken and repentant, and insisted on his innocence in hushed tones. As did Saif and the actresses. Some of them even spoke of possible defamation suits for dragging their name into print. But till the bubble burst, Salman had boasted in Umaid Bhawan Palace where they stayed for a few days after the shooting that they would be able to get away scot free.

They had very good reasons to believe this. Dushyant Singh, who has been named in the Mathania case and is related to ex-Jodhpur maharaja Gaj Singh and works in the palace at the travel desk, is said to be the one who first tempted the stars. Saif and Salman are both known to be fond of target practiceโ€”in fact on the sets they regularly tried their hand with airgunsโ€”and are said to have jumped at the possibility of shikar. Says brother Sohail: “Salman likes doing target practice so he got his airgun from Mumbai. It’s a hobby.”

Not realising that his room would be searched, Salman was careless. Two airguns (one from Salman’s and one from Saif’s room), a camera with a film which reportedly has pictures of them on the hunt were recovered. Now, even the .22 pistol has been recovered from Mumbai.

Then, acting on a tip-off, the police raided his father’s farmhouse in Alibag near Mumbai and found a blackbuck, two deers and a peacock. A case has been registered against Salim Khan, the famed scriptwriter, for keeping protected animals in captivity.

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke!

Salman Khan already had a chargesheet filed against him last year for killing two chinkara antelopes on September 28, 1998. It is believed that the hunting party had a feast out of their catch at Umaid Bhavan Palace Hotel owned by the former ruler of Jodhpur, Gaj Singh.

Three days later, on October 1, two black bucks were reportedly shot dead by Salman Khan, co-stars Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre and Dushyant Singh, who is associated with the Umaid Palace. Since the episode took place in Bishnoi territory near Jodhpur where black bucks are worshipped as descendants of Lord Krishna, the hunters were given a chase by the Bishnois. Though the hunters escaped, the dead animals were taken to the State Forest office the next morning and a case was registered.


The headline that's not an April Fool's joke!

For Harish Kumar Dulani, the driver, this part of the tale is the toughest to tell. “He would then slit the deer’s throat, clean his hands, and the others would cover the blood with sand.” No one complained that the chinkara was an endangered species, not a voice was raised about the law. Life is cheap in the desert.

On October 1, Salman had no idea he’d gone shooting in the wrong place. When he – accompanied by Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam, all down in Jodhpur to make a film – allegedly gunned down two blackbucks in Gudda Bishnoi, the Bishnois were watching. They attacked him, chased him, damaged his Gypsy and reported him to the forest officials.

Nine days later, officials stormed into the Umaid Palace Hotel, for a collective questioning of the film stars. The three actresses wept on interrogation, revealing that they had gone with Salman to Gudda Bishnoi, but explaining tearfully, “We did go there but never shot. We only clapped.”

It was good enough an answer to get them off, and accompanied by Saif, who also got bail, they escaped to Mumbai with a Rs 15.5 lakh bill for the producers to pay. And leaving Salman as the central character in Jodhpur’s most captivating drama.

The storm in the desert began brewing from the day Salman Khan arrived in Jodhpur to shoot Hum Saath Saath Hain, a Rajshri Productions film. He had no inkling that weeks later he would be in custody, sleeping in a hell straight out of the movies: a desert cooler, no silk sheets, and armed guards instead of room service.

If he did, he wouldn’t have complained that his plush Umaid Palace Hotel room was too small. So what if Sonali, Tabu and Neelam had similar rooms; he demanded, and was given, a suite.

The hero was turning into a swaggering villain. He was haughty with hotel staff. He constantly lost his shirt, literally so, strutting bare-bodied along hotel corridors.

And when he and Saif got bored, they lined up soft drink bottles, drew their guns – police say he carried a revolver in his waistband – and played cowboys. Salman should have left it at that, his only crime being excessive testosterone and puffed-up machismo. Chasing down blackbucks and slitting their throats was entirely a different matter.

According to information gathered by INDIA TODAY, the hunt began on the evening of September 26. At Umaid Palace, driver Dulani was told to arrange for sightseeing trips for hotel guests by Dushyant Singh, who looked after Travelaide, a company owned by Gaj Singh, erstwhile ruler of Jodhpur.

At about 10 p.m., Dulani was pleased but surprised when Salman Khan arrived and asked if he could drive. Satish Shah sat with him in the front with Dulani and four others in the rear.

One of them, Yashpal, guided Salman to Bavad village, off Nagaur road, 40 km away from Umaid Palace. There, as if on request, a herd of chinkaras awaited them.

As Dulani said in his statement, Khan fired twice and missed. Satish Shah egged him on, “Jama ke lagao (Do it properly).” The third shot was fatal. Khan got down and cut the chinkara’s throat and then, after killing another one, drove back to the hotel.

Yashpal then took the Gypsy to another hotel, managed to get the kitchen opened at 2:30 a.m. and asked Dulani to leave.

Later, the hotel owner and the cook were also arrested for cooking the deer meat.

Next day, on September 27, Dulani washed the Gypsy of dust and blood. The hunt resumed, but no deer were found. The following day Salman, driving with Saif and Dushyant, seemed to be satisfied just running the chinkara ragged, chasing them till they could run no longer.

Later that night they returned, and this time a chinkara was shot. On October 1, all the film stars went out and two blackbucks were shot.

But this time, as Choga Ram, one of the complainants who lives in Gudda Bishnoi and chased the Gypsy, says, “They strayed too close to our homes.”

Despite the confrontation, the actors seemed to keep faith in their status, that celebrity would ensure they were left alone. Even so, on October 12 Salman was arrested and charged with killing three chinkaras. He seemed confident of freedom. When bail was denied his face fell. Days later when Salman was eventually released on bail for killing two blackbucks, he was immediately rearrested by the police for the slaughter of three chinkaras.

Killing the blackbuck and chinkara, both Schedule 1 animals on the endangered list is a violation of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, and promises the hero anywhere from one to six years in prison – in places where Kader Khan is not the jailor.

Add the cooking of the meat of endangered species, which invites punishment up to seven years, and the numbers begin to get scary.


A short distance out into the wild the group spotted a chinkara. Salman Khan took a rifle from the bag, aimed and fired. The wounded animal ran; Khan leaped from the car and chased it on foot and shot it again. When it collapsed, someone took a knife and cut the deer’s throat, draining the blood, while the animal uttered its dying wail.

Soon afterwards two more chinkara were spotted. Khan shot again, wounded one of them, then jumped out and slit its throat while the deer struggled and cried and finally died. They took the two carcasses back to Jodhpur, where staff at a hotel were roused from their beds and obliged to clean and cook them for the party.If any of the villagers in the area of the hunt heard anything that night, they kept quiet about it. Likewise, the guide, the driver, the hotel staff and the cook. The party, again led by Khan, went out hunting again and again: on the 27th, the 28th, the 30th. No-one breathed a word. These, after all, are the kings of Bollywood, India’s new maharajas, and they do as they please. By day Khan strolled around the Umeda Bhawan Palace topless, baring his glorious torso; management implored him to cover up but he ignored them. By night he and his friends hunted. Who could deny them? Who would have the courage to stop them?

They must have begun to feel invulnerable, beyond any law. That is perhaps the only explanation for what happened next. Until now they had been hunting across land which, while close to the communities of the Bishnoi, the special protectors of the deer, is peopled by other local groups which do not have this tradition of benevolent concern. That may explain why no alert was sounded, why Khan and his friends hunted with impunity. On the night of Thursday 1 October, though, they became reckless: they strayed on to the Bishnois’ land.

On this night, Salman Khan again took the wheel, and when they were 20km from Jodhpur they veered off the road into the country of the Bishnoi. Five kilometres into the wild they spotted a group of blackbuck, beautiful dark brown antelopes with white underbellies. Khan braked, grabbed the rifle, took aim and shot the deer in the leg. But before he could dispatch the animal with his knife, local Bishnoi farmers, roused by the noise, were out of their houses to find out what was going on. The jeep drove off at speed, but when they came across another group of blackbuck, Khan could not resist having another go. This time an animal was hit in the neck. By now the Bishnoi were giving chase on motorcycles – seven on three machines – and though one bike was knocked over by the jeep, the farmers were able to record the number on the plates.

At the arraignment, Khan himself was full of rich brat conceit, lolling in his chair and joking with his co-accused. But his questioning lasted seven hours, and after a few nights on a hard cot in the forester’s hut which was his makeshift prison, the stuffing had come out of him. In court now he was meek and tame. To the press he declared his innocence – “I love wild animals,” he bleated, “how could I harm them?”

It must have been hard for him to judge how to play it; for now the contradictions in his screen persona were coming home to roost. For Khan the on-screen bully boy, a reputation for slitting furry animals’ throats in real life might be almost helpful; and Blitz, a Bombay tabloid, duly weighed in with anonymous “film industry sources” describing Khan as “a very violent person” and a former girlfriend calling him “a maniac”.


We always say that you cannot know for sure if someone is guilty of a crime if you weren’t there. It’s why this interview that Salman did a couple of years ago while he was still with Katrina Kaif sort of opened our eyes. Why? Because he lied! He lied when he was asked about whether he has ever hit a woman and he lied about killing endangered animals. He believed his lies and wanted us to believe it too. When you are able to lie once about something as serious as having uncontrollable rage issues and being an MCP to women, it’s hard to trust your words after that. Unless, you got Ghajini and really don’t remember!

If we go by what he has been saying for years, then we need to ask if the police and investigators have nothing else to do? Nothing better to do than chasing a superstar, who did nothing wrong? Are they all crazy and he alone is sane. He didn’t kill people on the pavement, he didn’t kill endangered animals and he didn’t raise a hand on his exes. How come after the long interoggation, the police decided that only Salman was responsible? Also, the only person who spoke out was the driver. So, is he lying too when he told the media what he saw? Did the real shooter pay the driver to lie? What about when people saw you slapping your ex in public? Or what about the other ex that you abused so much so that she had to end everything by going to the police and the media with her broken arm? Speaking of which, here’s a snippet from what SKJ posted today:

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke

By the way, in the interview above Salman claimed that they just fed biscuits but then in another interview, he claimed that he wasn’t the one who shot the animals. He contradicted his own statements! They should have trained him better!

As for those concerned about what would happened to the hundreds of girls that ride on Salman’s shoulders as well as Sooraj Pancholi, Salman mentioned this too in court:

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke


The Bollywood media and celebrities are speaking about Salman Khan, like if he passed away or something! He is sleeping in jail tonight, but he might just be out tomorrow. If Sanjay Dutt can get out, Salman Khan can get out too!

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke!

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke!


The headline that's not an April Fool's joke

Salman Khan is a man that commited not one, but two criminal offences. There are other offences as well, but no charges were pressed against that. His charity, his good deeds to the community and his big heart cannot be used to defend his criminal offences. That’s really inappropriate. You cannot defend a criminal by saying that he does good things and is a good man. Justice has to be served for what he did.

He got off earlier, thanks to his good team that was handled by Reshma Shetty. Since he fired Reshma from his team, we were wondering why they did that since he has this case pending. Maybe the fact that he escaped the earlier case made him confident that he can escape this one too. Reshma created that public image for him and gave him the best team to ensure that he didn’t go to jail.


Salman Khan‘s lawyers released a statement soon after the court found him guilty. It seems that they don’t like it that the others got acquitted while Salman was found guilty.

The headline that's not an April Fool's joke


The best part of the whole ordeal is courtesy of Bebola’s Saifu, Saif Ali Khan, who pretty much must have wished that his wife and kid were with him so that the media would pitied him. Instead, the media got his true colours on camera. Now, you might argue and say that Saifu genuinely cared about his driver’s safety, but no! He only cares about himself and the relevancy that his Bebola and Taimur brings him!

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60 Responses

  1. andy says:

    On a funny note,, you guys should watch pretentious movie review channel- Kannan Gill…They have hilariously roasted Hum Saath Saath Hai..and for salman i am a true believer of karma and am sure it would come back to him..

  2. Nars says:

    I know he is guilty and I do think he deserves the punishment but not 20 years after the act. He hunted and kill an animal 20 years ago. Yes it is against he law and we do need to take our environment seriously….but 20 years after an offence like that? Its frankly embarassing. He and the lot of them who were involved, cheered on and part taked in the feast shouldve been punish than and there.

  3. NewGirl says:

    Karisma must be thanking her lucky stars that she wasnโ€™t in town. Ramji ki kripa se, main bachi……, indeed!

    • Shivanisd says:

      @newgirl Haha..that movies songs are classic!! A b cd ef g h i jk lm… N o p q r s t uvwx.. Y z…..

  4. naughtytrini says:

    Oh my gosh! this is so sickening! I heard about the arrest but I didnt know the whole case story until now and if I hated Salman and his gang I loathe him with a vengeance now. He and the rest of them are the biggest hypocrites ever! Being human my ass. To them it is all a game, killing innocent animals and humans is just a game to relieve their eff up stress of acting. I hope they all die horrible suffering deaths like those poor deers. What about Karishma? Wasnt she part of that movie? I am glad her name aint associated with those efftards. Karma will get them all one of these days, mark my words. God put us in this world to care for his animals, not kill them! especially killing them for sport?! jeez nah man Salman and ur bunch of wackos. I have a copy of HSSH, was one of the best movies I ever saw but now I am going to burn it! Imagine there is a song with the beautiful peacocks in that movie and they actually killed peacocks to eat?! oh gosh this is so sickening…. I think I will need therapy after this.

  5. Kali says:

    As soon as I heard the news yesterday, my immediate thought was that an alcoholic like Salman is going to do some tried and tested nautanki like ‘medical problems’ to be out in no time.
    Today I am reading the news that he has ‘high blood pressure’ and is refusing to eat food.
    Iss type ke aadmi ko suli pe chadana chahiye. Not just for the black buck case, but for his treatment of women, running over an innocent man, implicit in the death of the prime witness and ruining the careers of those who speak out against him.

    And Jaya.. kya ajeeb logic hain. Lady, this is a man who physically abused your own Bahu and you are supporting him?

    • Deepak says:

      The media is again feeding us stupid updates.. remember how when Modi was running for PM we were informed about: 1. how he fought a crocodile as a child. 2. How he fasts for all the 9 days of Navratri.. doesn’t even have a morsel of food. 3. how he sold ‘Tea” as a child near Vadnagar station.. the truth is Vadnagar station was built when Modi was almost 23-24 years old….4. How he does yoga and asanas…. now they have come out with a 3-D animated PM who does Yoga as the real one has no time … idiots like us consumed such stupid news without questioning….We are gullible fools and the media is taking advantage of it similarly for Salman…. but I have a feeling we will see him soon flying kites with our dear PM……The PR rot first started in our Film Industry and now has spread to POLITICS…..

      • Shivanisd says:

        @deepak in today’s world everything is pr…image. In b school i heard of the term personal branding. Where everything u do or say has to present a certain image. I thought it was bonkers. Now things are even worse.

    • Dawn says:

      Exactly my thoughts on Jaya when I read her statement. What is wrong with her? Despite knowing how Salman behaved with Ash, she’s supporting him. Have never heard of her being supportive of Ash in public. And then Kjo calls her the best mother in law in BW. They are a bunch of asskissers with no spine.

  6. Helen says:

    No more Isabella!!!! Hurray!!!!!!

    Audience life’s aren’t endangered anymore.

    • Rashmi says:

      )))))))))))) as it’s cute! these are my thoughts. Isabella is very unpleasant to me. that of Katrina. how did it appear in Bollywood from England? why did come to india? (Of course you “like” from me

      • Pooja says:

        For them user kat look like middle eastern n Isabella’s is plain jaw they have better option bcz nepotism don’t work so much there.

    • Shivanisd says:

      @helen no such luck for us audience as kjo ki nepo kids party is ready to be unleashed on us…

    • Monalisa says:

      @helen Before going to jail, Salman already gave work to all the talentless and jobless people in his camp. Maybe he had premonition. Lol.. Isabelle and Sooraj got a dance movie, Aayush got his debut, he gave Sonakshi new Dabang movie, Daisy and Jacky Race 3, Kat a dance movie with Varun. So we have to bear with this lot till their respective movies release. After that the audience is spared from these talentless people being shoved down their throats!! Hurrayy!!

  7. Deepu says:

    Better late than never! So happy that this criminal has finally been punished. Also happy that for once admin has done a non-Kat bashing Sallu-piece Lol

  8. Shivanisd says:

    Imo, even saif, tabu, sonali and neelam should be severely punished. They knew what was, happening and idnt try to stop it. Instead cheered salman on as he hunted the poor animal. As an animal lover i hate all, these ppl!!

  9. pooja says:

    I’ve read some where that salman was actually got implicated in this case because he had an short affair with a princess of a powerful royal family in rajasthan and the erstwhile king who’s also the father of the princess was not happy. Usually many high profile businessman,politican’s usually go for hunting and are never caught as they have govt support- but salman was caught as the royals were angry.
    Even UAE hight profile officials and princes come to hunt in india , just like they do in pakistan – but indian media will never cover it, as the govt ask’s them to do….
    Do you think there’s any thruth to the above mentioned rumor admin??/

    • Shivanisd says:

      Faltu story.

    • Admin says:

      The story of what happened is as clear as daylight. He barged into the animal-loving Bishnois’ terrority and they are the ones who fought hell to get this case taken to court. No one wanted to do it, initially. But the Bishnois fought and fought until the media put the spotlight on these killings and the prosecutors were forced to get things going.

      • Amanda says:

        Thanks Admin for putting all those details… I didnt knew in detail what had happened…Now after reading,I feel very bad for those animals which got killed… Salman and Co shouldn’t be left that easily…. They deserve strict punishment…

        There is a new blind from PV regarding Sara and Amrita-

    • Rad says:

      This is the kind of fake planted story Salman and his minions wish the public would fall for.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      hunting sure..blackbuck no..
      bishnois treat them as babies n breastfeed them..even gov wudnt want to mess with such people

  10. Monalisa says:

    What is with Jaya’s idiotic comment saying that Salman should be given relief because he has done a lot of humanitarian work? So in her view starting a charity after commiting a crime (in Salman’s case multiple crimes) should exempt the criminal from punishment. I thought she was a member of parliment, such an irresponsible thing to say. Also it is well known what Salman did to Aishwarya, yet she is saying such things in defence of a man who physically, mentally and verbally abused her daughter-in-law.

    • Shivanisd says:

      What do u expect from jaya. She has always been an idiot. Watch her with Amitabh on rendezvous (the old one) she comes across as a total fool!! Stayed with him even after he humiliated her so badly. Then wants to pretend shes a strong bong woman!!

      • Rad says:

        @Shivanisd After reading ur comment I actually saw that episode on youtube. Jaya doesn’t seem to know her mind. She can’t answer any question articulately. I always for some reason thought of her as and intellectual woman but she sounds stupid.

        • Shivanisd says:

          @rad Exactly. Bong women have the reputation of being intellectual but this one is clearly not!! Just being from West bengal doesn’t make u intelligent. She actually said on national tv that she wants to beat up journalists who criticize her son. And she pretends to be oh so cultured. Either teach ur useless kid some acting or tell him to get out of Bollywood.

      • Monalisa says:

        I love watching Simi’s talk shows. I watched almost all the episodes of Rendezvous and Simi select uploaded on her youtube channel. Her shows are so insightful and interesting unlike Kjo’s scripted and trashy KWK. Saw news that he is planning a new season of KWK. Wish this season of KWK fails to garner trp so his show will be booted off and his monopoly over tv talk shows stop. Then only Simi can make a comeback on tv.

        You are right Bahchan’s episodes in both the seasons were cringey. They sounded so fake.

        • Shivanisd says:

          @monalisa i must have watched all the rendezvous episodes almost 20 times. They are addictive!! Simi is such a great interviewer. I commented on her YouTube channel that shes better than kjo and should come back on tv but she said star tv has said no to new episodes and its too expensive. Only real thing in Amitabh episode is when they talk about his time in hospital after coolie accident.

          Last season of kwk was so bad!! How is it even getting a new season!!

    • Deepak says:

      Jaya is a doormat of the highest quality…….She is in the RS just so that the law does not catch up with our Panama Uncle… God only knows for how long he evaded paying income tax by stating his profession as a FARMER!!! yes.. Our legendary ICON stated his profession as a farmer….It only stopped when he got caught, thanks to our vigilant newspapers……On top of this, the father-son duo also tried to evade paying custom duty for the shopping for their laadla’s wedding…… such is the standard of these people…. I find even Kachara (Muck) has some standard compared to these corrupt criminals… As good an actor he might be, but this is their reality….and this is true for most of us… when we get lots of money, the first thought to cross out mind is how to evade paying tax….Let’s face it…

      P.S. Dear Admin, while commenting, someone else’s email details were auto-filled already.. Is there some issue with the site for now??

      • Admin says:

        Yes, sorry about that. It seems that this plugin is detecting, just randomly. We don’t know why it’s suddenly started to do that. It is strange since they updated it a couple of days ago, so we thought the problem should be fixed. It doesn’t seem so, now we have to find another way out. Please bear with us.

      • Shivanisd says:

        @deepak So true. Amitabh is a heinous and disgusting man. He wrote his profession as farmer so he could buy land in up at a cheap rate. Later when he got caught he opened aishwarya rai University there. Wonder why indian media doesn’t expose him?? the way indian ppl worship this corrupt monster is shameful!!

        PS- You should also watch kader khan interview on YouTube on how much Amitabh changed after joining politics! He threatened kader who used to be his friend!!

  11. anu says:

    All are forgetting how this jerk killed one, injured few and worst of all ruined the life of that constable Ravindra Patil and in a way killed him too. I pray he is punished worst.

  12. b52bomber says:

    Interesting event for “reality TV programming” otherwise known as Indian media and some more interesting facts surrounding the case:
    1. Rajasthan Legislative Assembly elections are coming up in few months in 2018.
    2. The public prosecutor and the presiding judge on this case both belong to the Bishnoi community, a community that happens to hold black bucks sacred.

    I am sure there are more curious facts out there. However, regardless of what the ultimate outcome of this case turns out be, it will neither provide redemption or damnation for our corrupt and weak legal and law enforcement systems. So I am bored already; what’s next?! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Tina says:

    Last but not the least- A big shout out to the Bishnois and their ilk – who make the protection of environment, wildlife, and forests such an integral part of their faith and will defend it so rigorously!

    I personally, rather believe in a faith that expressly protects our existing earth and its inhabitants than one that spouts useless metaphysical ideas.

  14. Tina says:

    Someone was wondering here the other day as to why Salman was still so good to Katrina. Well, as someone who was his intimate partner during the hit and run, as well as the poaching case, she knows where all the skeletons are buried. He keeps his secret keepers (Katrina, his family) happy and hangs out with criminals like himself -Sooraj Pancholi, Sana Khan etc. It’s less risky that way.

    • aiden says:

      What did Sana Khan do though? I’m not aware of her story actually

      • Tina says:

        Here’s what I remember about Sana Khan. Kidnapping and forcing a minor girl (15 years old) into marriage after the girl rejected her 22 year old cousin’s wedding proposal.

        Assualting and intimidating a female journalist for revealing that she was already married-she was flirting with Salman in BB and was going to debut with him in Mental.

        Random other goonda gardi, fraud, and police cases on her and her husband.

        After Ash, Salman has only been with women with checkered/dubious/criminal histories. Women who, if they were assaulted by Salman would not go to the police or make it public.

        BTW Salman was 27-28 and Somy Ali only 15-16 when their affair started. That’s statutory r@pe. Worse, the supposedly progressive Salim Khan was not only okay with this but had her stay with them in the family home. Creepy!

    • aiden says:

      @ Tina, thank you very much for providing those insights!
      The crimes committed by Salman & his friend group make me want to throw them.
      You also mentioned after Aish, does that mean Iulia Vantur also has shady/criminal past?Did he also assault her(since he did to most of his gfs)?
      I knew this time also he was going to get bail but I still wished he would get to serve his quantum but alas…

  15. leap says:

    So how are the people on his support who were surviving in Bollywood going to survive now

  16. Pooja says:

    I remember as kid when he slap user kat at same cafe its was all over news channal later user have decline its story dies 2day if u talk about this incident most of lallu fan not even aware of this I remember aajtak was playing that news morning to night I was 12-13yrs old that time.lallu is fake human n bigger liar

  17. Samantha says:

    such a chilling tale; i swear! i just pray he does NOT get bail tomorrow! but i m 1000% sure that the bastard will get bail!

  18. Tina says:

    Given his demeanor, I can’t help wonder if the fix is already in. A lot of times lawyers herd a case in a certain direction to fail in lower courts, when they already know they can use a loophole to get out in a higher court.

    That way they know there are no further challenges in superior courts.

  19. Pooja says:

    Lallu is worst person ln Bollywood even seen.his arrogance is another level he only do gud to them who is chamchas of his attitude who don’t they suffer like arjit ash act.but ash teach him a lesson of lifetime๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  20. Manisha says:

    I hope he stays in jail – not just for killing of the blackbuck but also for giving us talent less “actors”!

    • Monalisa says:

      @manisha I second this. All the talentless people are flocking to his house in the guise of supporting his family, but we all know most of them are worried sick about their careers.

  21. Amanda says:

    F**k sallu, saifu and other hum saath saath hain stars…. Hope sallu rots in jail for good time, but he will get bail soon.. That’s the sad reality…

    • Tina says:

      Is someone going around down voting all the +votes on here? I clearly remember you had at least +13 likes on your comment Amanda. Similarly for others.

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