The eccentricities of Ranbir!

Last week, in the usual weekly column of Open Magazine, the below piece was posted.

Take a look at it first:

Akshay’s Challenge

Ranbir Kapoor isn’t on social media but it’s no secret that he’s an ‘Instagram stalker’ not unlike his cousin Kareena Kapoor. They have secret Instagram accounts only to see what others are up to.

Turns out Ranbir is fascinated by Akshay Kumar’s ‘Bala song challenge’. Like the rest of us, Ranbir reportedly had a good chuckle watching videos of Ayushmann Khurrana, Varun Dhawan and others doing Akshay’s steps from the catchy Housefull 4 track. One hears he managed to coax girlfriend Alia Bhatt to do the challenge and even shot a video of it, but apparently she’s too embarrassed to post the video publicly. So he’s been circulating it among close friends who’ve been teasing her about it.

This confirms several things about Raymond. First, he is pretty much not right up there. Second, he likes to pick on everyone and make fun of them. Third, he was the one who secretly recorded Sanju Baba’s drunken rant about his colleagues and passed the recording around. Fourth, he once passed a demeaning comment about his ex Katrina after they broke up for the first time. Fifth, he is definitely the one who released that fake horse riding shot from Manikarnika.

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This is not the first time he has made fun of Alia publicly. At this point, she should run. Even if this is a KebabJo sherbet recipe that she agreed to be part of, it’s crazy because he sounds like a psycho!

Also, never allow him to record anything! Today, it’s a silly dancing video, tomorrow it might be something else.

No sane man would do something as disturbing as this, especially not to his supposed girlfriend. It seems he likes to publicly make fun of someone and have others laugh at them too. Maybe she should record him without his hair extensions on then he will know!

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23 Responses

  1. OSOPfan says:


  2. yuri says:

    kjo has been playing matchmaker and it seems to be working well enough for pr but i still can’t see ranbir finding airhead alia that interesting. she’s a spoiled brat that gets what she wants .. is that enough? Though it seems like she’s willing to have an relationship to keep him so maybe it’ll work, at least until one of them starts flopping

    • Justice Lover says:

      It’ll be okay if Alia flops and RK keeps delivering hits. It will be difficult the other way around.

      • Ron says:

        Actually wish that happens.Nobody else stands a chance of atleast being considered for good parts with her around

  3. Lailayaila says:

    Hi Admin, I think something is up with the site, the latest posts aren’t showing up. I have to refresh over and over again. Idk if this is happening to everyone or just me! Still love the site though 🙂

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for letting us know. We have contacted the service provider and it’s fixed now. The problem is just it should be https instead of http. Have a great day! 😘

  4. Justice Lover says:

    Both the families deserve each other. Forget Alia, which Kapoor bahu has had it easy so far? They have all suffered emotional abuse, physical abuse, infidelity and what not. Same is expected of Alia. However, Alia is besotted with RK and thinks she will have the world if she marries him. It will be sad to see that bubble burst. I hope she doesn’t become bitter like Neetu in times to come. Both Neetu and Alia will have their fangs and claws out (as someone rightly said in one of the comments below) after the initial euphoria dies down. Plus Soni is no pushover. Good riddance DP, Kat and all the other women who once thought of becoming a part of this family.

  5. KA says:

    i used to think that Ranbir just minds his own affair and not be bothered about others around him are doing , i wasnt right !! how is alia still bearing with his behaviour towards her, let us see does she continue her relationship or break up after Brahmastra releases, Thank GOD Kartik and Sara’s PR ended just in time, can i ask you something , how did Kjo allow Sara Kartik’s fake break up happen , i thought he would continue it for the longest time since he has Dostana 2 with Kartik to be released in upcoming years. please let me know it

  6. Kiran101 says:

    The kapoors are truly brainless , Neetu ( fool ) kapoor thinks that baby Alia will be ideal kapoor bahu . She is gonna open her fangs and claws after wedding with ranbir .

    The Bhatt family will use all the tricks in trade and create a ruckus if the kapoors give Alia a rough time . They will pull in their political- religious discrimination cards on kapoors and drag them through dirt and make Alia look like a nubile thingie exploited by this older guy.

    Say wat u want but Katrina is extremely tolerant and can absorb a lot of abuse for the sake of big picture . Deepika had stars in eyes back then and willing to put through a lot and sacrifice career for this guy …back then ranbir had charm.

    If Ranbir ends up marrying Alia which I doubt then kapoors are signing up for some real shit storm.

  7. leaps says:

    well alia set the bar at as low as emotional infidelity maybe she should have considered adding must know how to respect a woman to the clause on their relationship when kjo was drafting it . Any outsider gets sympathy on not knowing what narcissist ranbir is and how shitty he is at treating women of all people alia who grew up in the bollywood bubble should have known better and well was asking for it.

  8. P says:

    I just find rk junior a npd ad a sociopath who loves triggering,inciting, creating nuisance ,goading,and enjoying his sadistic thrills . If same was reversed and he was the object of poke;it’s a bet he would bring bout the nasty self and takepetty revenge,cry foul and be irreverent and obnoxious to an nth degree. That’s a bet. All rules apply to others in their dictionary.blame the dysfunctional upbringing which leads PPL like him to be a sociopath. he not only riled thethese people mentioned above; he pushed peecee during barfi shoot in middle of sea assuming she didn’t know how to swim to enjoy a good laugh. She coolly swam her way dignifiedly is another matter . Which normal human chuckles at cruel jokes like these ? Apparently he also circulated kanganas nudes and she took her eevenge on him suitably by hammering him and picking on him in social media mmhe could do or say nothing..

    He is an ass and alia is no bechari. U tolerate what u think ur worthy of. Her own upbringing is dysfunctional.. makes two peas in a pod.

    • Ron says:

      Did he really harass Kangana? Idid not know that. Was there a blind on this?

    • Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

      The only point I’d like to make here is Kangana on her part really shouldn’t be distributing intimate snaps of hers to all and sundry . It’s simply not advisable , even in an actual relationship ,leave alone a man you don’t really know. A man doing the same thing (like that idiot Sajid Khan) would be crucified for it. I agree with everything else you have written- RK is an ass of the first order.

      • abcd says:

        Kangana hadn’t distributed her nude pictures. Hr had forwarded it to rk as hr wanted her out of his life as kangana was keen on marriage. Rk then wanted to have relationship with kangana as for him it was a kind of revenge. Kat-rk had Short term break up at that point of time. Kat thought at least hr will agree for marriage. But then his family also rejected her. Rk couldn’t take no as an answer. Kangana rejected his advances and so rk ensured that her pictures are out in the open. Please check aap ki adalat unedited version, it was only then hr became more keen on evidence as he is over bothered about his image.

  9. Rami says:

    This is very disturbing. RK is doing all the negative PR on his friends and girlfriends, is really put him in a bad light ! The kapoors family is really dysfunctional ! Honestly ,RK is not a great catch, his ex’s should be happy that they are better off ! Plus,not to deal with his over bearing mother and loud father! Even being alone is better then being in a dysfunctional family!

  10. Universal says:

    For all those initial years his PR and family so carefully crafted an image of classy, perfect man for Ranbir. With time and social media, that facade has gone. From planting blinds about how each of his ex (especially DP) still wants his attention to making his current one look silly (though he doesn’t need ant effort in that), Ranbir Kapoor comes across as one narcissist, sadist person.

  11. Kiran101 says:

    Ranbir already showed his hand/face and in the process he showed the true face of Bollywood men and women . Without an exception I’ll treatment and cheating is accepted if you bring home a lot of money and a lot of fame and all the perks of being a celebrity or celeb spouse.

    Asking Alia to run is silly . She is as good or bad as Ranbir. She knows everything and lot more than us. In fact unlike us she had actually seen it all … same with all the other women who Ranbir dated or fake dated.

  12. sansa says:

    bang on…

  13. Adira says:

    Ranbir is a Bollywood kid. Wouldn’t they be protecting their own if he really does these things? Because these stories don’t portray him in a good light. I choose to take whatever i read about Ranbir with a pinch of salt. If they are true, i see Ranbir being the next Salman Khan (not getting married ever).

    Besides, he and Alia’s relationship seems to be a PR one. So why would she be hurt? She agreed to it, didn’t she?

    • abcd says:

      Masand’s blinds as of now favor kjo & his minions. Rk-uglia bhatt blinds, kjo’ talk shows, uglia’s advertisements usually are an attempt to strengthen/provide confirmation in a way to tell world that rk is getting married to uglia. This blind must have been released to probably highlight their fun banter, but reverse purpose has been served. News of his casual intimacy is almost in the process of disappearing from media. Rk’s consent doesn’t matter this time. Neetu kapoor, kjo favor money/power so this time uglia has an upper hand over rk.

  14. abcd says:

    This proves that neetu kapoor has over pampered ranbir and he is used to having things get done his way. Raja beta never heard no all his life and has no idea about harsh realities of life. Alia will have a harrowing time all her life after marrying ranbir. Ranbir is a spoilt teenager and has met his match in alia. This also shows that alia is just a clown and of no worth to him. he does not love her. This also shows that ranbir is trying really very hard to get rid of her with such hints. soni must get her daughter out from kapoor hell as early as possible; if she really cares about happiness and self respect of her daughter.

    • Kiran101 says:

      I don’t think Bhatts view marriage in a traditional way and as no way out. Pretty sure they have all cases covered for their daughter. Mahesh bhatt was not even married to one set of his kids . His son rahul claims mahesh as an absentee father … for the first time it’s kapoors who need to watch their back .

      Kapoors are mess but the bhatts are actually a bigger mess and very aware and totally pleased with themselves . They will totally play the kapoors.

    • KA says:

      well said 🙂 Alia and her parents should reconsider their decision.

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