Teaser: Sanju – Ranbir Kapoor

Many of you are eager to know what others here thought of the teaser of ‘Sanju’, which just released yesterday. We were meant to share this post yesterday, but then there was a pet food sales going on today so we had to complete work to take the day off today just to buy pet food at a really cheap price. So, we did take a look at the teaser when it released and our first reaction was:

Then, we watched it again in case we were overacting the first time.

Nope, it still makes us think the same way. See, it’s not because of the way Ranbir Kapoor has acted in the teaser, it’s the way they created this teaser. Many of RK’s fans will tell you that it’s just a teaser and the trailer is going to be much better. Also, bear in mind that this movie is directed by Rajkumar Hirani so you all know how happy-go-lucky it can end up looking.

By the looks of it, it seems that this movie should have been produced by Disney. This should have been ‘Jagga Jasoos! Ok, enough ranting. The problem we had with the teaser is that they are making Sanjay Dutt’s life look like a fun ride. Everything that happened to him looks like it’s something fun. They are more or less making these incidents look light. Let’s hope the movie is much more serious than the teaser because Sanju’s life is not comical, it’s nothing to laugh about. Also, he is not a man that lived many lives. He is a man, who went through many experiences in his life. Most of which were the results of his own doings. He was a rich kid, who travelled the wrong road to reach where he is today.

The scene in the teaser where he’s talking about doing so much drugs that his lungs gave up on him. That scene is so disturbing because Sanju was a hardcore addict. It was not easy for him, but it was the hardest thing for his family to deal with. His father was on that Simi Garewal show and he got very emotionally because he had to deal with the passing of his wife, whom he loved dearly and then to deal with his only son getting lost in drugs. Sanju too was on the show a few years later with his sister and both got very emotional talking about that time in his life. Doing drugs is not something that should be depicted as fun. You think Sanjay Dutt is going to look back at that chapter of his life with his kids and laugh about it?

We are thinking that there’s a huge chance that this movie will be from Sanju’s perspective of life. As in, Sanju being the kind man that they all know him for. This is how he will be depicted in the film. It will be a light film with some sad moments and more happy ones. Pretty much like all of Rajkumar Hirani’s films.

As far as Ranbir’s portrayal of Sanjay goes in the teaser goes, we don’t think that Sanjay was a 100% like that. See, the problem is that there are already so many good impersonations of Sanjay Dutt so this one too ends up looking like an impersonation. It was a mistake to cast RK as Sanju. He himself has a big baggage to carry and he was made to carry that together with someone else’s baggage. If they picked someone, who was new and not a seen face, it would have been better. But now, expectations are really high. We should mention how it’s quite visible that RK is wearing paddings in some scenes to make his shoulders look broader like Sanju’s shoulders are.


By the way, this is a really good impersonation done by one of Sanju’s biggest fans:


And this is one of the funniest but best songs of Sanjay Dutt, saw this when we were kids and his whole look and dance just mesmerised us. Like how can someone dance this bad? You are making Urmila Matondkar look bad!

You know what? We have always seen Saif Ali Khan and Sanjay Dutt the same way. Both have respectful parents, who weren’t involved in any shady stuffs. They both looked like they didn’t belong in Bollywood and were just there because their parents were actors. They didn’t seem to click for the longest time. And then, both of them finally got recognised in their much older years compared to other actors. They started out young in Bollywood, but still despite their looking-like-their-mother looks, they got films to work on. Most of these films weren’t successful. Today, both are at the same stage of their careers where nothing is working for them and they have to start thinking of reducing their price and taking on supporting roles. Also, the poster above looks like it’s photoshopped. We are trying to see whether the hands and arms look manly, like Sanju’s. RK has very delicate looking hands with furry arms.


Anyways, while searching for old videos of Sanjay Dutt, we found this one:


Did they make this comical in the film with Johny Lever acting as Chhota Shakeel?

Let’s just wait and see whether the trailer has the missing spark or is just a continuation of this bland teaser. And now, the floor is all yours. What do you think?

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31 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    Next ranbir should do a biopic on tarun tejpal,cause according to bwood biopics are meant to glorify criminals and its enough for actors to just look like the criminal and mimic their mannerisms. Also ranbir will fit the part of the womanizer to the T.

  2. TRS says:

    Thank you Admin – If we could get an GIF filled review of veerey di wedding (hopefully starry eyed GIF) – that would be great . I am looking forward to go enjoy the movie with my GF’s πŸ™‚

    I saw trailer of Puzzle and Kid like Jake – i wish they made such movies in India too. Simple stories with real issues around us πŸ™‚

    • NightGlory says:

      There was a time when we did…and believe it or not, such movies are the ones actually considered for prestigious movie awards like Oscars and Cannes (e.g. Masaan,Newton). We really need to up our game in terms of the stories for our movies in Bollywood. Less on OTT College life/Body Building/Love and more on other issues. As a matter of fact, I am surprised that no movie has ever been made about LGBTQ rights (or they have been conveniently banned in our country) or a movie which maturely deals with sexual harassment in India.

  3. NewGirl says:

    I didnt like it. I hope the movie is better than this.

    @kiran101 – Ranveer/Ranbir episode last season (season 5)

  4. sweettooth01 says:

    ami the only one who liked the teaser..πŸ˜€so im definitely not a RK fan..im smone who goes ga ga over RS or SRK..bt i liked the teaser..at times i ws wondering if it was sanjay dutt who ws thr or if it was RK..also itl be good to see smones perspective of their own life or in the eyes of smone who likes them a lott..life is not always black or white..and i like raju hirani way too much and his way of finding beautiful dialogues thatll move u to tears in the theatres..it doesnt look like a sadddd film but an intrstng take on serious stuff..

    but like u rightly said i just hope they show somethings the way they are and not portray him as a gullible victim bechara type but instd someone who has many shades to him,good bad ugly everythng in one person and finding a way to like and accept smone like tht.

    • GeekyGal says:

      Agree. Teaser wasn’t good. Hoping for a better trailer. Scenes in the teaser were great though. Some of the transformations were unbelievable!

  5. Universal says:

    Well, finally a review of sorts to which I agree. It looked like a comedy movie teaser to me. Also, I hope RK is not too drawn to mimic Dutt and limits it to acting like one. There is a fine line there. Also, I would be disappointed if they just whitewash all his wrongdoings and portray him as a good man wrongly framed or something.

  6. sharuna says:

    very cliche and caricature acting.1 st flop of raju hirani and 5th flop of rambo

  7. Monalisa says:

    I maybe the minority but never was a fan Raju Hirani’s movies. Only watched the first part of Munna bhai series (did not like it) and never watched any of the sequels. Never watched the much hyped PK even. Three idiots was the only Hirani movie I watched and liked.

    So never had any great expectation from this movie to begin with. Always thought this movie being over-hyped. But this look more like a parody or satire movie more than anything. But why then call it a biopic on Sanjay in the first place. And make Ranbir mimic Sanjay to the point it looks comical sometimes. The young Sanjay bits, Ranbir is overeacting like he did Besharam. Ranbir can’t carry ott acting in a natural way like Ranveer can. He ott acting makes Varun Dawan’s overacting looks normal. He looked and acted like Sanjay in the older Sanjay bits. Ranbir does not have the swag of Sanjay Dutt or charisma or even the screen presence of Sanjay Dutt so why ask him to mimic him in the first place? His lack of swagger and screen presence and charisma is making this fall flat.

    • Rashmi says:

      you’re not in the minority, I do not like movies Hirani, even Munna Bhai, even 3 idiot. many directors of Bollywood, which are considered cult, are overestimated in my opinion. SLB or Johar including. and yes, Yash Chopra too. there are many directors who I consider original with their vision, but these directors, whom I have listed, are very mediocre for me

    • Monalisa says:

      @rashmi As I am predominantly a 90s child and my childhood idol SRK starred mostly in Kjo and Yash Chopra, Adi Chopra movies, I’m guilty of liking some of their movies, not all of them though.
      But as a grownup I tend to skip movies that does not look interesting or watchable even if SRK starred in them. Case in point: did not watch JTHJ, JHMS, Dilwale. I love SLB movies though. Devdas is one of my fav SRK, SLB movies.
      But never warmed up to Raju Hirani, David Dawan movies.

    • Rashmi says:

      I also like some films of Johar, Chopra or SLB (Khamoshi, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. and so on) I just do not think these directors are ideological and outstanding. There are much more original directors, for example, at 80 I really liked Umesh Mehra, but the Indians did not really like him. I like Pandey, Kukunoor Mani Ratnam R. Balki to name a few. but of course there are other, more venerable but underrated directors

  8. keren says:

    what the #%^!!! who came up with this!!! one man…many LIVES…….(may they all rest in peace)
    in the other hand, the teaser..it is a lost case ,i am not even going to try..dear admin and everyone here..i would like you to watch this video also..enjoy πŸ˜‰ https://twitter.com/iamkhawla/status/988711176707166210

    • Monalisa says:

      Ranveer’s Sanjay impersanation is way better than Ranbir’s in the teaser. Rs is really good with his impersonation/mimicaries of actors. His Govinda, Anil Kapoor and Amitabh’s Deewaar ‘mere paas maa hain’ dialogue is bang on.

  9. Tina says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Sanjay, even now, understands the gravity of his actions and the pain he’s caused his father, sisters and daughters. It still feels like he thinks of himself as someone sort of victim, or worse, a victorious survivor over things that happened or were done to him.

    I swear, even holocaust survivors don’t throw around the kind of attitude Sanjay and Salman throw around.

  10. Anon says:

    Ranbir Kapoor is grossly miscast, i mean if they were looking for a serious biopic but since it looks like a parody maybe he will work. Ranver Singh would have been perfect for the role. His half a min dance on Sanjay dutt’s song in Kwk was better than RKs acting in the entire teaser. Ranbir only looks the part in his older days due to the makeup/prosthetic but the younger version just looks like himself.

    Also his voice was patchy throughout.. Now I like Raju Hirani movies but I can’t wait for this one to fail. Both the director and producer are such good friends that it’s impossible for them not to be biased but here they are sugar coating even things he has publicly accepted as the biggest mistakes of his life.

    Also if Dutt fails, I can imagine Kjo having sleepless nights over the Brahmastra trilogy which he has very foolishly invested in.

    And in the teaser launch RK said “If it’s (casting couch) is there, it’s the worst kind. I have never faced casting couch. ” and went on to laugh and make a mockery of the question. He’s just an entitled asshole who by his own admission has doesnt even audition for movies.

    • Kiran101 says:

      Can you be kind enough which episode of KWK did Ranveer do a sanjay dutt dance ? who was the other guest

  11. pooja says:

    @Kiran101 …You were right. Now i’m pretty sure Kjo, Nepo Gang and Co is doing everything possible to Defame and Bring down Rs & Dp. Have you seen the article on β€œ Ranveer-love bytes β€œ on pinkvilla and this is right after Deepika giving all those positive comments on Ranveer.

    Ranveer should be more careful, even if he thinks’ he’s being funny —people will use everything possible against him to bring him down. Now i really feel bad for Rs & Dp- these people are dealing with a lot of shit people. And you’re right Rs-Dp being together have irked many people in bollywood.

    • Monalisa says:

      @pooja If you watched the whole video posted on instagram by viral bayani, you can tell the context in which he was referring to a love bite. Pinkvilla posted a cropped video. The lady reporter first asked him for a bite and he jokingly said what kinda bite you want, a love bite? As in a qoute on love or something. He did not mean it in a sexual way. But you are right he should be more careful and not say things that can be miscontrued when taken out of context. This video was up on instagram 2 days back but pinkvilla posting it after all the gushy Dp qoutes on RS clearly show their intention. And the gyshy qoutes from DP about RS is from her interview to Filmfare middle East. The cover launch of which she attended in Dubai and according to pv blinds had a fling with Fawad.

      Also pinkvilla’s offical instagram handle posted a comment on the post Neetu shared of RK’s Sanju poster, “Ranbir looks primising as ever” with a love emoji. You can tell how biased they are to RK and it kinda prove our theory of pv being used by Kjo gang to post fake blinds about people they don’t like.

  12. Leaps says:

    @admin lolz please include more gif in your blinds too you guys are too good with gifs 🀣

  13. Su says:

    Thank you so much @admin for this story. My faith in humanity is restored when I see the readers of OSOP talking sense here. The only neutral site i guess πŸ™‚ <3

  14. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t like the mimicry and flawed body language.. I hope things work out for sanju baba, he might not be the gem of a person but he has seen a lot in life. and secondly why does RK want to act further.. He said in this teaser launch that his career has bend and not an end. I thing it has bended a too little and made it to circle of flops… Still people are going to praise him and I don’t understand why…?

    • Kiran101 says:

      Did you see real people praising other than BW websites, fan club, PR and media journalists ?

      No, you are not the only one.You are one among many.

    • Su says:

      Yes kiran. I saw real people praising it and was wondering what the heck has happened to their senses πŸ™

    • Anonymous says:

      Such an irony, people are talking and concerned for RS-DP in this blind item.. It will take some time for other people to come to real senses and this point in time.. Take a deep breath and count till 3 and it will go away..

    • pooja says:

      @anonymous …. Nothing can be said about this teaser other than what many other viewer’s commonly pointed out & agreed i.e the teaser is below expectations and ranbir looks miscast. So why comment on something when every one on the blog expressed same view’s as you believe, instead according to me Rs&Dp –& their latest tryst’s with Nepo co does look interesting to me. And do you think I’ll leave a chance where i get to hate& rant about Nepo co??? lol

      Some Interesting info—Dutt biopic’s distribution rights are sold at 110 crores and the distributors will only make profits if the movie crosses 200 crores in india & 7 million $
      And that’s the reason every one’s creating a huge hype which the movie doesn’t deserve —-as distributors will be in loses, and ranbos career will be forever doomed if the movie fails.

  15. Kiran101 says:

    The teaser kind of sets the tone of the movie…atleast it sets partial tone of the movie. Ranbir kind of looks like a bad version of Sanjay dutt…There was torment in Snjau dutt’s face …the old pics of Sanjay when he gets out of jail(i do not see that here in Rk’s face).

    RK does not have that sex appeal… they should not have focused on getting the look and body language since it will look like so many mimicry/impersonation which we already saw.

    They should have focussed on his life story…which we already knew , also which they will not truly depict coz there are others involved (ex Madhuri Dixit).

    I was expecting a dark theme… now i feel maybe Raju Hirani is wrong director for making dark movies.

    What is the point of a biopic if its all glossed over and they completely focused on getting the look right and mannerisms right (pale imitation) but not the life story right.

    Sanjay Dutt is alive and he is an actor …if the look is so important they could have cast him only to do his life story…of-course there are budget and market constraints.

    Here is the main problem, unlike other biopics on other people…This is a biopic on a Actor(a very famous star). Everyone is aware how he looks acts and talks… when someone is playing him on screen , it will look like a very bad imitation. They should have seriously ditched the look aspect of Sanjay Dutt and completely focused in his story of how he spiraled down.

  16. Samantha says:

    Raju Hirani ll give this movie a comical feel good touch, as ALL his last movies (as said by Admin too).
    Raju Hirani n Sanju r great frds (Munnabhai series is Hirani’s lifesavers to Sanju)..they ll glorify him. If not glorify, they ll definitely NOT make him look like a pakka real life screwed up villain that he is!
    Madhuri Sanju story ll be just touched upon, without going into details.
    And finally, who better to play a twisted, fulltime addict, junkie than Ranbir Kapoor! So, casting is great! (all pun intended).

    Hope this is Hirani’s first flop!

    • Rashmi says:

      Samantha))) I also did not like the teaser very much, let’s see what will happen in the film. There’s a good casting, especially expect to Manisha. love her

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