Sussanne Khan encouraged Hrithik Roshan to come clean on Kangana Ranaut

Hrithik Roshan had no intention of coming on television to speak about the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut drama. It was Sussanne Khan, his ex-wife, who encouraged him to do so to clear his name. This news was shared by BollywoodHungama’s journalist, who claimed that he bumped into Hrithik 2 weeks ago and he asked Hrithik whether he was going to give his side of the story.

Until a week ago Hrithik Roshan in a private conversation told me there was no way he would open up on the matter. His words to me: “I don’t want anything to do with it…People don’t need to stand up for me. They need to stand up for the truth.”


It was Sussanne, who urged him to do so.

According to sources very close to the Roshans, it was Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan who convinced him to go for it. “Enough was enough and Sussanne firmly believes Kangana is making up all these stories on her alleged relationship with Hrithik. And why should she not believe him? When Hrithik had an affair with Barbara Mori, he told his wife about it. Now when she’s his ex-wife why would he hide any affair?” reasons the source.

He was determined not to speak about it at all. But Sussanne Khan convinced him to talk and talk only on one powerful platform where his voice would be heard loud and clear,” says the source.

Whoever it was that source, he/she didn’t realise that while trying to clear Hrithik’s name from the Hrithik-Kangana drama, he/she inadvertently gave out that Hrithik did have an affair with his co-star of ‘Kites’, Barbara Mori. Who was it that decided to throw Hrithik under the bus? How do you fix this accusation by accepting about an affair that he denied years ago when it happened?

Sussanne Khan encouraged Hrithik Roshan to come clean on Kangana Ranaut

So, did he really tell his wife that he had an affair with Barbara? Or was he caught and then had to confess? Despite all of that, he brought Sussanne with him when he went for that photoshoot with Barbara over in the Maldives. And what was the deal with the tattoo that all three of them got? Hopefully that source will come out and give us the answers on these questions.

Sussanne Khan encouraged Hrithik Roshan to come clean on Kangana Ranaut

Don’t know who Hrithik has on his team, but this journalist also confirms that everything Hrithik said in both interviews were thought out and scripted by his legal team. No wonder he was going on even though the question was not asked on what he was talking about.

Apparently every word that we hear Hrithik Roshan enunciate before Arnab Goswami has been well thought-out and approved by his legal team “The Roshans have had enough. It is time for them to strike back at Kangana Ranaut’s allegations. If there was an affair, prove it. Plain and simple,” says the source.

Here’s where they keep going wrong: don’t ask for proof when you have denied having the affair! If you didn’t have an affair, say it and that’s enough. There’s no need to say “prove it” over and over again. That could mean that there was an affair and he made sure there was no proof, which is why he’s tempting her to prove it. Doesn’t make sense.

Anyways, in a nice gesture to show his appreciation to the support that his ex-wife has shown him, Hrithik Roshan spent the evening hanging out at The Charcoal Project. If you remember, The Charcoal Project was the business that Sussanne Khan started while still being married to Hrithik. It was around the time that ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ released.

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project


Due to their standing as a Bollywood power couple back then, everyone and anyone from the industry and outside of it attended the big launch. As if one project wasn’t enough, Sussanne decided to join hands with Shah Rukh Khan‘s wife, Gauri Khan, to launch another company. Gauri was at that time going through her own personal issues at home. Perhaps, this was what made the bond between them even stronger.

What no one saw coming was Sussanne shocking everyone and filing for divorce. Maybe she didn’t think that what happened to her afterwards would have happened before she signed for divorce. The Bollywood wives club dropped her, she was on her own. From loosing friends to making news for the wrong reasons, Sussanne’s life pretty much turned upside down after the divorce.

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project


The only Bollywood friends, who stood by her, were Arjun Rampal and his wife, Mehr. But that too faded as news was spread that Sussanne and Arjun were a couple and Mehr didn’t know. The threesome broke up and to this day, Sussanne and Mehr can’t stand each other. Wonder what happened there?

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project


In what was once a tight and close friendship between them and big stars, Mehr and Arjun Rampal found themselves alienated from two superstars in Bollywood, who are Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Rumours have it that it’s all because of Mehr’s interfering nature because she stepped up to Shah Rukh and dared to question him about Priyanka Chopra. She also supported Sussanne when she decided to leave Hrithik without checking in with Hrithik first.

It’s nice that Sussanne make the decision to be cordial with Hrithik again. It must not have been easy, but it’s good that they have let the past remain in the past and be comfortable with each other again. For the sake of their kids, this is the best decision that any divorced couple can make. All is good now. Actually, all is going to be good until one of them finds love. That’s when the real emotions will come into the equation.

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project


As for the two of them, Sussanne has refuted all news that suggest she wants to get back to Hrithik. Gossipmongers couldn’t decide who wanted to get back with whom since they said it was Hrithik who wanted to be back with her and then, Sussanne who realised her mistake and wants them to be together again. It doesn’t make sense for Sussanne to want Hrithik back since she lived most of her life with him and know him well. She has been very patient throughout whatever it is he was going through. It must have been hard for her to make her life all about him since he’s the superstar and the famous one in the family. She must have thought well before deciding to file for divorce.

Hrithik Roshan visits Sussanne Khan's Charcoal Project

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44 Responses

  1. Arti says:

    All the discussion leads to one point: Whatever Kangana says is true and whatever Hrithik says has to be double checked and then silly reasons have to be found to prove him wrong. Has anyone noticed how the sisters tweet or how Kangana behaves with everyone else? What about the story of her driver or her behavior towards people who work for her? I expected better from you admin.

    • lightsaber says:

      Everybody knows that there is a tremendous lack of balance of power in Bollywood — male actors have extra-marital affairs but pretend to be holier-than-thou, actresses are paid less and face ageism, and there is nepotism. If Kangana is calling out Bollywood for their wrong-doings based on her experience with the industry-folks, why should we assume that she has “mental issues” and instead believe those who benefit from that dysfunctional system?

      I hope you noticed how Hrithik has a history of fighting (well reported in the media) with SRK, Salman, etc. but lied in his interviews that he has never fought with anyone.

      • Arti says:

        There is difference in fighting like hrithik does and like Kangana and her sister do. Life is not fair but decency is required even in fights. Kangana matches the profile of an aggressive stalker to the T…

        • lightsaber says:

          Certainly Hrithik and Kangana fight differently. Hrithik sat on private emails and pictures from Kangana for 2 years only to release them to the public/media on national television, which is creepy and is a criminal offense in several countries including US, UK, Canada and Australia. No wonder he has hired top criminal lawyers and has already gone through a change in his legal team, because they know what he did was wrong. Too bad India is so backward that scums like Hrithik get away unchecked, while Hollywood is bringing down Harvey Weinstein.

          • Arti says:

            Do you think Kangana is wrong in any way in the whole episode?
            I need to know if its even worth discussing the issue with you.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            Kangana isnt perfect, she has this curse of choosing the worst men, she might’ve even lied about many aspects of her relationship with Hrithik. What Hrithik did by “exposing” unverified emails, pictures to the media is so creepy and sleazy, and as lightsaber said a criminal offense in many countries.

            At least what Kangana says can be acceptable, Hrithik’s claims have too many loop holes, he says they communicated electronically and she would send him videos, scripts etc. and he would respond with much admiration but sometime between then and early 2014 she started communicating with an imposter, then she communicated via email to him alone from July to dec. 2014 – how can that make any sense? If she was indeed obsessed and stalked him, why suddenly stop?

          • Arti says:

            What choice did he have? He was being blamed and shamed everywhere on each platform. He said its not true but no one listened. You have to understand his story might have loopholes but its not false unlike Kangana.

          • Shivanisd says:

            U think ur hero Hrithik is, doodh ka dhula?? Did he not have affairs wt barbara and kareena?

          • Anu says:

            His story has an imposter, a stalker, and a person with Asperger’s syndrome all acting up within a span of one year (and then they all disappear) but he can handle all of that (gawking at photos must have helped) but feels stalked only when he is called a silly-ex!! Also film actresses go to random chat rooms and pick up blokes who say they are Hrithik Roshan and start sending them their nude pictures! This story doesn’t have loopholes, it’s a freakin’ blackhole!

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            a freakin blackhole….haha. OMG! I dont want to sound like am partial towards Kangana but how on earth have ppl lapped up his version of the truth? haha

  2. anon says:

    Admin, you should share this open letter by kangana’s friend

  3. Shivanisd says:

    For the sake of their kids, this is the best decision that any divorced couple can make. All is good now.
    Its pathetic that in india a woman wt kids has to lie just for the sake of her kids. Even if her husband is a rapist she has to support him. Indian society is so effed up man.

    • bucketbot says:

      Actually that happens everywhere. It depends upon the person. That Suzanne chose to believe/ support her husband knowing that he has cheated on her before, speaks more of the kind of person she is. Suzanne Khan’s family is rich in their own right. Hrithik may be a gold mine but she does have a business of her own. Not every woman chooses to be compliant necessarily when she has kids, some do it even without encumberances so as to live on anothers income, while some others will prefer to keep their integrity and walk out. Its about how powerful they perceive themselves to be.
      My point: it is not an indian thing. It happens in the west also.

      • Shivanisd says:

        It happens way more in India than the us. A drug addict like rahul mahajan had an arranged marriage after his media scandal!

  4. anonymous says:

    admin what is your take on this …did this affair really happen ????

    • Admin says:

      We have said it before and we are saying it again, it’s only between them. God knows why Kangana would keep on mailing him and God knows why Hrithik didn’t bother to put a stop to this at the beginning. Why is he so scared of her?

      • Anu says:

        Because she turns into a witch every halloween! its so funny when Arnab asks him, why did you not come out with your passport and clarify your name when the Paris rumors started, and HR says but it was not in first person (first person being KR) and she could have easily denied it! So? This is what you (should) want right, that the rumour is denied, end of the story? And in which universal dimension and on which Krish-gadget was she sending him sommersault videos and he was sending smileys back and complimenting her to the skies? He also says in some interview that she also sent him a script she had written which he read and gave feedback? So why would she simply suddenly out of the blue start emailing on some imposter ID when she has had all the non-imposter portals to send videos and scripts? And then how does she suddenly get his correct email ID to stalk him only July-Dec because earlier he said he gave it to her at KJs BDay but now he is saying he hardly spoke to her there? This story of ‘the imposter, the stalker and the man who did not go to Paris’ is so lame, I cant believe people are buying it. Its like no married man ever creates a different email ID to have a virtual clandestine affair!! I think the best thing HR has done in this kindergarten movie plot is to finally shut it and focus on his work (actually so do I), otherwise he might just be remembered down the time as Kangy’s silly-ex 😉

        • Admin says:

          You have a point and remember Kangana too lashed out saying he was the one who gave her the supposed impostor email id, where else would she have got it from?

        • Nars <3 Kangana says:

          Poor Arnab was in a mess with all of this, like really Hrithik? haha

  5. ghjk says:

    Not gonna get into a slander match with admin or supporters of the crazed black magic lady. Saying that he’s asking for proof “just shows that he made sure he prevented any from being taken” is Einstein level mind games. If anyone accuses you of murder, you tell them to prove it was you. That’s how accusations work, and that’s where the burden of proof lies.

    As for his words being vetted by lawyers, isn’t it obvious he wants to only stick to facts that can be proven in court? This is an investigation, he can’t shoot from the hip or say something that can be used against him in the court of law, which, by the way, works with the assumption that the woman is right.

    As for mails leaking, remember who has his emails. It’s the cops. They will sift through thousands and thousands of emails sent by the crazy stalker, and as they get more juicy details, they will be leaked. It’s like you guys live in a freaking bubble.

    Just a ridiculous discourse. Admin, try to look at things dispassionately for once.

    • Admin says:

      We get what you are saying. You are right in a way. But if you accuse us of killing someone, the answer is plain ol’ simple NO, because we didn’t do it. It doesn’t make sense for us to say, “If you think we did it, then prove it”. Why add salt to the wound? Why go around in circles?

      Anyways, the pictures and emails were brought to these networks by Hrithik and his team. He submitted those to the Cyber Police and they don’t have the right to distribute these pictures as these are evidence. If not, we would have gotten access to many other pictures from other cases. From Times Now, they were wondering why Hrithik gave those to the media houses and if it’s an invasion of her privacy. They were also wondering if it’s legal for him to do that.
      This was by Hindustan Times:
      Sexism stood ingrained in this narrative’s paradoxes: Hrithik treaded the moral high ground of not naming the lady, yet Kangana was virtually “disrobed” as Tamasha TV peddled her personal emails made public by “dignified” dad-of-two Hrithik.

    • Shivanisd says:

      How wud u feel if ur sister or wife or mom is called crazed black magic lady?? What century ru living in to make such statements?

  6. Deepak says:

    hey admin….let us assume I am into some bad habits (smoking weed, doing drugs etc..) and my-ex threatens / blackmails me into supporting HIM (since I am Gay) or else he would expose my life with all the proof to the world, what would I do?? I am sure you got what I am saying…..Doesn’t the R-family live their life according to a Baba?? No wonder the K-fixation…. and I am pretty sure the family(the R’s, the baba and the life coach) must have encouraged the affair with K-angana.. but just this time the letter “K” did not work it’s magic and boomeranged…..

    • Admin says:

      Hmm…Please elaborate as it’s a bit confusing? if you don’t mind.

      • Deepak says:

        Ok.. here it goes…. the rumors about Suzz being an addict are well known.. but till now they are just that.. Rumors.. no concrete proof…….what if the hubby dearest is extracting forced support from her?? maybe he has proof about all her deeds and is b-mailing her that if she does not support him in public/online, then he would expose her? Nobody would want such secrets to come out, especially when they have children who are growing….

        • Admin says:

          Now it’s clearer, thanks for clarifying. It’s not likely that hubby dearest is doing that because he too was involved in getting comfy at one time. She is most likely doing this because he needs her and she needs him. After all, he did just buy her a house. To her, he is 400crore so yes, she has to be nice… Plus. she has always been this type. This affects her kids too.

  7. shivanisd says:

    The charcoal project lol. Pretentious much? She has a loser for a ex husband and a bully for a father and a drug dealer for a brother. Charcoal should be put on Hrithik and his dads face. Hrithiks sister keeps jumping from man to man like a slut. Who is this dumb woman Suzanne fooling by taking Hrithiks side? Stupid as* *itch.

  8. Tina says:

    Right, Suzanne’s parents Zarine and Sanjay went on Simi Garewal’s show and point blank denied any affair or incident involving Zeenat Aman. So much for her fighting for the truth. Let’s start at home then, shall we?

    • Shivanisd says:

      This is the great tradition of India- going to simis rendezvous and denying their affairs. Amitabh jaya rekha did the same. Only amrita accepted her affair wt sunny on it.

  9. Ananya says:

    Isn’t this abusrd on many levels. Two busy superstars having an affair and paparazi never getting a wind of it. Only email conversation when whatsapp and messages and call history will be much easier for two busy bodies. Why no such evidence with Kangana is beyond me.

    Even before the jacket came out many had been known about Srk and PC tho some like me refused to believe. So how come no one spoke about these two. No blinds even! Like u mentioned Kareena, Barbara etc we had blinds. But not even one on Kangana. Why?

    How come no proof at all not even a jacket to prove her claims. Tho I want to believe her, this complete lack of evidence and her timing of coming out during promotions alone puts her on spot.

  10. Anu says:

    See the whole point of the exercise is not just to prove that there was no ‘affair’ (you are absolutely right, just go and say it, like she did), but THE POINT is to prove that Kangana is a crazy stalker. The ‘graceful’ and ‘dignified’ (not my words) prelude to Hrithik’s interviews prove how much work and thought has gone into it. As opposed to her going to interviews and narrating her side of the story (only to clear up the air about her association with the crappy emails and to demand an apology for trying to label her as ‘crazy’), he spins into a sequel and makes sure that the country is again (!) bombarded with more ‘brand new’ emails and her private pictures for a good week on national television (!) with prominent panels heatedly (and repeatedly) discussing whether she is deluded or not before he gives two dignified (??) interviews in a row. Might as well have founded a khap panchayat to look into the ‘matter’!

    So in the ‘one week before’ did the Roshans sit on the roundtable and sifted through the emails to select the ones that should be leaked? Did the journos get them directly forwarded from the ‘only’ email address HR has ever owned, or did they get photocopied bundles with post-its on them marked ‘explicit’, ‘obsessive’ and ‘maybe-not-so-much’. Did the journos verify the authenticity of these emails from the alleged source or the police? Did the SC not rule the right to privacy as a fundamental human right just a month before this s***show happened?

    As for me, I have never such a public violation of common sense and human rights……well, as long as the much suffering ‘collective consciousness’ of the society gets a few thrills out of it, I guess all is fair!

    • Admin says:

      Well said. Those points are exactly what his supporters are refusing to see. They are so blinded that “Oh Poor Hrithik, innocent man, has been wronged” that they don’t see the creepiness of it all. It’s the reason why some journalists don’t support him and have expressed their opinions on Twitter. The fact he called them over to show them these emails and pictures didn’t work in his favour, they were disgusted by that. The ones who thought he did the right thing are the ones calling him “dignified”. And then, he shares it with TV networks to prove his innocence. He is saying Kangana is crazy, so what do his actions say about him?

      • Anu says:

        Well, he is at best either the scorned boyfriend with a history of brain clot who did not go to Paris in January but at worst the creep who collected pictures/videos of a girl without once dissuading her to do so (his version of the story!!) and now using them for criminal slander. But what scares the bejeezus out of me are the open legal violations that are being conducted by the media – even people accused of worst of criminals are taken around with covered faces till proven guilty! How is it AT ALL acceptable or legal to flash private communications (doctored or not) on national TV and invite the country to pass a verdict? And how is it different from a Khap and slut shaming? Maybe this is something the nation should want to know. I nearly died when Arnab asked HR if he was scared to come out earlier (you know right after he did not go to Paris in January) because of victim shaming? Maybe HR as a victim of stalking would suffer less if in his next life he decides to go to University instead of not going to Paris in January!

    • Hmmm says:

      Totally agree! The worst part of this whole mess is how Kangana’s private pics were shown on tv and prior to Tv to film journalists. How come people in Bollywood are not outraged about that?

  11. OhPlease says:

    For the amount of time this issue has been dragged around, there isn’t much meat to it. Even the supposedly shocking emails were decidedly tame. At least give us a scandal with legs. I’m bored.

    (Also I know you have to cover this –thank you! Love the blog!)

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