Sushant’s sisters claim Rhea is trying to harass them


In the never-ending circus that ensued after the demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Priyanka and Meetu Singh have told the Bombay High Court that Rhea Chakraborty is out to get them which is why she filed an FIR with Mumbai Police.

They didn’t exactly say that, it is what they meant. Here is what they said in writing to BHC:

The FIR has been lodged maliciously with an ulterior motive for wreaking vengeance and with a view to spite and harass the petitioners due to private and personal grudge and as such, the instant FIR is an abuse of process of law and the same is proven through Respondent No.2’s own letter dated September 14, 2020. The Respondent No.2 in an attempt to harass the petitioners has concocted a false, inaccurate and malicious complaint based on unsubstantiated facts pertaining to June 8, 2020 which is contrary to the facts placed before the Supreme Court by Respondent No.2 herself, press statements released earlier and interviews given to several news channels.

The falsity in the concocted story made by Respondent No.2 (Rhea) is writ large from the fact that Respondent No.2 has falsely and incorrectly stated that OP Singh is the husband of petitioner number 2 (Meetu Singh) and has made unfounded, scurrilous and baseless allegation that Sushant informed Respondent No.2 that OP Singh and his family were up to something to smear his image. Such scurrilous and preposterous allegations are made by Respondent No.2 maliciously with an intent to tarnish the image of the petitioners and OP Singh and are as such defamatory in nature.

There is not even a single allegations of complaint or reply of Respondent No.2 that any such alleged drug was actually administered to Sushant Singh Rajput. Further, the drugs that have sought to be allegedly given by Dr.Tarun Kumar are not banned drugs, in-fact a notification was issued in April 2020 which clearly permits the prescription of such medicine through telemedicine.

Their response comes after they approached the court to dismiss Rhea’s FIR against them. As of now, CBI is by their side but the Mumbai Police is by Rhea’s side.

Isn’t it strange how they are accusing Rhea of all the things THEY did to her? Did they forget the FIR they filed against Rhea and her family? None of the accusations were true! And yet, here they are claiming Rhea is harassing them and trying to smear their good name.

Also, how did that private Whatsapp chat between Sushant and his sister came out? Who leaked that? Because, as per whatever has been going on, Rhea seemed to have no idea on what happened. After the chat was made public, Rhea went to file the FIR right before she was sent to jail by NCB.

While anxiety meds can be prescribed via telemedicine, the doctor never consulted Sushant beforehand and did not have any idea of his medical history before prescribing him a list of medications to take which was wrong as the man was already unwell by then.

Statement from Rhea’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde

The FIR filed by Rhea was for a specific offence of having forged a prescription and administered illegally, medicines which were already communicated to Sushant by Priyanka in her messages on June 8, 2020. When Sushant expressed his inability to obtain them without a prescription as communicated by him in his messages, the sister obtained a fraudulent prescription from a known doctor who is not a Mental Health Expert who without any consultation prescribed medicines falling underΒ NDPS ActΒ by falsely depicting that Sushant was an OPD registered person, when the actor was very much in Mumbai.

Those medicines were administered more so when the family was aware that Sushant was addicted to drugs and under treatment in Mumbai. Sushant was consulting five doctors in Mumbai who had advised him to abstain from narcotic substances as he was being treated for mental health issues. Since Sushant refused to accede to Rhea’s suggestion to follow the advice of the Mumbai doctors, her departure from Sushant’s home was inevitable, as per the wishes of SSR. The replies filed by the CBI and the Mumbai Police are before you all. It is for the nation to determine who is carrying out their duties according to law and who is colluding with whom.


This whole matter is no longer about getting justice. It has been about revenge and vengeance. Rhea is not going to stop and neither are the sisters. It was reported earlier that the sisters asked for the FIR by Rhea to be dismissed as they feared they were going to be arrested. Imagine if Rhea did the same when the FIR filed by them was announced? This has become a fight not just between Rhea and the sisters, but between two states and two agencies in India. Who will win this fight?

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