Sushant Singh Rajput’s Father Files FIR Against Rhea Chakraborty and her Family

Update: Post has been updated with the latest changes and official statements featured on top.

31 July, 2020: Sushant’s CA says there has not been any mishandling when it came to Sushant’s money!

30 July, 2020: Mumbai Police is upset that Sushant’s father never complained about Rhea when they spoke to him. Naturally, the man lost his kid so he must not have been in a state of mind to fully process what had happened. Then after more than a month passed, he felt the need to speak out and his local police station was a better option.


30 July, 2020: Sushant’s sister Mitu confirms the initial stories that came out post his demise. She mentioned Rhea called her and told her she was leaving and Mitu went and stayed with Sushant but left after 4 days.


In her statement, Mitu told Bihar police that on June 8, Rhea Chakraborty called her to say that she had a fight with Sushant Singh Rajput. She said, “the next day I went to Sushant’s house in Bandra and stayed there for a few days.”

“Sushant told me about the argument he had with Rhea, after which the latter left his place with a few of her own and his belongings, saying that she might never return. Sushant was really upset and seemed affected by this incident. I tried to comfort him and stayed there for 4 days but because my kids are young, I left his Bandra pad on June 12. I never ever imagined in my dreams that my brother will do something like this”, Mitu told cops.

“After two days on June 14, I got a call from Sidharth Pithani saying Sushant is not opening his door and has been inside his bedroom for long. I immediately for his place and meanwhile tried calling him also but all in vain. After reaching his house, with the help of a locksmith, the door was opened and I saw Sushant’s body hanging from the ceiling. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. After sometime Mumbai police came and started the investigation, ” she said.

Statement from the Patna Police:

FIR registered now as family was in shock & Mumbai Police wasn’t registering FIR, but forcing them to give names of big production houses & get them involved. It was heading in a different direction – Vikas Singh, Ex-Addl Solicitor General & lawyer of Sushant Singh Rajput‘s father

 Preliminary investigation has begun. It is not correct to say at this point of time that who will be questioned. All those who were named by Sushant Singh Rajput‘s father in the FIR, have been booked – Vinay Tiwari, Patna (Central) City SP.

From the Mumbai Police:

We recorded the statement of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father KK Singh and sister. However, neither to them took Rhea Chakraborty’s name during questioning. In fact, when the actor’s father and brother-in-law met Joint Commissioner, Law and Order, even then they did not mention Rhea’s name.

On Tuesday, we got to know about the FIR lodged by KK Singh and the arrival of a four-member police team from Bihar. We are investigating three of Sushant Singh Rajput’s companies where Rhea Chakraborty and her brother were directors. However, we don’t want to come to any conclusion due to media pressure. – Mumbai Police

From PTI:

The police clearly said that the Bihar police can interrogate Riya but cannot arrest or take them in custody as they will require an order from the Mumbai Police Commissionerate since the incident is registered in Mumbai. According to another IPS officer, there has been no communication about the possibility of transferring the case to Bihar Police.

It is said that an FIR legally lodged in Bihar can be transferred to the Mumbai Police, or transferred to a third agency by order of the government or court.

In a surprising twist of events, Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has filed an FIR (First Information Report) at Rajendra Nagar police station in Patna on Sunday against Sushant’s ex-girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty and five other people including her family members.


In this FIR, Rhea, her brother, her mother, her father and Sushant’s ex-manager and ex-business manager have been booked under IPC Section 306 (Abetment of suicide), Sec 341 (Punishment for wrongful restraint), Sec 342 (Punishment for wrongful confinement), Sec 380 (Theft in dwelling house), Sec 406 (Punishment for criminal breach of trust), and Sec 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property).

While my son was doing extremely well in Bollywood till May 2019, a girl named Rhea Chakraborty and her family members and others got in touch with him so that she could use his contacts to make a career in the film industry.

She along with her family members, namely Indrajit Chakraborty, Sandhya Chakraborty and Shauvik Chakraborty, started interfering in my son’s life. They even forced him to move out of the house he was living in, saying that some paranormal activities were going on there which had a big time impact on my son’s mind. They forced him to live in a resort near Mumbai airport – Mr. K K Singh

Since Sushant’s death, the media and most people online were focused on the Bollywood mafia and indirectly blamed them for his death. This step from Sushant’s father showed that he doesn’t really think the Mumbai Police are doing their investigation properly since Rhea was already interviewed at the beginning of this case. The rest of her family were not called by the Mumbai Police as they did not feature anywhere in their investigation reports. At present, Mumbai Police is investigating Sushant’s connection with several Bollywood personalities since this has been the focus everywhere.

Now, in what seems to be the first step that Sushant’s family has taken, Mr. K K Singh has thrown in several serious allegations against Rhea, her family and Sushant’s ex-managers. As per the jurisdiction and criminal procedure, an FIR filed in a city or state where the crime was not committed does not really help the case but complicates it further. No other state can restart or reopened a case.

Patna Police has sent a 4-team member to Mumbai to investigate the claims made in the FIR. By right, his father or his family or the Patna Police should have taken their concerns to the Mumbai Police and ask them to investigate the allegations but they went ahead and filed an FIR with all the serious charges.

For the past three days in Mumbai, the Bihar Police has approached Mumbai Police, and spoken to Sushant’s friends.

Sushant’s family was waiting to see what conclusion the Mumbai Police comes to but since the investigation is taking too long, they were advised to file their FIR at that particular Patna police station.

KK Singh lodged the case with Rajiv Nagar police station against Rhea Chakraborty, and her family including Indrajit Chakraborty, Sandhya Chakraborty, Shruti Modi, Showik Chakraborty and others under Sections 341, 342, 380, 406,420, 306 and 120 (B) of the IPC. Sushant’s father has made a serious charge against Rhea and her family. He has alleged that she had kept Sushant away from his family and completely in her possession. She was also handling his bank account. It was also reported that crores of rupees were withdrawn from his bank account. – Patna Police


Sushant’s family was reportedly not happy with the way the Mumbai Police was handling this. According to them, MP wanted his family to out big production houses instead of looking at this possible personal angle.


The Explosive Allegations in the FIR of Sushant’s father:

  • Rhea exploited Sushant financially
  • Rhea distanced Sushant from his family
  • Rhea drove Sushant to commit suicide
  • Rhea threatened to reveal Sushant’s mental illness details to the media
  • Rhea used Sushant’s success in Bollywood as a ladder for her career
  • Rhea had access to his debit and credit cards and even used them
  • Rhea forced Sushant to take the wrong medications for his mental illness
  • Rhea threatened to destroy Sushant’s career in Bollywood
  • Rhea changed Sushant’s mobile number
  • Rhea kept Sushant hostage and didn’t let any of his family members stay close to him
  • Rhea overdosed Sushant and told the media he had dengue
  • Rhea withdrew Rs 15 crore from Sushant’s account
  • Rhea left Sushant’s home with her belongings, cash, jewelry, laptop, credit card, its pin number and password and important documents and doctors’ receipts when she realized he was running out of money

My son wanted to leave Bollywood and do organic farming in Kerala with his friend Mahesh. Rhea Chakraborty raised objection and threatened him, saying that if he didn’t listen to her, she would give my son’s medical reports to the media. She also said that she would tell everyone that Sushant s not mentally stable. When Rhea realized that Sushant was not listening to her and his bank balance was also going down, she thought that he was of no use to her. Rhea, who was living with Sushant, left on June 8 with cash, jewelry, laptops, credit card, it pin numbers, important documents and doctors’ receipts. She blocked his number after moving out from his place. – Mr. K K Singh (Sushant’s father)

  • Mr. K K Singh also alleged in the FIR that Sushant told him over the phone that Rhea and her family would not leave him, they would drive him mad.
  • On June 8, cash, Mr. K K Singh alleged that Rhea left and thereafter, Sushant called his sister and told her that Rhea had threatened him. Sushant was afraid Rhea was going to share his mental illness with the media and also frame him for his secretary’s suicide.

“Sushant called his sister and told her that Rhea had threatened him to show doctor receipts to the media and would prove him mad. Thereafter, no person would give him work. On June 8 night, Sushant’s secretary Disha committed suicide. Rhea had appointed her as Sushant’s secretary. Later, Rhea blocked Sushant’s number on her cell. Sushant was afraid that Rhea could have made him responsible for his manager’s suicide as she had threatened to frame him in the secretary’s suicide case.” – Patna Police

Mr K K Singh is seeking the answers to the following 7 questions, as stated in the FIR:

  1. Before meeting Rhea in 2019, Sushant did not suffer from any mental agony. However, after meeting Rhea, why was he all of a sudden mentally disturbed?
  2. If Sushant was at all undergoing any mental treatment, why the family wasn’t informed? There was no written or verbal consent taken from the family?
  3. KK Singh has accused the doctors treating Sushant of being a part of conspiracy by Rhea against Sushant. Hence, he has urged to investigate the doctors and even the medicines prescribed to Sushant on this while.
  4. Despite knowing the Sushant was going through a tough phase and was dealing with mental illness, why did Rhea leave him alone and broke all connections with him?
  5. In 2019, Sushant had Rs 17 crore in one of his bank accounts. However, within few months in last one year, about Rs 15 crore out of the 17 crore were transferred from Sushant’s account to accounts which were not related to the late actor. KK Singh has urged that all the bank accounts and credit cards of Sushant Singh be investigated to know how much amount Rhea, her relatives and other people known to her had duped from him.
  6. Why did Sushant stop getting films after meeting Rhea despite being popular in the Bollywood industry?
  7. When Sushant wanted to leave the film industry and pursue organic farming at Coorg in Kerala, why did Rhea stop him from shifting there?

Rhea and her family are facing some serious charges as this FIR was filed by the deceased’s father. Rhea has now her lawyer by her side to help decide the next course of action on her part to fight these allegations.


As much as it is his father’s right to seek justice for Sushant, it is also Rhea’s right to defend herself. As stated before when Sushant’s passed, this is going to stay with Rhea for a long long time unless she manages to clear her name but even that, she will still be known for this.

Sushant’s family must have some sort of proof if they are making these serious allegations but Rhea too was living in with him so she should be able to produce documents to prove that she did not do what they are alleging she did.

The family is not denying Sushant suffered from a mental illness but they are alleging it was caused by Rhea.

All these allegations make it look like Rhea planned to make Sushant sick with a mental illness then steal his money and get away with it. They are basically saying Rhea is a conniving con-woman who was out to get Sushant. If that was really the case then it’s quite something! It’s mindblowing! But then again, nothing is surprising anymore.

Honestly, it is quite normal for this to have come to this because in most cases of suicide, the first suspect is always the one closest to the deceased. It could be the spouse, partner, family member, or someone else unless the cause was due to something else. So it’s not that surprising that the family decided to take this step and accuse Rhea since she was the closest to him.

Sushant never shared anything with his family. Other than Ankita, they were not aware of the other ladies he was with. So they must have solid evidence before accusing Rhea or else it will not work.

Based on the FIR, the family is alleging that Sushant took his own life because he was scared Rhea was going to leak his medical records and she was also going to frame him for his ex-secretary’s death.

But a few things don’t really add up…

Person question icon work people illustration concept. | Premium ...

Was the money taken at one shot or was it little by little? Because that much money is a lot, not a small amount. Was there a joint account or was it Sushant’s account? Either way, it’s not cash but from the bank so it’s easily traceable. In 2019, that much money was taken but Rhea was still with him until June. Sushant didn’t sign any project from last year and wasn’t paid a signing amount so how were they managing financially?

Both of his helpers mentioned that Sushant told them he won’t be able to pay them anymore when he last settled their salaries, was it because there was no more money or was it because he was intending to take this drastic step?

If it’s a financial issue, why did his family member and the cops cleared out the financial angle at the beginning after reviewing his bank accounts? It could be that the family member was in no state of mind to go through this but the cops also had to investigate properly before closing that angle. It couldn’t have been done in haste.

Both Sushant and Rhea did go on a Europe tour together, one of the pictures above is them in Italy. Is this the same holiday that is referred to in the FIR?

They were also living-in together in a place where they chose to pay the full year rent at once and were looking for another place. Is that where the money went? The place was in both Sushant and Rhea’s name, a fact that further irked the family.

It doesn’t explain why Sushant was scared that she would frame him for his secretary’s death when it was reported that the late girl didn’t even work with him and was in charge of his work only during ‘Dhoni’s shoot.

But it does explain why the family didn’t want her at his funeral. She didn’t even go back to the house they once shared so this must mean that the family was against her from the beginning.

As per the initial report, Sushant called her the night before but she didn’t pick up. If she blocked his number, he wouldn’t be able to get through but his call was traced to Rhea’s phone and it was reported that it went unanswered. As per Rhea when she was being questioned by the police, she told them they were still in touch even though she left the place. This can be checked by authorities, they must have otherwise there would be loopholes in her statement.

One of his sisters was there at the time of his death. She was called right after they found him. If a close family member came to Mumbai to keep an eye on him, why is his father saying Rhea left him all alone?

Who was Sushant’s next of kin? When he went for treatment or even was hospitalized, who was his NOK? Did he assign Rhea as his NOK? The family is asking how come their permission wasn’t required? Was Sushant’s case severe that he needed approval or permission or notification from his NOK before starting treatment?

Is it possible for Rhea to conspire with medical professionals just to diagnose Sushant? Does she have that much power? Is her family powerful in Mumbai and do they have that kind of clout?

If she overdosed him or gave him wrong medications, this can also be proven but the autopsy didn’t find anything suspicious. Unless that happened before his passing since Sushant was not taking his medications anymore as per his friends and helpers. Constant overdosing has an effect on the liver and kidney so it can be checked if that is the case.

What was the reason for Sushant to see as many as five medical professionals since early this year? Was he not satisfied with the treatment or the diagnosis?

If Sushant wanted to retire and do farming, why is the question of not getting film offers brought up?

If Sushant wanted to retire, why would it worry him so much that Rhea was going to tell the media about his mental illness and jeopardize his career in Bollywood? If she did end up doing that, he had a right to sue her.

Did Sushant not get any film offers or did he not work in any films after meeting Rhea? The last film he shot for was ‘Chhichhore‘ released in 2019 but he himself didn’t work on any other project that year.

Sushant always did what he wanted to do so was he in such a bad state that Rhea was able to have power over him and dictate his behavior, as told in the FIR?

Sushant was in touch with Mahesh, if he was going through all this, would he not have told Mahesh about it?

That’s about it.

  • Hope Rhea is strong enough to go through this. She was already going through the barrage of insults and abuses. Now they are not going to let her go off that easily. Abetment charges take years to fight off but if found guilty then that’s it for her. On top of that, she was with Sushant since the lockdown started with no interference from anyone else other than a few of his friends so she is really deep in this.
  • Let justice prevail. Sushant’s family deserves closure too or else they will live their whole life wondering what happened!


A Different Move & Direction Now

For weeks now, the news channels have been debating the big bad world of Bollywood and now they are going to change their stance on this. From focusing on Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt, and Kangana Ranaut, all the focus will now be on Rhea, her family members and the business managers.

Let’s see if those who were the driving force behind this still stay on even though this is no longer a nepotism or Bollywood mafia issue. It’s a personal issue. Let’s see if they still find a way to make this their agenda.

The others who were in the focus before are probably going to breathe a sigh of relief!

We know you might think this is a joke but doesn’t all of this sound like a Bhatt film? Or maybe Abbas-Mustan since their movies also have a lot of twists and turns. 🤯


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27 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    I have been on this page a long time now and Admin was never really bias. There were one or two favourites of admin like Kangana who admin always favoured. But this fiasco with SSR concerning Rhea is a bit confusing on my part. What is going on with you Admin? Have your page been bought over by people and you have to now try to sway our opinions according to these people?

    • Admin says:

      Seriously?! We are not that important for people to actually care about us enough to give money so we write in their favor. No one has ever made that Rs2 offer to help sway people’s opinions! And just because KR is one of our fave actresses doesn’t mean we have to support whatever ride she is on these days. Hope that clears things up!

  2. sang says:

    So basically allegedly this ‘one boy’ who is “Sun ka Hindi’ ke papa name” happen to be a minsiter son; whose Birthday party was happening at Sushant house, as hIS sister already left his home after consoling hime and asked to Not afraid of Rhea; But “something happened ” and this Boy along with Frnd ‘Sun ka HIndi’ had an argument with Sushant. and MAy be BY MISTAKE SSR got Injured or Killed and they might Think Sushant is Dead, which he was NOT. But everyone got afraid and been in the house for whole night and created a Suicide Scene and Hence now Minsiter is Trying to Save his SON whose birthday party was happening there… and now to make it Suicide only or to shift the Attention “They all” .. here means minister + Police took the advantage of Sushant Repo plus all those Blind items to Cover up the Murder by his son .

    DOes this makes sense ??? I dont know….. what do you guys think.

    Whatso ever I will still never watch Bollywood now. They are Hypocriits and Mafias for sure.

    Admin, pls post my comment.

  3. ggv says:

    Also – clearly something happened here coz Sanjana Sanghi even tried to act friendly with Kriti Sanon by posting for her bday which Kriti Sanon did no repost. As someone close to SSR clearly she is not happy with the image SS is painting today of them being great friends

  4. Hmm says:

    Wait, correct me if i’m wrong.

    So Bollywood mafia e.g. KJo, etc. had NOTHING to do with his death?
    So the Mumbai Police were not shielding the Bollywood Mafia but were actually pressuring SSR’s family to accuse them?
    So the blinds about SSR being dropped from films because he was insisting his girlfriend is cast in them were true?

    I really want justice for SSR. If really what his family is saying is true, i hope Rhea and her accomplices get what they deserved

  5. bollyrandom says:

    Their lawyer is saying that Mumbai police was pressuring the family to speak against big production houses. I had assumed that they would do everything to protect the big wigs. The only reason I can think of is to extort money. God alone knows what is happening!!

  6. Anamika says:

    Breaking new! Apparently SSR had shared with Ankita that Rhea was harassing him and Ankita had informed the Bihar police of this when she had visited Patna after SSR’s death. So both were in touch all these years after their breakup! I mean obviously SSR will not wake up one day and decide to call Ankit and share such an important detail of his life randomly. Gosh this case is getting more complicated every day..its like reading one of Agatha Christie’s books where you don’t know till the last page who did it! Let me dissect these informations:-
    1) 2013 SSR didn’t get along with most people in Bollywood. Yet he was doing well for an outsider newcomer.
    2) 2016 SSR breaks up with Ankit, starts dating Kriti and breaks his contract with YRF. Dhoni releases, is a super hit but doesn’t seem to help SSR’s career too much.
    3) 2016 end Sinister blinds regarding SSR’s unprofessionalism and debauchery starts making the rounds.
    4) 2017 Raabta flops, the blinds don’t seem to leave SSR.
    5) early 2018 In the wake of the Me Too movement horrible blinds regarding SSR’s attempts to cozy up with newcomer Sanjana Sanghi starts doing the rounds. SSR and Kriti break up.
    6) mid 2018 Shooting of Dil Bechara gets halted. Security is called in and etc etc
    7) end 2018 SSR shares his chat transcipts with Sanghi denying him ever misbehaving with Sanghi which she she agrees in a few words.
    8) early 2019 Sonchiriya flops
    9) mid 2019 Chhichhore is a super hit but again does nothing to advance SSR’s career. Reports come in that he’s dating Rhea and their pics together become a regular feature.
    10) end of 2019 Reports start circulating of SSR’s attitude issues in denying movies unless Rhea is also cast as the lead. SSR gets dengue.
    11) early 2020 Apparently SSR stops taking his calls and all his calls and business affairs are handled by Rhea. None of his old associates seem to have met or interacted with him in a while bur nobody worries as SSR has this tendency to go into a shell once in a while.
    12) mid 2020 SSR dies. A media circus ensues. Bollywood and nepotism is blamed. Long debates ensue, interrogations happen. Everybody who is anybody is interrogated except KJo who was supposed to be interrogated coming weekend. Finally the viscera reports arrive and police confirm death by suicide. Immediately the next day SSR’s father blames Rhea for everything and files FIR against her and her family. The focus shifts to Rhea.

    • Nefarious says:

      Anamika, so basically, the previous leak about him being stressed due to Rhea by his doctors was true?
      It may seem this is to protect the bigwigs and make Rhea the scapegoat, but doubt sushant’s dad gives a damn about all the BW politics and would do something at their behest..I feel all including Ankita stayed mum because they wanted to catch Rhea offguard. kriti’s post also seemed to throw shade at rhea, “I so wish you had people around you to get you pass that moment,”

      It is suspicious that first thing police finds is the meds he took.

      WIth whatever we know of what Mahesh Bhatt said,its clear Rhea is on her own..everyone she probably thought were her ‘friends’are gonna disassociate with her.

      • Anamika says:

        Nefarious my head is spinning I swear! Now certain is coming out that it is a political crime as in a politician’s son is involved and they are trying to hush it up. Came here and read @Sang’s comments above which is pretty much on similar lines… So who do we believe now?! And yes SSR’s family lawyer has stated Kangu’s implications that nepotism and Bollywood killed SSR is not true. Poor Kangu just when she was kind of getting back some major attention and a bit of her old starry sheen! I don’t deny Rhea was a gold digger but then so are many other females. Its a certain type basically. But why would she give him wrong medications etc and why would a 34 year old stubborn man like SSR take all that shit from her?? I mean honestly nothing really adds up, its like going in circles. Plus in all his pictures with Rhea he looks really happy not harassed or sad. I mean I really don’t like Rhea and get such negative vibes from her pics and posts, but alleging that she was responsible for SSR is really something else now. What do you think Nefarious?

  7. Anatehc says:

    Coorg is in Kodagu district of Karnataka, not in Kerala! Please check your facts before posting an article!

  8. Rekha Prem says:

    Let’s hope that Rhea is not the scapegoat here.The Bhatts,KJ and AC could get together and conspire against her and escape.If that is the case God help her.

  9. Joy says:

    I don’t want to be presumptuous but it really did not look like SSR was that close to his father or did not connect with them deeply. God knows what the Rhea angle will actually come out to be but it does look like his behaviour had changed including towards his family. Also KR really needs to stop taking dig at people..first it was nepo gang killed him and now family is saying abetted suicide then she is targeting DP for talking about depression.

  10. sang says:

    Why I am NOT shocked that the Admin seems like trying us to convince to have sympathy for that Snake Sugarbaby. This is so funny how you mention ‘Rhea is so strong to go through this ‘.. Through what ??? Live-in partner or GF asking the police over a Insta post that she wanted to know what has happened to Sushant , like really ??? NO WAY….. enough if these double face people, not buying any SH .it from any one from Bullywood. Sugarbaby and Sugardaddy will never be able to live peacefully. She took 15 CR in one year, She is a SNAKE and will rot in hell. Justice will be served for sure. It takes time but after Spacegoat Snake, main culprits will be caught too.

  11. ggv says:

    Exactly! I am not blaming her for her stand then. I think its possible that he made a move, she reacted badly and maybe SSR backed off at the right time too. But why is she acting like he was the best thing that ever happened to her. It is so wrong. It is one thing to not speak ill of the dead but she is literally acting like she misses him every waking hour now. It is making me so mad, why cant she just be lowkey about the whole thing. Must she milk the situation for all the sympathy she can get

    I used to be so star struck but now I am finally seeing that everyone has there own agenda. Are there any genuinely nice people in bollywood?? not a rhetorical qs
    I really want to know

    I really like bhumi, shradha and kangana – they seem nice and normal (yes even KR seems normal compared to the vultures in BBW)

    • Admin says:

      She knows that everyone is looking at her so she’s just trying to show they had something special going on. Now maybe she will lessen those posts since she is not in the focus anymore.

      Actually, any industry has murky people. An old lady once told us, “Never tell people your problems because they are most likely going to take advantage of you than help you!”. It’s true, most people are like that. Someone told us when the MeToo movement broke in Bollywood that the only people not breaking a sweat over this were the Barjatyas!

  12. ggv says:

    Hi Admin – I have a few qs about the sanjana sanghi issue. Was the rumour about ssr making her uncomfortable true? Is that why the movie was delayed? if yes, then why is she going overboard with her sense of loss for ssr now? if no, then why did she take so long to give her side of the story. and that too, was a very weak statement which did not do enough to kill those rumours.

    She never posted about him before his death

    • Admin says:

      You have rightly used “making her uncomfortable” as this was the case and only she knew what it was to make her feel that way. It’s unfair that they are blasting her for this because what if it was true? To be fair, she never put out those MeToo allegations so this is not about that. The only reason SSR felt the need to come out with the personal messages was because people on Twitter were calling him out for his behavior. We remember he was trending that day and it was for this reason. SS not clarifying this issue sooner pretty much showed where she stood at that time. Besides, this was her career at play here if she accused him publicly her career would be finished as she would be considered and labeled as difficult to work with.

  13. Raj says:

    I used to admire this website and admin a lot but over the last few months, it has turned into propaganda site similar to other gossip sites. Some time back, admin tried to give clean chit to Bhatts that too when investigations were going on. Similarly now, admin says “Hope Rhea is strong enough to go through this”. Website is giving clean certificate to Rhea even before any investigations in the complains of the family havenot started. So admin is implying that the family of SSR is trying to malign people that too when they have lost may be the most bright person of their family! Can admin enlighten us that what will the family get out of it and why Admin is in so much hurry to give Rhea a clean certificate as the way she gave it to Bhatts

    • Admin says:

      What do you want us to say? “Rhea is guilty and should go to jail”? These are very serious allegations, why add fuel to the fire at this stage? Let the police do their investigations. These are not Chinese whispers allegations, all of these can easily be proven by either party.

      • Raj says:

        I want you to just remain netural and not keep giving innocence certificates whom you deem fit. Better thing to say is- We hope a fair investigation is being done

        • Admin says:

          That’s why both sides were presented in this post. Let the police conduct a proper investigation. And stop saying we gave certificates, we are not an institution to do that!

          • Raj says:

            Why should i stop saying something which you have been doing all along!. Some time back, there was a post in which you gave bhatts clean chit and now also, you want Rhea to stay strong and come out of it as if it is already been proven beyond doubt that she is inncocent. She is the one who is MIA and non tracable.

          • Admin says:

            Sharing what the Bhatts thought is not the same as given them “clean chit” and neither is sharing Rhea’s side. And wishing her strength doesn’t mean we are saying she’s innocent and the family is wrong. Both sides have a right to seek justice and to accuse either side now is too premature, especially when there are lots of fake news and conjectures going around like absconding news when the police claimed it’s not true. You can agree to disagree, we are not forcing you to do either through our posts!

  14. abcd says:

    Kjo and nepo gang must thank their stars. But rhea might get Bhatt family involved in it. Will then Neetu Kapoor still get her Casanova rk married to Bhatt family, considering her obsession with family background?

    But then let’s not forget that kangana is yet to give her statement. Hence, relief is temporary and not permanent for kjo and nepo gang.

    This could be one of the reasons why Neetu Kapoor kept humiliating rk’s ex-girlfriends, to protect her Casanova son from potential gold diggers. Rhea’s pregnancy, if true might help her to some extent, in this matter.

    Hopefully truth comes out and there’re no more such sad incidents in Bollywood.

  15. stuckinmess says:

    in ur article, u r still giving her a benefit of doubt.. which is good..

    although there is a clear foulplay involving rhea.. maybe the fact that she leaked those blinds and also made so much gaga about the depression was her fault ..

    we dont know for sure if he was so critically depressed as its in the media after his death. The fact that FIR states that the family was not in full knowledge of his situation and also how Rhea broke up with him, indicates that maybe the stories of his critically depressed stage are false.

    Like say if u r the person who were solely taking care of a publicly known figure in such a delicate situation, would u dare to withdraw such high amounts of money or involve ur family in business with that person or would u dare to break up and leave that person alone.

    i think that maybe she milked the relation for her benefit.. with all due respect, ssr might be also having his faults too when they were together.. he might be facing a down in his life, taking therapy but eventually he might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and she broke up with him.. he took his life .. she created story of critical depression, as imagine without the depression story, if directly after his demise, we would have come to have known of this bank withdrawls etc, nobody would have given her a benefit of doubt..

    the depression story kind of makes rhea a matyr .. like how she was d only only pillar of strength for him and didnt leave him in his hard time (which she did eventually).. so we sympathise with her .. also it now gives plenty of room to rhea for manipulating facts.. like she can always say that all the transactions and investments were in full knowhow of SSR and there would be nothing to prove it otherwise..

    if only now the doctors and their prescriptions are investigated, one can be sure of the severity of his mental situation..
    also as rhea requested for cbi enquiry after not being invited to funeral from family, it sure will bring out her side of new stories and allegations..

    ofcourse it completely derails the focus from Kjo right before his visit to police station .. so its like ppl with soften up on Kjo and mafia gang as the motive is completely something else.. kjo is favoured by some gods in the heaven, kab futega uske paap ka ghada

  16. Anamika says:

    I think the family of SSR has received support from a strong and powerful place, otherwise they all seemed so lost and totally disinterested in the entire investigation process. Could be that they were grieving and didn’t want to make any statements. But it’s definitely so out of context. I mean this is like a bolt from the blue. I for one never even anticipated this. This entire case doesn’t make any sense to me now. First it was suicide but seemed like murder, then it became murder but seemed closer to suicide, and now it’s definitely suicide but instigated suicide. Wtf??!! Admin what are your thoughts on this? I know you didn’t like SSR as a person and I think I understand that as many people found him too arrogant and not much likeable, also after the way he dumped Ankita his image went for a toss. Nevertheless his death is a huge loss and hopefully if there were any perpetrators of the suicide/murder they should be brought to justice.

    • Admin says:

      It’s explosive! But then not too surprising either so…Let’s see what the investigation finds out, it looks like Rhea will be questioned again and this time, it will be as a suspect, not a witness. As for not liking him, we don’t really have that much energy to “personally care” about someone but we are against some things that men do as you may have witnessed on the site.

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